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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Ivy toast to new beginnings and the future. She is looking forward to his barbecue tofu and says she is into new things. She fills him in on Eric stepping down as CEO….just to go with her dad and travel the world. They talk about Liam’s dad, Bill and he says you do not have to be a jerk to get ahead. He really is an incredible dad. She shares his enthusiasm. Then she surprises him by presenting him with a gift. It is a replica of the sword necklace and he loves it. She says perhaps in time she will make a tiny one for Hope and Wyatt’s child. Then she realizes how this might affect Liam and apologizes. He says it is okay. He was not thinking of them at all. Quinn tells Hope that she might not like her but Wyatt is her son. She can not cut her out of her grandchild’s life. Hope says she loves her son and she is going to have an incredible life together as long as Quinn stays away. Quinn asks Hope why she is being so difficult. She knows she needs to work on things but she is trying and in a few months things will look differently. Hope says no she doesn’t think she will. She can not stop Quinn from seeing her own son but it will have to be at her place or elsewhere. She is not to come here again to their house. Wyatt says he understands that better than anyone. It is time for his mother to leave now. Quinn says she is tired of being treated like she is damaged goods and she will not be punished this way or cut out of her grandchild’s life. She struggled all her life to scratch and claw for everything she has but she is not ashamed of that. There is no point in dwelling on that. They can give each other a second chance, no judgments.

Quinn goes home and is cool toward Deacon who notices the gloomy mood. She tells him that he needs to talk to Hope. She was completely unreasonable. This is her son’s first child and they are shutting her out. But they are not going to let it. He says he knows where she is coming from but he’s not going to put what he has now at risk. Maybe with time things will change for Quinn. She says no, she is not waiting on that. She is going to be there for every day of that child’s life. She deserves more respect than this. Hope is the one being unfair. He says he is not going to be used but he will talk to Hope if Quinn is patient. Quinn says she better come around. Wyatt tells Hope that he has locked every single door and he will promise that his mom will not come back. She mentions seeing Liam today and he has a date with Ivy tonight. Wyatt thinks that is good. Maybe he will be happy for them someday. They can not let other people keep them from being excited about the baby. While getting ready for bed, she stops him in mid sentence and kisses him. He continues the kiss and lays her back on the bed. Afterward he says he is going to take a shower and Hope lays back and thinks on happy times with him. Liam kisses Ivy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara overheard Hope talking to Aiden about their date and wanted to know about it.  Sami tried to comfort Johnny and he blamed himself for what happened.  Chad talked to Jordan about losing EJ.  Ciara was upset that Hope had a date with Aiden canceled her plans with him.  Johnny forgot to give EJ his good luck charm and thatís why he thought he died.  Sami assured Johnny that it wasnít his fault.  Kate ran into Rafe and she wanted to talk about Jordan.  Rafe didnít want to talk about her.  Kate told Rafe that Jordan was mad that she went out with Clyde.  Jordan continued to comfort Chad until Sami overheard them.  Rafe was suspicious about Kate going out with Clyde.  Kate wondered if he was moving on with his life.  Chad asked Sami about the kids and she asked him if he cared about them why did he try to destroy EJ.

Hope explained to Ciara that Bo isnít coming home.  Sami blamed Chad and Stefano for EJís death.  When Sami broke down, Chad tried to be there for her.  Hope told Ciara that sheís getting a divorce.  Ciara realized that Hope wasnít waiting for Bo anymore.  Clyde met with Kate at the pub.  They talked about EJ, Sami, and the kids.  Chad assured Sami that he would be there for her.  Rafe arrived at the DiMera mansion to let Sami know that EJís killer was in the morgue.  Sami was upset that the guy who killed EJ was dead.  Ciara didnít like the idea of Hope going out with Aiden.  Sami realized that EJ died because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tells Michael that he would like to become close like father and son. He asks Michael to be his best man. Michael reluctantly agrees because his mother would be happy about it. Bobbie, Lucas, and Maxie plan Carly’s wedding. Maxie is preoccupied by thoughts of not being able to be with Nathan. She tells Bobbie and Lucas about Judge Walters’ threat. Josslyn refuses to participate in Carly’s wedding. Sonny and Shawn discuss who they can make take the fall for Franco’s murder. Sonny suggests Heather Webber. Franco goes to visit Heather.

Sabrina tells Felix what she did to Ava. Ava tells Kiki and Morgan that she thinks she is going into labor because Nurse Santiago gave her the wrong medication. Ava isn’t so sure it was an accident. Ava refuses to go to the doctor or call Britt because Sonny will find her. Kiki suggests that they call Silas.

Nathan wants to ask Nina if she really controls the family money. Madeline tells Nathan that he should know that Nina is manipulative and unpredictable and that she has a violent streak and that she has been that way since she was young. She reveals that she had Nina committed, but she ran away and married Silas. She tells him that Silas never knew Nina’s true nature. Nathan wants to find Nina to get her side of the story. Nina tells Silas that the wheelchair was Rosalie’s idea. He asks her if hiding her money was Rosalie’s idea too. She snaps and blasts him for betraying her with Ava and then choosing his girlfriend instead of his wife when she woke up from the coma. She reveals that she was the one who trashed his apartment the night of Britt’s engagement party. She says Silas, Ava, Sam, Madeline and Kiki all owe her. Silas concludes that that is what her list is about. He tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make things right, but that he thinks she should get counseling. She wonders why everyone thinks she needs to see a shrink. Kiki goes home and finds Silas unconscious on the floor. Nina goes to Nathan’s apartment. Madeline answers the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Jack’s home, Phyllis demands answers about what has been going in the past year that she had missed out on. Victor comes home to the ranch, yells for Nikki, but gets no answer. He calls her on the cell phone. Nikki is at the police station and is quite upset when she finds out that Kevin was brought in on their plan. They argue whether or not this plan will work. In a hotel room in New York, Devon and Hilary are in bed together. There is a knock on the door. When Hilary gets up to see who it is, she is surprised to see Neil and Cane. Mariah joins Victor to find out what the DNA test shows. Victor lets her know that Faith is indeed his granddaughter. Reluctantly, Jack begins to fill Phyllis in on what has been happening between Billy and Victoria and how they split up due to Billy’s affair with another woman. Phyllis is quite upset with this news. When Cane and Neil enter the hotel room, Cane is surprised to see Devon in Hilary’s bed. Cane tries to get Neil to go for a drink while Hilary gets dressed, but Neil insists on spending time alone with Hilary. Cane manages to get Devon out of the hotel room before Neil finds out he is there. Neil tells Hilary that things needed to change between them. Nikki receives a phone call from Ian Ward, informing her that he left a phone in her car and he would call her later. Mariah tells Victor all about what happened at Nick’s wedding when Phyllis showed up. She informs Victor that Sharon visited Phyllis in the hospital. Jack tells Phyllis that Billy took her place at Jabot. Avery comes for a visit.

Phyllis asks Jack who the woman is that Billy wrecked his marriage over. Jack refuses to tell her. Victor asks Mariah how Sharon has been doing. Neil asks Hilary for her forgiveness in trying to push her away. Cane tells Devon that he didn’t get him out of that room for him but for Neil. Devon tells Cane that he loves Hilary and that she loves him. Mariah just comes into the Coffeehouse and lets Mariah know that Ian Ward is alive. He catches hold of her hand and pulls her out of the Coffeehouse. Nikki comes home but Victor is not there. She eyes the liquor on the bar. She gets a phone call from Ian Ward. After her call with Ian, Nikki calls Paul to let him know about the phone call. Ian listens to the phone call. Victor arrives at Jack’s to see Phyllis.

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