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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope, Wyatt, Ivy and Liam on the jet wake to small talk of how their sleep went and how exciting it is going to Amsterdam. Wyatt gets a text from his mom. He tells Ivy that his mom was good at her designs but Ivy’s are definitely holding up. They have a smashing photo shoot on the streets which will be romantic and later in the studio. While Wyatt shows Liam the itinerary, Ivy asks Hope how she is feeling and she doesn’t want this to remind her of Paris, no drama or angst. Hope says of course not; she is completely focused on this. Caroline confides in Carter that Rick did not come home again last night. He is shacking up with Maya and she has her money hungry claws in him and there is not much Caroline can do about it. Carter asks Maya what does she want to know. He tells her the lady has her rights and in California she could get half of what Rick has. Maya doesn’t think this is a laughing matter, he can’t let that happen. Carter says it won’t happen as Caroline wants nothing; she does not want the divorce. Maya says he better make it happen. She wants that annulment today. She does not want him to fight her on this. She will be the future Mrs. Rick Forrester. Rick is in a lot of pain and he needs to be free of Caroline. He tells her she is the one in pain and it scares her to death.

Quinn shows Deacon the pix of the ultrasound. He’s afraid she is going to go running off to Amsterdam until he tells her that Liam is along for the ride too. Rick tells Caroline that Maya has his best interest at heart and did not stab him in the back like she did. Quinn tells Deacon this is perfect. Liam is with Ivy and this is exactly what Hope needs to see. Wyatt can take action now and make sure that Liam moves on with Ivy. The four arrive at the Square and are greeted by Lars who shows them around to all the streets, canals and bridges. Quinn calls and tells Wyatt that the last string between Hope and Liam are right there and he needs to make sure Hope cuts them. Caroline says Maya is just using Rick and he ought to be smart enough to know that. Caroline professes that she loves Rick and they can get past this. Wyatt talks to Lars and finds out he has a boat on the canal and wonders if he might use it as sort of a Love Boat for Ivy and Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Paige talked about her surgery as well as JJ.  Paige wanted to make things right with JJ.  JJ talked to Abby about Paige.  JJ told Abby how Paige found out about Jack raping Kayla.  Victor warned Kate to stay away from Clyde.  Jordan put a gun on Clyde because she wanted to know about her past.  Paige went to JJ and they apologized to each other.  Abby went to Eve to talk about what happened last night.  Chad talked to Kayla about Abby getting her job back.  Victor wanted Kate to work for him again.  Kate said she was happy working at DiMera Enterprises.  Clyde let Jordan know that she can't trust anything that's going on in her head.

Paige felt bad about Kayla's rape.  Paige wanted her relationship with JJ to be honest and truthful.  Abby asked Eve if she told Paige about Jack raping Kayla.  Clyde tried to talk Jordan into giving him the gun, but she refused.  She also refused to believe that she did more than kill her mother.  Eve told Abby that Paige must have overheard her talking to Kayla about it.  Eve threw Abby out of her apartment.  Eve tried to text JJ to keep him from talking to Paige about what they did.  Kate told Chad that Victor wanted her to work for him, but she turned him down.  Clyde told Jordan that she was scared, but she assured him that she wasn't.  Jordan felt that she should have killed him years ago.  Victor talked to Sonny about Will being in Hollywood.  Victor wasn't sure if Will really went to be there for Sami and the kids.  Victor advised Sonny to make his relationship work with Will because they have the potential to be a great couple.  Daniel arrived at his apartment and found JJ there.  Daniel told JJ that he and Paige had to give him back his keys.  Daniel felt that he was overstepping with JJ.  Daniel ended up telling JJ that his relationship with Jennifer was over for good.  Paige told Eve that she and JJ were starting over with their relationship.  Kayla told Abby that she had her old job back if she wanted it.  Paige wanted Eve and JJ to get along.  Eve called JJ and told him they needed to talk.  Jordan told Clyde that he raped her at 15.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Nathan that he has to go arrest his father. Nathan says he might be in the same situation with his sister and mother. Dante and Nathan wonder which of them has the most messed up family. Dante goes to General Hospital to arrest Sonny, but Sonny has already left. Dante tells Morgan that he is worried that Michael took Max’s gun and is going after Sonny. Morgan tells Dante that Sonny is at the brownstone. Michael goes to the brownstone just as Sonny is about to shoot Ava. He confronts Sonny about shooting AJ. Michael aims his gun on Sonny while Sonny aims his gun at Ava. Ava encourages Michael to shoot Sonny. He tells her to shut up and leave. Sonny informs Michael that Ava killed Connie, but that he still thought AJ killed Connie when he shot him. Michael says that changes nothing. He says Sonny is not his father; AJ was, and Sonny and Carly denied him his entire life with his real father.

Kiki sees Silas at the hospital and wonders why he isn’t with Ava. He says he had a medical emergency to tend to, but that Ava sent him a text that Morgan is with her. Kiki informs him that Morgan is also there at the hospital. Silas believes that Nina sent the text and that she also fabricated the medical emergency. Nina confronts Madeline about her intentionally destroying her marriage to Silas. Madeline admits that she hired Ava to seduce Silas. Nina says none of it matters now that she has Silas’ baby. Nina believes that the baby really is hers and Silas' and she'll be able to resume her marriage. Outside, Ava sees Franco and calls out to him for help, but he doesn’t hear her. Silas and Kiki find her on the ground on their way to the brownstone. Ava tells them that Nina took the baby. Silas calls Nathan. Nathan meets Silas and Kiki at General Hospital when they take Ava there. Silas tells Nathan that Nina did something terrible.

Anna finds Duke at the Floating Rib to arrest him. She asks him why he chose Sonny over her. He says he didn’t choose Sonny over her; he kept his promise to a good friend. Lucy promises to get Duke a lawyer as he's led away in handcuffs. Bobbie worries that Carly will be next. Franco runs into Bobbie at the floating Rib. She says she is going to get a lawyer for Carly. He tells her not to bother because the district attorney has a videotaped confession.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer tells Nick that Phyllis and Jack told her what Sharon did and that Nick was her biological father. Summer asks Nick how Sharon could have done this. Noah visits Sharon and finds out what she did to Nick and Summer by making Nick think that Summer wasn’t his. Upset, Michael comes into his law office with Kevin right behind him. Kevin asks him about the cancer. At the bar at the Athletic Club, Kelly consoles Jack. She takes his hand and they go upstairs. Abby sees them go upstairs as Victoria joins her. Victoria asks her why she is so preoccupied. Abby tells her that she just saw Jack and Kelly go upstairs. Victoria breaks the news to Abby that Nick is Summer’s father instead of Jack. Lauren tells Phyllis about the new boutique. Phyllis is thrilled. Lauren makes a remark about Jack avoiding Phyllis. Phyllis assures Lauren that she and Jack are together. Lauren apologizes for thinking that Jack and Phyllis weren’t together. Lauren and Phyllis sit down and catch up on the news concerning the resident of Genoa City. Jack fills Kelly in on what Sharon did. Abby cannot believe her ears that Sharon was so manipulative in ruining so many lives. Summer tells Nick that Sharon needs to pay for what she did, but Nick says he is to blame too for starting all this off. Noah asks Sharon why she did it. Sharon puts all the blame on her illness. Nick encourages Summer to keep her relationship with Jack.

Michael tells Kevin that he doesn’t want Lauren to know about the cancer until he has more tests run. Kevin urges Michael to talk to him even if he can’t talk to Lauren. Lauren and Phyllis discuss Kelly. Jack calls Kyle and lets him know that Summer is not his sister; she is Nick’s daughter. Victoria assures Abby that she will have a paternity test run once the baby is born. Abby wants Victoria to get back together with Billy but she says that Billy is in love with Chelsea. Victoria also tells Abby that Ben wants to tell her the truth about everything. Noah defends Sharon’s actions to Summer. Lauren tells Michael that she found the pills from the doctor and she is happy that he would go to such lengths to save their marriage. Kyle calls Summer. Nick tells Sharon that he will pick Faith up at school and that she'll be living with him from now on. Jack pulls away from Kelly and tells her that he needs to talk to Phyllis. Phyllis, sitting at Jack’s desk, finds a pic of Kelly in the drawer.

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