Monday 10/20/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/20/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope repeats it again. She meant it when she said she did not want Quinn anywhere near her family and that includes Deacon too. She will never change her mind on that. Quinn is not welcome in this family. Wyatt tells them that Hope has a right to her feelings. Quinn gives her side that maybe Hope needs to understand her more before she judges her. Hope says Quinn has no moral center for any life and she wants no part of her. She is shocked also that Deacon is now into it. He tells Hope that it may come as a surprise but they have been living together for some time now. Hope can’t figure how Deacon could have anything to do with this woman after all she has done to her. Quinn says all she wants is her rightful place in her new grandchild’s life. Hope again says no. Deacon tries again to beg Hope to just forgive Quinn. Hope says she has, more times than she deserves and it just keeps happening. She is not going to live like that looking out for her crazy MIL. And if Deacon is smart he would walk away right now before she pulls a sword on him too. Deacon begs again that please for him, do not shut Quinn out. He admits that Quinn has issues but she is working on it. Hope says she can not believe he is so blind toward Quinn. She tried to kill Liam and pushed Ivy in the Seine. Quinn tells Wyatt to defend her, he should defend his mother. He says that makes it hard with all the things she does. Quinn says she knows she has gone too far but she never would hurt Hope or her family. She can not wish that away now that they are family. Hope says she will always feel this way. She cares about Deacon and that he is in her life and that is something she always wanted but her loyalty is to her husband and her child. So it’s Deacon’s decision. If Quinn is going to be part of his life, then he can not be part of her life. It is either Quinn or her.

Caroline laments to Ivy that she loves her husband and she should not be having these feelings for Ridge. She should be kissing the ground that Rick walks on and not thinking of Ridge. What is wrong with her? Ridge pulls away from his kiss with Kate and she notices and asks what is wrong. He tells Katie that he only has one more design with Caroline and then he will be finished, no more working together. Ridge calls Caroline and says he wants to work today and finish things…..but not at the office. They need more privacy so he suggests the cabin on Brooke’s place. He explains there that he doesn’t want interruptions like Rick popping in every five minutes. Brooke is not here now so no interruptions. They can finish their collaboration as it is not right to continue to lean on her. Katie tells Ivy that Ridge is telling Caroline today that their working has come to an end. Ridge tells Caroline that he loves Katie and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. This is dangerous ground they are on and he has leaned on her too much. This divides him and Rick and he should not have asked her to do this. He says he enjoyed what they had together and what they produced and he does not know how to thank her for that. He says he needs to find his way back and he knows that sounds like he is throwing her aside, but he just thinks it is time. She says she will always be grateful for working with him. He has changed her as a designer and as a woman. Ridge tells her that Rick is lucky to have her and he hopes he knows that. She says okay; she is ready for one last time. He takes the pencil and puts it in her hands with his guiding hers. He leans closer and smells her hair from behind. Finally he grabs the pencil and tosses it away and kisses her again and again and she responds despite her resolve.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel went to Kristenís place and they talked about Theresa.  Kristen thought that Eve or Anne might know about what she did.  Chad and Nicole talked about EJ and Sydney.  Lucas and Will talked about EJís death.  Kate warned Sami that could go to jail.  Sami was only worried about the kids.  Kate told Sami that the cops wouldnít care about what she or the kids are going through.  Nicole talked to Chad about her last conversation with EJ.  She wanted Chad to admit that he loved EJ.  Lucas assured Will that he shouldnít feel guilty for writing the article since he was looking out for his mother.  Kate reminded Sami that she lied about their stock and that it was illegal.  Chad overheard them talking.

Kate managed to lie to Chad about what he heard.  Lucas talked to Kate about committing fraud.  Kristen wanted Daniel to tell her more about Theresa.  Jennifer walked in on Kristen and Daniel together. Daniel decided to leave.  Jennifer offered her condolences to Kristen.  Jennifer asked Kristen if she was going after Daniel.  Jennifer told Kristen that she had a way of ruining menís lives.  Kristen called Jennifer judgmental.  Johnny told Sami that kids pick on him.  Will didnít want to write the article anymore, but Chad didnít agree.  Chad admitted that he really hated EJ.  Sami wanted Kate and Lucas to help her get out of going to prison.  Daniel ran into Nicole and he reminded her that he would be there for her.  Jennifer recapped to Kristen about what she did to Eric and Brady.  Chad said he only wanted Will to write the article about him.  Will overheard Sami, Lucas, and Kate talking about what Sami did.  Sami couldnít believe she made it possible for Stefano to take their kids from them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Bobbie presses Lucas to use his medical degree and become a doctor at General Hospital.

Olivia calls Carly out on being hot for Sonny. Sonny and Shawn plan to kidnap Heather from Ferncliff and make it look like she escaped. Heather sees Olivia talking to Carly when Franco shows her the live video on his phone. She says she’d like to kill Olivia as much as she’d like to kill Carly, because she got her hooks onto Steven Lars. Franco tells Heather that he is going to get her out so she can be at his wedding when he takes revenge on Carly. Heather thanks him for admitting that she was right about Carly. Shawn watches Heather being escorted back to her room. Olivia has a vision of Heather with a butcher knife. She predicts that Heather is going to try to kill someone. Sonny tells Olivia that he has a feeling that Carly’s wedding isn’t going to happen. Franco sees Sonny at the Metro Court.

Nina wants Madeline to get her Ava Jerome’s baby. Madeline says Nina doesn’t need a baby; she needs help. Nina insists that she doesn’t need help; she needs a baby to replace the one that she lost. She offers Madeline money to do it. Nathan comes home and tells Madeline that Nina attacked Silas and that she is bound to hurt someone else. Madeline encourages Nathan to continue his search for Nina, who is hiding and listening. Madeline tells Nina that she will help her kidnap Ava’s baby. Silas examines Ava and tells her that she isn’t in labor. He gives her a shot to cease the contractions and a shot to accelerate the baby’s lung development. Silas asks Ava why she is in hiding and who is after her. Morgan tells him that the less he knows, the better, but that if Ava is found, she is dead. Sabrina tells Michael that Ava forced Carlos to make a false confession under the threat of hurting Sabrina and her baby. Michael wonders what Ava’s motive could have been. He remembers that she claimed to have been in New York that night. Michael calls Kiki and tells her that he needs to talk to her about her mother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Maureen pays Nikki a visit along with a bottle of vodka. Knowing that Paul is behind the door, Nikki puts her off by telling her that she cannot do this now. Dylan tries to get Mark to let him out of jail, so he can help Nikki before it's too late. After Maureen leaves, Paul tells Nikki that Dylan and Mark are in the building and so is Ian. There is a knock on the door and it is none other than Ian. Paul steps out from behind the door and holds the gun on Ian. Ian starts to run but Mark and Dylan stop him. Michael calls his doctor’s office for an appointment. Summer gets a call from Jack that they have a situation there at the house. Victor and Phyllis talk about what happened at the clinic and that he showed her a picture of Sharon. Summer tells Austin that Victor is with Phyllis. Summer advises Austin as to what he can and cannot say to Phyllis. Ian is arrested but promises Nikki that he will be back for her. Once Summer and Austin get to Jack’s, she is shown the papers that she signed. Summer claims she thought they had to do with her trust fund. Summer accuses Victor of manipulating her into signing the papers, so he could get the treatment for Phyllis. Avery and Joe have a run-in in her and Michael’s law office.

Avery asks Joe what kind of game he is playing. At the police station Nikki insists on speaking to Ian. Summer accuses Victor of conning her into signing these papers. Ashley blurts out that Summer and Austin are married. Phyllis wants them to get an annulment, but Summer refuses. Joe and Avery argue over why he's in town. Dylan starts to attack Ian, but Paul holds him back. Ian warns both Paul and Nikki about Dylan’s temper. Avery asks Joe why he wanted to see her. She says she wants to stand by Dylan. Joe, sarcastically, asks her if she stands by Dylan like she stood by him. At the Athletic Club, Victor remembers a talk he had with Nikki. He tries to call her but gets no answer. Maureen interrupts and tells him that she can help him find Nikki. Austin asks to talk to Phyllis alone. He tells her how much he loves Summer. Phyllis asks him to prove it by telling her what has been going on while she was gone. Austin hesitates just as Summer comes in and tells Phyllis that she will not let Austin be hurt. Dylan visits Avery to let her know that things are all over. Dylan notices Joe and asks who he is. Michael visits his doctor and finds out that his PSA count is up. Michael asks the doctor if he has cancer. Paul confronts Nikki about her drinking again.

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