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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Madison that this is the first showing with Rick as CEO so everything must be perfect and failing is not an option. Maya tells Rick that she is a little nervous as she has never walked couture before. But mostly she is excited as it is a big day for Forrester…..and for Rick. She says he is very sexy as she watches him work. He’s a great CEO. Ridge interrupts and asks what does Rick want now. Rick says he is sorry if he drug him away from Caroline. Ridge retorts that he’s not going to get into this with Rick today. If he wants to help him put on this show, fine, if not, that’s okay too. Maya pipes up that Ridge is so disrespectful. Rick is his boss and CEO of this company and he should not be talking to him like this. Ridge asks again what does Rick want. He answers that he has tweaked the lineup a little. Ridge says he has already done that. Rick says and he will continue until he is satisfied. Ridge looks at it and tells Rick that he is the designer, not Rick, so this is his job. Rick says he listened to his comments but he has final decision and it stands. And he makes decisions as he sees fit and if Ridge doesn’t like it, then move on and take his girlfriend, Caroline, with him. Maya says sounds like a great idea to her. Ridge barks that she is not in this conversation. Ridge says that is rich, having his model girlfriend make decisions for the company. He better get it together or he is going to sink this company and lose Caroline for good. Yes he kissed his wife. That is on him. He should not put this on the company or Caroline. Stop being so stupid. He should blame Ridge not Caroline. He gets it. Rick doesn’t tolerate disloyalty but don’t make Caroline suffer anymore. The trust has been broken but they can fix that so don’ throw it all away with this beautiful, smart, amazing woman. Dump Maya and go back to his beautiful wife. He says they are brothers and have not always got along but it would kill him to think that Rick would throw away the best thing in his life for something Ridge should not have done. So just do him a favor and after the showing tonight give Caroline five minutes and let her have her say. He owes it to Caroline and to himself. Bill hugs Caroline and congratulates her on her first showing for couture, yet says she looks so sad. She admits that she and Rick are not in a good place. Bill says he knows….because of Ridge. Katie told him. She walked out on Ridge but she is back now. He really wants to know with everything Caroline had at sake why this happened. He will not judge her. He just wants to understand….when she had her career, her family, her marriage and yet allowed herself to fall for Forrester. She tries to explain her crazy connection with Ridge while they were designing together….this creative rush and excitement, nothing like she had ever felt before. It’s like their creative souls melded together. Bill says she must have had a little crush on him. She says she doesn’t know, it was all so stupid now. Bill adds and Ridge used that to strengthen his bid for CEO. He takes her silence as a yes. She asks him not to blame Ridge as she was involved as well. Bill steams and says he sure as hell does blame Ridge as he is older and knows better. He does not get a pass on this one.

Bill finds Ridge on The Rooftop and sidles up to him and says they have some business. Maya tells Rick that today she will be walking for him. As he leaves Caroline comes back stage and Maya corners her and says Rick is busy and besides does not want to see her. Caroline says she knows they aren’t really friends but she thought now they were cool. Maya answers that she could not sit by and watch while she and Ridge carried on behind Rick’s back. Caroline threatens that Maya should ease up some and better not start a fire she can not put out. Ridge asks Bill what does he possibly want with him…..and he has no time for this, the fashion show. Bill says he is not giving him a choice. That is his niece, young, impressionable and easily swayed by a predator like Ridge. He says Ridge collects women and then discards them when another looks his way. He wants to tell him something. He will do everything in his power to keep her from being his next victim. If he messes with Spencer women he will be in his face and that is a promise. And that means Katie as well. Surely Mr. Poetry remembers her with the little red string on her finger. Ridge says yes and he loves her. But Bill wasn’t there when two artists worked and it came off the page and now it is done. Perhaps his throwing Ridge out the helicopter had something to do with it. Bill is incensed and tells him to lay off and stop freaking crying about that or is he going to play the victim forever. Ridge started that party and Bill finished it yet now is trying to blame all of this on Bill. That works as long as he gets what he wants. Ridge Forrester, Mr. Designer Extraordinaire, Mr. Entitled, Mr. Untouchable. Maybe he does not think anyone will stand up to him against those women. Well there was only one miscalculation, and that would be him. He hauls off and sucker punches Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady apologized to Maggie for everything.  He also asked Maggie if she would be his sponsor again.  Maggie agreed to do it.  Eve told Theresa that Victor let Shane know about her pregnancy scare. Clyde went to talk to Marlena about his past issues.  Hope/Ciara and Aiden/Chase had breakfast together.  Hope and Aiden told the kids they were dating.  Ciara and Chase wanted to still talk and think about their father and mother respectively.  Eve advised Theresa to talk to their dad.  Later on, Shane called Theresa so she tried to explain things.  What she didnít know was that someone was following her.

Aiden talked Hope about how people will react to her being with him because of Bo.  Hope didnít care what people thought anymore.  Eve went to Brady and apologized for Theresa.  Eve explained that Theresa thought she was pregnant.  Theresa told Shane that she had a false positive on her pregnancy test.  Theresa didnít notice the guy following her. Brady told Eve that he wanted Theresa to stay out of his life.  Hope wanted to check her emails using Aidenís wi-fi.  Eve said she would try to talk to Theresa for Brady.  Eve seemed interested in Brady all of a sudden.  Theresa set her sights on Paul to help her get over Brady.  The guy who followed Theresa called someone and they talked about Theresa.  Chase talked to Aiden about how his mother was rich like Hope.  Hope looked at Aidenís wi-fi and noticed that he searched about her having a fortune.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and Patrick overhear Larry calling Jerry Jacks. Patrick distracts Larry while Sam goes to Larry’s room to find his safe deposit box key. Shawn and Jordan reveal to TJ that when Shawn shot TJ’s father, it was in self-defense because Thomas Sr. attacked Shawn upon finding out that Shawn and Jordan had an affair years before. They tell TJ that they didn’t know if Thomas or Shawn was his father, and Thomas found the DNA results and snapped.

Ava leaves the hospital. Michael blames Kiki. Morgan tells Michael to lay off Kiki. Morgan tells Kiki that Michael will eventually stop hating them. Kiki says it is too late because Michael is already sleeping with Rosalie. Ava goes to Silas for help. He agrees to let her stay at his place. Anna questions Julian about Ava’s whereabouts.

Bobbie breaks up with Scott because he is prosecuting Carly. Carly is arraigned. The judge denies bail. Sonny is arraigned. He pleads guilty in exchange for the charges against Carly being dropped. Diane asks Scott if he will recommend a lighter prison sentence because he got the guilty plea. Scott says he will do his best. Michael goes to the court and watches Sonny be led away.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery is in her law office when Sharon pays her a visit. At the Coffeehouse, Nick tells Dylan what Sharon did to him and Summer. At the Athletic Club, Joe approaches Lauren without telling her that he is the one she is meeting. Michael and Kevin visit the doctor’s office to get more information on his diagnosis. Mariah walks into the Coffeehouse unaware that Nick is there. Sharon and Avery discuss what a long trial would do to Faith. Avery tells Sharon to give up custody of Faith to Nick, but she refuses. Joe introduces himself to Lauren and tells her that he has a proposition for her. Nick wants to talk to Mariah who defends Sharon’s actions. Avery becomes angry with Sharon and all the trouble that she caused everyone. Joe tells Lauren about his ideas. Lauren tells him that she will consider his proposal. Michael questions the doctor about his prognosis. Nick visits Avery and finds out that Sharon paid her a visit. Sharon and Dylan see each other in the park, but he doesn’t say anything negative to her, just offers her friendship instead.

Mariah joins Kevin at his table and tries to be a good friend to him. Kevin and Mariah discuss the things that Sharon has done recently. Dylan and Sharon discuss their past actions. He offers her some optimism about the future. Nick tells Avery that they need a solution to this problem. Nick and Avery discuss what Joe is doing to Dylan. Nick offers Avery and Dylan his help. Joe visits Avery to see Michael, but he's not there. Avery and Joe discuss the kiss they shared. Dylan overhears them. When Joe leaves, Dylan asks Avery about the kiss. Michael joins Lauren at the Athletic Club dining room but lies when she asks him where he'd been. Instead of telling her the truth, he offers to take her home and show her how he feels about her. Avery claims that Joe kissed her, but she didn't respond. Sharon and Nick have a run-in at the park and he tells her again that he wants to have nothing more to do with her. Sharon calls Mr. Sherman to be her attorney.

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