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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline slips home in a somber mood, picks up a picture of her and Rick but thinks back on the kiss with Ridge. Ridge also is thinking of the encounter when Katie comes in and catches him staring into space. She asks if they are through and that is why he is in this mood. Caroline must be very disappointed now. He says they created some beautiful designs together but she knew it had to end. Katie reminds him that he told her that Caroline had a crush on him and he was even thinking of using that to get the CEO position. He said that was only in passing and he would not have done that to her. She says good as she was concerned when he first told her. Ridge says he loves her, do not ever doubt that. She says she won’t. He’s honest and loyal and that is why she loves him. Maya slithers into Rick’s office to find Carter there. He tells her he is sorry that Rick is not there as he knows that is who she came to see. And that he is probably home by now with his lovely wife as it should be. Maya declares that Caroline and Rick are not a super couple. Carter points out they have been married almost a year and they would be fine if everyone would give them their privacy. Maya mouths that Caroline is giving all her private time to Ridge nowadays. And what she saw would not be construed as work. Carter scolds her for eavesdropping and she denies it at first ad then admits okay she was snooping, but they were practically making out in the office. She says Ridge is not the saint that Carter thinks he is. Carter says maybe not but he’s not stupid either. If Maya doesn’t behave herself her career is in jeopardy. He’s livid when he finds out that not only does Ivy know but she told Rick her suspicions as well. She is out to cause trouble and that is the truth. He tells her she is nothing but a gold digger. She’s hurt and says he is mean-spirited. He says he likes her….she’s beautiful and charming and has a lot to offer this world but her perspective is a little skewed. And now she is making a play for a married man. Just admit it, she is after Rick’s money and a life of leisure. She barks that she still loves Rick and she could make him happier than Caroline ever could. So she will just wait until Caroline self destructs and she will have Rick again. Carter scoffs at her for thinking Caroline and Ridge, not a chance, it’s ridiculous and dangerous.

Rick does come home and almost has a heart attack that Caroline is there and not working around the clock with Ridge. She tells him they are finished. He apologizes and says he should have been more supportive but this CEO thing hanging over his head is a bit intense. But Ridge lost it all and could not design anymore and Caroline rescued him and gave him back his confidence. She hesitates then says she needs to tell him something about her and Ridge. She starts slowly with their work then finally blurts it out that his talent is coming back. Rick is delighted and says she must have had more of an influence on Ridge that he realized. He says if it is making her a better designer then he’s all for it. She admits it was wonderful while it lasted, but it is over. She and Ridge have agreed their collaboration has to end and her focus now will be on Rick. He hugs her and says she is doing this for them and their life together. Ridge holds Katie and says Caroline helped him rediscover who he was and he will always be grateful to her for that. Katie slips out to take care of Will. Rick is in the shower so Caroline calls Ridge. She says they got caught up in something but it will never happen again. He says he knows. It is behind them now, forgotten. She says Rick must never find out. She’s a little emotional ad teary-eyed when Ridge tells her goodbye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen was trying to eavesdrop on Eve and Theresa talking about what happened to John when Brady showed up.  Jordan asked Abby if it would be okay if she went out on a date with Chad. Abby wondered if Jordan was over Rafe.  The people at the DiMera mansion wanted to talk to Sami and she got nervous.  She called Kate for help.  Marlena visited John at the hospital.  He wanted to talk to Marlena about their future.  Abby advised Jordan to talk to Ben about going out with Chad before he finds out another way.  Jordan wanted to know how Abby felt about it.  Abby didnít seem to like it, but she didnít let Jordan know about it.  Eve didnít like how Theresaís actions were why she had to meet Kristen.  Eve warned Theresa that she needed to worry about Kristen.  Theresa didnít seem too worried about her.  Brady showed up at Kristenís hotel to pay her for back for the drug she got for John.  Kristen was upset by his gesture.  The people at the DiMera mansion wanted to tell Sami what they wanted, but she wouldnít let them speak.  Kate showed up at the mansion to stop Sami.  Kate showed Sami the card the people gave to Harold.  Sami was surprised by what they wanted.

Eve told Theresa that Kristen blamed her for Brady being back on drugs and for the drinking.  That shocked Theresa since Kristen was the one who raped his stepbrother and recorded it.  Eve didnít want to hear the details.  She just wanted Theresa to watch her back because of the way the DiMeras operate.  Eve also warned Theresa that Kristen believed there was more to the story.  Kristen let Brady know that she didnít need Bradyís money.  She just wanted to start over with him.  John wanted to know how Marlena felt about him.  She told him that she wanted him in her life.  Theresa wanted to make sure that Eve didnít say anything to tip Kristen off about her.  Eve assured Theresa that she didnít say anything to Kristen.  The people at the mansion were from Hollywood and wanted to work with Sami.  Sami was shocked by the news.  Abby talked to Chad about asking Jordan out.  They ended up arguing when Chad assumed that Abby thought he was trying to get back at her by seeing Jordan.  Brady went to Johnís room to see if he could bring Theresa to see him.  John was okay with it.  When Brady left the room, John realized that Kristen was a bigger threat to Brady.  He wanted to take care of Kristen first and then he was going after Theresa.  Eve was on the phone with her doctor and knocked the lamp with the bug in it on the floor.  After that, Eve stepped on the bug.  Kristen decided to listen to the bug she planted on Anne and hit the jackpot.  Theresa admitted to Anne that she hit John with the poker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki tells Morgan that Michael thinks Ava forced Carlos to take the fall for AJ’s murder. She and Morgan know that Sonny is really AJ’s murderer. Michael finds Anna and tells her his concerns about Ava. Anna agrees to investigate further.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he remembers hearing two voices the night of the accident. Obrecht asks him if he has insurance. Elizabeth tells him about Obrecht’s criminal history and her involvement with Cesar Faison, the man who killed her son’s father. She tells him that Jason’s body was never found. Obrecht meets with Anna. They talk about Obrecht shooting Victor. Obrecht says she will deny it, but tells Anna that she did to protect Nathan from Julian. She points out that Anna is in no position to judge her after what she did to Faison.

Tracy, Sam, and Patrick return from Amsterdam. Tracy tells Lulu, Dante, and Sonny that Luke was kidnapped and framed by Jerry Jacks and that Jerry will return Luke in exchange for ELQ. Sam and Patrick tell Alexis about Jerry Jacks. Sam and Patrick can’t discount the fact that both Spencer Cassadine and Tracy saw Julian with Luke or that Spencer claims that Luke threatened him. Alexis thinks she should try again to get information from Julian and that she should warn Ned that Jerry is after ELQ. Julian has printed a picture of Ned and Monica sitting together at the Metro Court with an article accusing them of "canoodling." He threatens to print more damning articles unless Ned stops seeing Alexis. He suggests that a better idea is for Ned to leave Port Charles altogether. Alexis goes the Quartermaine estate and finds Julian and Ned engaged in a fistfight. Tracy goes to the Quartermaine estate to ask for Ned’s help. Danny wraps himself around Patrick’s leg, calls him “Daddy” and asks him not to leave. Sam tells Patrick that although it has been two years since Jason disappeared and she has taken off her wedding ring, she still feels like she didnít get closure. Olivia tells Dante that she had a vision of Heather Webber and asks him to go to Ferncliff to check on the inmate.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick visits Victor in his office to find out what he knows about Sharon in order to break them up. At Sharon’s home, she has a meeting with Madame Isadora. At the Coffeehouse, Summer picks at her food. Noah joins her and notices that she isn’t eating. Noah asks if she is pregnant, which Summer denies. Noah and Summer talk about Ashley letting it slip to Phyllis that she and Austin are married instead of just engaged. Jack brings Phyllis to the hospital for her checkup and insists on staying with her, but she wants him to go back to Jabot. Phyllis asks Jack what he is protecting her from. Nick and Victor discuss Nikki setting herself up to be a target for Ian Ward. Ben and Kelly meet in the dining room of the Athletic Club and discuss what is going on between her and Jack since Phyllis came home. Ashley interrupts them to discuss some Jabot business with Ben. Ashley tells Kelly that Jack is working on this puzzle too, explicitly meaning hers and Jack’s relationship. Phyllis urges Jack to go back to Jabot while she waits to do her tests. Within minutes of Jack leaving, a nurse tells Phyllis that her tests have to be rescheduled. Phyllis tells the nurse she has something to do anyway. Summer tells Noah that she feels guilty about not telling Phyllis the truth from the beginning. At the Underground, Kevin takes Mariah to work. Austin comes out of the back just as they enter the bar. Kevin and Mariah discuss the fact that Ian is behind bars. Mariah asks Austin about Phyllis. Madam Isadora asks Sharon what she expects to gain from this. Sharon says she wants to keep the man she loves.

Phyllis interrupts Nick and Victor in his office. After Nick leaves, Victor tells Phyllis that he expects her to help him get the goods on Sharon. Kevin interrupts Noah and Summer to ask how Phyllis is doing. When Summer finds out that Mariah is at the Underground with Austin, she leaves abruptly. Austin tells Mariah that Phyllis wants him to help her to find out what she missed while she was in a coma. Austin doesn’t want her to find out, but Summer walks in and asks what they are talking about. As Ben and Ashley walk in the park, he suddenly grabs her and kisses her. Ashley reveals that it happened because of the new scent she created for Jabot. Kelly is at Jack’s when he comes home. They are having a heart to heart when Phyllis arrives and asks who Kelly is.

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