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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy admits for the first shooting she was nervous but the jewelry looked amazing. They are all proud of themselves. Now it’s time to bring the sass and personality for their close up jewelry shots inside. They have fun with it. Wyatt points out this is not a competition, they need to work together. They thank Eva for her help and she says she will share the proofs with them later. Liam thanks Hope for helping Ivy and she admits she did okay. Quinn tells Deacon she is sure she has not heard from Wyatt since he is probably putting his plan in action. He needs to be proactive and not just do nothing. Deacon says he does not think Liam is a problem now. She says Wyatt is planning to help Liam by helping him move on from Hope. It will be a boat trip through the city. This could be just what he needs to take his relationship to the next level. Without Liam threatening their marriage, she thinks she has a chance of changing Hope’s mind and being a part of the baby’s life. She grouses on how hard she had it raising Wyatt while Hope was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has a flash of Hope tied up and strapped to a chair and her tickling her with feathers and torturing her by demanding that she says she loves Mother Quinn and wants her to be a part of the baby’s life. She tells Deacon she hopes Hope knows that having Quinn in her life is not torture.

Hope overhears Wyatt on the phone that this has to be the most romantic boat ride of the century. He tells Hope that he is proud of her for helping Ivy. She is so glad it is over. She advises they melt down now so where should they go. Does he have something special planned? They can totally relax now. Liam gets a phone call from Lars and tells Ivy that he has some mystery reservation for him and Ivy, so he says yes. He doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. Lars shows them his boat and wants them to make it their home for a few hours and have a very romantic ride. While Hope is grilling Wyatt about what they are going to do tonight, he slips away to look through the binoculars and is pleased to see Liam piloting the boat with Ivy on the Canal.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Theresa and Brady that Theresa isn't pregnant.  Brady was upset that she wasn't pregnant.  Theresa didn't understand and thought the test had to be wrong.  Brady thought she was lying.  Aiden let Hope know that he wanted her.  Hope wanted to be with him too.  Paige and Eve saw Daniel give JJ back his money clip.  Paige thought about the jacket that Daniel was wearing.  JJ wanted to talk to Daniel and wanted to meet with Paige later.  Paige said she figured out what happened.  Theresa tried to convince Brady that she thought she was pregnant.  Brady wanted to tell her how he felt about her.  Brady warned Theresa to stay away from him.  Maggie ran into Hope and Aiden while they were talking about how much they wanted each other.  Maggie invited them for Thanksgiving dinner.  Maggie thought it was time for the family to get to know Aiden.  Paige thought that Eve had sex with Daniel.  Eve let her know that she wasn't with Daniel, but she wouldn't say who it was.  JJ let Daniel know that he needed his help.

Theresa met with Anne and she told her about what happened with the pregnancy test.  Theresa wondered if she lost the baby before she took the test.  Maggie realized that she was interrupting and walked away.  Hope and Aiden continued to make plans to be together.  JJ told Daniel about Paige finding out about Jack raping Kayla.  Daniel advised JJ to start over with Paige instead of focusing on their troubles.  Later on, Daniel went to see Brady to talk about what he did with Kristen.  Daniel apologized to Brady for everything.  Brady eventually forgave him.  Anne told Theresa that she might have been drinking and that could be how she lost the baby.  Theresa didn't want to hear that, but Anne said that it was a possibility.  Kayla talked to Maggie about Theresa and Brady.  Theresa couldn't remember if she was drinking anymore.  Anne showed her the practically empty bottle of alcohol that she had.  Theresa became defensive so Anne told her off and left.  Brady told Daniel about Theresa saying that she was pregnant.  Eve went to JJ and they talked about what they did.  Brady and Daniel continued to talk about Theresa.  Mattock (the doctor who injected Theresa) called Kristen to ask how she was doing.  Eve told JJ that he had to end it with Paige for good.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael ignores Kiki’s calls. Silas tells Kiki to fight for Michael. Morgan tells Carly that Michael has written Kiki and him out of his life because they also knew what Sonny did. Carly worries that Michael doesn’t have anyone left to turn to. Rosalie feels guilty when she wakes up in Michael’s bed. He tells her not to worry about it because he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore. Rosalie tells Michael that it is her fault that Nina took Ava’s baby, because Madeline blackmailed her into revealing Ava’s location. Michael tells Rosalie that Ava doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy because she murdered an innocent woman and blamed AJ for it, ruining his life. He says he hopes that when the baby is found, she goes to be raised by some distant relative that has a grasp on right and wrong. Kiki lets herself into Michael’s apartment with her key and sees Michael and Rosalie in bed together.

Madeline is in General Hospital after being severely injured by Nina. She remembers that Nina left the motel with Franco. Franco and Nina are at Franco’s cabin in Canada. Franco stops Nina from calling Silas. He tells her that if she contacts Silas, he will tell the police and they will both go to prison. Scott issues a warrant for Franco’s arrest for terrorizing Carly, Shawn, Jordan, and Heather. Scott gives Anna a letter that he received from Franco as evidence. Nathan tells Anna that Franco helped Nina escape with the baby. Anna thinks Franco was involved in the kidnapping.

Alexis goes to the jail. Sonny tells her to get him arraigned. She tells him that she is there for Duke, hired by Lucy Coe and that she can’t represent Sonny because he fired her. Alexis tells Duke that his only way out is to roll over on Sonny. Carly is arrested.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon comes downstairs and finds Mariah sitting on the sofa. Sharon thanks Mariah for being here for her. Sharon is upset when there is a knock on the door but Mariah tells her that she cannot hide forever. Sharon is surprised when she sees that it is none other than Grace. Nick visits Nikki to let her know everything that was going on between him and Sharon and how he was going to fight for sole custody of Faith. Kevin visits Michael in his office and tells him about the time that he spent with Fenmore but he didn’t tell him about Michael’s cancer. Michael thanks him for not telling. Billy and Chelsea discuss how the hidden camera got into the nursery. Victor visits Chelsea, and Billy naturally assumes that it was him who had the camera planted. Victor denies being involved. Victor asks Billy what he is doing there. Michael lets Kevin know that it is his decision to tell his family about his cancer. Nikki tells Nick that Victor wants to have a family dinner. Grace is surprised to meet Mariah and how much she looks like Cassie. The mystery woman insists to Adam that they will help him get better. Victor is quite surprised when he finds out that Billy moved in with Chelsea. Victor invites Chelsea and Connor to the family dinner. Kevin insists that Michael tell him his oncologist’s name so he can run a check on him but Michael refuses. Nick tells Nikki that Faith called him a “liar” for not going through with his marriage to Sharon.

Grace tells Mariah that it is nice to meet her just as Mariah leaves. Sharon asks Grace why she is here. Grace pressures Sharon into telling her what is wrong. Sharon lets Grace know that Nick left her. Grace is quite surprised by the happenings and wonders what Sharon did to make Nick leave her. Grace tells Sharon that she tried to seduce but failed. Chelsea declines the invitation to Victor’s for dinner. Adam tries to watch Chelsea with Connor but cannot get the webcam to work. Adam yells for Sage to help him, but she cannot get it work either. Mariah finds Kevin at the Coffeehouse and starts to tell him what was going on at Sharon’s. He tells her that she isn’t the only one with problems. Mariah brings him a brownie and tries to make amends with him and tries to be his friend. Lauren visits Michael in his office and gives him unconditional love no matter what is wrong with him. Michael forgets his cancer for the time being and wants to take Lauren home to make love to her. Sharon orders Grace out of her house. Grace tells her that it is surprising how this will all play out. Nick visits Sharon and tells her that she will be getting a visit from Avery and that he is fighting for sole custody of Faith. Billy and Chelsea run a check on the camera in the nursery. Adam asks the elderly woman if she wants to see her grandson.

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