Tuesday 10/14/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/14/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline rushes away from Ridge. He follows and she says she needed a moment. He says he is flattered that she is flustered every time she is around him and he will let it go. She asks him to stop looking at her like that with those eyes. It is getting hot in here. She is not going to risk her marriage to Rick by being a team with Ridge. She just can’t. Ridge is mentoring her and giving her all this attention but she has a husband that she loves. She needs to be happy with what she has. So maybe they are confusing their passion for work for passion with each other. He needs to keep his hands to himself and she will keep her lips to herself. That is just the way it has to be. Aly seeks out Hope and says she has not had much time to talk to her. She thought for sure she would go back to Liam once she knew the truth. She says she and Ivy have become close and if Hope isn’t going to be with Liam then she’d like Ivy to be. So Hope needs to stake her claim now if she intends to. She still has time to change her mind. Hope says no, there is no chance. She is not going to change her mind. She confirms that she is pregnant. She had a feeling all day so just went ahead and took the test. Aly understands now. Hope was going back to Liam but knowing she was pregnant changed everything. Ivy and Liam have lunch at the commons on the rooftop. He says he is enjoying getting out of his office and being with her, but no way is he going to take off his shirt and pump iron. He asks if her father is still here or gone back to Australia. She says he has, probably having lunch with the Prime Minister. He tells her that he had a really good time at her party that night, the best one he has had in a really long time. She confides in him that Caroline should be happy while collaborating with Ridge but she seems a little frazzled. Liam asks if she has seen Wyatt lately. He is sure that he will be making the big announcement about the baby soon. He probably will even have a gigantic press conference and say look what the diamond did. Liam says he has a plan and she needs to come to his house tonight and he will explain it all to her. He’s mysterious but she says ok. Hope tells Aly that she is in love with Wyatt, there is no going back to Liam. Aly says she understands but she knows she was right that Hope intended to go back to Liam. Hope says she is married to Wyatt and she is expecting his child. She is sorry that this hurts Aly, but tells her to quit saying she is in love with Liam as it makes her sad, so do not bring it up again.

Caroline tells Ridge that he will be okay soon and not need her at all. She is just going to pretend none of this is happening. He says the possibilities are endless. She gets it, he wants to be CEO and will do anything to get her to side with him so he can be top dog. She says she is not stupid. Ridge says everybody is replaceable. Rick does not have the passion to run the company and he doesn’t even know how to satisfy her. She can do better. He says he does want to be CEO and he wants to run the company with her. She says he is trying to take advantage of her. How dare he. He kisses her passionately and says he does not lie. She grabs him and kisses him passionately but then runs out. Aly catches up with Ivy and says she has been talking to Hope. All makes sense now as Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s child. Hope runs into Liam before he leaves. She tells him that Aly was just here and she knows now. She also states that he was spending a lot of time with Ivy so she assumes they are dating. He stammers and she says she just wants him to be happy. She asks what happened to them. They almost made it. She leans her head on his shoulders and then gives him a hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told will about EJ dying.  Brady offered his condolences to Kristen.  Daniel told Nicole about EJ.  Nicole was surprised that he was gone.  Will couldnít believe what Sami told him.  Will wanted to know what happened.  Jennifer and JJ told Abby what happened to EJ.  Kristen liked the idea of being the first stop Brady made when he heard the news.  Brady appreciated what Kristen did for his father.  Abby was shocked that EJ was murdered.  Nicole and Daniel went down memory lane about EJ.  Kristen asked Brady about John.  Brady was glad that John knew he hit him.  Kristen didnít understand why he blamed himself.  Eric arrived at the mansion to comfort Sami.

Ben showed up at Jenniferís house to see Abby.  Nicole thanked Daniel for talking to her.  Kristen wanted to tell Brady about Theresa hitting John, but he didnít want to see her anymore.  Brady thought Kristen should leave Salem.  Kristen mentioned that she helped John and she wanted to be there for Chad.  Will let Sami know that he called Lucas and he and Sonny were on their way to the mansion.  Abby talked to Ben about EJ.  Nicole ran into Eric at the pub.  Nicole offered her condolences to Eric.  Nicole wanted Eric to give Sami her condolences.  Nicole talked to Eric briefly before she left the room to make a phone call.  Daniel arrived at the pub and talked to Eric too.  Eric got the impression that Daniel and Nicole were friends again.  Daniel didnít understand what he meant by that.  Eric also questioned Danielís friendship with Kristen after everything that sheís done.  Nicole overheard them and thought there was no way that Eric would be friends with her.  EJís urn arrived at the mansion.  Sami was determined to protect her children.  Kristen talked to Stefano on the phone and they talked about how Sami wouldnít find out that EJ ashes werenít in the urn.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina tells Britt that her diagnosis of early menopause was wrong and that she got a second opinion from a doctor who told her that she is able to have a child. Silas tells Nina that he knows Travis has been lying for her. He says he could have forgiven her for all of her deceptions, but he will never forgive her for destroying his relationship with Sam. Nina admits that she did everything he is accusing her of to save their marriage. She doesn’t care that it cost Patrick his job. Silas tells her that their marriage is over. Nathan is shocked to find Obrecht and Madeline in his apartment when he gets home. Madeline tells him that her defense team got her murder conviction overturned. She says she wants to make amends. Nathan isn’t interested and tells her to get out. She tells him that she lost her apartment in Manhattan and that she is homeless and broke. She reveals that Nina controls the family money ever since she awakened from the coma.

Jerry Jacks tells Tracy that he wants ELQ in exchange for Luke. Tracy says she doesn’t control ELQ anymore but makes the deal to give Jerry her 9% shares against Patrick and Sam’s advice. Tracy thinks Jerry is the head of the Jerome family. Jerry reports back to Helena. Helena is annoyed to discover that the PCPD ran Jason’s fingerprints. Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised when John Doe’s facial bandages are removed. He looks in a mirror but doesn’t recognize himself. One of Helena’s men goes into the room to check on Jason. He reports to Helena that the bandages are off and that Jason doesn’t know who he is. Dante reports to John Doe that there was no fingerprint match. Helena tells Jerry that she was able to remove Jason’s file from the PCPD database before the match was ID'd.

Spencer is excited that Britt is coming back and that he will finally have a mother. He and Nikolas talk about his real mother. At the hospital, Brad tells Britt that all her stuff is gone from the apartment. She tells him that she is moving back into Wyndemere. He tells her that he is going to miss her because she is his best friend. Spencer welcomes her warmly when Britt returns to Wyndemere.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The Abbott family gathers at Jack’s to remember the 1st anniversary of Delia's death. They all wonder where Billy is. At Victoria’s home, Billy looks at a picture of him and Delia. We see the memorial at the site where Delia was killed. There are flowers, teddy bears, etc. A woman walks up and looks at the picture of Delia. Jill and Esther visit the park where Katherine’s memorial is located. Esther mentions a bear that was buried with Delia. Jill slurs Esther for the remark about the teddy bear and makes Esther cry. Jill and Esther hug. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin sits alone at a table looking at a picture of Delia and Chloe. Chloe visits Delia’s grave. Chelsea orders a bunch of flowers for Delia. At the Athletic Club, Kelly lashes out at one of the waiters for not doing his job. Ben walks in and wants to know what is going on that she is in such a bad mood. Ashley arrives at Jack’s for the celebration. Ashley talks to Jack about Phyllis being back in town. Ashley also asks about Kelly and how she is taking the news. Kevin finds Chloe at the memorial site, but when he tries to hug her, she turns away. Kevin is confused by her actions.

Victoria gives Billy a brown envelope. When he opens it, it is a composition that Delia wrote for school. Billy and Victoria reminisce about the last day of Delia’s life. When Billy leaves Victoria’s, he sees Delia outside the door. Delia tells him that she is there to help him through today. Kevin and Chloe reminisce about Delia. Chloe lets Kevin know that she loves him but not in the way he wants her to love him. Kevin sees through Chloe and asks her if there is something she is not telling him. Billy arrives at Jack’s along with the manila envelope containing the composition. Billy makes a small speech about what he did to get through the day. He leaves them the envelope so they can read the composition. At the Athletic Club, Victoria makes amends with Kelly while Ben listens. Kelly joins them. Jill lashes out at Chelsea for being with Billy now. Jack defends Chelsea. Chloe ends things with Kevin and tells him good-bye. Billy and Delia meet at the memorial site. Delia tells him that she wants him to be happy and she wants to be his little girl. Victoria tells Ben that she wants to forgive him. Ashley tells the family that she is home for good. At the memorial site, Billy thanks Chelsea for the flowers. They walk off arm in arm. At the park, Chloe reveals that she is pregnant.

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