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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that he must be shell-shocked. He never thought it would happen. His dad gave the CEO job to Ridge and then this bit with Caroline. He asks Maya for them to get out of here and take a trip. Hope rails on Caroline about her fooling around with Ridge while married to her brother….and then using her own mother’s cabin. Caroline says she is not making excuses. She knows she screwed up but does not really want to talk about it right now. Eric calls Rick who is frosty with him. He says he is leaving town….someplace, anyplace where he won’t be stabbed in the back. Eric is concerned and asks him not to do anything rash, he does need to speak to him. Rick is not interested and hangs up. Eric shows up at Brooke’s house. Maya gets scarce and Rick answers the door. Eric gets right to the point that he made a mistake. He wants Rick to stay in town and be CEO. Congratulations, all he has to do is sign the papers and the job is his. The party gets underway at Bikini with Liam explaining all the Halloween customs to Ivy. They carve pumpkins and bob for apples. Eric says Rick deserves it. Rick feels like he is getting it by default. Caroline made a mistake so now Eric is punishing Ridge and Caroline. Rick slams him by saying he does not want the job. He would not run that company if he held a gun to his head. Eric tells him he is being a fool. This is a position he has wanted all his life. He will leave the papers here when he changes his mind. Rick looks him straight in the eye and says he will not change his mind. He is through with Forrester. Maya has heard it all.

Liam and Ivy win a little trophy for their games capturing Grand Prize. They are offered champagne and enjoy relaxing with it. Liam will not hear of her going back to work. They have earned this. She gives him a kiss and he returns it twice. Maya tells Rick that she could not help but overhear. He has earned this even though Rick thinks he is second choice. She knows his pride is hurt but she thinks he should reconsider. They could live very well with this. He will be head honcho and she head model and they can run FC together. He can not pass this up. It is the chance of a lifetime. He does not even have to go to the office. They can be a team right here from his mom’s mansion. And in time they can build their own mansion. She kisses him and hands him the papers and insists that he sign them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady saw Daniel and Kristen making out. Daniel and Kristen realized that it was a mistake to be together.  Eve talked to Eric about her surgery.  She thought she'd be able to get her life back after it.  Eric got a phone call and rushed out of Eve's place.  John told Marlena the truth about who hit him.  Theresa tried to deny it, but John reminded her that he had proof.  Daniel and Kristen regretted being together.  John and Theresa had different versions of what happened to him.  Theresa kept lying about what happened.  Marlena wanted to go to the police with the proof Kristen had.  Theresa reminded Marlena about the footage Kristen had of being with Eric.  Theresa ended up walking out.

Brady toyed with having a drink because of seeing Daniel and Kristen together.  Kristen told Daniel that she was leaving town.  Kayla went to Eve's place to talk about JJ and Paige.  Theresa found Anne at the pub and found the bug in her pocketbook.  Theresa yelled at Anne for trusting Kristen.  Marlena was shocked that John remembered what Theresa did.  Brady realized that none of the people in his life were worth taking a drink.  Kristen said goodbye to Daniel.  Eve reminded Kayla what Jack was like.  Kayla continued to defend JJ to Eve.  John looked for Brady at the Kiriakis mansion.  Theresa wanted to find Brady to talk to him.  Brady went to see Kristen at her hotel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna tells Julian that Ava is a suspect in AJ Quartermaine’s murder. Julian tells her that Ava didn’t kill AJ, but she knows who did. Anna tells Dante that she believes that Ava coerced Carlos into confessing to AJ’s murder in order to protect Sonny. Sonny plays the recording from AJ’s phone on which Ava admits to killing Connie for Morgan to hear. Sonny and Morgan make up. Morgan tells Sonny where Ava is. Nina sneaks into the brownstone and injects Ava with a muscle relaxant to paralyze her. She tells her that she will never lay eyes on Silas again, and she will never lay eyes on her baby. She tells Ava that she owes her a baby because she lost hers while Ava got to have Silas’ child. Ava struggles to defend herself, pointing the finger at Nina's mother. Nina assures Ava that Madeline will get hers and Kiki will too. Nina prepares to inject Ava with Oxytocin to induce her labor. Ava protests that it is too soon for the baby to be born. Silas tries to contact Ava to make sure she is all right. Nina responds with a text message that says Morgan is back. Obrecht asks Madeline where Nina went and where her prescription pad is. She tells her that it had better reappear on her desk by the time she gets back. Obrecht gives Jake Doe his bill and says she is discharging him.

Sam shows Silas the lab results proving that Danny’s leukemia is back. Alexis brings Danny to the hospital for retesting. Julian joins them, so he can donate some more bone marrow for his grandson. Carly confronts Franco about trying to hack into her computer to get his hands on her copy of the recording that proves that Sonny killed AJ. Franco admits he had a weak moment but decided not to use it. Carly forgives him but makes him promise there will be no more threats to expose Sonny to Michael. The wedding begins with Lucy officiating. Carly says, "I do," but Franco yells, “Hell, no” and asks why he would marry a lying cheating whore.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael comes home to Lauren wearing a very provocative outfit, but he is less than turned on by it. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Kevin accuses Michael of invading his privacy by looking at his computer, and he knows what's going on. Michael denies having an affair. Lauren overhears their conversation and calls Michael on it. While Nick is ready for the wedding, Sharon comes downstairs wearing her nightgown. Mariah and Faith, dressed in their Halloween costumes, visit Victor. Mariah lets Victor know that Nick and Sharon are getting married but he not happy about it. Summer joins Jack at the Athletic Club and wonders where Phyllis is. Phyllis calls Nick to talk before the wedding. Mariah tries to make Victor believe that Sharon has no secret. Victor warns her not to take Sharon’s side. Phyllis tells Nick that they need to talk before he ruins his life. Jack catches up to her and wonders what is going on, but she refuses to tell him. They instead join Summer. Victor looks at the hairbrush and the wine glass then leaves the house. Noah and Nick take pictures of the bridal party. Victor pays Sharon a visit to talk her out of getting married, but Nick interrupts and insists that this wedding is going off as planned. Jack, Phyllis, and Summer discuss Austin amongst other things that are going on in Genoa City. Phyllis lets Jack and Summer know that Nick and Sharon are getting married today. Abby interrupts them and introduces herself but Jack says that Phyllis knows who she is.

Lauren won’t take Michael's denial for an answer and wants to know what is going on. Michael refuses to tell her. Kevin catches up to Mariah at the Coffeehouse and offers to be her date for the wedding but she refuses. They are interrupted by Lauren, who wants to know what is going on with Michael. Michael talks to his doctor and puts a rush on the test results. Phyllis visits Sharon to talk. Summer visits Victor to tell him about Phyllis’ actions and notices her hairbrush on the desk. Summer asks Victor what her hairbrush is doing there.

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