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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt urges Lars to set up a romantic trip down the canal but not to tell Hope. Just let Liam and Ivy think it is a special Dutch welcome. Quinn confides in Deacon that if Wyatt can set something up maybe it will speed things along from just the handholding stage with Ivy and Liam. She even proposes a trip to Amsterdam for her and Deacon. He shows her a pix of the sonogram of her grandson and how this would be a terrible idea to interfere more. She is her own worst enemy. She will screw up Wyatt’s relationship behind the scenes. He says it makes sense to get Ivy and Liam together but she is pushing too hard. She says she can not stand around and do nothing. He says they will always be there for them when they need them, but Wyatt and Hope need space. Let Hope come to her. Eva says Ivy is the mystery behind the jewelry and she should be in front of the camera too. Hope and Wyatt are not exactly for that but say they will get back to her. Hope tells Wyatt that enough is enough and she does not want Ivy moving in on her life anymore. That includes modeling and being with Liam too. She says she is sorry. Wyatt says he is not jealous. She says it’s not like she can say no so she will deal with it.

Ivy tells Liam that Hope does not want her modeling and to tell the truth she thinks Hope is having a tough time seeing them together. He gets a call that he must go take so he says he will meet up with her later. Quinn agrees with Deacon and says she will not go to Amsterdam. But she does call to make sure that Wyatt and Hope have checked into their rooms.....and then manages to ask if Ivy and Liam have checked in. She is not happy at all to find they have separate rooms and tries to change it for a room together. When Wyatt leaves, Ivy tells Hope that she knows she is still upset that she is along on the trip with Liam as she is not over him yet. Hope says she really does not want to go there again and does not want to hear Ivy’s accusations. She just thinks Ivy ought to be a little more concerned. Ivy says from the start Hope said they should give Liam more time to get into a relationship, but how long is that going to take. Hope rails at her that yes it hurts. Yes she still has feelings for Liam and if that bothers Ivy then it’s too damn bad. It's going to take more time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde and Jordan talked about how he raped her when she was a teenager.  Jordan had a gun on Clyde.  Stefano demanded that Marlena tell him where Sami went.  John went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady about everything.  Brady let John know that he's finished with Kristen and Theresa.  Chad didn't understand why Kate was seeing Clyde.  Clyde managed to get the gun away from Jordan.  Brady didn't like how John protected him by lying to him.  Brady told John that he wanted him to go to Europe to deal with Basic Black's problems.  Brady wanted to deal with what John did while he was gone.  Clyde told Jordan that she had to pull the trigger the next time she put it on him.  Jordan demanded to know what else she did.  Clyde refused to tell her.

Anne told Theresa that Kristen left her hotel.  Theresa got her hopes up because she wanted to tell Brady about the baby.  John ran into Marlena and told her he was going to Europe.  Clyde met with Kate and told her he got caught up at gunpoint.  Theresa went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady.  Chad tried to make Jordan feel better.  John talked to Marlena about why he's leaving town.  Brady was willing to listen to Theresa for the last time.  Brady wanted to give her his piece of mind and then he never wanted to see her again.  Brady told Theresa that they are done.  He wanted her out of his life forever.  Jordan kissed Chad.  Clyde kissed Kate. Marlena was willing to wait for John to come back from Europe.  John kissed her before he left.  Theresa told Brady that she's pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake declines Elizabeth’s offer to stay with her when he is discharged from General Hospital. Danny runs up to Jake and puts his arms around his leg. Elizabeth introduces Jake to Elizabeth. Jake says he keeps hearing the name, “Morgan.” Sam tells him that Jason was her husband. Jake changes his mind and accepts Elizabeth’s offer.

Julian agrees to participate in the marrow banking trial. Ned asks Julian about Jerry Jacks. Julian says he hasn’t seen Jerry in a long time. Julian is upset when Ned kisses Alexis goodbye. Alexis tells Julian that she is not getting back together with him as long as he is still in the mob. Larry Ashton stumbles around the Quartermaine mansion looking for his room and ends up in Monica’s bed. Patrick accuses Larry of being in on it with Jerry and Luke. Ned takes responsibility for Larry. Patrick tells Sam that he doesn’t trust Larry. Larry calls Jerry and tells him that phase one went well and that he is back in the Quartermaine fold.

Nina tells Madeline to call Silas and tell him that she had the baby and that they need to be reunited as a family. Madeline calls Silas and tells him where they are. Madeline tells Nina to keep up her end of the deal and turn over control of the family money to her. Nina says Madeline isn’t going to see a dime. She picks up a lamp and hits Madeline with it, killing her. Ava struggles to get away from the hospital bed so that she can search for her baby. Ava tells Silas and Kiki that after Nina and her mother took the baby, Sonny went to the brownstone to kill her. She says Michael showed up and let her go because he only wanted Sonny. She tells them that Michael had a gun and that he intended to kill Sonny. Dante and Morgan rush into the brownstone to stop Michael. Dante tells Michael that he has a warrant for Sonny’s arrest. Morgan stands between Michael and Sonny. Dante tells Michael that if he pulls the trigger, it would be AJ’s worst nightmare because it would make Michael just like Sonny. Michael puts down the gun. Dante arrests Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Jack’s office at Jabot, Phyllis finds a picture of Kelly in the desk drawer. Billy walks in and Phyllis begins to ask him why this picture of Kelly is there. Jack tells Kelly that he needs to tell Phyllis about them. Adam watches via the webcam of Chelsea and Connor. Ben is in the lab working on the new fragrance when Maureen pays him a visit and tries to keep him from telling Victoria the truth about his father’s death. Nikki pours herself a drink and takes a sip of it when Victoria comes in. Nikki quickly sets the drink down on the table. Victoria picks up the drink and starts to take a sip when Nikki stops her. Nikki offers to fix her a fresh glass of water. Victoria tells Nikki that Sharon betrayed Nick by making it look as though Summer was Jack’s daughter. Ben insists on telling Victoria the truth. Phyllis, once again, questions Billy about the pic of Kelly being in Jack’s desk drawer. Billy stalls from telling her the truth by telling her he had gotten involved with Kelly after Adam killed Delia in a hit and run. Adam continues to watch Chelsea and Connor.

Jack and Kelly kiss but he pulls away from her. Nikki lets Victoria know that Ben may not be guilty of killing his father. Victoria is puzzled by this proclamation and wonders what Nikki knows about it. Jack comes home and is soon joined by Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis argue over the fact that she didn’t tell him the truth about Sharon and her changing the paternity test. Phyllis tries to get close to Jack but he pulls away. Nikki urges Victoria to go out to dinner with Ben and let him tell her the truth. Victoria and Maureen meet in the corridor of the lab and Maureen lies and tells Victoria that Ben has to break their date for tonight. Victoria asks Maureen if Kelly was the one who killed their father. Maureen tries to put off telling her the truth about the way that her husband died. Phyllis finds out that Jack loves Kelly and Kelly loves him.

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