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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Hope that she has to stop looking back. She is married to Wyatt and having his baby so she needs to let Liam go completely. Hope says she is but just on her own timetable, not Ivy’s. Wyatt tells Liam the same thing. Ivy is a great gal and she is into him so he needs to focus on that. Bill is agitated that Quinn just walks into his office. He tells her to get a life and find something besides Wyatt to focus on. She tells him their son is in Amsterdam and he needs to do something. She says he needs to give Liam a little push toward Ivy. He ought to be good at something like that. He makes suggestions and then says not a chance. They are not interfering. She may be a pain and a lunatic but Wyatt turned out to be a pretty good kid and she can be proud of that. She says at times she regrets keeping Wyatt from Bill but she made the best decisions she could make at the time. He reminds her that Hope is afraid of her and for good reason so best to leave her alone and not obsess over the upcoming grandchild. Quinn says it is unfair, cruel and unacceptable. Liam asks Wyatt what he means by staking a claim. Maybe he can grab Ivy by the hair and drag her back to his cave. Wyatt says he is not threatened by Liam but he finds it tiresome. He is tired of the lovesick eyes Liam has for Hope for something he will never have. Ivy tells Hope that she is much more like her mother than she realizes. Just let Liam go. She is married to his brother. Hope wants to know if she has ever been in love. She is guessing the answer is no as you can not just turn love off. Liam tells Wyatt that he is shoving him into Ivy. Wyatt says he knows Hope is struggling too. He knows his wife. He knows what she is feeling and when she is hurting. Hope and Liam, all one word is over and the sooner that people can accept that the better they will be. It’s annoying but his focus is Hope looking forward to the future. He’d like Liam to respect his marriage and leave his wife alone. If not for Wyatt, then do it for the niece and nephew that is coming. Ivy tells Hope not to think about her, but think about Wyatt. He is a great guy who adores her. Hope says she is not perfect but she is working on this as best as she can. If she is not processing this as fast as Ivy wants, then she is sorry. Just don’t be so judgmental. Liam was her first love and has been for a very long time so it’s not easy to just let go.

Quinn wants to know how she can overlook all of this. Hope wants to push her out of the gene pool although her genes are as strong as Brooke’s or Deacon’s or even Bill’s. Quinn has this flash of Hope giving birth and there is Quinn’s big face on the baby. Ivy says she is sorry if Hope feels she is judging her. Hope says she understands. If it is not Ivy it will be someone else. Ivy says then Hope needs to concentrate more on Wyatt and not what she and Liam are doing. Hope says she and Liam are a package always connected and Ivy will just have to accept that. Wyatt tells Liam that it disrespects Ivy every time he can’t keep his eyes off his wife. Just let it go. Hope is not a choice anymore. Ivy is ready so go for it right here in Amsterdam. Lars tells Wyatt that the romantic boat is all set with flowers, private quarters, all the lovers will need. Liam thinks back on what Wyatt just said, then the moment that Hope left him alone in Paris. Hope is across the way and sees him on the bridge. She approaches and says hi and she knows what he is thinking. It is hard for her too. They embrace and then she walks away. Quinn calls and asks how things are going. Wyatt says okay but he wishes Liam was not here. She asks if he needs her to come there. He says not at all. He has a plan in motion involving a boat for Liam and Ivy that should do the trick.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe saw Jordan kissing Chad.  Rafe didn't enjoy what he saw.  Theresa told Brady that she's having his baby, but he wasn't happy about it.  Abby was introduced to Pat and he flirted with her a little.  After Jordan left the park, Rafe confronted Chad about his family.  Chad put Rafe in his place about Gabi's wrongdoings.  Jordan met Pat and wanted his autograph.  Theresa explained how she got pregnant.  Brady wasn't sure if the baby was his.  Theresa slapped Brady.

Rafe warned Chad not to hurt Jordan.  Chad threw up in his face how he cheated on Jordan.  Theresa let Brady know that she was only with him.  Brady wanted her to take a pregnancy test.  Rafe saw Hope at the police station and they talked about her relationship with Aiden.  Jordan talked to Pat about their therapy sessions.  Theresa agreed to take another pregnancy test.  She was going to buy one but Brady wanted her to go to the hospital.  Theresa called Kayla and asked her to take a pregnancy test.  Later, they went to the hospital to talk to Kayla about the pregnancy.  Theresa wanted Kayla to hurry up with the test so Brady would believe her.  Nicole warned Aiden that he shouldn't keep secrets from Hope.  Hope told Rafe about the way Aiden acts.  Hope wanted to find out more about Aiden.  Nicole told Aiden about her past.  Nicole let Aiden that the truth will come out.  Hope did the search on Aiden and found out he was questioned about the death of his wife.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie and Nathan miss each other. Lucas tells Maxie that it is an abuse of power for that judge to deny her visitation with her daughter if she is involved with Nathan. Lucas encourages her to believe that by the new year she will have both Nathan and Georgie in her life.

Dante arrests Sonny for AJ’s murder. Michael is horrified to learn that not only his parents, but his brother and girlfriend have been lying to him about his father’s murder. He tells Kiki and Morgan that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. Kiki tells Morgan that Ava had the baby, but that there is bad news. Rosalie tells Nathan that Madeline blackmailed her into revealing Ava’s location. Nathan tells Sonny and Dante about the kidnapping. Dante sees the text on Sonny’s phone that says Franco is dead and concludes that Sonny put a hit out on Franco. Sonny says Franco isn’t dead. He worries that Shawn may be in trouble at the hands of Franco or Heather. He reveals that Heather is out of Ferncliff and insists that Dante go to the coffee warehouse right away.

Bobbie tells Scott that if Franco does anything else to hurt Carly, it will be Scott’s fault. Carly, Shawn, Jordan, and Heather are locked in the coffee warehouse. Franco says shooting them is passé so he is going to leave the door unlocked for them to leave, but that when they open it, a bomb will go off and kill them all. Or maybe not. Heather concludes that she would rather be blown up than locked up in Ferncliff. The other three keep her from opening the door. She tells them that they are all idiots and that Franco could be putting another manner of death into place while they are sitting ducks afraid to open the door. Shawn agrees with Heather. They bind her in a roll of plastic and gag her to keep her quiet. Franco goes home to Carly’s house. He tells Lucas that he is pretty sure that Carly doesn’t want him to live there anymore so he is there to get his things. He asks if Carly is home, as if he doesn’t know where she is. Dante and Nathan go to the warehouse.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane is at the gym working out, boxing with another man. Colin pays Hilary a visit at Jabot under the pretense that he wants to help out with Neil. Devon and Neil go to lunch at the Athletic Club dining room. In his office at the police department, Paul is on the phone trying to find out if they found out any details about Joe Clark. Christine pays him a visit. They begin to kiss but are interrupted by Mark, who has details about Joe Clark. In her office, Avery and Dylan discuss how she is helping him to regain his lease on the Coffeehouse. Dylan tells Avery that Joe is just using the Coffeehouse as an excuse, since he is really after something else. At the Athletic Club, Ben goes over the details for his dinner with Victoria. Abby joins him and makes some remarks that he will never get Victoria’s trust. Maureen and Victoria argue over Kelly killing Richard. Maureen blurts out that Kelly was away at school when Richard was killed. Victoria realizes that Maureen killed Richard and Ben took the blame. Neil lets Devon know that he has new motivation now since he and Hilary are planning a family. Cane comes up to join them. Abby tells Ben that no matter what he says, nothing will change Victoria’s mind. Victoria wants to call the police but Maureen stops her. Paul agrees to have a baby with Christine. Avery and Dylan argue over Joe’s motives for being in town. Avery assures Dylan that he has already won. Avery feels a touch on her shoulder and turns around to see Joe.

Abby reminds Ben of all the lies that he told his family and friends. Maureen urges Victoria to stay calm for the baby. Victoria walks away but Maureen follows her. Neil wants to meet Devon’s mystery woman. Hilary calls Devon to warn him about Colin’s visit. Colin listens outside the door. Cane asks Devon if that was the mystery woman. Maureen locks Victoria in a storage room to keep her from calling the police. Mark lets Paul and Christine know that Joe is “Mr. Clean.” Paul and Christine begin to kiss again when Dylan interrupts. Colin approaches Devon on a business deal. Joe hurls some insulting remarks toward Avery which results in her slapping him. Joe kisses Avery.

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