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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Caroline he can’t believe he has to say it again. She has to go. Caroline says she can not believe he got sucked into this again with Maya. She wants to talk to her husband alone. He tells her he wants her out of his life. Go back to New York or wherever she wants to go, but just leave. Carter catches Ridge in his new office looking around. Ridge says Katie is not happy with him, but he’s CEO. He saw what was coming with Caroline but was helpless to stop. A young man is at Spencer and gives Liam an invitation to come to a Bikini Halloween party. He lets Ivy in. Liam questions her as to who the new CEO is, off the record. She tells him Ridge, but there is another reason all are upset. Caroline and Ridge got swept up in the matter when they worked together and Maya took advantage of that by going after Rick. But this is not what Eric expected when he tapped Ridge as the new CEO. Maya asks Caroline what part of leave does not Caroline get. Caroline retorts that it was a few kisses that Rick is upset with, not what he just did with Maya. Rick tells her not to go there after her betrayal. Ridge thanks his dad for having faith in him. Eric tells Carter he will have some papers to legalize in his office soon. Rick tells Caroline that she stabbed him in the back, so did his father. The only thing he wants from her now is a quick divorce. She says she knows she screwed up but she is not going to give him a divorce after walking in on this.

Liam asks Ivy how she is doing with all this stress when she is trying to create a new jewelry line. He asks her to the Halloween party and she says yes. Eric questions Ridge about working with Caroline and how he might have used her to get the CEO job. Ridge is upbeat. He says he has been sitting by Eric’s side for years just waiting for this opportunity. Eric tells him that he did want that but Ridge did let him down. Rick tells Caroline that Maya had the decency to tell him the truth and that is all he needs to see. Caroline counters that Maya only told him what she wanted him to see. The party has started at Bikini and Ivy and Liam arrive. The Big Brothers welcome them. Ridge says he tried to explain what happened. Eric says no explaining needed. He has been the one who needs to explain. Maybe he gave that decision too much weight. He and Stephanie gave this quite a bit of thought with integrity and respect. Unfortunately he no longer feels that way. He is changing his mind. Ridge’s involvement with his brother’s wife changes all those values and he is reversing his decision and naming Rick the new CEO. Maya claps her hands and tells Caroline that last night was the greatest of her life. She thought she had lost Rick, but all of Caroline’s snootiness and calling her Mynah and looking down at her are forgotten now. Now Caroline has lost Rick to her worst nightmare. Just look at him, no wedding ring. She goes and gets it and says it belongs to Caroline now. Rick no longer wants it. She drops it on the expensive rug on the floor. Caroline begs Rick to put it back on his finger. Do not walk out on their marriage. She is not going to give up on them. Caroline takes the ring and leaves. Maya goes to Rick and says she is here now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami signed over her half of DiMera Enterprises to Kate.  Sami wanted her to take care of Stefano.  While they were talking, Sami and Kate thought about old times.  Brady overheard John and Theresa talking about the night she hit him with the poker.  Kristen went to Daniel's place to talk about Brady.  Roman and Marlena went to visit Sami.  Kristen told Daniel about the way Brady reacted when he found out the truth.  Kristen thought Daniel enjoyed the pain she was in because of Brady.  Daniel let Kristen know that he could relate to her being in pain.  Brady realized that Theresa and John lied to him.  Brady went off on the both of them.  Brady also realized that John was trying to keep him from being with Kristen by lying about what happened to him.  Eric showed up at the mansion to say goodbye to Sami.  John explained why he didn't tell Brady the truth, but he didn't want to hear it.  Kristen yelled at Daniel for not telling Brady the truth.  He told her to shut up because he was dealing with his situation with Jennifer.

Sami told Eric that she talked to Nicole about her trip and that they bonded over EJ.  She and Eric also talked about how much they would miss each other.  Brady was glad that Kristen wanted to tell him the truth since Theresa and John lied to him. Theresa continued to deny hitting John, but Brady didn't believe her.  Brady yelled at her and John about the lie.  Brady realized that Daniel knew the truth too.  He wanted to go find Kristen because of the way he treated her when she told him the truth.  Daniel told Kristen that he and Jennifer are finished.  Sami and Marlena said goodbye to each other and they also went down memory lane.  Brady asked Theresa flat out if she hit John.  She refused to admit it.  Brady wanted to go see Kristen.  John begged Brady not to go, but Brady snatched away and didn't want to listen to John anymore.  Brady left to find Kristen.  Kirsten taunted Daniel about losing Jennifer.  Daniel yelled at her and then he kissed her. Theresa went after him, but he yelled at her to leave him alone.  Sami apologized to Marlena for everything that she's done over the years.  Daniel and Kristen began to make love when Brady arrived at the apartment.  Sami and Will said goodbye to their family and left for Hollywood.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava and Silas discuss how unhinged Nina has been lately. Silas tells Ava that Nina is responsible for breaking up Sam and him and that she was pushing to have a baby. Nina tells Madeline to get rid of Silas to clear the path to Ava. Madeline impersonates a doctor and tampers with Danny Morgan’s paperwork so that it shows that Danny is no longer in remission. Sam calls Silas and tells him that Danny’s leukemia is back. Ava insists that Silas go to Sam. Nina sneaks into the brownstone.

Spencer lets slip that Franco knew that he hid in her house. Carly wonders why Franco covered for Spencer. Spencer says he blackmailed Franco with the knowledge that Franco was plotting against Uncle Sonny. Morgan tells Sonny to stop casing the brownstone because Ava is somewhere else where she is safe from Sonny. He tells Sonny that he knows he plans to kill Ava as soon as the baby is born because she knows he killed AJ. Sonny admits that he killed AJ and tells Morgan to promise that he won’t tell Michael. Morgan says he won’t tell Michael as long as Sonny leaves Ava alone. Sonny won’t play ball. He says that Ava knowing too much isn’t why he wants to take her out. He reveals that Ava killed Connie.

Shawn goes to Scott’s hotel room to kill Franco. He informs Franco that no one will know that Sonny ordered the hit because Heather is going to take the fall. Franco concludes that it was Shawn who took Heather from Ferncliff. Jordan goes to Sonny’s coffee warehouse looking for Shawn and finds Heather. She informs Heather that she is at Sonny Corinthos’ warehouse. Heather uses Jordan’s phone to send selfies to Shawn along with a picture of Jordan, bound and gagged. Shawn calls Jordan’s phone. Heather answers and tells Shawn that if she doesn’t see Franco, she will kill Jordan. Franco tells Shawn to give him the gun. Franco sends a text to Sonny from Shawn’s phone to tell him that Franco is dead. Shawn goes to the warehouse. Heather locks him in the room with Jordan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sharon get ready for their wedding and decide to make love before going to the courthouse to get married. Sharon sleeps after making love to Nick and has a dream where Cassie warns her that the truth is coming out today. Dylan is upset when he learns that his landlord is selling the coffee house building. Someone leaves a manila envelope at Chelsea's doorstep.  Victoria asks Maureen to tell her what happened the night Ben's father died. Maureen tells her that Ben has always been a good person, and she should forgive him and concentrate on their future together and not on the past. Ben tells Ashley that she helped him finally make a decision about his future with Victoria. Colin calls Kurtz to tell him he came up with a way to pay him the money he owes him without laundering money through Fenmore's department stores. He asks Kurtz to leave Jill and her business alone.

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