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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that he is holding the future in his hands. How can he think of saying no. He has worked hard for this and he deserves it. Eric knows it. His father wants him to succeed him. They all want it....make it happen, sign the contract. He’s on the brink so do not let his pride stand in the way. He’s a businessman, take the position. This is business. He can finally show the world what he can do with FC. That is how he gets payback. She tells him to take the power and they will work it together. She will always have his back. She tells him to take control. This is the opportunity they have been waiting for. Caroline grouses to Hope that Rick will not call her back. And that conniving witch is not going to take her place with her husband. She was standing there like she was entitled and that will never happen. Hope tells her but it was with Ridge and Rick will not overlook that. Caroline says yes she knows she made a mistake, A few kisses but she should not lose her entire marriage over this. Maya goes back to the office and when Caroline asks where Rick is, Maya says with Eric and he is going to rightfully take the position he deserves. And they will run the company together. She will have the money, power and Rick. Pretty soon all will see that. Caroline snorts to her that she has spent one night with her husband but that doesn’t mean that they have a future together. John bounces back into Eric’s life. Eric tells him this CEO thing has him in a loop and he just can not go away now. John says he came back all the way from Australia and Eric can not back out now. Rick comes in and says he has had time to cool off and yes he will accept the position with no interference from Ridge. He just wishes Eric would have offered the position to him first. Eric says yes now so does he. But he wants Rick to take it and make strides he knows he can do. Rick signs the paper and gives it to Eric who says he will get to Carter and have it effective ASAP.

Hope finds out from Ivy that she went to Bikini with Liam. They speak of Hope’s pregnancy and how excited she and Wyatt are. Hope feels like Ivy is making a point of saying she is married and having Wyatt’s child. She asks Ivy about her jewelry launch and Ivy says yes she is excited about Amsterdam. She mentions Liam again and Hope tells her she thinks she needs to go slow on that. Ivy can’t believe Hope is back to advising her again on that. Caroline tells Maya that she has been shameless with Rick, just waiting her chance. Maya tells her to go ahead and knock herself out but she will see. When Rick runs the company she will be the little woman at his side. She will not betray him like Caroline did. Eric tells Rick that he has complete confidence in Rick that he will take this company into the future. Ridge was wrong but he is part of he family and they have to forgive and work together fairly and without animosity. Rick says he will work on that. While Caroline is talking to Eric and telling him that Rick is leaving her for Maya, Rick is in his new office when Maya comes in and he welcomes her to the new CEO’s office. She jumps into his lap and she gushes about them running FC. They can do whatever they want and he will always have her support. They can do what they want. He says it was the worst day of his life but at least Maya told him the truth. She tells him that he is the most loving, sensitive, honest, loyal man she has ever known. They kiss and hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to see Kristen, but he thought about how she was in bed with Daniel.  Kristen accepted how she was in bed with Daniel.  Kristen accepted how Brady didn't believe the truth because she said it.  Brady told her that he knew she told him the truth about Theresa.  Paige overheard Eve tell Kayla that Jack raped her.  Bev took pics of JJ with two girl.  Paige texted JJ because she wanted to see him.  Marlena saw Theresa and wanted to confront her, but she ducked her.  Brady told Kristen that he knew the truth.  Kristen apologized to Brady, but he didn't think she needed to apologize.  Kayla told Eve that she won't approve of JJ being with Paige because he's Jennifer's son.  Theresa and Anne thought they got away from Marlena, but they didn't.  

Kristen was relieved that Brady knew the truth.  She hoped they would have a new beginning.  He might have taken her back if she hadn't had sex with Daniel.  Kayla and Eve continued to argue about Jennifer.  Paige ran into Bev and she told her about JJ being at a party.  Marlena yelled at Theresa, and Anne tried to defend her.  Marlena was glad that Brady was out of her life.  Theresa wasn't sure of that.  Brady yelled at Kristen for being with Daniel.  Kristen told him that she and Daniel didn't have sex.  Brady was still mad at her.  He didn't believe that nothing happened.  He told her that she is always going after everyone who is close to him just because she was upset.  Bev told Paige that JJ is a player.  Anne wanted to know how Theresa knew she could have Brady.  Kristen tried to explain things to Brady.  Kristen tried to make things right, but he refused to listen.  He told her that he never wanted to see her again.  Eve went to see her doctor and he wanted to talk to her about her surgery.  Kristen trashed her room and had to get out of there.  Dr. Chung told Eve that she had a problem.  Paige asked JJ what he was doing all day.  Paige called him a liar.  Kristen ended up at the park and overheard that Theresa was pregnant. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna asks Duke if he wants to recant his story that he was with Sonny the night of AJ’s murder. He decides not to. She warns him that if they find evidence implicating Sonny, Duke will go down with him. Sonny gets a text from Shawn that says Franco is dead. Franco says “Hell no” when Lucy asks him if he takes Carly as his wife. He says she is a lying, cheating whore who is sleeping with her ex. Franco plays the afterglow video of Sonny and Carly where she admits sleeping with Sonny behind Franco’s back and says it is no better than Sonny having sex with Ava in the Quartermaine crypt. Michael is appalled that they had sex on his biological father’s grave. Franco says that isn’t as bad as killing AJ. Michael thinks Ava shot AJ. Franco plays the part of the video where Sonny says he shot AJ.

Morgan tells Sonny that he has been hiding Ava at the brownstone ever since Shawn tried to grab her. Sonny confirms to Morgan that he intends to kill Ava in retribution for her killing Connie. Morgan is ok with that as long as no harm comes to the baby. Sonny tells Max that they are going to get Ava tonight. Sonny tells Morgan that it wasn’t one of his cars watching the brownstone. Morgan wonders if it was Nina. Someone shoots Max.

Obrecht discharges Jake Doe. Elizabeth wonders where he will go and invites him to go to her place. Silas asks for a rush on Danny’s blood tests, but the lab technician says Dr. Obrecht has forbidden any more rush jobs. Silas goes to Obrecht’s office and sees Madeline. He asks her where Nina is and tells her that she is on Nina’s revenge list. Nina induces Ava’s labor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Billy have a long talk and they both admit they love two women. Billy tells Jack that he can't be with both of the women he loves, so he must choose one. Summer tells Victor that the hairbrush he has belongs to her not Faith, so Victor calls the doctor who did the DNA test to ask him if he found any other hair on that hairbrush or if the strands of hair belong to one person.  The doctor tells Victor the hair only belonged to one person, so Victor goes to Jack's house to tell him that he knows Sharon's secret. Phyllis takes Sharon to the Athletic Club stairwell and tells her that she must face what happened that night. Sharon remembers talking to Phyllis on that stairwell, and Phyllis telling her that she ruined the life of a young girl with her entire future ahead of her. Kelly asks Billy to tell her if she she has a chance with Jack. Billy advises Kelly not to give up hope for her and Jack's relationship. Noah thinks Kevin has feelings for Mariah but he insists they are just friends. Austin and Summer are happy to spend their first official Halloween together.

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