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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While the behind the scenes are going on for the fashion show, Bill punches Ridge and tells him to say the hell away from his niece. As he walks off, Ridge catches him and throws him to the ground. Bill gets up and hits Ridge again and kicks him in the stomach. Eric is surprised but glad to see old friend, Gloria from Genoa City and welcomes her to the showing where she is aghast at the sticker prices. Pam insists that Gloria have a lemon bar…but only after Gloria finds out she is not just hired help but Stephanie’s sister. Caroline helps the models and of course Maya plays the lead model to the hilt by telling the others what to do and follow her lead. Eric tells Rick that Caroline could use her help as that is what good CEO’s do, but Rick says they all have their specific jobs and she will be all right.

As the fashion show progresses, Bill and Ridge continue going after it by pummeling each other. Bill asks if they are done. That little dunk in the ocean was child’s play…..Ridge knows what he can do to protect his family. Next time he won’t see it coming……he sucker punches him again in the tummy. Caroline tweaks Maya’s gown to her liking but not to Maya’s but it is Caroline’s design so Maya has to acquiescence. She walks the runway. Ridge goes to the showing and practically falls into Caroline’s arms when she sees him. He tells her to get out there and get the credit she deserves. He doesn’t want to go like this, clothes bloodied and torn. Caroline goes and takes a bow while Ridge smiles and Rick broods. Ridge hugs Caroline and Rick notices. He tells her that he couldn’t be more proud of her. They lock hands, hand in hand after she cleans up his wounds.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige told Eve that JJ's avoiding her.  Eve advised her to leave him alone.  Paige wanted to change his mind.  Abby tried to get answers from JJ about his breakup, but he wouldn't tell her.  Hope was disturbed when she saw that Aiden searched about her and her fortune.  Caroline ran into Hope so she couldn't keep looking.  Aiden also showed up when Caroline sang his praises.  Brady and Theresa got into an argument over her not being pregnant.  Paige was determined not to let JJ go.  JJ changed the subject and talked about her relationship with Ben.  She ended up asking him about Paige again.  When Caroline left, Hope asked Aiden about his search.  Abby explained to JJ that Jack loved them and wanted them to have good lives.  She tried to advise JJ not to let Paige go.  Brady didn't want to have a scene with Theresa every time they see each other.  Theresa said she was the best thing that ever happened to him and that he blew it.  Hope got mad at Aiden for searching about her fortune.  Aiden said he could explain everything.

Aiden told Hope that Chase was the one who was searching about her.  Theresa didn't think Brady was over her, but she was over him.  She made it seem as if she was with a rich guy who earned his living. Eve arrived at JJ's house.  Hope and Aiden made up after their misunderstanding.  Eve thought JJ messed up the way that he broke up with Paige.  JJ told Eve that he did everything he was supposed to do, but it didn't work.  Paige talked to Daphne about JJ and Eve.  JJ continued to tell Eve that he tried to love her and didn't want to hurt Paige.  Eve told JJ to end it with Paige and he yelled that he didn't have to do anything. Aiden told Chad not to check on anyone else's fortune. Paige didn't think Eve was telling the truth about the guy she was with the night before.  Eve demanded that JJ dump Paige again.  She also reminded JJ that they couldn't go back to that night.  Jennifer wanted to know about the night Eve meant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia goes to the jail and demands that Julian tell her where Ava is. He tells her that he doesn’t know and just found out that his sister shot Connie. He says the only shooting he knew about was that Ava shot Olivia. Lucas goes to the jail and tells Julian that he believes he is telling the truth. He advises Julian to tell Alexis everything in order to repair their relationship. Alexis joins Ned, Tracy, and Larry for breakfast at the Quartermaine mansion. Olivia goes to the mansion to tell Ned that Ava killed Connie. She says Julian told her that Ava shot her too. Alexis goes to the jail to see Julian. Patrick and Sam tell Lulu that Larry Ashton is working with Jerry Jax. Lulu goes to the Quartermaine estate to occupy Larry while Sam and Patrick go to the bank to open Larry & Jerry’s safe deposit box.

Ava sees her face on the front page of the newspaper and determines that Silas must not see it. Silas suggests that they hire Sam to find the baby. She says she doesn’t trust Sam not to tell Sonny. Silas agrees to help Ava look for Nina and the baby on their own. Franco tells Nina that it is time for her to face reality. He talks her through the events leading up to her stealing Ava’s baby. Nina’s memory returns, but she doesn’t care. She believes she deserves the baby and that the child will make her already strong relationship with Silas even stronger. Franco tells her that she needs to let go of the notion that Silas still loves her. Nina remembers Silas telling her that their marriage is over. She says that if she doesn’t have Silas or the baby, then she has nothing. He says she has him.

Britt tells Nikolas that she has changed her mind and decided to cooperate with the federal investigation into Anna Devane allegedly murdering Cesar Faison. He says he understands that she wants answers about her father, but asks her if she really wants to put Anna’s career on the line. Obrecht warns Anna that she will soon be joining Duke in Pentonville to pay for killing Faison. Anna asks who is going to prosecute her. Agent Kyle Sloane from the Justice Department appears and says he will. He advises her to get a lawyer. Anna tells him that she doesn’t need a lawyer, and they don’t need to go through the legal proceedings because Faison is alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick almost has sex with Grace but stops himself saying he wants to break the pattern of being with women without really getting to know them. Stitch tells Victor the truth about his father’s death and gains his respect for sacrificing his life for his mother even though Maureen wasn’t worth the sacrifice. Victor tells Maureen that he will make sure she pays for locking Victoria in the closet at Jabot and putting her and the baby in danger. Nick advises Victoria to do the DNA test on the baby now, so that everyone can get on with their lives. She decides to do the DNA test as soon as possible.

Stitch goes to his mother’s hospital room to check on her and discovers that she has disappeared from the room. Devon pays Colin his two million dollars in blackmail money. Colin uses the money to pay Kurtz back what he owes him. Kurtz tells Colin that he will still have to launder money through Fenmore’s, but Jill has Kurtz arrested on some outstanding warrants he has in another state. Jill demands that Colin tell her what was really going on with Kurtz. Lily won’t take no for an answer about the family lunch to meet Devon’s new girlfriend, so Devon and Hilary wonder what they are going to do to find Devon a girlfriend so that nobody finds out about their affair.

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