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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells the group that he can’t please everyone and this is agonizing. But there is only one man for the job. He acknowledges that it was only a short time ago that Rick pulled them through a hard time. And Ridge has fantastic talent although he has struggled a bit lately. But all that changed when he teamed up with Caroline and he is as strong as he ever was. Talent has always been the forte of FC and that is why he is naming Ridge as new CEO and he wants Rick to stay on as President. Rick is devastated. Katie confides in Donna that the injuries Ridge sustained caused him to lose his ability to sketch, it was all gone. She wanted to help him but did not know how. But Caroline helped him by letting Ridge guide her hand. So they spent a lot of time together and Caroline developed a crush on him. She had idolized him all her life and here she was working side by side with him. But Katie feels she and Ridge are right back where they were before the accident. He is reserved as if something is missing but she feels it was because of putting everything on hold while he finished the collection. She is not jealous of Caroline in that Ridge would cross that line but she is jealous of the time that Caroline gets with him. And there was a short time when he thought he could use Caroline’s feelings to help him get CEO. It was not malicious but just desperation.

Caroline tells Rick that she is sorry. Rick stands in front of Eric and says Ridge is only a designer and that is when he can even do that. He has no executive experience like Rick and that is not good enough. He and Caroline could have been like Eric and Stephanie and he should have given Rick that chance. Katie tells Donna that she and Ridge are going to be okay. He is not Bill. She just wants Ridge to get better and move on with their lives. She did not like that he would use Caroline and thank goodness his talent is coming back so that won’t be necessary. Donna confides that she was hoping something would happen again with her and Eric. Perhaps he is just trying to honor Stephanie. Eric tells Rick that he knows he feels betrayed but he will have his turn eventually. Caroline tells him this is only temporary; his time will come. Rick reminds them the last time Ridge was in charge, he tried to throw Eric out of the company. What kind of egomaniac would do that to his own father? Eric says the word about using restraint and Maya can’t button it any more. She jumps up and says this is family…….and she is just going to say it. She thinks they all will want to hear what she has to say. Carter tells her not to embarrass herself. Maya tells Eric there is something he needs to know about Mr. Integrity behind closed doors. She says Ridge and Caroline are having an affair. She tells Rick she is sorry but it is true. He’s sick and tired of this. Maya says it is all over her face. If she is so innocent then she just needs to tell Rick that nothing was going on. While everyone is listening, Caroline stands before Rick and says she is so sorry but there were a few kisses, nothing more and he has to forgive her. Rick is crushed that of all people it would be Ridge. She can’t say enough how sorry she is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Sonny got into an argument when Will told Sonny that he didnít want to end up having a boring life.  Abby told Ben that Chad asked Jordan out. Ben thought Chad asked Jordan out because heís dating Abby.  Sonny didnít like that Will seemed bored with him.  Sami and Nicole bonded over EJ.  They flashed back to their past together. 

Rory spotted Jill and told JJ and Paige about it.  Jill ended up at Eveís place.  Eve panicked when Jill showed up because Paige showed up.  Eve had to come up with a lie to explain Jillís phone ringing.  Paige told Eve that she and JJ were looking for Jill.  Will and Sonny continued to argue about his writing.  Sami told Nicole about possibly going to Hollywood.  Nicole advised Sami to get the kids out of the mansion.  Nicole wanted to know what was holding her back from leaving.  Kate called Sami and told her that sheís in the clear with the SEC.  Eve gave Jill some money and rushed her out of the apartment.  Ben and Abby ran into Chad and Jordan at the park. Ben thought Chad was bothering Jordan.  Ben also told him that Jordan wouldnít go out with him.  Sami called the producers and they want her in Hollywood tomorrow.  Ben and Chad continued to argue over Jordan.  Chad and Abby walked off and he accused her of purposely telling Ben about them because she couldnít stand to see Chad move on with Jordan.  Nicole asked Sami if she could see Sydney before they leave for Hollywood.  Sami let Nicole see Sydney.  Abby claimed that she didnít care if he dated Jordan.  Paige saw Jill in the park.  Will showed up at the mansion and Sami told him about her plans to go to Hollywood.  One of the producers arrived at the mansion and met with Sami and Will. The producer wanted Will to go to Hollywood with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Jerry Jacks that she has 15.5 percent of ELQ stock. Jerry threatens to hurt Brook Lynn if Ned doesn’t contribute his shares. Ned refuses. A woman named Hedley appears and tells Tracy that she can give the shares to her. Jerry confirms that he sent Hedley. Tracy gives her the shares. Jerry tells her that Luke is on her terrace.

Franco tries to check on the status of Heather’s breakout but can’t reach his contact. Franco goes to Obrecht’s office and finds Nina and Madeline there. Nina sends Madeline to find Rosalie. Nina tells Franco that she is in hiding after assaulting Silas. He refuses to tell her about his wedding plans. She says she has a nasty surprise planned, too, and that they can compare notes after the fact. Michael calls Sam to hire her to find Ava. Rosalie overhears him. Michael tells her that he thinks the man who is in prison for his father’s murder is innocent and that Kiki’s mother is the real killer. Kiki tells Ava that Michael is looking for her. Ava is concerned that Rosalie will tell someone where she is. Kiki says Rosalie is afraid of Ava and that the only way she will tell is if someone more intimidating gets to her. Rosalie is tempted to tell Michael what she knows, but Madeline shows up and insists on interrupting their conversation. She tells Rosalie that she'll reveal her secret if she doesn’t reveal Ava’s location. Madeline returns to the hospital. She tells Nina that she doesn’t like Franco. She says she knows where Ava is. Rosalie goes to the brownstone.

Carly goes to Franco’s studio and finds Jake there instead of Franco. She asks him if she knows him from somewhere. He tells her that he doesn’t know, but maybe she knew him before his reconstructive surgery and doesn’t recognize him. She introduces herself and tells him that she is marrying Franco tomorrow. He tells her that he has heard that Franco isn’t a good guy. She surmises that Elizabeth has been trash-talking Franco. She says a lot of people are against the wedding and that her best friend Jason would rise from the grave, if he could, to stop it from happening. He wonders if it is the Jason Morgan that Elizabeth mentioned. He tells her that if she loves Franco, then she should marry him; and if she doesn’t, then she shouldn’t. She says that is exactly what Jason would say, except about anyone other than Franco. She says marrying or not marrying Franco would have ramifications for her family, specifically Michael and Sonny. Franco goes to his studio and overhears Jake telling Carly that what happened between her ex-husband and her is none of his business. Sonny goes to the Quartermaine crypt to visit Jason’s marker. He sees what he thinks is Connie’s ghost, who gives him a hard time about killing AJ and about planning to kill Ava and Franco. She calls him out on wanting to get rid of Franco to clear the way to Carly. He admits that he loves Carly and isn’t going to stop until he gets her, but insists that he has to get rid of Ava and Franco to protect his secret from Michael. Michael goes to the crypt.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea finds Billy holding Connor. He says that he and Connor had a talk. Chelsea wonders what he has decided about moving in. Jack finds Phyllis sitting on the sofa. She says she was up all night finding out what he is keeping from her. She hands him a notebook. Sharon sits on the sofa twirling the bracelet in her fingers that Mariah gave her for her wedding. Nick comes in and tells her not to give it back to Mariah because they are getting married. Dylan and Victoria go to the police department where Ben is under arrest. Austin assures Summer that he will work it out with Phyllis. Mariah makes a joke about it which unnerves Austin, and he calls Mariah on her remark toward Summer. Phyllis and Jack argue about his secret. Austin tells Mariah that Phyllis wants him to come over. Summer tells Austin that she has thought of a way to get through. Nick tells Sharon that they will get married on Halloween, but she has her reservations about it, but finally gives in and agrees. Avery goes to help get Ben out of this trouble. Jeffrey pays Chelsea a visit for more money, which she gives him. Victoria finds Billy at the Coffeehouse and argues with him over what he did to Ben. Billy denies having Ben arrested and tells her that he is moving on with his life and in with Chelsea.

Summer and Austin arrive at Jack’s. Phyllis pulls Austin aside to ask him what he knows. When he refuses to tell her anything important, she tells them that Summer’s marriage is over. Mariah tries to talk to Sharon about her talking in her sleep and what she was saying. Sharon pressures Mariah into telling her what she said about a daughter not being really Nick’s. Nick corners Madam Isadora at the Athletic Club and orders her to stay away from Sharon. Madam Isadora warns Nick not to be deceived. Summer states matter of factly to Phyllis that she is not ending her marriage. Billy comes home and tells Chelsea that he is moving in with her thanks to something that Victoria said about blaming him for Ben being arrested. Phyllis visits Sharon.

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