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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is not happy with the latest design. Maya walks in and questions it and wonders why neither Ridge or Caroline’s car is in the parking lot. She wonders where they are. Rick says it makes no difference as long as they are designing more lovely pieces. Ridge and Caroline continue the kiss but then she gets another pencil and gives it to him and says he can do it. Deacon asks Hope if she is giving him an ultimatum. She opines that she has good reason to keep Quinn from her family and if Deacon chooses Quinn then he needs to know he will be out of Hope’s life. Quinn manipulates people to get what she want. Right now she is using him. Hope tells Deacon that he is smarter than that. He should see through this con. Deacon and Quinn leave and Wyatt holds Hope. He brings her some herbal tea. He hates to see her stressed out. He says he knows she does not like his mom and her dad together, but maybe that is a good thing to keep her away from them. Quinn tells Deacon that she is only trying to bring peace and love into this family. She should be knitting, picking out names or helping with the nursery but this is the way that Hope treats her. She is being completely unreasonable throwing these temper tantrums. Maya tells Rick that the pairing of Caroline and Ridge goes way beyond the sketch pad. Rick tells Maya that this is enough. If she has something to say then just spit it out. She says she just wants him to open his eyes and be aware. She has not said anything specific until now, but she caught them in each other’s arms. They were not designing. Ridge takes the pencil and finishes the sketch all by himself. Wyatt asks Hope if she meant it when she said Deacon had to chose. She says she hopes by saying that he will take another look and realize what this will cost him. Wyatt agrees that his mom is using Deacon as much as he is using her. They simply can not worry about what their parents do. The baby is all that matters, keeping her or him happy and safe. They just need to live their lives and let their parents lead theirs.

Quinn comes on to Deacon and says Hope does not realize what they have, how they touch. He is Hope’s father and can be useful but they have gotten past that. He will just be letting Hope get away with this by being paranoid and letting Hope inside his head. He starts to leave and she says wait, he is not going anywhere. She starts peeling off her clothes. She tells him to close the door. He’s staying and she is not going to stop until he sees exactly what else she has to offer. It doesn’t take any encouragement; he follows her to the couch and she pushes him back on it with her stilettos on his chest. Maya puts more seeds of doubt in Rick’s mind about Caroline and Rick. Caroline is happy to see that Ridge is getting his groove back. She comes to him and is “thisclose” to his lips but then says goodbye and leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen introduced herself to Eve.  Kristen wanted to talk to her about Theresa.  Abby confided in Sonny that she regretted the way she spoke to EJ the last time she saw him.  Ben met with Clyde and they talked.  Clyde hoped Ben would join the business.  Will went to Victor so he could help Sami.  Will let Victor know that Samiís going to go to jail if Victor doesnít help her.  Kate let Sami know that her kids wonít lose their father and their mother too.  Clyde wanted to help Ben out, but wanted Ben to think about it before he asked him for help.  Will explained to Victor that Sami was in trouble because of the business.  Sami explained to Kate that she just wanted to make EJ pay and that she would lose everything.  Kate hugged her and Sami became suspicious.  Sami wanted to know why Kate wanted to help her.  Kristen told Eve about everything that Theresa did.  While Eve was on the phone, Kristen planted a bug in Eveís lampshade.

Victor didnít want Will to tell anyone what he wanted to tell him.  Kate reminded Sami that they are partners and she didnít want anything to happen to her.  Chad ran into Abby and they talked about EJ.  She wanted Chad to grieve over EJ.  Ben walked up and saw them together.  Victor arrived at the DiMera mansion to let Sami know that he was going to try to help her get out of going to jail.  Eve called Theresa to tell her about Kristen.  Eve warned her that Kristen was after her. Anne showed up at Kristenís place.  Kristen talked to Anne about starting a scholarship in EJís honor.  Anne was thrilled to do it.  Anne called her boss and Kristen planted the bug in the room.  Chad assured Ben that he wasnít after Abby.  Will and Sonny met in the park and they got into a heated argument about Will writing the article about Chad.  Sonny didnít think Will should write it, but Will wanted to do it.  Sonny said there was nothing like a death to boost readership.  Will got upset with Sonny for questioning him.  Sonny apologized and didnít want to stand in Willís way.  There were three guys in suits waiting for Sami at the mansion.  Kristen was listening to Eve and Theresa talked, she was waiting for Theresaís confession when Brady showed up at her hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan asks TJ to contact him if he sees Nina. Madeline agrees to get Ava’s baby for Nina. Nina tells her that Rosalie knows where Ava is, but she won’t tell her. The animosity between Silas and Ava has lightened. Ava asks Silas if his wife won’t wonder where he is. He says he doubts it and that things have changed; Nina isn’t the same person that he married. He tells Ava about Nina’s vendetta list and says he is glad that Nina doesn’t know where Ava is. Ava tells him that Nina’s nurse knows. Morgan believes that Rosalie won’t tell anyone. Silas says Rosalie and Nina are in it together. Nathan and Rosalie introduce themselves to each other in front of Kelly’s. Madeline calls Rosalie to set up a meeting. Nathan, thinking it is Nina on the phone, takes the phone to talk to his sister, but is surprised to hear his mother/aunt’s voice. Nathan accepts Madeline’s story that she called Rosalie to see if she knows where Nina is. Nina tells Madeline that Rosalie won’t give her up, because she is blackmailing her. Nina tells Madeline what Rosalie’s secret is. Madeline says she knows how to exploit it. Nina doesn’t know where she can crash now that she isn’t staying with Silas. Madeline calls Liesl.

TJ gives his mother attitude. Jordan tells him that he doesnít have the whole story. She cries when he rejects her. Michael tells Kiki that her mother might have killed AJ and forced Carlos Rivera to confess to it. Kiki refuses to believe her mother killed AJ. Michael asks her who else Ava would have been protecting. Michael calls Anna Devane and leaves a message.

Sonny tells Olivia that Carly and Franco will not get married. Olivia tells Sonny that she knows he and Carly are more than the parents of their children to each other. Shawn tells Sonny that he cased Ferncliff’s maximum security wing and that it is pretty tight, but he can handle it. He informs Sonny that Franco went to visit Heather. He says Heather and Franco might not be on the outs after all, which would make it difficult to pin Franco’s murder on her. Sonny disagrees. He thinks Franco has given them a motive for Heather to kill him. Franco tells Carly that he is giving her a wedding present. He tells her that he had a chat with Michael. She is afraid that he revealed their secret. He tells her that he asked Michael to be his best man and he agreed. Carly says she hopes Heather doesn’t show up. She tells him about Olivia’s premonition of Heather holding a knife. He assures her that Heather is safely locked up. Franco plans to get Heather out of Ferncliff tomorrow. Shawn plans to kidnap Heather from Ferncliff on the same day.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Hilary brings Neil back to the hotel room in New York. Neil surprises her by telling her that he wants to take up where they left off on their honeymoon. Hilary is taken aback. Devon and Cane arrives home to the Athletic Club after their trip to New York. Devon assures Cane that this will not happen again between him and Hilary. In the dining room of the Athletic Club, Lauren and Lily discuss a new idea for the boutique which is located in the Athletic Club. The doctor tells Michael that he is in need of more tests. At Avery and Michael’s law office, Dylan is introduced to Joe, Avery’s ex. Nikki becomes angry with Paul when he accuses her of drinking again, and she begins to make up excuses for her behavior. Maureen and Victor become acquainted at the bar at the Athletic Club. Dylan asks Joe why he's still in town. Michael stalls in setting up an appointment for the tests. Paul denies accusing Nikki of being a drunk again. Maureen introduces herself to Victor as Ben and Kelly’s mom. Victor sees through Maureen and accuses her of trying to get Nikki on her side, so she will help in getting Ben and Victoria back together. Maureen calls Nikki to warn her that Victor is looking for her.

Hilary stalls Neil in making love when they hear Devon’s cell phone ringing. Hilary finds the phone and lies to Neil telling him that the phone is hers. Neil finds it strange that Hilary’s cell phone has the same ringtone as Devon’s. Hilary calls Devon but pretends she is talking to Jack. Michael rejoins Lauren at the Athletic Club and gives her a big kiss. They resume where they left off that morning. Cane realizes that Devon had left his phone in New York. Cane lets Devon know that he is through with this mess. Once at home, Nikki and Victor argue over the fact that she helped Paul to catch Ian Ward. Nikki gets a call from Maureen to have a drink but blows her off. Nikki eyes the bottle of vodka on the bar.

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