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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline helps Ridge clean up his bloodied and bruised face. He says Bill was defending her honor. She says Ridge is in a committed relationship and she is happily married and yet she fell for him. Now other people she cares about are suffering. He holds her hand tenderly. He says do not take all of this on herself. Rick is having a tantrum and that is different. She cries all of this is her fault and she has to get out of Los Angeles and go back to New York as she has caused too much damage. She brushes past and he can’t stop her. When Rick is shown all the orders from the showing, Maya grabs them from his hand and toots her own horn by saying she guesses the lead model knew how to strut her stuff. He says they were Caroline’s idea so she gets credit. Maya says but Rick is CEO and he is the one who will get filthy rich. He snaps yeah he will get filthy rich because his wife was unfaithful; he has the golden touch. He says he hates this. At these prices the whole line should have sunk. Eric walks in to hear that. Eric says he wants to talk to his son. Maya pipes up how great the showing was. Eric tells her to give them the room. She looks at Rick who gives her the okay nod to leave. Eric tells him to stop this foolishness now! He laments that Rick set them up to fail. Rick counters that it was a win/win. Either it would be a flop or FC would get rich. Eric gets in his face and tells Rick to knock that smug smile off his face. Those temporary sales won’t mean a thing if the public finds out the CEO is acting like a petulant child. Eric points his finger at Rick and tells him to stop this foolishness right now…..shacking up with Maya and flaunting it in front of Caroline and everyone….and now to the point of sabotaging the whole collection. He barks at Rick that he is humiliating himself and the company and he is CEO so act like it. Rick glares at him and says his personal relationships has zero bearings to his capability to being CEO. Eric reminds him that he is married to the designer yet sleeping with the lead model so of course it has bearings. Rick says why should FC profit from something so tainted and dirty. Ridge and Caroline created that line so they can sink with it. He sees no reason that he should want her to succeed. Eric says Rick loves Caroline and that is why he is lashing out but he is making terrible decisions for the company and for himself as well. And Maya is using him. Rick says no, if anything he is using her. Eric tells him do not lose his marriage over this. Rick can’t get past that Caroline lied to him. Eric says she made a mistake but she has apologized and he suggests that Rick accepts it and gives it to her. And if he doesn’t reconcile Eric will fire him as CEO.

Maya tries to get amongst the press and they all leave. Carter stands close by and laughs at Maya that they seem clueless just how important she is. She gloats to him that she and Rick are solid so there is no way he is going back to Caroline. The CEO and his lead model; it’s a fairytale romance. Carter says be careful Cinderella; it might just be that she is the stepsister trying to cram her foot in Caroline’s shoe. Rick tells his dad that he can’t fire him over this with Caroline. Eric says but he can for not doing what is best for this company. A couple of kisses for Caroline and now Rick wants to move Maya into his mother’s house! He should drop to his knees and be thankful that Caroline still wants to be married to him. She apologized for what she has done but what Rick has done is much worse. So he better honor his commitment to her or he will fire him. Caroline is a big part of this company and he won’t be surprised if she is head designer one of these days. Shaking his finger again and in his face Eric tells Rick that he promised him that he would run this company fairly from the inside and he would not let his feelings for Caroline and Ridge get in the way and clearly that is not what happened. Rick’s eyes tear up when Eric tells him that he is so disappointed in him. Rick says Eric still does not understand what this did to him…..Ridge of all people. Eric says he knows this was hard for him but be a man. He knows he was hurt but if he keeps making decisions like this he can not depend on him to run this company. Now go reunite with Caroline and show him what kind of man he is, disciplined and dedicated. Show him that he can bounce back stronger than before because if he doesn’t, then he is done. Ridge catches up with Caroline on the Sky Lounge. He tells her running away is not going to make Bill a better man or change the way Rick feels right now. He tells her she is sort of freaking out and that isn’t going to help either. Running away is not the answer; just stay here and work through it. He holds her and says he wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for her. Rick throws it to his father that being CEO he has not spent entirely in marital bliss. He points out his mother and Donna and all the other flirtations in between for Eric. He wasn’t sipping martinis with Stephanie all these years. He remembers it differently. Now he’s trying to hold Rick up to standards that he could not live up to himself. Eric tells him that is exactly what he is doing. Marriage can be hard and things happen. That is what this has been with Caroline making a mistake. But Caroline loves him, that he knows. And he admits he did not have a real good appreciation of Stephanie until the end. He does not want Rick to wait that long. Do this now; man up and get it done. Rick says this is different and starts to speak, but Eric hushes him and then walks out. Rick finds Caroline with Ridge and says he needs to talk to her about “us”. She says there is no us, he has made that painfully clear. There is just Maya now. Rick asks Ridge to give them a moment. Caroline grabs his arm and says Ridge is not going anywhere. Rick says that is fine. He will say it in front of everyone. He braces himself and admits to Caroline that he made a mistake. He over-reacted. He was filled with hurt and jealousy. He does not want to lose their marriage. That would be like losing everything he cares about in life. He says he needs her and he needs her to forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wanted to know what happened between Eve and JJ.  Victor overheard Sonny leaving a message to Will.  Victor didnít think it was good that Will didnít care enough about their relationship to get back to Sonny.  Eric talked about moving on with his life.  Sonny explained to Victor that Will cared about him.  Victor wanted to know how much he knows Chad.  Victor told Sonny how Chad was going to be working at DiMera Enterprises.  Chad told Jordan that heís co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises.  Jennifer demanded to know what happened between Eve and JJ.  Eve decided to tell Jennifer the truth about what she overheard.  Victor warned Sonny that his last name is Kiriakis and Chad is a DiMera.  Victor reminded him that the two shouldnít mix.  Jordan was happy that Chad got the promotion until she found out that he was working with Kate.

Jennifer wanted to know what Eve had to with JJ.  Eve didnít tell her everything.  She told Jennifer that she was talking to Kayla about what Paige overheard.  Eric talked about being over Nicole with Marlena.  Sonny talked to Chad about having other plans that he didnít share with him.  When Eve went home, she wanted to tell Paige something important.  Eve said she talked to JJ about him and Paige, which upset Paige.  Eve told Paige that JJ needed time away from her.  Eve wanted Paige to let JJ go.  Jennifer tried to make JJ feel better about Jack raping Kayla, but he still felt like he had to give Paige space.  Sonny was upset that Chad didnít tell him about his new job.  Eric moved into his new apartment.  Eve didnít tell Paige that JJ didnít tell her that he didnít want to be with her.  Paige was determined to stay with JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and Patrick go to Larry and Jerry’s safe deposit box while Lulu distracts Larry at the Quartermaine estate. Lulu confronts Larry about Luke. Lulu tells Tracy that Larry is working with Jerry Jacks and that Patrick and Sam overheard them discussing their “Luke Spencer problem.” They wonder if Luke is a hostage or a participant who has outlived his usefulness. Patrick and Sam pretend that they are newly married and interested in opening a safe deposit box. Sam finds another locked box inside the safe deposit box, but she doesn’t have time to get it open before they hear Larry arriving. For the benefit of the banker, Patrick tells Larry that Sam is his wife. They bide their time around a corner until Larry leaves with a briefcase, and then they go back in and open the box. It contains a picture of Faison.

Anna tells Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloane that Faison is not dead. She says she wanted to kill him, but she didn’t. Anna takes them to the Wyndemere stables on Spoon Island where she reveals a hole under the floor. Nikolas and Sloane remove the floorboard. The hole is empty.

Julian tells Alexis that Luke is not Luke. Luke is at Ferncliff. When he is given a pill, he secretly spits it out into a pile of other pills on the floor behind the bed. He manages to get out of the straitjacket and uses the buckle as a tool to open the cell door. When he opens it, Fluke is on the other side.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick decides to get out of town for a few days to think, so he says goodbye to his family and tells them he will be back soon. Sage tells Adam that he has to take it easy and not rush his recovery, but Adam is eager to get back home to Chelsea and Connor. Sage reminds Adam that he is pretending to be Constance’s grandson, Gabriel, and she will be heartbroken if he leaves now. Adam tells Sage that he appreciates everything that Constance has done for him, but he must get on with his life. Adam has a problem when Gabriel’s dog starts barking at him and Constance wonders why the dog is acting strangely towards Gabriel. Ashley advises Billy to face the fact that Victoria is the love of his life and he and Victoria belong together. Chelsea overhears the conversation between Ashley and Billy, so he tells her that for a moment when he held the baby, his connection with Victoria came back, but he knows that Victoria is his past and Chelsea is his future.

Summer is once again torn between the Abbotts and the Newmans as she decides which celebration she should go to. She decides to spend time with both families but she is unhappy at both places, so she and Austin go to the Underground. Summer tells Austin that she and Kyle were in love, but their relationship was ruined by Sharon’s lie. Ashley advises Jack to tell Kelly that he is engaged to Phyllis, so he heads over to the Athletic Club. When he sees Kelly, he tells her they need to talk.

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