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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon tries to get amorous but Quinn says not now, she has other things on her mind. Their children are working at FC and they need to make sure that continues to go well. There is a new CEO shakeup. She has missed out on several things, like today is Wyatt and Hope’s first ultrasound. She starts to head out and Deacon says he can’t believe she is going to crash Hope’s appointment. Quinn says she can not miss out despite what Hope says. He wishes her luck and says she is going to need it. Eric calls another meeting and tells them this is really, really important. Liam stops by just before Hope is going to her ultrasound. She only mentions that she is not going to the meeting because she has her own appointment. It is when Wyatt comes in that he mentions the ultrasound. He tells Liam that Ivy is pretty and very talented so he’s happy for the both of them. Ivy talks to her dad about going on another fishing trip and he wishes her well with her showing of jewelry in Amsterdam. He questions her about how many dates she has had with Liam. Then he interrupts the meeting and practically drags Eric out to go to Oregon and catch their supper. Rick takes over and asks if anyone else needs a break as he won’t judge them. Things could get a little difficult around here. He reminds them that they all betrayed him but they are going to carry on. He tells Ridge that if he needs Caroline’s hand to guide him, he does not care. He tells Caroline that his attorney will be in touch with her. Carter tells Rick to be careful what he says now. He needs a little more cooling off period. Rick tells him to be careful also as he knows he is loyal to Ridge. Carter says he is loyal to FC and says Maya is a money hungry……Rick stops him and says one more word and he will be gone. He says she is the only one who told him the truth and anybody who has a problem with Rick or Maya can get the hell out. Ridge asks if this is the way he is going to throw his weight around. Rick says if Ridge doesn’t like it don’t let the door hit him. Rick says he doesn’t care what anybody thinks except for his lead model. He asks Caroline to design another piece for Maya despite the fact that they already have a show stopper. He wants one that really showcases her beauty. Caroline glares at him then refuses. She says she is not giving up on their marriage but Rick is trying to rub her face in this newest decision and make it as painful as possible.

Rick calls a halt to the meeting and tells them to get out. Maya stays and Rick tells her that he is CEO and they will have to learn to respect that. She says she is proud of him. Maya leaves for a little while but comes back with champagne and caviar since they have not celebrated. In time he will forget all this ugliness. He toasts “to us”. Ridge asks Caroline if she is okay. She thanks him for taking up for her when it looks like Rick is punishing her. She says Rick is leaving her and taking up with Maya. What is she supposed to do? The doctor tells Wyatt and Hope there is not much to see at this stage. They will not be able to tell if it is a boy or a girl and when it is time they will need to let her know if they want to know or keep it a secret. Holding Hope’s hand, Wyatt kisses her a few times and looks on in wonder at the picture before then, like a kid on Christmas morning. Liam can’t concentrate on work and he texts Hope of how did it go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen overheard Theresa tell Anne that she's pregnant with Brady's baby.  Needless to say, Kristen was upset by the news.  Abby found out from Sonny that will and Arianna left with Sami.  Sonny gave Abby the article Will wrote and found out that Chad badmouthed EJ and not her.  Paige and JJ argued about his drinking and their relationship.  Dr. Chung told Eve that she couldn't have the procedure done on her vocal chords.  Eve wanted a second opinion.  Theresa heard Kristen and wanted to talk to Anne somewhere else.  After Theresa and Anne left, Kristen went ballistic and threw a garbage can.  Dr. Chung told Eve that she could suffer permanent damage to her vocal chords if she had the surgery.  Eve was devastated by the news.  Paige told JJ that he didn't tell her that Jack raped Kalya.

Eric saw Eve and he tried to console her.  Kristen made a call to someone for help.  Paige apologized to JJ for bringing up the rape.  JJ wanted her to leave.  Paige threw up in his face that he was with two other girls.  Eve told Eric that she couldn't have the surgery.  Theresa explained to Anne how she found out she was pregnant.  JJ called Paige and apologized and said he loved her.  Eve listened to her cd and cried.  JJ showed up at Eve's place looking for Paige.  Theresa didn't think Kristen would come between her and Brady.  Kristen's henchman assured her that the job would be done that night.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht tells Madeline to leave her chief oncologist out of her shenanigans. Madeline returns her sister's prescription pad. Obrecht asks what prescriptions she's been writing. Madeline says she wrote a prescription for something to help Nina sleep. Obrecht doesn’t believe her. Silas goes to Maxie and Nathan’s apartment looking for Nina. Nathan says he has been looking for her, too, and that she hasn’t been there.

Heather shows up at Sonny’s door and shoots Max. Since Max referred to his shooter as “her,” Sonny thinks it was Ava. Nina gives Ava unwanted instructions while she is in labor at the brownstone. Ava says Nina doesn’t know what she is talking about because she has never delivered a baby. Nina remembers when she was 13 and helped deliver a baby horse. Nina delivers a girl. She says Ava lost her baby. Nathan and Silas go to the hospital to confront Madeline, but she has already left to pick up Nina and the baby. Ava begs Madeline not to let Nina take the baby.

Heather returns to the warehouse to finish off Shawn and Jordan before heading over to Franco’s wedding. Franco plays the video of Sonny saying he shot AJ and then Carly admitting she covered it up. Michael wants to know how long Carly has known and how she found out. She reveals that AJ told her before he died. Carly wants to kill Franco. Franco says Carly and Sonny don’t care about Michael; they only care about themselves. Michael agrees with Franco. He declares that Carly and Sonny are dead to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Sharon’s home, Nick and Noah cannot figure out where she has gone. Victor pays Jack a visit to talk to Phyllis about what she knows about Sharon’s secret. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily is surprised by Cane, who puts his hand across her eyes and then kisses her. They discuss the dinner that Lily planned for Hilary. When Neil and Hilary arrive, she tells Lily that there is no baby. Devon walks up and listens to the conversation. In the stairwell, Sharon begins to remember what she forgot about Summer and Nick. Victor asks to see Phyllis but Jack refuses. Avery and Dylan are at Crimson Lights as she offers to help him with his lease. Joe comes in and interrupts them and tells her that he has something for her. Jack lies to Victor as to where Phyllis is. Victor lets Jack know that he thinks he found out what Phyllis knows about Sharon’s secret. Mariah comes downstairs and lets Noah and Nick know that there is no sign of Sharon. With Phyllis’ help, Sharon begins to remember what she forgot. Neil, Hilary, Devon, Cane, and Lily discuss the possibility of Hilary having a child. Victor accuses Jack of abandoning Phyllis for Kelly. Nick is completely beside himself with worry over where Sharon is. In looking around the room, Nick finds something that belongs to Phyllis.

Sharon remembers changing the DNA tests results of Nick’s so it would show that Summer was Jack’s daughter. Sharon also remembers Phyllis falling down the stairs. Avery explains to Dylan about the bookmark. Colin catches up to Joe at the Athletic Club and they discuss a business deal. Cane interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. Nick arrives at Jack’s and also wants to talk to Phyllis. Jack goes upstairs to check on Phyllis and finds her gone. Victor lets Nick know that Summer is his daughter and that Sharon changed the test results, and she is the cause of Phyllis falling down the stairs. Victor finds out where Phyllis and Sharon are. They all rush to find them. Sharon realizes that Phyllis wants payback for all she did. Colin catches Devon and Hilary going in a room upstairs. Jack, Victor, and Nick catch up to Sharon and Phyllis in the stairwell and want to know what is going on.

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