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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill comes over to see Katie who is back from her trip to Dallas. She mentions that Ridge is not staying there since she has been gone. Bill asks for some real food; Liam’s is not to his liking. She says she always knew he’d be back for something. He hasn’t heard the latest and Katie has to give him a few details of Caroline and Ridge…..more than just them collaborating. Bill cringes. Caroline is too young and he can’t believe Katie is believing this crap…….that Caroline just got swept away. Now he wants to know what Katie’s ground rules are gonna be if Ridge gets away with this. He screwed around with a girl young enough to be his daughter. No one is going to treat the women that he loves that way, nobody. He tells Katie to say goodbye to Will as he has something to take care of. Eric tells the group that he is liking this new couture. Rick says it was Maya’s idea for marketing. He says they have all worked hard on this and they are all excited. He tells Jarrett he will have an exclusive. He asks Ridge why Caroline now when he has always worked alone in the past. He wonders if he went kicking and screaming at Rick’s request for them to work together.

Rick asks Caroline why she isn’t saying anything. She says she knows he is hurting but that they still love each other and need time for the pain to go away so they can really talk seriously to each other. Rick basically tells them everything is on Maya so check with her. Eric tells Rick that he needs to talk to him if they are through with meeting. Rick prices the gowns from low end of $10,000 to showstopper at $35,000. All but Maya think he is out of his mind. Caroline even says it looks like he wants the line to fail but that will also reflect on him so he should reconsider. Ridge later apologizes to Caroline for her having to go through this. Eric has a talk with Rick. Maya interferes and says Rick is making sure he is happy again. Caroline started this. Caroline tells Ridge that Rick is trying to bury what they worked together on. He is hurting the line all because of her. He keeps shutting her down and won’t listen. He doesn’t care any more. How much more can she take? Ridge holds her in his arms just as Bill walks up with steam coming out of his ears.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate was upset when she found out that Chad wanted to be co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.  He convinced Kate that she needed a DiMera by her side.  Adrienne ran into Lucas and they got into an argument over Will.  Ben thought that Sonny and Chad wanted him out of the way by having him run the club on the other side of town.  Abby and Anne got into an argument because Anne didnít think she should have been back at the hospital.  Marlena got Jordanís message wand wanted to talk.  Jordan didnít want to talk yet.  Chad continued to convince Kate that he wanted to learn from her.  Chad threatened to call Stefano if she didnít agree to let him run the company with her.  Kate called his bluff and told him to call Stefano.

Kate said she would tell Stefano what Chad did.  He let her know that Stefano wouldnít believe her.  Kate finally agreed to name him co-CEO.  Abby and Anne had another argument about how she got her job back.  Abby threatened to go after Anne if she bothered her again.  Adrienne continued to get little digs in on Will when Lucas told Sonny about his trip to California.  Sonny asked Adrienne about Justin being gone so long.  She admitted that could be why she judged Will so hard.  Kate reminded Chad that he will have to deal with Stefano because he betrayed him.  Sonny assured Adrienne that their relationships would be okay.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki confronts Ava about killing Connie Falconeri. Ava denies it. Kiki reveals that Morgan heard the recording of Ava gloating to AJ about getting away with it. She tells Ava that she is going to be arrested because Sonny doesn’t have a reason to protect her secret anymore. Sonny tells Shawn to give Michael the recording. Diane wants to be the one to turn the recording over to the police, so that she can leverage a deal for Sonny. Sonny refuses. Alexis tells Sonny that Duke has been transferred to Pentonville, because he refused to roll over on Sonny. She predicts that the same will happen with Carly. She says Sonny is going down and taking everyone with him.

Michael tells the Quartermaines that he disowned Sonny and Carly and is only acknowledging AJ as his parent. He says he is going to legally change his name to Quartermaine and only recognize the Quartermaines as his family. He asks Monica if he can move into the Quartermaine estate. Monica and Ned welcome Michael. Michael warns Tracy that he is going to stop her from running ELQ into the ground. He accuses Larry of working with Jerry Jacks to get the company. Shawn delivers the recording to Michael. Michael and Monica listen to the recording. Michael finds Anna at the hospital and gives her the recording. Anna goes to Ava’s room to question her, but she has left. Shawn and Jordan sit TJ down to talk to him about his father.

Obrecht tells Patrick that the hospital board voted to reinstate him effective tomorrow. Obrecht plans to help Agent Sloane to bring down Anna. Sloane runs into Anna at General Hospital. He tells her that he isn’t in town about any of her cases and that she will be the first to know when his case comes to light. Obrecht calls Britt into her office. When Britt arrives, Obrecht slaps her and tells her that if she doesn’t cooperate with Agent Sloane, then she will be forced to tell Nikolas that Britt helped Spencer disappear last summer. Britt tells Agent Sloane that she will cooperate with his investigation. Spencer worries about Sonny being in jail. Nikolas says Sonny could be there for a long time. Spencer finds consolation in the notion that Luke can’t hurt Sonny in jail. Patrick and Sam hear Larry making a phone call to Jerry.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon tells Colin that he will have him arrested for blackmail and tell Cane and Jill that he blackmailed him, because he was having money problems. Hilary thinks that she and Devon should tell Neil the truth, so that they can put an end to Colinís blackmail. Colin almost tells Neil about Devon about Hilaryís affair and then tell Devon that he wants 2 million dollars tomorrow or he will tell Neil about their affair. Victoria tells Stitch that she knows that he didnít kill his father and that Maureen locked her in the janitorís closet at Jabot to keep her from telling the truth to everyone.

Jack tells Neil that he is back together with Phyllis, but he hasnít told Kelly the truth yet because doesnít want to hurt her. Jack is going to ask Kelly to meet him, so that he can tell her that he is back together with Phyllis when Kelly tells him that her mother has had a heart attack. Jack goes to the hospital to be with Kelly when he runs into Billy who admits that when he held the baby in his arms, all the feelings he had for Victoria came back, and he doesnít know what to do. Jack advises Billy not to wait too long to decide or it will be more hurtful to Victoria and Chelsea. Victoria thinks it's time that she, Billy, and Stitch find out who is the father.

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