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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt surprises Hope with a pregnant girl’s breakfast complete with more calories she is allowed with pancakes, waffles, fruit, orange juice, the whole enchilada. He says things are fine but the tension with Quinn is getting worse and he’d like that to lessen. She says but Quinn brought that on herself and she will have to live with it. Caroline is paying no attention to Ivy telling her about her night with Liam. Ivy asks why she is in this mood; is it Ridge? Caroline denies that she is in a mood. Ivy points out there is Ridge and Rick, two men she is close to and now she is caught in the middle with them vying for President of the company. Caroline confides it is more than that. She and Ridge kissed. She groans that she is a terrible person. She should be in the town square with a big old scarlet letter on her forehead. And it was more than one kiss. Ivy asks if she feels something that she hasn’t felt before. Quinn tells Deacon that she has not fallen for a man in a long time, but he can sure sway her if he will help with Hope. She says she is sick of being the town pariah. She proposes they ditch this place and get a nice little place in the valley with neighbors complete with the white picket fence. He says it won’t be easy to play house with a dominatrix….and the way that Hope feels about Quinn. All she wants is what everybody else has, a house and a boyfriend.

Ridge tells Katie the procedure and now he needs to get Caroline on his side. He reveals that Caroline has a little crush on him. Katie pretends not to be jealous and asks if he really thinks Caroline will stab her husband in the back and side with him. And has Ridge done anything yet to encourage her. Deacon asks what is happening between them and what if he doesn’t go along. Quinn says she occasionally does things she shouldn’t and wouldn’t if she had somebody she cared about. He needs to be convinced. Wyatt tells Hope that she is glowing, that first trimester does it every time. Deacon calls and asks if he can come over. There is someone special he’d like them to meet. He tells Quinn okay they need to do this. It’s about time that Hope meets the woman in his life. Ridge tells Katie that he is beginning to draw again but he still needs Caroline in his corner. Katie tells Ridge he is rationalizing his use of Caroline. He is not taking into consideration her feelings. He needs to stop this before someone gets hurt. She knows there is no love lost between him and Rick but they are family. He will not be able to live with himself if he does any more on this with Caroline. He kisses her but then sees Caroline. Deacon asks Hope and Wyatt to sit down. He explains this is one of those things that happened unexpectedly. Quinn walks in and Hope yells no. Deacon says he knows it is a shock but she has forgiven him for everything he has done so can’t he forgive Quinn? Hope says no, she uses people and now she is using him. She has heard all the apologizes before and she will do and say anything. And now she is making a play for her father out of desperation. She tells Deacon if this is the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, then he is out too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara was upset when she found out that Hope was going out with Aiden.  Hope tried to explain that she wasn’t trying to replace Bo, when Julie arrived.  Abby wanted Ben to tell him more about himself.  Ben told Abby that he was abused.  Clyde told Kate that he wanted a second chance with Ben.  Lucas arrived at the mansion to comfort Sami and Allie.  Allie asked Lucas if he would be a father to Johnny and Sydney the way EJ looked out for her. 

Julie wasn’t too happy about Hope spending time with Aiden at first.  Ben explained to Abby that he got his temper from Clyde.  Lucas agreed to help Johnny and Sydney the way Allie wanted.  Hope explained to Julie why she didn’t tell her and Doug about Aiden.  Julie wanted Hope to know that she was behind her 100%.  Julie wanted to know what about Aiden, but she couldn’t tell her anything.  Lucas offered to help Sami with arrangements Sami wanted to take the kids away to protect them from Salem.  Aiden assured Ciara that he wouldn’t hurt Hope.  Hope and Julie talked about Aiden.  Hope wasn’t sure if she would ever find out.  Kate got a phone call and stormed off too the mansion to see Sami.  Ciara finally agreed to be okay with Hope dating Aiden.  Kate warned Sami to stay off of her computer and she told Sami that she was going to prison.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny wants to frame Heather for Franco’s murder. Franco goes to see Heather at Ferncliff and asks her forgiveness for choosing Carly over her and trying to kill her. He reveals that he is engaged to Carly, but that Heather was right about everything she said about Carly. He tells her that Carly cheated on him with Sonny. Heather says Carly is just like her mother. Franco tells Heather that Bobbie and Scott are back together. Heather wants to know why Franco is still going to marry Carly after she cheated on him. He says he is marrying her to even the score and that is where Heather comes in. Bobbie asks Carly if she is being pressured into marrying Franco. Carly says it has to do with Michael. Michael asks Sabrina to participate in a free clinic in the waterfront district that is being established in AJ’s name. He says AJ would have done more good if he hadn’t been gunned down by a low-life criminal. She informs him that the low life criminal is a good friend of hers. She tells him that Carlos confessed to killing AJ, but he didn’t really do it.

Sabrina vents to Felix about giving Ava the labor-inducing pills. Felix assures her that Jordan will take care of it. Sabrina wonders what came over her to make her do that. Ava is in labor. She and Morgan wait for Kiki to return with Silas so that he can deliver the baby. Kiki finds Silas unconscious on the floor. He tells her that Nina hit him over the head. He reveals that Nina has wanted to hurt him for a long time and that she has a list of other people that she wants to hurt and that Kiki is on the list. Nina goes to Nathan’s apartment and finds Madeline there. She yells at Madeline to repent. She tells Madeline that she is at the top of her payback list. She picks up an object to hit Madeline over the head with, intending to kill her. Nathan goes to General Hospital looking for Nina. Felix tells him that Nina made a miraculous recovery. Sabrina wants to turn herself in, but Nathan is in a hurry to find Nina. He goes to Silas’ apartment and tells him that Madeline is out of prison and that she said Nina is violent. Silas confirms it. Silas and Kiki arrive at the brownstone to help Ava.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is surprised when he sees Victor at his door and even more surprised when Victor wants to see Phyllis. Phyllis comes to the door and tells Jack that she will talk to Victor. Nick visits Victoria at the office and wants to know about Victor’s whereabouts. Victoria wonders what Nick wants to talk to Victor about. Nikki starts to go into her hotel room at the Athletic Club when she is surprised by Maureen. Noah sits alone in a chair at Sharon’s, looking at the computer screen about a psychic visiting Fenmore’s when Sharon comes home and wants to know what he's doing. Noah tells her about the psychic, who will be at Fenmore’s. At the Athletic Club, Michael is impressed when Lauren comes downstairs looking sexy. Nikki claims she is late for a meeting, but Maureen doesn’t exactly believe her and thinks that she needs some down time alone. Paul visits Dylan in his cell and assures him that their plan is progressing but he needs to stay behind bars. Mark also joins them and wants to change the plan but Paul refuses. Nikki opens the door to her hotel room and the first thing she sees is the booze. At the Coffeehouse, Ben talks to Max via the web cam. Victoria doesn't want Nick to confront Victor about Sharon. Jack tells Victor that he was seen in Georgia at the hospital where Phyllis was. Victor confesses that he was the one who brought in Dr. Cutler to help Phyllis. Phyllis wonders why Victor was in such a hurry to have her home since they didn’t get along at all.

As Nikki eyes the booze on the table, Paul surprises her when he walks in behind her. Paul lets Nikki know that Ian had the cell phone bugged so he would find out their plans. After Paul’s reassurance, Nikki thanks him for his help. Mark refuses to divulge any info. to Dylan. Maureen sees Ben on the internet and is impressed about how big he is. Maureen and Ben discuss what happened to his father which she doesn’t regret. Maureen encourages Ben to go after Victoria if he loves her. Sharon assures Noah that Phyllis knows her secret. Jack tells Victor to fill Phyllis in on his family and what is happening with them. Madam Isadora signs a contract with Michael, Lauren, and Fenmore’s. While shaking hands with Michael, Madam Isadora tells him to take care of himself. Sharon tells Noah that she will see her therapist, but he encourages her to go see Madam Isadora. When Jack gets a phone call and leaves the room, Phyllis tells Victor that she wants to talk to him. Phyllis asks Victor about his visit to see her when she was in the hospital. Michael gets a message to call his doctor. Sharon tells Nick that she will be ready to marry him in a week. Sharon calls Madam Isadora for an appointment. Nikki and Paul hear a knock on the door. Thinking it is Ian, Paul pulls his gun and hides behind the door, but it is only Maureen and a bottle of vodka. Paul is confused. Ben visits Victoria in her office and they kiss passionately.

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