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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline pulls away from Ridge’s kiss. He says they are the future of FC and she knows that. He needs to know who she wants to run it, him or Rick. This intimacy they have, it has to be them. Rick tells his Dad that Brooke is handling things in Milan but what a mess. Ridge calls his dad to his office and Eric likes what he sees on the model. He says Rick does not have what it takes but he does. Caroline interrupts Rick and Ivy but he gives Caroline a kiss and a hug and asks if all is all right. He says she seems on edge. She stammers that she had to block someone on her internet account with her cute omelet breakfast. Later she tells Ivy that she has to tell someone. Ivy says she is all ears. Ridge continues with his dad and Eric sees he still has problems with Rick running the company. Ridge points out that he went to Paris just like Rick did. Eric says no there was a difference. Ridge left because of problems with Brooke. He did not work at FI, he just ran away. Rick has earned his stripes. He is not a 20 year old kid anymore. This is about loyalty and taking this company into the future with his beautiful wife right by his side.

Ridge tells Eric okay, let’s work with this. Make him CEO and give him Caroline to help mold her into the great designer he knows she can be. Eric says he is not dead. He just wants to pass off the company for a while so he can travel. He does not want a tyrant from the past. Ridge wanted him gone once. Ridge says he is different now. Eric says Rick and Caroline remind him of him and Ridge’s mother in the early years, a team....a relationship deeper and more permanent. His working with Caroline is just designing. She will never commit to him. So he wants Ridge to understand he has not made his decision but if he leans toward Rick he wants him to know why. Caroline tells Ivy that it has been a great collaboration with Ridge so far and it is awkward because Rick and Ridge do not get along. Ivy sees where Caroline would be caught in the middle. Rick talks to his father and says he saw the newest model design and it’s great, thanks to Caroline. Ridge finds Caroline and she asks why is he staring at her. He says it has been a while but she reminds him so much of his Caroline. She says but she is not and she is committed to her marriage. He says about the kiss….she interrupts and says it is not going to happen again. She loves her husband. Rick says he knows his dad is going to step down but he will always be 100% involved. He and Stephanie ran this for years and now it has come full circle – Rick and Caroline. With her by his side he is sure there is nothing he can’t do for this company. Ridge tells Caroline that it would be a sin not to fulfill her potential so it’s not the same as the two of them. She can not deny that something happened between them. He says it is okay to live life. He kisses her and she returns it. But then Ridge speaks and brings her out of the foggy fantasy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami reminisced about the times she shared with EJ.  Sami felt that she and EJ deserved more time together.  Stefano called Kristen and told her that EJ was shot and killed.  Kristen was upset by the news.  Chad talked to Kate and told her that he didnít care if EJ died.  Sami continued to go down memory lane about her time with EJ.  Kristen thought about EJ and realized she didnít mean the things she said to him.  Stefano called Chad and told him that EJ is dead.  Roman told Marlena about EJ being murdered. Marlena left to be with Sami.  Sami continued to cry over EJ.

Chad was surprised to hear about EJís death.  Chad told Kate that EJ was dead.  Stefano flashed back to EJ.  Marlena showed up at the morgue to comfort Sami.  Kate didnít believe that EJ was really dead.  Kate called Roman to find out if EJ was killed.  Roman confirmed that EJ was dead.  Stefano thought about EJ.  Sami thanked Rafe for helping her by keeping EJís death out of the press.  Chad wanted to go home, but Kate felt they should wait.  Sami arrived at the mansion and prepared to tell the kids about EJ.  Stefano called Kristen again and wanted her to do something for him.  The kids asked Sami about EJ.  Sami told them that EJ died.  Kristen put a needle in EJís arm.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Sam watch while Tracy waits for Luke at a café in Amsterdam. Jerry Jacks shows up. Tracy is shocked to see that Jerry is alive since he was last seen falling over the side of the Metro Court building at Luke’s hand. He tells her that he recovered from the fall and that he got a dose of the Polonium 210 cure from Luke. Tracy concludes that Jerry is the one who is working with the Jeromes, not Luke. Patrick suggests that they are working together. Jerry reveals that he has Luke’s phone. Tracy concludes that Jerry must have Luke. Jerry asks Tracy what she will give him in exchange for Luke.

Nathan runs into Maxie at the gym and tells her that he just found out that his mother shot his father and said it was for him. Nathan is beginning to realize what a messed up gene pool he comes from and worries that he will become like his psychopathic relatives. Dante tells Anna that they had to release Obrecht because the 48-hour hold expired. She reveals that she was trying to win jurisdiction to charge Obrecht with the murder of Victor Cassadine, whom she shot right in front of her while he was handcuffed and in her custody. Anna concludes that Obrecht must have a secret that she couldn’t risk Victor knowing. Liesl goes to Maxieís house looking for Nathan, but Madeline answers the door. Madeline informs her that there was a chain of events issue on the pharmacistís murder case and because of it, she was released. Obrecht warns Madeline that Nina might be unbalanced and want to retaliate for her putting her in the coma. Silas threatens Travis, the physical therapist, that he will tell Obrecht that Travis has been fraudulently billing for sessions that never happened unless Travis tells him everything. Nina sends Travis threatening text messages. Travis reveals that Nina could always walk and that she paid him a lot of money to keep quiet. Also, she doesn't like her husband.

John Doe waits to see if the fingerprint search that Dante is running will reveal his identity. Elizabeth tells John Doe about Lucky, Jason, and Jake. Dr. Cranston, the plastic surgeon, removes John Doe’s bandages.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack's heart is torn between Kelly and Phyllis especially after Phyllis tells him that she heard his marriage proposal whiles she was in a coma and wants to marry him. Phyllis tells Jack that she had to pawn the engagement ring he gave her, but as soon as he gets it out of the pawn shop, they can get married. Jack asks to talk to Kelly. When she sees the ring, she assumes it's for her. Jack doesn't respond to Kelly when she tells him that they don't have to get married so that he can prove his love for her, so Kelly knows that the ring is for Phyllis. Kelly tells him that she understands this is the end of their relationship. Billy and Chelsea argue because he thinks she still loves Adam, because she said Adam's name in her sleep. Chelsea tells Billy that Adam will always be in her heart, but she knows that he is gone and will never come back so she is ready to move on with her life and be with him.

Billy admits to Chelsea that he feels like he is betraying Delia's memory by spending time with the family of the man who killed her, but he wants her and Connor to be a part of his life. Devon and Hilary agree to end their relationship so that Neil won't get hurt. They make love to say goodbye to each other. Stitch tells Victoria that if he is the father of her child and will fight for custody to be a part of the child's life. Victoria tells Stitch she doesn't want to raise the baby alone and gives him a kiss to show him how much she cares about him. Michael ignores a call from his doctor because he wants to continue his visit with Phyllis.

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