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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam look at each other and wonder how it all came to this. They were so close but let it slip away. He says once again they were manipulated by others, but Hope says yes but the truth is in some way they let it happen to them. He is concerned for her and asks how she is feeling…..any morning sickness, or how she feels about Quinn being still in the picture. Hope says she and Wyatt have discussed it and she doesn’t care if Quinn accepts it or not but she is not to be close to Hope or the baby. He asks if she has been to a doctor but she manages to avoid that question. He says he knows Wyatt will protect her but she really should check on getting a new security system. Quinn will be circling the house like a vulture. Hope is to call him if he can help in any way with Quinn. She thanks him but says this is not his problem. She is going to be the best mother she can be, like a mama lion. He gets a text and must go to Ivy. Hope says sure he must go. He says Ivy is just a friend. Hope says but she wants to be more. Hope is jealous of them. She tells Liam that she is going home to her husband and has some baby books to read. Wyatt comes home to find Quinn there. He tells her she is not supposed to be here. Hope sets the rules and Quinn is not welcome there any more. Quinn explains how terrible it is to be forbidden to come there and later to see her own grandchild. He needs to be a man and he needs to set the rules. He tells her she did all of this on her own. She claims she has apologized and made atonement. She admits to making some mistakes and she probably will again but she intends to be the best grandmother ever. She tells him that he has to talk to his wife and get through to her. She will not be an exiled grandmother. He says that is what scares him and Hope to death. She makes all these apologizes and promises and then breaks all of them. She needs to take up crochet and knit a blanket and then maybe things will change for her. He laments that he loves this woman and he is going to protect her no matter what. If Hope finds Quinn threatening and doesn’t want her around then so be it. He says she did the best she could when he was growing up but he wants more than that for his son or daughter. He knows he is her priority but she is going to have to accept it, she is not his anymore. Liam is no longer an issue. Quinn is the issue. Whatever Hope wants, Hope gets and she does not want Quinn to be a part of her life.

Ivy and Aly discuss the situation. Aly tells her that she knows Ivy likes Liam and if he is not going to end up with Hope then she hopes it will be Ivy. They will be good for each other. Ivy says if Liam ever gets over Hope she thinks Aly is right. Hope surprises Wyatt and Quinn and she tells Quinn she is not supposed to be there, so what does she want? Quinn goes into her poor grandma routine againÖ.that she has apologized, had tons of therapy and it is not fair for her to be purged from her family. She just wants to be invited back into her family. Hope is adamant and says Quinn knows how Hope feels about that so there is nothing more to discuss. She will not forgive her. There are consequences for her actions and that price now is expulsion. Quinn begs more. They are family and she is trying to improve. Throwing her out is not the answer. Babies are supposed to bring people together. She wants Hope to look into her heart and forgive her. Ivy shows up at Liamís. She says it is beautiful and she is impressed with his barbecuing skills. He pours her some wine and she tells him that anything he needs she will be there for him. He says he knows and he appreciates her. They drink to new beginnings.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Nicole seemed upset with Daniel for being friends with Kristen.  Daniel tried to explain himself when Kristen arrived at the pub.  Theresa showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Sami when she ran into Brady.  They ended up talking EJís henchman (Miguel) was worried that he and Clyde would be caught for killing EJ.  Clyde reminded Miguel that they didnít kill EJ.  Kristen talked to Nicole, Eric, and Daniel about EJís death as well as Johnís condition.  John thought about Kristen telling him why he didnít sell out Theresa.  Kate warned Marlena that Sami could lose everything if she didnít go back to the company.  Marlena warned her to stay away from Sami.  Marlena asked Kate to sleep somewhere else, but she refused.  Chad offered Abe a lot of money to find EJís killer.  Kristen was surprised that she and Daniel got close.  Daniel denied being close to her.  Kristen acknowledged that they all helped John except for Nicole.  Nicole got upset and left the pub.  Kristen wanted Eric to give Sami her condolences.  

Chad and Kate met at the town square and talked about Sami.  Marlena visited John at the hospital and wanted to talk about EJ.  Theresa wanted to know why Brady pulled away from her.  She wanted to be friends.  Nicole went back into the pub and wondered what was going on between Eric and Kristen.  Chad and Kate continued to talk until she left.  Abe and Rafe talked about EJís murder.  Rafe was suspicious of what happened to EJ.  Clyde believed that Miguel would be a problem for him.  He wanted Jeremiah to take care of things.  Kristen and Daniel talked about John covering for Theresa.  Kristen wanted Daniel to tell Brady the truth because heís his friend.  Theresa continued to convince Brady that she wasnít protecting him and wanted to start over with him.  Marlena told John about what happened to EJ.  Nicole didnít understand how Eric could forgive EJ.  Eric reminded Nicole that Kristen saved John.  Nicole was upset that Eric couldnít forgive her.  Daniel didnít want to help Kristen with her plan.  She warned him that he and Brady would regret him not telling the truth.  Theresa told Brady that she wanted him back in her life.  Rafe explained to Abe that a druggie wouldnít have covered their tracks.  Clyde wanted Jeremiah to kill Miguel.  Eric said Nicoleís actions were unforgivable because he trusted her.  He said he would never forgive her.  Kristen was determined to make Theresa fall.  Daniel thought about what Kristen said and called Brady.  Brady and Theresa were making love when Daniel called him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad snidely informs Elizabeth that Britt and Nikolas are back together. John Doe tells Brad to apologize. Nikolas yells at Britt. He tells her that he overheard Spencer and Josslyn talking about Britt orchestrating Spencer’s disappearance. Nikolas calls the police who come to arrest Britt as an intruder. Britt wakes up from the nightmare and tells Nikolas that she dreamed that she lost him. He assures her that he isn’t going anywhere.

Sabrina tries unsuccessfully to contact Jordan to tell her not to let Ava take the pills that she gave her. Brad tells Sabrina that he saw Jordan at John Doe’s room. Jordan goes into John Doe’s room and apologizes for running him over. John Doe doesn’t recognize Jordan's voice as the person who hit him. Sabrina finds Jordan and tells her that she gave Ava the wrong pills. Ava takes another pill and then has severe cramps. Morgan calls Britt Westbourne. She tells him to bring Ava to the hospital. Ava refuses to go. Jordan calls Ava and tells her that the pills she is taking could cause premature labor. Ava tells Morgan that she thinks she is in labor.

Silas asks Sabrina to book him some time in the conference room so that he can meet with a visiting doctor, but she finds that Franco has booked the conference room for the entire morning. Shawn and Sonny put their heads together to think of someone that can take the fall for Franco’s murder. Carly is angry that Sonny told Michael to come home without telling her. Sonny tells Carly that she is only marrying Franco to keep him quiet. Franco downloads the incriminating video of Carly with Sonny and verifies that it works on the television. Silas goes into the conference room and thinks Franco is watching porn. Silas asks Franco how long he was keeping Nina’s secret about being able to walk. Franco slips and mentions Nina’s list. Nina tells Rosalie that she is going to help her get Silas back by telling him that it was Rosalie’s fault. She says that if Rosalie doesn’t cooperate, she will reveal her secret. Rosalie offers to tell Nina where Ava is instead. She says she knows Nina can’t wait to get her hands on Ava’s baby. She tells Nina that she isn’t going to tell her where Ava is until Nina stops harping about the secret, otherwise, Nina will be back to trying to force Rosalie to sleep with Michael. Rosalie says she is tired of playing Nina’s games for her and that it is time to start playing by her rules. Michael and Kiki return to Port Charles. Michael sees Franco muttering to himself about Carly’s wedding present.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack sits with Phyllis at the hospital. She is really anxious to go home but Jack tells her that she has to have ok from her doctor. Dr. Shelby comes in and tells her that she can go home. At the Athletic Club dining room, Neil sits alone at a table awaiting Cane. Cane arrives and Neil tells him that he has a surprise planned for Hilary that he wants Caneís help with it. Joe interrupts them and also wants Caneís help. Meanwhile in New York in a hotel room, Devon and Hilary are in bed together kissing. Avery arrives at the office building where her and Michael’s new office is located. She is loaded down with boxes of files and papers. She drops the boxes but Nick is there to help her pick them up. Nick lets Avery know that his wedding plans have been put on hold because of Phyllis. Summer and Austin argue over the fact that she didn’t tell Phyllis that they are married. Joe lets Cane know that he needs a lawyer. Cane gives him a business card of a law firm. Kelly tells Lily what happened with Jack and the engagement ring and that she is moving her things out of Jack’s while no one is there. Lily offers to help her but Kelly refuses. Phyllis tells Dr. Shelby that she doesn’t remember what led up to her fall. Nick tells Avery that he is concerned over Sharon’s progress since Phyllis' return. Devon surprises Hilary with a dozen roses and soft romantic music.

Jack calls Summer and lets her know that Phyllis is coming home. When Summer and Austin arrive at the house, they are surprised to see Kelly there. Kelly says she came by for her things. Summer tells her that Jack is bringing Phyllis home from the hospital. Before Kelly can leave, she hears Jack and Phyllis at the door. Kelly rushes out the back with Austin right after her. Phyllis reminisces about her life there with Jack. She notices the decorating swatches and asks if Jack is redecorating. Phyllis becomes concerned when Austin comes in. Phyllis asks Summer why Austin is there. Summer explains that she and Austin are engaged. Phyllis is outraged by this news. Jack urges Phyllis to calm down but Phyllis refuses to listen. Summer and Austin leave. Phyllis asks Jack what else he hasn’t told her. Avery advises Nick to marry Sharon as soon as possible. Hilary and Devon are in bed making love when Neil and Cane knock on their door.

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