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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

From her hotel balcony Hope sees Liam and Ivy on their boat kissing. She inhales deeply. Maya catches Rick having a drink in his office and she asks why. He says he has a right to be angry about, not her, but Ridge and Caroline…the way Ridge went to her defense like she was some victim. Ridge says Rick has a strange way of hurting her. He is wrong the way he is treating her now is unacceptable. Caroline said she did this so she can not make excuses for him, he has that right. Ridge says yes they made a big mistake but not even Rick has a right to talk to her that way. She says Maya is right there to pick up the pieces, she has a Forrester now. Rick gives Maya another present, a gorgeous set of large diamond earrings. She tries them on but he says they clash with the dress she has on, in fact everything she has on. They make love on the desk and she tells him she will always be loyal and he does not have to put up with Caroline anymore. Hope tells Wyatt that she wants to go home. The shoot is over and they have nothing to keep them here. He doesn’t think it is necessary but if that is what she wants, leaving Ivy and Liam behind to enjoy themselves. He calls and makes a flight. He tells Hope that he is sorry. He realizes now that it looked like he was meddling, but he did it for all of them. He did it for his brother but for them too so they could be alone….the sad puppy faces and looks across the room had to stop. He says she said she wants Liam to move on so she should be okay with this. Ivy can do them a favor. He did not threaten them or hurt anybody so what did it hurt.

Liam asks Ivy how did she know he needed this trip? She laments she knows it was not easy having a front row seat being with Hope and Wyatt but she hopes it has been worth it. Wyatt makes the flight and he and Hope are out of Amsterdam. She comments this has been a very difficult trip for her but she did see Liam kissing Ivy so that seems to be his future. She is sorry she was so upset with Wyatt. She puts her hands in his and squeezes it. Eric cut his trip short and tells Ridge and Caroline their designs on paper were great but even more fantastic on the actual gowns. They are a fantastic team. Liam shows Ivy to her room and it is all romanticized with candles all aglow. He pretends to be tired from steering the boat and is going to leave. She grabs him and tells him not to even think about that. She pulls him in for a kiss. Rick holds Maya in his lap but thinks of the day he met Caroline and when he proposed. She says Caroline betrayed his trust. She tricked him. Eric tells Caroline he wants those designs to take FC back where they used to be. They can fix this with Rick and they will. Just do the work, that’s all. Liam tells Ivy that she has a cute giggle, she’s smart, pretty and classy and that accent….suddenly he realizes he doesn’t think he can live without all of that. They continue to kiss and he pours more champagne. Hope feels badly as she accused Wyatt of being like his mother. He says it is those pregnant hormones. He accepts it and now they just need to focus on their baby. She sheds a few tears as she thinks of Liam, then the leap of faith with Wyatt and seeing her baby’s sonogram. Liam calls attention to something new about him. Ivy picks up on it and sees it is the necklace she made for him. He is wearing the new version of the sword necklace. He says it is a new beginning for him and he will wear it all the time and see the changes in his life……starting right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano called Chad and let him know that he had to tie the noose around Kate's neck.  Eve told Theresa that she couldn't sing anymore.  Theresa wanted to know who she was with to get over it.  JJ told Paige that he's not good enough for her.  Stefano told Chad to let Kate think that he didn't want his company.  Chad walked in on Kate and Clyde kissing at the DiMera mansion.  Eve got offended when Theresa thought she was a man.  Theresa apologized and asked her about Paige and JJ.  Eve became uncomfortable with the conversation and wanted to talk about Theresa.  Theresa told her how she thought she was pregnant, but she wasn't.  Brady talked to Victor about Kristen and Theresa.  Paige didn't understand why JJ wasn't good for her.  JJ used Jack's rape as an excuse.

Chad wanted to move forward with his plan with Kate.  Kate was ready to start the plan.  Theresa told Eve about the way Brady reacted to the news that she was pregnant.  JJ reminded Page that he had a bad past before he met her.  Chad and Kate talked about Stefano.  They wanted to keep their ends covered.  Brady told Victor about Theresa telling him that she was pregnant.  Brady wasn't sure if Theresa lied anymore.  Victor was convinced that she lied to him to get her hands on his money.  Theresa was upset because Eve told her that she might have wanted her test to say positive.  JJ told Paige that he was dealing with too much and had to be alone.  Paige wondered if he really loved her.  Brady thought Theresa might have believed that she was pregnant.  Paige didn't understand what JJ was saying and wanted to support what he's going through.  Chad gave Kate a paper that he had drawn up and she became upset.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and Patrick suspect that Larry Ashton is in cahoots with Jerry Jacks. Larry calls Jerry to report that no one suspects him. Alice overhears him. Monica sees the newspaper article that reports that Sonny killed AJ and declares that she is going to kill him with her bare hands. Spencer tells Josslyn that her mother is in jail. Michael goes to see Carly and Sonny in jail. He tells Sonny to help him clear AJ’s name in the murder of Connie Falconeri. He demands the recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie even though it also proves that Sonny killed AJ. Sonny says he will have Shawn deliver it. Sonny tells Carly to accept that Michael has cut them out of his life. Larry tells Tracy and Ned that the time to oust Michael as CEO of ELQ is now and place Tracy in the job. Tracy agrees. Michael walks in and tells everyone that he wants to drop the name Corinthos and use Quartermaine instead.

At Elizabeth's home, Jake Doe is drawn to a picture of Jason. Cam stops in his tracks when he sees Jake and doesn’t say anything when Elizabeth introduces them. Sam is also shaken after she talks to Jake. Patrick tells Jake that he has had brain surgery before. Jake wonders if the brain surgery caused the memory loss. The hospital board has news about Patrick’s reinstatement.

Anna threatens to arrest Dr. Obrecht for aiding and abetting Nina Clay and Madeline West when they abducted Ava Jerome’s baby. Obrecht tells her to arrest her or get over it and go on with her life. Obrecht tells Anna to admit to what she did to Faison. Anna says Obrecht can badger her as much as she wants, but she will never find Faison. A federal agent asks for Britt’s help in convicting Anna for corruption, fraud, and the murder of Cesar Faison by pressing charges against her. Britt declines, saying that if Anna killed Faison, then she did the world a favor. Britt wonders if Faison is really dead. Agent Sloane goes to see Dr. Obrecht. He runs into Anna in the hospital corridor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer tells Phyllis that she is angry with her, because she didn't tell her the truth about Nick being her father as soon as she returned home. Summer and Phyllis have a long talk, and Phyllis admits she is upset because she missed a year of Summer's life. Phyllis also admits to Summer that she is worried that Jack doesn't remember the love they shared, but she is determined to make him remember, so that they can be happy again. Chelsea offers Jeffrey money to drop the lawsuit against Stitch and the hospital, and he agrees and says he will let her know how much money he wants to drop the lawsuit.

Jack proposes to Phyllis again and they make love. He tells her he dated another woman, but he doesn't tell her her name, because he is afraid of what she will do to Kelly. Billy and Stitch find Victoria, and they both help her to give birth to a baby girl. Sage is upset with Adam, because he hasn't told Constance that he is really Adam Newman, but he reminds her that he won't be the only one who benefits from the arrangement to which they agreed.

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