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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline cannot believe what she is hearing. Rick says they have hurt each other enough. He needs her. He almost threw this away but if she believes her wedding vows at all, then they can make this work. Ridge looks on. Eric tells Taylor that Rick is acting like a two year old. Ridge and Caroline made a mistake but Rick is making it worse. He meant every word that he will take away the CEO from Rick if he doesn’t reunite with Caroline. Maya gloats to Carter that she is head model and the showing was a huge success. She will keep her mind on the prize. Katie comes in and overhears but shows her negativity on Rick and Maya living together and now Maya flaunting it. Despite that Maya tells Carter that Rick is done with Caroline so she is not concerned. Rick tells Ridge he would like some time alone with his wife and he takes her hand and leads her back to his office. He says he would not blame her if she gave up on him, but……she says he gave up on them, not her. He says he can not give her up, he does not want to lose her. He is still hurting and he can only believe in time that he will get over that. He still loves her and wants her to let him try to mend this. Katie goes to see Ridge. She sees his face and he says Bill’s fist met his face. She wants to know if they will be okay now. He says none of this is Katie’s fault. She says while she was away, she has been accused of running away from her problems but she has had lots of time to think about the issues. No one knows how long they will be here on earth and no one should have to settle for half a heart. She has vowed to love with all of herself even though they have had a rough couple of months. She knows he felt so incomplete without drawing so the question is if this is something he can do. She needs all of him. She shows him her red ribbon and says she did not want to take it off out of disappointment. But it can be untied if she can not have 100% of him. He tells her not to do that. She says what they have is good so do not throw her away.

Carter tells Maya do not get ahead of herself so do not get too cocky. She says she isn’t. Rick loves her and they are amazing together. Rick tells Caroline that he does not expect this to happen overnight. He just could not get that image of her and Ridge out of his head. He was immature but he has come to his senses and he is sorry for the pain that he caused her. She offers that she is sorry too what she did and now she is not sure if it is too late or not. When Caroline leaves Maya is ready to pounce. She comes in and senses something is wrong with Rick. She reminds him the showing will mean more money for the company. Rick tells her that his dad knows he tried to sabotage the line and now his position of CEO is in question. His dad has given him an ultimatum, he can keep the position but only if he reconciles with Caroline. Caroline returns to Ridge and he asks how it went. Ridge says Rick finally came to his senses and Rick does not want to throw away something incredible. He is her husband and there is no us. This is goodbye. He will have his life with Katie. Caroline is stunned.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was upset with Chad for not telling him that he was the new co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises.  Daniel wanted to talk to Nicole about their near kiss in the park.  He wanted to be friends, but he knew there was an attraction between them.  Nicole spilled some of her tea while he was talking.  Paige went to see JJ to tell him that she loved him.  Melanie surprised Maggie and told her she was moving back for good.  Maggie knew Melanie was hiding something.  Nicole didnít want to talk, but Daniel did.  Maggie told Melanie that Chad was back in town.  Melanie didnít seem to care.  Chad called Kate and told her that Victor knew about their arrangement.  JJ wanted Paige to leave his house.  Jennifer insisted that he talk to her and he agreed to tell her everything.

Kate wanted to know who else knew that they were working together.  Kate wanted to do damage control.  Chad warned Sonny that he wonít forget it if Victor told that heís co-CEO.  Daniel and Nicole continued to talk about their relationship.  JJ didnít tell Jennifer everything.  Maggie left the living room and Melanie looked in her pocketbook.  She had a lot of money in her bag.  Daniel and Nicole agreed to be friends before he left.  Maggie managed not to see the money in Melanieís bag.  Chad gave Sonny a bigger share of the profits.  He also wanted to remain Sonnyís partner.  Maggie wanted to know what she was doing in Salem.  Melanie told Maggie how she was around bad people so she wanted to come back home. Jennifer wanted to be there for JJ.  Jennifer talked to JJ about how Jack made amends for what he did.  He called Paige and told her he didnít want to keep seeing her but no one could know.  Melanie went to see Daniel and saw Nicole in a towel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Jordan that he will try to smooth things over with TJ. TJ cries to Molly. He tells her that his mother and Shawn had an affair before he was born. Molly wonders if Shawn is TJ’s real father. TJ says a paternity test showed that his father is really his father. He tells her that Shawn really shot his father in self-defense when his father went after Shawn in a jealous rage. Molly tells TJ that the way his father died doesn’t define who he was just like the way her father died doesn’t define who he was. TJ says he feels that if he keeps Shawn in his life, he will be betraying his father. Shawn goes to talk to TJ.

Bob, the DEA division chief finds Jordan on the docks. He asks her why she is hanging around with Sonny Corinthos’ top gun instead of looking for Julian Jerome’s boss. Julian tells Alexis that his boss is someone else has taken Luke’s place and has been living Luke’s life. He tells her that a man who uses the alias Peter Caspin bears an uncanny resemblance to Luke. He reveals that Ric Lansing had nothing to do with the operation. He says he had to frame Ric, or the boss was going to go after Alexis, Sam, and Danny.

Luke tries to escape his cell. Fluke is on the other side of the door with a gun. He tells Luke that Tracy thinks Jerry Jacks abducted him and that Larry Ashton is staying at the Quartermaine mansion and is in on the whole thing. Luke wonders if Fluke is really Ashton wearing a high tech mask like the one Faison wore when he was impersonating Duke Lavery or if Fluke is really impersonating Ashton too. Fluke doesn’t say. While Ashton is gone, Sam, Tracy, Patrick and Lulu look at the contents of the flash drive that Sam found in Larry’s safe deposit box. It is a dossier on Faison that includes a prototype of a mask Tracy wonder if the mask is of Luke. Ashton, who has been gone the whole time Fluke was with Luke, returns to the Quartermaine mansion. The hole under the floor in the Wyndemere Stables that leads to the catacombs where Anna imprisoned Faison is empty. the WSB agent who is impersonating a stable hand reveals that Faison has been gone for almost a year. Faison is on the dock.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the condo, Chelsea asks Billy how he will feel about her if he should find out that the baby is his. Billy gets a call from Victoria to come to the hospital for a paternity test. The dog continues to bark at Adam, and Constance cannot figure out why the dog would bark at Gabriel. Ben visits Victoria and tells her about Maureen leaving the hospital. At the Athletic Club, Jack tries to tell Kelly about getting engaged to Phyllis, but Kelly refuses to let him tell her anything. Devon visits Hilary in the Jabot office but is soon interrupted by Phyllis, who thinks that Jack is there. Devon introduces Hilary to Phyllis. Chelsea offers to accompany Billy for the paternity test. Victoria and Ben discuss how he covered up for Maureen killing her husband. Constance still thinks that Adam is her long lost grandson Gabriel. Sage helps him to cover up the lie. Victoria and Ben are joined by Billy, Chelsea, and Johnny. Jack tries to tell Kelly what is going on between him and Phyllis getting engaged when Phyllis walks in and watches them together. Phyllis interrupts them and lets Kelly know that she and Jack are engaged.

Phyllis asks for Kelly’s help in planning the engagement party. When Billy leaves the room with Johnny to go and see the baby, Chelsea and Victoria have a chat. Chelsea lets Victoria know how much she loves Billy. Sage reprimands Adam for his actions and lets him know that he will have to act more like Gabriel. Adam dreams of Chelsea and even calls her name. Constance sits by his bed and asks him who "Chelsea" is. Sage helps him to cover up what he was talking about. Adam is grateful to Sage. Ben tells Kelly what their mother did to their father and he covered it up.

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