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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pilots the boat carrying him and Ivy down the Amstel flowing through the center of Amsterdam. He pours some champagne and their faces glow as they celebrate. He admits he did not set this up. She says somebody sure did with all the champagne, hors d'oeuvres and special food. She has never been happier. He says she deserves it. Hope hugs Wyatt and says she overheard him talking to Lars on the phone and it sounded like he was planning something really romantic. He stammers a bit and says they can do it tomorrow but this was a surprise for Ivy and Liam. She thinks that is a little strange for him to do that. He says he did it as a surprise because Liam would not have gotten on the boat if he knew it was him that set it up. Hope counters that if Ivy and Liam wanted a romantic boat ride they would have set it up themselves, so Wyatt seemed to take the opportunity and advantage. He is so like his mother in manipulating. He doesn’t understand her over-reacting to this. It’s a simple boat ride and he just wanted to help Liam. They go back and forth. She says this is so self serving. He is trying to force their relationship. He says he wants his brother to be happy and doesn’t know why that is a problem. Ridge checks with Pam to see if he has any messages. She says no, and especially not from Katie if he is asking. And if they are still together after this whole Caroline thing, do her a favor and have her take off that stupid red ribbon and buy her a real ring. Rick presents Maya with a gorgeous bracelet that she slips on. She tells him he has great taste. He says in jewelry only. She says she will not let that remark get to her. She mentions the CEO and his model just as Caroline walks in. She mocks that Maya has a great future being Rick’s arm candy. Maya puts on her best Lady MacBeth act and says out damn Caroline. Caroline announces that she is not leaving. Rick says if it is about design she can make an appointment. Caroline pushes past Maya and says this is ridiculous. This is about them and she is not going to make an appointment to speak with her husband. She says she cares about him and wants him back, but he doesn’t want to get into this now. While Rick takes a phone call, Maya tells Caroline to get a clue. It is over. She shows Caroline the bracelet. She says Rick has someone now who supports him and won’t betray him. So Caroline can take all the alimony she can get and just move on. Caroline tells Rick that he is hurting but turning to Maya is not going to help. He can come home to her and they can still work this out. Rick says she turned to Ridge of all people. He has seen his own mother hurt by this man and never in a million years did he think it would affect his own wife.

Ridge walks in and says that is enough. He goes right to Caroline and puts his arm around her slightly. He tells Rick that he can go after him but leave Caroline alone. Rick wants both of them out of the office and since he is CEO he can throw them out. Ridge tells him that he is being an idiot. He slept with the first woman that walked through his door. Rick says as far as he is concerned, Caroline no longer matters to him so get out. Hope says she doesn’t see how Wyatt can say that when she knows how she feels about lies and manipulations. He counters with it is also how she feels about Liam. She needs to let him go. If he wants to move on with Ivy, then let him. She says that is the whole point…..IF it is Liam’s decision but not Wyatt’s. He says he rented a boat, got some champagne and flowers, no one is being hurt here. Hope says she is. He is spending so much time focusing on them and it’s like Wyatt has put them on the backburner. He reminds her she is expecting his baby so what Liam does with Ivy or whomever does not affect them. She claims that he is being sneaky and did this behind her back and she can not trust him now. He says she can’t have both. She chose him and Liam is moving on with his life. And she needs to let him. She says he can’t if Wyatt is orchestrating everything. He should have been upfront about this. He says actually this has to stop…..the longing looks at each other. It’s wrong and the sooner that Liam moves on with Ivy then it will stop. They need to be focusing on themselves not Ivy and Liam. Hope says she needs air and walks out on the balcony. Liam’s boat approaches. Ivy suddenly blurts out to Liam that she loves him. He hesitates one second and says he loves her too and gives her a big kiss that Hope sees. She has tears in her eyes, inhales a big breath and can hardly breathe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wanted JJ to end it with Paige since they had sex.  Hope was hesitant about making love to Aiden.  Aiden wanted to know what was wrong.  Eve wanted to know how JJ could be with her when they were together.  She didnít want Paige to find out about her and JJ.  Abby talked to Daniel and they wanted to stay friends even though heís not with Jennifer anymore.  JJ didnít agree that he should stay away from Paige.  Eve and JJ started arguing about what they did.  JJ decided to tell Paige the truth.  Abby talked to Jordan about how Chad got her job back for her.  Hope admitted that she was a little scared about being with Aiden because she hadnít been with anyone in a long time. Aiden was willing to wait for her.  Eve warned JJ that Paige would be devastated if JJ told her the truth.  They would both lose Paige.  Aiden talked to Hope about his life before her and how heís so much happier now than he was with Meredith.  It seemed to do the trick because Hope and Aiden kissed again.

JJ agreed not to tell Paige the truth after all.  Eve doubted JJís love for Paige because he wanted to tell Paige what they did.  JJ thought Eve planned on having sex with him to ruin his relationship with Paige.  Eve denied doing that.  Eve wanted to know how she was supposed to know that he was going to be at her apartment.  JJ was convinced that she didnít plan on being with him.  Hope and Aiden made love. Jordan and Abby talked about Ben.  Jordan didnít want him to get hurt.  Abby wondered if Jordan thought that she would hurt him.  Jordan didnít want Ben to get hurt period.  Ben and Chad got into it when Chad wanted him to work at the other club.  Ben thought Chad wanted him out of the picture.  JJ wanted to know how he was supposed to break up with Paige.  Eve knew he could think of a way.  Chad let Ben know that heís interested in Jordan and not Abby.  Hope went in the bathroom after she and Aiden made love.  Aiden looked at his phone and saw the article about him being accused of killing his wife.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki walks in on Michael and Rosalie having sex. Michael tells Kiki that he doesn’t love her anymore and that it is over. Sonny and Carly discuss Michael hating them both. They confess their love for each other. Carly apologizes to Sonny for believing in Franco and endangering their family. She tells him that Franco helped Nina get out of town with Ava’s baby. Sonny is upset that he can’t be out looking for the child. Carly assures him that Anna will find the baby. Sonny says Anna is too busy trying to convict her boyfriend. Sonny wouldn’t be surprised if Duke testifies against him. Anna wants to know why Lucy hired a lawyer for Duke. Alexis tells Duke that he has to testify against Sonny. Duke refuses. Lucy tries to convince him to change his mind. Michael goes to the jail to see his parents.

When Jake sees a picture of Alan Quartermaine on the wall at General Hospital, he is interested to know who he is because his face looks familiar. He says the pictures of Edward and Lila Quartermaine look familiar, too. Elizabeth tells him that they were all prominent figures in Port Charles. He says the name Quartermaine feels like it somehow fits with him, but that he isn’t going to insinuate himself on that family. Elizabeth takes Jake to her house. He is drawn to a picture of Jason.

Britt reads in the newspaper that her mother might have been complicit in the kidnapping of Ava Jerome’s baby. Agent Kyle Sloane from the Justice Department goes to Nikolas’ house to discuss the happenings at the WSB while Victor Cassadine was in charge. Nikolas doesn’t know anything. Agent Sloane says he is there to talk to Britt. He says the agency suspects that Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio murdered Britt’s father, Cesar Faison, and that he needs Britt’s help to bring Anna to justice.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the condo, Billy and Chelsea try to figure who set up the nanny cam upstairs in Connor’s room. Sage tries to get Adam to calm down and rest. Adam tells her that the bandages need to come off today. At the hospital, Kelly and Ben await word about Maureen’s surgery. Kelly asks Ben if he heard from Victoria and he tells her no, not a word. In the storage room, Victoria begins to have labor pains while she daydreams about both Billy and Ben. Constance tells Sage to do as Adam asks and remove the bandages. Chelsea and Billy discuss the possibility of Victor setting the nanny cam. Chelsea and Billy also wonder where Victoria is, because she hadn’t picked up Johnny.

Billy packs up Johnny to take him back to Victoria's. Dr. Ramsey removes Adam’s bandages. Ben and Billy arrive at Victoria’s about the same time. Abby also arrives but Victoria is not there. Ben and Billy search at the parking area at Jabot but neglect to check the locked storage room. Victoria still daydreams of what things would be like between her, Billy, and Ben. Victoria’s contractions become worse. Dr. Ramsey is quite surprised by the results of the plastic surgery. Sage and Constance are also surprised by the miraculous results. Adam looks at himself in the mirror and is quite surprised himself. He remarks that now he can get on with his life.

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