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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

From the office, Caroline frantically tries to call Rick who is lying asleep in a bed by Maya. She is thinking to herself she can not believe she is here. She thought she had lost him but never again after last night. Caroline asks Eric if he has heard from Rick as he is not returning her calls. Eric says he is not surprised after what was revealed. But Rick knows she is calling and he will call when he is ready. He needs time. Caroline says she can not sit by and give him that time before things get more complicated. Likewise Ridge tries to explain to Katie. It was not an affair but it was more than a kiss. She gets it, two artists who speak their own language, but is he making a fool of her.... for wearing that silly little red ribbon every day to remind her that Ridge loves her and they are meant to be together. Perhaps he is the one who needs the red ribbon on his finger to remind him not to kiss his muse. He takes full responsibility but she does not leave it that they are fine like he thinks.

Rick awakens and realizes he took off his ring. Maya says yes and she knows it was not easy as he spent so much time defending Caroline. He does not want to talk about her. Maya is okay with that, they can put it behind them. He did not deserve to be treated this way making Ridge CEO so she had to say something. There is a knock at the door. Maya wants him to ignore it but he does answer and it is Caroline. She says thank God he is here. He tells her they have nothing to talk about. Maya suddenly appears behind his back. Caroline cringes as she says no…….she says she is his wife and she loves him. She came to tell him how stupid she has been and she broke his trust and she promises never to do anything like that again. But he has to listen to her explain. She sees Maya in Brooke’s bathrobe and knows what probably happened. Rick is calm but says he has two words for her – screw her!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to see Sami before she left for Hollywood.  Will told Sonny that he went to see Gabi to tell her about his plan to go to Hollywood.  Sonny was upset that Will decided to go without telling him.  Jennifer told Daniel that sheís not in love with him anymore.  Daniel wanted to talk, but she was done with him.  John kept playing with Theresaís mind.  He wouldnít tell her if he knew what she did.  He just wanted her to stay away from Brady.  Brady didnít believe the recording Kristen had of Theresa confessing to hitting John.  Brady thought Kristen forged it.  Rafe gave Sami EJís ring.  He wanted her to have it.  She became emotional and Rafe was sorry for giving it to her.  Sami was glad that he did give it to her.  After they talked, Sonny finally accepted Willís decision to go with Sami to Hollywood.  Jennifer and Daniel continued to go around in circles about their relationship.  

Brady refused to believe what Kristen told him about Theresa.  Kristen begged Brady to believe that she told him the truth.  Will promised Sonny that he would be back.  Rafe tried to comfort Sami about EJ.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stay out of her kidsí lives and get his key back from JJ.  Daniel didnít want to accept her decision.  He wanted her to fight for their relationship.  Rafe went to see Will.  Sonny told Rafe that Will was taking Arianna to LA.  Caroline and Kayla went to see Sami.  Brady told Kristen he was moving on with his life without her and he didnít want to see her again.  Jennifer was willing to wait for Daniel if he would tell her about JJ and Kristen.  Daniel couldnít do it so she was done with him.  John warned Theresa to let Brady go or she would regret it.  Theresa said she wouldnít do it.  Kristen went to see Daniel about telling Brady the truth.  John put Theresa on notice.  She had to stay away from Brady or he would tell Brady that she hit him.  Brady was outside of Johnís door and overheard them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan notices that someone has been watching the brownstone. Kiki wonders if it was Nina. Morgan is sure that it couldn’t have been Nina. Ava worries that it could have been Sonny. Silas calls the police to ask if they have found Nina. They haven’t. Madeline reports that watching the house revealed that Kiki and Morgan are hiding Ava and that Silas spent the night there. Nina slaps Madeline. She vows to kill Ava and then kill Silas. Madeline says Silas was probably checking the baby. Nina accepts that. She has a vial of Oxytocin that she intends to use to induce Ava’s labor so that she can take the baby.

Michael tells Carly that he thinks Ava killed AJ. He asks her if AJ said anything to incriminate Ava before he died. She lies and says, “No.” She tells Michael that he should drop it. Sonny tells Shawn that it is time to take care of Franco. Jordan overhears the end of the conversation and asks Shawn if the hit is on Ava. She tells him to set TJ straight about their breakup or she will tell TJ what Shawn did to TJ’s father. Shawn threatens to tell TJ himself so Jordan won’t be able to hold it over his head anymore and she will go down with him. Anna goes to see Sonny to confront him about his plan to kill Ava as soon as her baby is born. She says she is looking for Ava too because Michael thinks she is somehow responsible for AJ’s death. Morgan goes to Sonny’s to confront him.

Mr. Beach, from Ferncliff, goes to Scott’s hotel room and tells him that someone knocked him unconscious and took Heather. He implores Franco to find Heather, take care of his business, and get her back to Ferncliff as soon as possible. Kiki gives Franco cufflinks as a wedding gift. Shawn goes to Scott’s room to kill Franco.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Neil is surprised to learn that Hilary may be pregnant. Phyllis and Avery discuss what went on in Genoa City while she was in a coma. Avery tells her that she stood Nick up at the altar because of Dylan. Avery also informs her that Nikki and Paul are Dylan’s biological parents and that Dylan is Nick’s brother. Kelly interrupts Jack and Hilary. She gives Jack an ultimatum that he has to tell Phyllis about them. Devon and Hilary meet at the elevator at Jabot. They discuss their trip to New York. Neil tells Cane and Lily that Hilary has been wanting to start a family. After listening to Neil and Lily’s conversation for a few moments, Cane bursts in and tells Neil that he and Hilary cannot start a family but then goes on to apologize for his remark. Hilary lets Devon know that there is no baby. At the Underground, Nick and Summer discuss Phyllis's attitude toward her and Austinís marriage. Summer talks Nick into helping her talk to Phyllis. Phyllis lets Avery know that she will never accept Nick being with Sharon.

Hilary tells Devon to stop all of this stuff about him loving her because she is married to Neil. Devon wants to tell Neil the truth about them, but Hilary does not agree. Jack and Kelly are interrupted by Avery and kiss good-bye. Avery tells Jack that he must tell Phyllis the truth. Nick and Summer visit Phyllis to talk about her marriage. Phyllis is upset that Nick would go along with this marriage. Nick insists that he will be marrying Sharon tomorrow and Phyllis cannot stop it. Phyllis mumbles to herself that they would just see about that. Neil is awaiting Hilary’s return home. He has the room filled with red roses and tells her that he wants to start a family.

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