Tuesday 10/28/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/28/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick rises from the floor amid the broken glass mess and asks Maya if she is following him. She laments that she is not letting him go through this alone and thought he would be here. Caroline tells Ridge and Eric they need to find Rick. He does not need to be alone. Eric says it should not surprise her. Eric tells Ridge this is his brother’s wife and he should have had the maturity to walk away and not give in to his passion. He does not want to hear another word. He says at least Caroline has the good sense to feel awful. But Ridge has betrayed all of them. Ridge accuses him it is back to that. Rick is the real son and Ridge isn’t. He says little Ricky is embarrassed and hurt but he will be just fine. Eric says he hopes so for both of their sake. Hope tells Carter that she wants to be with Rick but she also understands that he wants to be alone. Carter tells her that Maya also has left the building. One guess where she is. She is with Rick. She would not miss that opportunity. Hope says she understands when a person feels like they should be with another, you do crazy things. Hope can’t believe Caroline did this and with Ridge of all people. Ridge tells his dad that he could apologize and make them feel better but he is not. He lost who he was and Caroline helped him. Eric says he can not blame this all on work. Either one of them could have stopped the kissing.

Caroline calls Rick. He tells her to stop calling. He does not want to talk to her or hear what happened. She asks if he is home. He looks at Maya and says no. Then she asks if he will meet her there and again he says no. Ridge tells her Rick needs time. Eric says he is not sure even time will do it. He sure knows that he may need more than time. They have given him a lot more to think about now. Caroline rails at Ridge for only worrying about the CEO position and here her marriage is falling apart. He tells her none of this would have happened if she did not confirm Maya’s suspicions. Caroline asks Ridge if he was playing her. Was he just using her for his designs so he could be CEO. He admits yes he thought he could benefit. But he did not go home and brag or laugh about it to Katie. He says it is not a joke. He could not get the smell of her hair out of his head, but he should have stopped it and so could have she. But he hopes he has not messed it up for her. Rick knows what he has in Caroline. Little Ricky may be hurt right now but he is not stupid. What they had was pretty amazing. But the lines got blurred. And for the record the time they spent together was some of the most magical times of his life and he is sorry if he hurt her. Rick tells Maya that he should thank her for standing up for him and telling the truth. Caroline could have kept on lying and playing him for a fool. Maya said he had a right to know. With Caroline she is first and everyone else is an afterthought. Rick takes off his ring and says his marriage is over. Thank God he does not have a child. He pours himself a drink. Maya watches and moves closer and says she never stopped thinking of him not even when she was with Carter. She kisses him and says she loves him. She keeps kissing him as he guides her to the couch. She pulls him closer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Hope that she was leaving town for six months to be in a movie about her life.  Sami told Hope why she wanted to go to Hollywood.  Hope understood why she was leaving.  Anne went to see Kristen about the paperwork she wanted Kristen to check out.  It was for the scholarship program in EJís name.  Kristen wanted to discuss it in detail.  Jennifer wanted to help JJ, but Abby told her that he went to Daniel.  Jennifer was upset by that.  JJ told Daniel about Paigeís conversation with Jill.  Kristen listened to the recording and heard Theresa confess to hitting John with the poker.  Daniel advised JJ to tell Paige the entire story.  JJ thought about massaging Eveís hand.  Jennifer overheard JJ and Daniel talking.  Jennifer tried to pump JJ for information, but it didnít work.  Jennifer was upset with Daniel.  Hope wondered if Sami was going to Hollywood for the kids or for herself.  Sami explained everything that's happened since EJ died.  Theresa wanted to go to the hospital to make sure that John didn't change his story.

Jennifer blasted Daniel for giving JJ a key to his place.  Kristen wanted Brady at her place to tell him something important.  Sami and Hope talked about EJ.  Jennifer continued to argue with Daniel about JJ.  Theresa went to the hospital to see John.  John wanted to get to know Theresa better.  Kristen told Brady that Eric was willing to forgive her, but Brady didn't want to do it.  Sami and Johnny ran into Abby at the town square.  John asked Theresa about her feelings for Brady.  Theresa noticed that John was nasty to her now that they are alone.  Kristen wanted to tell Brady about Theresa hitting John.  Sami decided not to let what Abby did bring her down anymore.  She wished Abby luck.  Jennifer said the love she had for Daniel is gone.  John all but let Theresa know that he remembered what she did.  Kristen played Theresa's confession to Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake meets Michael. Michael tells him that he suffered a traumatic brain injury and completely recovered and that he hopes Jake does too. They talk about Carly. The conversation leads to AJ and Ava. Jake tells Michael that he is too close to it so he should stay out of it and let the police handle it. Shawn tells Sonny that Heather thinks Franco got her out of Ferncliff and is keeping her in the warehouse. Sonny wonders why Franco would want his mother out of the mental institution right before his wedding. He tells Shawn to keep a close eye on Heather. Franco shows up at Scott’s door asking for a place to crash because Carly kicked him out for the night before the wedding. He informs Scott that Bobbie is not going to show up because she is with Carly. Scott tells Franco about his half-brother, Logan, whom Lulu stabbed to death in self-defense. He says Logan was unbalanced. Franco concludes that crazy runs in Scott’s family. Scott insists that Franco got his kind of crazy from his mother. Scott overhears Franco calling his Ferncliff contact to ask where Heather is. Carly tells Bobbie that Lulu will probably not be coming to the wedding because she is concerned that Jerry Jacks might be holding Luke hostage. Sonny calls Carly to tell her that he loves her. Carly cries.

Maxie and Lucas take Josslyn to Wyndemere for Beggar’s Night. Josslyn is impressed that Britt understands her child of the corn costume. Josslyn tells Spencer that she hid him and now he is going to hide her so she doesn’t have to go to her mother’s wedding. They plot to break up Emma and Cameron. Patrick takes Emma and Cameron to Sam’s place for Beggar’s Night. Sam tells Patrick that Jerry Jacks delivered Tracy’s ex-husband, Lord Larry Ashton, instead of Luke. Sam joins them for their door-knocking. They go to Wyndemere. Spencer and Josslyn pretend to be a couple to make Cameron and Emma jealous. Emma tells Cameron that she doesn’t understand why Spencer is wasting his time with the mean corn girl.

Diane gloats to Nathan about beating Scott Baldwin in court. Nathan tells Diane that Judge Walters threatened to keep Maxie from ever having visitation with her daughter if she dates Nathan. Diane says she can file a grievance, but warns Nathan that if she loses, Judge Walters could get worse. Nathan doesn’t want to risk it. Diane says they could ask Monica Quartermaine to intervene because Maxie did her a huge favor once, but the outcome wasn’t good. Maxie runs into Nathan and Diane at Kelly’s. Nathan tells her that Diane can’t do anything.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea is working on a new dress design when Billy comes downstairs and lets her know that he wants to make some changes in the bedroom. Victoria walks into the lab and is impressed with the setup. As Victoria picks up a file, Ashley comes in and catches her. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lauren and Jill discuss business and Madam Isadora boosting their sales with the sťance readings. In his office, Michael is looking up information about prostate cancer when Kevin walks in and interrupts him. Kevin asks him what he is doing, but Michael refuses to tell him anything. Chelsea lets Billy know that there will be no changes in the bedroom. Billy goes upstairs to finish packing when Chelsea goes over to the cabinet and takes out the handkerchief that Adam gave her on their wedding day. Maureen is against Ben telling Victoria the truth about his father’s death when they hear a noise coming from the bathroom. Ashley wants to know what Victoria is doing there. Victoria lies and tells her that she is there to see Abby but then tells Ashley that she wants to discuss Ben. Kevin asks Michael what he doesn’t want him to see on the computer but Michael refuses to tell him. Billy notices the costume on the sofa and is against Connor going as a sheep. Ben asks Maureen about the noise in the bathroom, but she refuses to tell him that Nikki is there. When Ben leaves, Nikki confronts Maureen about the fact that Ben didnít kill his father at all.

Lauren comes to visit Michael to take him to lunch. He lies that he has to go to a deposition but forgets his briefcase. Lauren gets a call and cannot take him his briefcase, so she sends Kevin instead. When Kevin finds him, Michael is on the phone and tells the person that he is glad that he didnít call the house. Kevin confronts him if he is having an affair which Michael denies. Jill comes to visit Billy at the condo and is against him moving in with Chelsea, but Billy tells her that he is in love with Chelsea. Chelsea visits the chapel to say good-bye to Adam. Chelsea comes home and tells Billy she loves him. A mystery woman steals the handkerchief that Chelsea left at the chapel.

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