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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is a wanted distraction to Ivy who is giving her model some jewelry choices. He tells her he came by earlier but she was gone and then he ran into Hope who is having her first ultrasound today. Wyatt and Hope are in the doctor’s office looking at the picture onscreen. Wyatt teases her that he sees her cute little nose right there. She says they made that. He says it was meant to be. They both say they love each other. They hear a clatter and look around and yep, there stands Quinn clad in her hospital scrubs. She pulls the mask off and sheepishly explains that she is sorry but she wanted Hope to see how much she feels for her grandchild. Hope is perturbed that she barged in on their first ultrasound when Quinn knew fully well that Hope did not want her to be around them anymore. She accuses Quinn for lurking in a corner and ruining this special moment. Wyatt wants to know how long she has been here and is dismayed when he finds since they heard the heartbeat. Hope tells Wyatt do not even talk to her, she won’t listen. Maybe it’s time for that restraining order. Quinn is shocked but Hope says she absolutely thinks it is necessary. And how many times are they going to have this conversation. She tells Wyatt she will not accept this, nothing about it is remotely okay. He doesn’t want to condone what his mother did but he can understand her wanting to be there. Quinn adds that she loves her son and she can not just walk away. This baby is part of him. She knows she needs to prove herself and someday Hope will forgive her and allow her to have a place in the baby’s life. Hope laments that Quinn has done this to herself. She is not going to have more of this conversation. She tells Wyatt she is going back to the office and for him to try and get through to his mother.

While Aly and Oliver are talking, Taylor opens the door and surprises them. Both thought she was in Paris. She says she is here on business and she told Thorne she would stop by and say hello. She says Oliver has been a big impact in Aly’s life and she is glad that she has him in her life. He eased a lot of years of resentment and pain and she will always be grateful to him for that. Oliver gets a call and says he is needed in photo shoot. Taylor tells Aly that she knows she still misses her mother but she can call on Taylor any time she wants to. Aly says that is sweet but her mother is with her every single day. Taylor is a little taken aback and reminds her that Darla really isn’t here so can not talk back. Ivy tells Liam that her dad was here a few minutes ago. She asks if Liam remembers the conversation that he had with him at the party. She might have overheard part of that. He says okay, he is glad someone was listening. She says she appreciates what he said. It made her happy. She tells him he has to go check on some passport papers. Hope comes back from the doctor and Liam asks how the ultrasound went and does she have a photo. He’d like to see it. Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope is pissed. She says she knows this was not her smartest move but from now on she will be on her best behavior and she has to be able to hold this grandchild so Hope will eventually forgive her. She will not be grandma non grata. Wyatt says she has placed him in an impossible situation and he can not be between his wife and his mother. The rough patch they are going through now is all because of Quinn. When Hope tells Liam that Quinn was there at the hospital, he is sorry that happened to her. She is too as she can not look at Quinn without thinking of all that she has put them through and things would be so much different without her interference. Liam agrees that Hope needs to keep as far away from Quinn as possible. Ivy returns and tells Hope that she feels there has been a little tension between them ever since she told her she is dating Liam now and she does not want to drag that along with them to Amsterdam. Hope says they are both professional so she doesn’t see that as a problem. Ivy says she doesn’t think Hope is being honest with herself, but there are only two on this line and she doesn’t want it to affect their work. Hope agrees and assures Ivy that she is over Liam if that is what she means. Ivy says she is married and expecting Wyatt’s baby but she doesn’t believe Hope when she says she is over Liam. She knows Hope would still be with Liam if it were not for Quinn. That was not fate or coincidence, it was manipulation. Quinn got in the way and Hope turned to Wyatt. And now there is a baby on the way and Hope is protecting her future with Wyatt. It may not be ideal but that is Hope’s life now. And Ivy reminds her that she is about to start a life with Liam so if she and Hope are going to keep working together then Hope will have to accept that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ went to Paige's place and ran into Eve.  Jordan demanded to know what Clyde meant by having more blood on her hands.  Ben and Chad fought when Ben found out that Chad kept him from getting his apartment.  Brady called Daniel and he thought about him being with Kristen.  Abby asked Chad if he kept Ben from getting an apartment.  Chad lied and said something about the apartment not being available anymore.  Clyde toyed with Jordan about what else she did.  Kristen wanted her henchman to get started on the plan.  Brady wanted Daniel to come to his house.  JJ tried to make Eve feel better about not being able to sing.  Eve and JJ ended up making out.  After talking to Rory, Paige decided to listen to JJ's message.  Theresa used Nicole's phone to call Brady, but he hung up on her.  Daniel arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady.  Brady told Daniel about knowing the truth.  Daniel confessed that he suspected that Theresa hit John.  Brady let Daniel know that he saw him with Kristen.  JJ and Eve ended up in her bedroom and continued to make out in there.  Paige decided to go home.

Chad denied keeping Ben from getting his apartment.  Clyde still wouldn't tell Jordan what else she did.  Nicole overheard Brady and Daniel arguing.  Brady ended up punching Daniel.  Paige showed up as Eve and JJ finished making love.  Daniel tried to tell Brady that he didn't have sex with Kristen, but he didn't want to hear it.  Brady was finished with Daniel.  Paige noticed how nervous Eve was and wanted to know what was wrong.  JJ was hiding in Eve's bedroom.  Chad told Jordan about the argument he had with Ben.  Eve told Paige that she can't have the surgery and that she won't be able to sing again.  Kristen called Brady and wanted him to know something. Two men grabbed Theresa in the park.  Paige wanted to get Eve some aspirin from Eve's room.  Eve lied and said she didn't have any pills.  Paige noticed JJ's jacket on a chair.  JJ hurried up and put his shirt on before she saw him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly asks Franco why he is punishing Michael for her mistake. He says he may be punishing Michael, but he is punishing Carly and Sonny more. She concludes that he got the results that he wanted so it is over now. He tells her that it is far from over. Carly goes outside, where Heather is waiting for her. Franco gives Scott a copy of the video footage so that he can use it in his capacity as the DA. Bobbie asks Scott not to turn in the recording because it also implicates Carly.

Kiki searches for Michael. Michael ignores her calls. Michael goes to Sonny’s house and finds Max’s gun on the floor. He picks up the gun and looks for his father. Dante and some officers arrive to investigate. Michael denies seeing Max’s gun. Michael tells Dante that Franco played video of Carly having sex with Sonny and it made him wonder how low Sonny can go. Dante delicately broaches the subject of a new suspect in AJ’s murder. Michael suggests that it is Sonny. Dante doesn’t know how Michael came to that conclusion on his own. He asks Michael not to confront Sonny and tip him off before the police have a chance to question him. Michael says he understands. Sonny and Morgan wait at the hospital while Max is being treated for his gunshot wound. Morgan tells Sonny that it isn’t possible that Ava went to his house and shot Max. Diane blames Sonny for Max being shot again. Sonny gets news that Max will make it. Morgan asks Sonny to go easy on Ava since she is going to be the mother of a Corinthos child. Sonny says he can’t make any promises.

Julian tells Alexis that he will participate in Silas marrow donor bank project if it will help ensure that Danny will live. Silas and Sam discuss Nina while waiting for Danny’s lab results. The results show that the original test was wrong. Ava asks Madeline not to let Nina take her baby. Nina tells Ava not to talk to her mother since she won’t take the side of someone she doesn’t even know. Ava reveals that Madeline orchestrated and paid Ava for the “affair” with Silas and only after that did she fall for him. She reminds Nina of everything Madeline has taken from her and asks her what makes her think Madeline won’t take this baby too. Nina concludes that she can’t trust Madeline.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Sharon struggle on the stairwell. Phyllis orders Sharon to tell the men what she's been hiding. The doorbell awakens Nikki from a sound sleep. She quickly hides what's in her hand. Paul comes in and tells Nikki that Ian Ward was arraigned but bail was denied. He inquires if she is all right. Victoria also visits her and wants to know if she is okay. Billy and Chelsea are fighting over the last piece of chocolate candy in the bowl when he sees the brown manila envelope and wants to know what it is. Chelsea denies it being anything. Victor breaks the news to Jack that Nick is Summer’s father and urges Sharon to tell the truth. Sharon breaks down and confesses everything to those present -- how she changed the paternity test to show that Summer was Jack’s. Victoria asks Nikki what she knows about Ben, but Nikki refuses to tell her anything, Avery asks Joe if he is all right after Dylan hits him. When the two men begin to argue, Paul separates them. Paul pulls Dylan aside to talk to him.

A woman takes care of Adam and tells him about seeing Chelsea at the church and about her leaving the handkerchief, which she returned. Dylan lets Paul know that Joe wants revenge. Phyllis accuses Sharon of pushing her down the stairs and leaving her but Sharon denies the accusation. Joe tells Avery that he will find Dylan another place for his Coffeehouse. Billy suggests to Chelsea that they burn the handkerchief, but she refuses. Nick wants nothing more to do with her and walks away. Jack comes home, confused by the happenings of the day. Phyllis follows him home, but Jack becomes angry with her when he finds out that she has known about this and didn’t told him. Victor comes home and lets Nikki and Victoria know what Sharon did. Jack vows that Summer should be told.

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