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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline bares her soul and says they were caught up in the moment. Ridge says they did nothing wrong. Maya tells Rick she is so sorry; she tried to warn him. Carter tells Maya they do not belong here, she has an agenda. Rick tells a crying Caroline to get out. Ivy tells Hope that she doesn’t think there is anything serious between Ridge and Caroline and maybe Rick over-reacted. Caroline stays and begs forgiveness from Rick. Rick bemoans that he thought all his hard work would pay off and all along Eric knew who he was going to pick. He even faces Eric and accuses him of having more love for his non biological son. He tells Ridge face to face that he is NOT Eric’s son. Caroline says this is not about old battles, this is about betrayal right now. She begs Rick to forgive them. She says Maya has blown this way out of proportion. She will never do anything like this again. Rick says she should not have been in the cabin in the first place with Ridge. He can not go home now, not with her. Not seeing her hands or feelings her hands that she has had on Ridge. Rick is the one to leave despite Caroline trying to hold him back. Maya has a gloating look on her face.

Carter tells Hope and Ivy that Caroline and Ridge are too valuable to lose so they have to settle this. Hope takes Maya’s side by saying she only spoke the truth so that is no reason to fire her. Carter is not so sure since she had an agenda by wanting Rick for herself, always to be a Forrester. Ivy says she can not take sides. She is too new here and it still feel like a booby trap every place she looks. Eric closes the door and says he has things to say and did not want to say in front of Rick. He knows how calculating Ridge can be. Ridge says they had a lapse in judgment but that is all. Rick will be fine in time. It was just a foolish infatuation. Eric asks Caroline if Rick is going to get over this. Rick goes home and sees Caroline everywhere and remembers their very first eye to eye and when he gave her the engagement ring. But then he sees Caroline and Ridge kissing and loses it. He throws glasses, vases of flowers and more at the window and breaks glass. Caroline calls and he throws the phone at the window too and falls to the floor. Enter Maya who sees his hurt.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige found Jill at the park.  Jill pretended that she didnít know what Paige was talking about.  Clyde wondered if Jordan was going to tell Ben the truth.  JJ looked for Paige and ran into Eve.  Eve fell and JJ tried to help her.  Jill tried to hide Paigeís stuff in the garbage.  Jill refused to tell Paige the truth.  Will wasnít sure if he should go to Hollywood with Sami.  Sami thought he should go.  The producer offered Will a lot of money to write the screenplay to his article.  Jordan told Ben that she was wrong to tell him not to accept Clydeís help. Jill denied drugging JJ.  Jill said JJ came on to him.  Will went to tell Sonny about the deal.  Clyde approved of the lie Jordan told Ben.  Jill continued to blame JJ for what happened.  JJ tried to help Eveís hand stop hurting.  Eve seemed turned on by JJ.

Jill continued to tell her side of what happened at the party.  Jordan warned Clyde that he better keep his word to Ben or she would tell everything.  Lucas showed up at the mansion, Will told Sonny that Sami wanted him to go to Hollywood with her.  Sonny didnít want to go.  Lucas understood about Sami going to Hollywood.  They bonded and flashed back to happier times.  Sonny wanted Will to go Hollywood without him.  JJ met with Paige and she told him that she talked to Jill about what happened at the party.  Lucas let Sami know he would miss her.  Paige told JJ that Jill didnít drug him.  Paige wanted to take a break.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis and Olivia chat about Ned. Jerry delivers Lord Larry Ashton to the Quartermaine terrace. He Jerry sends a text message telling Tracy that he never said which husband he would deliver. Michael sees Sonny at the Quartermaine crypt and assumes that he is visiting AJ. Sonny tells him that he is there for Jason. Michael tells Sonny that Carlos may not have been AJ’s murderer and that it might have been Ava. Michael tells Sonny that he agreed to be Franco’s best man. He says he wishes it was Sonny marrying Carly instead of Franco. Sonny says he doesn’t think the marriage is going to last.

Franco overhears Jake Doe telling Carly that whatever happened between her and her ex isn’t his business. Carly tells Franco that they were talking about Jax. Franco doesn’t like Jake. Franco tells Carly that he has surprises planned for her for their wedding. She says she knows that he has planned to change the venue to the Haunted Star and that it is a bad idea. He tells her that their guest list is so short that it wouldn’t take much effort to call everyone to tell them. Jake tells Elizabeth that he met Carly and Franco, that Franco doesn’t like him and the feeling is mutual, and that he thinks Carly is getting cold feet. Jake climbs a flight of stairs. Shawn brings Heather a Kelly’s BLT and tries to coax her to tell him what Franco is planning, but she doesn’t want to spoil Franco’s surprise. Shawn calls Sonny and tells him that they have a problem with Heather.

Rosalie goes to the brownstone and tells Ava that Nina is looking for her. Rosalie swears that she didn’t tell Nina where Ava is. Ava tells Kiki that she is going to find another place to stay before Nina finds her. Kiki insists that the brownstone is still the safest place. Madeline tells Nina that Ava is with Kiki. Nina wants to go get Ava. Madeline says it is smarter to wait and just take the baby instead of trying to hide a pregnant woman. Obrecht tells Madeline and Nina that her head nurse is covering for a subordinate nurse who intentionally gave a patient a drug that could cause premature labor. Nina is certain that the unnamed patient is Ava. Nina takes one of Obrecht’s prescription pads and tells Madeline to forge a prescription for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor and Nikki have an argument, he demands that she not keep any secrets from him. Nikki reminds Victor that she tried to reach him by phone to tell him what was going on, but he never returned her calls. Nikki is so upset that she goes to have a drink with Maureen in her hotel room. Victoria tells Stitch that she would consider giving their relationship a second chance if he promised to be honest with her. Stitch arrives in Maureen's room to ask her permission to tell Victoria the truth about how his father died. Maureen is nervous because Nikki is hiding in her bedroom, and she worries that Nikki will learn the truth about how her husband died. 

Dylan tells Victoria that he doesn't trust Avery's ex-husband, Joe Clark, and is worried that Joe will stay in town longer than a few weeks. Cane looks at Joe's business plan and notices that Crimson Lights will be affected in a negative way in the real estate deal. He wonders if Joe wants to get revenge on Dylan because he broke up his marriage to Avery. Phyllis tells Sharon that she fell down the stairs because she was running up the stairs that night in high heels while talking to Jack on the phone.  Sharon tells Phyllis that she remembers seeing her the night of the accident at Cassie's grave. Phyllis tells Nick that she has decided to make amends with Sharon, since she helped Summer so much while she was in a coma.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Coffeehouse, Dylan informs Victoria that he just got out of jail while Ben listens. Ben confronts Victoria about posting his bail. Victoria changes the subject and asks Ben about his father’s death. At the Athletic Club, Joe and Cane discuss business and Victor Newman. Victor and Maureen discuss where Nikki was when Maureen covered for her. Maureen admits she covered for Nikki because of her ex-husband, Richard. At the ranch, Faith tells Nikki about her costume for Halloween. When Faith goes to get her things to go home, Nick asks Nikki if her MS meds are working. At Sharon’s home, Phyllis questions her about her fall down the stairs which wasnít Jackís fault. Phyllis goes on to ask Sharon if she saw her the night that she fell. Sharon confesses that she did see her. Phyllis wants to know where she saw her. Nick lets Nikki know that he and Sharon are getting married on Halloween. After Nick and Faith leave, Nikki eyes the liquor on the bar. She unfolds a pamphlet and looks at it. Victoria wants Ben to confide in her about his past. Ben begs her to let him make this right between them, then leaves her.

Joe and Cane discuss Victor and his involvement in Genoa City. Dylan interrupts Cane and Joe and thanks Cane for not listening to him when he told him to board up the tunnels because that was the way they were able to catch Ian Ward. Nikki quickly hides the brochure when Victor comes home. As usual, Victor and Nikki argue over the fact that he helped get Ian Ward arrested. Nikki leaves to go to a meeting. Nikki visits Maureen to have a chat and agrees to have a drink. Ben interrupts them but Nikki quickly hides. Ben tells Maureen that he is going to tell Victoria the truth about his father’s death. Maureen is against it. Victor throws his phone onto the desk and the papers falls off. The brochure that Nikki was looking at falls into the chair. Victor picks it up and looks at it. Cane finds out that Joe’s business in town will be at Dylan’s expense. Phyllis tells Nick that she should right some wrongs when it comes to Sharon.

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