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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope agrees with Wyatt that she is making this a little personal, but she knows Ivy is not a model, and she can’t coach her on everything. He tries to convince her all will be all right. He tells her to stay focused as the International press is everywhere. He also suggests that she let Liam move on with his life. Liam knocks on Ivy’s door and presents her a huge yellow tulip. She says they must be in Holland. They mention Hope and Ivy says that Hope is married to Wyatt and expecting his child so she has to let go of Liam eventually. Hope gives Ivy some tips that it is okay to be nervous, but just give the clothes some flair as they are as important as the jewelry too. Meanwhile Wyatt tries to tell Liam how lucky he is…..and if he finds himself in a romantic ambiance then take advantage of it. Eric is on the phone when Taylor slips into his house. He is very glad to see her and she catches him up on Thomas is dating but nothing serious. And Steffy well not so much. She was surprised and disappointed to hear that Hope married Wyatt and not Liam. Eric asks about Thorne and she says they have had some issues but are trying to work it out. He pours them three martinis as he always pours one for Stephanie. He mentioned how much she loved Taylor. She says maybe but not at the very end when she was so ugly to Brooke at her birthday party. Eric says she just had things to say and thought all needed to hear. And the first sign of forgiveness is to forgive yourself. She is family and always welcome here. She can talk to him about anything any time. As Taylor leaves, Eric returns before the portrait and tells Stephanie that he pulled one over on her. Promptly as always, the portrait falls to the floor. Eric is speechless.

Before they leave for Dam Square, Hope tells Wyatt that she loves him and glad she is married to him. But it wasn’t that long ago that she was going to marry Liam and she thinks she just needs a little more patience. Wyatt gives a little pep talk that they are all a team and they need to be psyched for this shoot. Liam also tells Ivy that she is a Forrester. These people want her here. She deserves to be here so just be herself and act naturally. He gives her a hug and Hope can’t help but notice. And Wyatt can’t but notice Hope noticing. Hope is first to model two gowns and she keeps glancing at Liam. Then Ivy’s turn and she is quite good. Liam buoys her with high signs. But the minute Wyatt is called aside, Liam makes his way to Hope and asks if she is okay with this. She hesitates but says no, she is not okay with any of this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve called JJ and wanted to talk to him.  She thought about the night she had sex with JJ.  Theresa was upset that Brady thought it was stupid to get her pregnant.  She yelled at him and said she didn't need him anymore.  Hope did a search on Aiden.  Aiden walked up on her and saw that she was reading about him online.  Aiden told Hope how people in Portland thought he killed his wife.  Brady went after Theresa when she stormed off.  Brady started to make things right when Kayla arrived.  Theresa wanted to know if she was pregnant.  Eric showed up at Eve's place and they talked about her surgery.  She asked Eric to keep her condition a secret.  Kayla told Theresa that she had to wait to get the results from her test.  Aiden told Hope that he didn't kill Meredith.  He told her to keep reading online if she didn't believe him.  Aiden had flowers for her, but he was upset that she looked at his information.  Hope reminded him how he acted when he saw Bree and Nicole.  Aiden explained that he doesn't trust too many people.  Hope decided not to keep looking and wanted him to tell her about it himself.  

Brady and Theresa were at the pub.  Theresa told Brady that she was nauseated all day.  She also told Brady that she would get a paternity test done with the pregnancy test if he wanted.  Brady didn't want that.  Aiden and Hope went to the park.  He explained to her what happened to Meredith.  He told her how they were arguing and things got ugly. Meredith put a gun to her head.  He tried to stop her, but she pulled the trigger.  JJ and Paige were together and Eve ended up showing up.  Brady wants to be a father and wants to work with Theresa if she is pregnant.  Aiden continued to tell Hope about Meredith's suicide.  Paige wanted Eve and JJ to get along. Kayla arrived at the pub.  Theresa wanted to know if she's pregnant.  Hope told Aiden she wasn't leaving him.  They kissed and he told her that he wanted her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael and Rosalie drink together at the Floating Rib. He tells her that Morgan, Kiki, and his mother were all keeping from him the secret that Sonny killed AJ. He suggests that Kiki and Morgan may have been sleeping together. He says Rosalie was the only person who had his best interests in mind. No one else did. She reveals Nina’s order for her to break up Michael and Kiki by sleeping with Michael. She says she refused because Michael is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that kind of crazy. Michael kisses her and they leave together.

Duke thinks his relationship with Anna is over because he gave Sonny a false alibi. Nathan and Dante find Jordan, Shawn, Carly, and Heather Webber in the storeroom at the coffee warehouse. Dante takes Carly home and tells her about Michael wanting to kill Sonny and Sonny’s arrest. He warns her that Scott Baldwin will be coming after her. He apprises her of the situation with the baby. Franco sent Carly a DVD on which he tells her that his revenge isn’t over and she won’t know when he will pop up again. Nathan takes Heather to the station where Anna advises her that Max Giambetti named her as his shooter. Nathan and Anna take Heather to a holding cell near Sonny and Duke. Jordan and Shawn decide that they should tell TJ the truth about what happened to Thomas Sr. Jordan wants to tell him together.

Nina hallucinates that Silas wants to be a family with her and the baby. Nina realizes that Madeline never called Silas. Obrecht listens to a message from Madeline in which she pretends to be talking to Silas and reveals their location at the Rendezvous Motel. Franco tells Obrecht that he is leaving town, because the heat is getting too close. She tells him that her niece is in hot water too, because she kidnapped Ava Jerome’s baby. She tells Franco where Nina is. Obrecht calls Nathan to give him the information about Nina. Anna and Nathan go to the motel and find Madeline unconscious and Nina gone. Franco has gotten Nina and the baby out of there. The three of them leave on a chartered boat.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria begs Maureen to let her out of the storage room, but Maureen ignores her cries for help. At the Coffeehouse, Ben lets Dylan know that he is going to tell Victoria everything. At the Underground, Summer tells Austin what Sharon did to her in making her think that she was Jack’s daughter. Mariah walks in and says that Sharon and Nick didn’t get married. Nick stops by Sharon’s to pick up Faith. Faith comes running downstairs all ready for the party, but Nick tells her that they are not getting married. Phyllis reads a text to Jack from Kelly. Jack calls Phyllis to see if he left his phone at home but Phyllis lies and tells him that she hasn’t seen it. Nick tells Faith that she will come to live with him. Faith calls Nick “a liar” because he had promised that he would marry Mommy. Summer reminds Mariah what Sharon did to her. Summer tells Mariah that she knows what Sharon did. Mariah denies knowing. Sharon urges Nick to let Faith stay with her. Nick gives in and agrees. Avery accuses Joe of lying to her all along as to why he was in town.

Ben talks to Maureen on the phone but cannot understand her. Ben tells Dylan to call an ambulance for the parking garage of the Jabot building. Joe comes in and tells Dylan that he saw Avery. Nick visits Avery in her law office and tells her about Sharon switching the paternity test results to show that Summer was Jack’s instead of Nick’s. Nick asks for Avery’s help in gaining sole custody of Faith. Ben comes to Maureen’s aid at the garage. Victoria listens at the door. Mariah comes home to Sharon’s. Sharon tells Mariah what happened between her and Nick. Avery tells Nick that she cannot take this case if it is only for revenge. Nick tells her his concerns for Faith’s safety. Summer insists to Austin that Mariah knew all along what Sharon did. When Austin begins to make an excuse for Sharon and Mariah, Summer orders him not to ever side with them. Jack comes home to talk to Phyllis. Instead of telling Jack what she found on his phone, she begins to make plans for their engagement party and wants Kelly to help plan it. Ben finds out from Maureen’s doctor that she needs a bypass. Maureen tries to talk to Ben, but he tells her to be still. Victoria goes into labor in the storage room.

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