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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells the group that nothing changes, he will not be with them this time like in Paris but Amsterdam will be looking forward to them. He wants no tension between Ivy and Hope; Ivy says no problem. Rick does not invite Ridge or Caroline and they walk in wanting to know why they were excluded. Rick says Ridge is not needed, Rick is CEO now and he made the decisions. He says they have to finish their meeting so he needs them to leave. Ivy slips off and asks Liam if he will come with her. Liam says this is not just a photo shoot but the launching of her new line so she will be super busy. Also Wyatt and Hope, he and Ivy, he doesn’t think this is a super idea. She says he could make an exclusive interview out of this. This does not have to be awkward. She had a chat with Hope and she is busy with her future with Wyatt so it won’t be awkward. He says she makes it hard to say no. He finally says yes, Amsterdam here they come. Hope catches up with Ivy and says there is so much tension in the office but she thinks this trip will be good for the three of them. Ivy says four, she has invited Liam. Hope does not have a smile on her face. She simply says she was surprised by this. She thinks Ivy talked him into it. Ivy says she thought this was a chance for the four of them to move on. They have talked about this and they agreed Liam needs to move on. Hope says she is not exactly comfortable with this. Ivy says this is an exciting time for all of them and surely they can all get along on a plane for a few hours. She really thinks they can do this. Hope says she guesses they will find out. Maya tells Rick not to let Caroline and Ridge bother him. And if he needs to go to Amsterdam then he should; she could go too. Take the jet, give good press and just hop around. He informs her that he is not leaving L.A. The most important thing he can do now is stay here and stake his claim.

Wyatt is the last one to know that Liam is coming along when he comes onboard. Wyatt tells Hope that he wishes she could have given him advance notice. Yes he was on phone the entire time but she could have pantomimed it to him. Maya seeks out Carter and tells him they have to get Caroline and Rick’s marriage over today. Caroline goes to see Rick and says she just has one question. How did they get here? She knows she hurt him and she is sorry but he won’t listen to that. Surely what they had means something to him. He says they have to work together but he doesn’t have to like it. She laments she can hear the distain in his voice. She wants him back. He does care too otherwise he would not be acting like this. She is furious. She made one mistake and they are going to work this out so he better get Maya out of their lives. She wants him to come home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige managed not to see in her apartment because she went to the store.  JJ was about to leave, but Eve stopped him.  Kristen called Brady, but he didnít want to talk to her.  She let Brady know that she was going too take something with her that belongs to him.  Nicole asked Daniel about being with Kristen.  He explained what happened between him and Kristen.  Paige thought about the jacket she saw.  She realized that Daniel had the jacket.  Paige thought Eve was with Daniel.  Eve yelled at JJ for what happened between them.  Eve threw JJ out.  A man came for Kristen while Theresa was at the hospital.  A doctor injected Theresa with something.

Paige came back and told Eve that she knew someone was in the apartment.  Nicole went to Danielís place and they talked about his relationship and how he almost had sex with Kristen.  Paige wanted to know if the guy was serious.  Eve assured her that it was serious.  JJ told Kayla that Paige knew that Jack raped her.  Eve talked to Paige about her singing and how she hooked up with nobody.  Paige wanted to be there for her.  Nicole tried to be supportive of Daniel because of his situation with Jennifer.  Paige continued to be there for Eve.  Paige sent a text to JJ apologizing to him.  Kristen was in the hospital and she was ready to get whatís hers from Theresa.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather and Franco take Carly to Sonny’s coffee warehouse where Shawn and Jordan are already locked in. Franco tells Carly about Shawn attempting to carry out Sonny’s hit on him with the intention to make Heather the fall guy. Franco takes the gun from Heather and says she is as dead as the rest of them. He locks them all in the room and leaves.

Felicia is tied with Mayor Lomax in the mayoral election. Lucy tells Felicia, Mac, and Duke about the Franco/Carly wedding that didn’t happen. Bobbie arrives and tells them that Scott Baldwin turned in Franco’s videotape to the police. Mac, Felicia, and Lucy talk Duke out of calling Sonny to warn him about what’s coming his way. Lucy advises Duke to keep his distance from Sonny. Scott tells Anna and Dante that Carly, Duke, and anyone else who helped Sonny to get away with murder is going to pay. He tells Anna to arrest Duke and Dante to arrest Sonny. Dante says he is afraid of how Michael will react when he finds out.

Kiki tells Morgan that Michael saw a videotape of Carly and Sonny admitting to everything. Morgan informs Kiki that AJ didn’t kill Connie; Ava did, and that is the real reason that Sonny is after her. Kiki asks Morgan if he told Sonny where Ava is. Morgan promises that Sonny won’t touch Ava until the baby is born. Ava crawls to the door, vowing to find her baby. When she opens it, Sonny is standing there. He accuses her of shooting Max. She tells him that she had the baby and her ordeal with Nina. Sonny leaves a message for Shawn to find Nina. He tells Ava that he will take care of her daughter and that it is time for her to die. Before Sonny pulls the trigger, Michael arrives.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon asks Nick for forgiveness and blames her actions on her illness, but Nick can't forgive Sharon because she caused Summer too much pain. Nick also tells Sharon that she killed the love he felt for her when she took his daughter away from him for a year and gave her to Jack. Nick moves out of Sharonís house and back to the tack house. Summer is devastated when Jack and Phyllis tell her the truth, since she has grown to love Jack as a father. Jack tells Summer she has a permanent place in his heart and he feels blessed and proud to call her his daughter. Summer and Jack go off to be alone and think. Jack ends up at the Athletic club where he has a drink and runs into Kelly. Summer finds Nick at the tack house where he holds her as she cries.

Kelly and Stitch decide to fight for love. Stitch tells Victoria that he is ready to tell her the truth if she is ready to listen to him.  Victoria heads to Billyís place to tell him about Summer and to ask him if he can ask Chelsea to persuade Jeffrey to drop the lawsuit against Stitch and the hospital. Billy tells Victoria that he is sure Chelsea will do what she can to help, because she has a good heart. Victoria tells Billy that for the sake of the baby, she has decided to put the past behind her and move on with her life just like he has done. Kevin finds Michael at the doctorís office and confesses that he put a tracker on his phone, because he thought he was having an affair. Michael tells Kevin that he isnít having an affair; he has cancer.

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