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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone is shocked that Eric said he will step down. He quickly tells them he said nothing about retiring. But he sees how fun and happy go lucky his brother is, and he’d like to turn over the company to one of his own sons for a while. Caroline asks which one. Eric says they have all known this was coming for a while. This is not something they are being punished for. He will sort out his feelings and let them know very soon. Bill tells Katie than one thing a man can do is smell jealousy. And he can smell jealousy all over her about Mr. Upstanding spending time with his niece. That is time he is not spending with her and she is beginning to wonder. He says if he was engaged to Ridge he’d be lying awake at nights too. He’s a cold fish. Katie says she is not a brat. Caroline is helping Ridge right now where she can’t. Maya tells Ivy that allegiances are shifting. Caroline does not just want to be someone’s wife, so the meeting with Eric is crucial and the reason they aren’t in this meeting. It’s more personal. Rick follows Eric and asks if anyone is forcing him to step down or forcing his hand. Eric says no. Rick says he doesn’t look at this as an opportunity for him but a big loss in losing Eric. Ridge tells Caroline that it is a little suspicious that all of this came up now that he can’t draw and Rick is on his tail. She tells him that need of his for her to help will go away. He says when he is with her there is a confidence that he has not felt before. Caroline says Rick is great. Ridge says yes with numbers but not so much for running the company. And he does not want to keep Caroline back and just settle for being the wife.

Eric confides in Ivy that he is jealous of her dad and what fun it would be to lounge around the pool and not have to come in to work ever day. He is not retiring, that is a dirty word, but he would like to step aside and let one of his sons take over for a while with him keeping the title CEO Emeritus and have an office somewhere that he doesn’t have to share with everyone in the building. Thorne has taken himself out of the running long ago and he doesn’t blame him. So it will be between Rick or Ridge. Maya seeks out Rick to question him about the meeting. He tells her in confidence that his dad might step down. He and Caroline might end up running the company. Maya is not so sure about that. Bill tells Katie that he hurt her more than once. He will never forgive himself for that. She was loving and trusting when he married her. Caroline confesses to Ridge that she has had thoughts and feelings but they quickly go away and her life is with Rick. She says she loves her husband and he makes her happy. He asks her to be true to herself. He felt it the first time he touched her hand. She wants to know if he is saying he will leave Katie for her. He doesn’t answer but he kisses her passionately.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJís henchman shot him at the park.  Clyde wanted to make sure that they covered their tracks.  Sami heard the gunshot and called the police.  Rafe and Kate ran into each other and they talked about Rafe and Sami. They also talked about Kate dating Clyde.  Sami tried to call EJ, but he didnít answer his phone.  Sami got a shock when she found EJís body.  Jordan was upset when she thought Chad was spying on her.  Chad explained himself to Jordan.  Rafe got a call about a case.  He took it because he was in the area.  Sami tried to help EJ, but he was unresponsive.  Sami demanded that EJ open his eye and then he opened them briefly. 

Chad let Jordan know that heís not like his father and brother.  Chad also wanted to ask Jordan out for dinner.  EJ weakly told Sami that he didnít want to leave her.  Sami wanted EJ to fight for his life.  Clyde gave Jeremiah all of EJís things.  EJ and Sami told each other and kissed.  He ended up losing consciousness.  Rafe showed up at the park and found Sami and EJ.  Rafe asked Sami about what happened.  Rafe told Sami that EJ died.  Sami was in denial.  Later, Sami and Rafe arrived at the hospital with EJ.  Rafe told Sami that EJ would be in the morgue.  Will called Sami about the party.  He was worried that she ignored is calls. Rafe tried to make Sami feel better.  Stefano called EJ and wanted to know why Sami answered EJís phone.  Roman arrived at the hospital, and he discussed what happened with Rafe.  Stefano wanted to speak to EJ, but Sami told him that EJ was taken to the morgue.  Stefano thought she was lying.  Rafe let Sami see EJ.  Stefano cried because of EJís death.  Sami went to the morgue and broke down when she saw his body.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Lulu about her date with Nathan and how it ended with a threat from Judge Walters. Nathan tells Dante about the date. Lulu tells Maxie to talk to Diane Miller about Judge Walters, but Maxie wants to let it sit for a while. Obrecht is released from jail because the police had 48 hours to charge her or release her. Nathan asks her what they were holding her for. She tells him that she shot Victor Cassadine to protect him. He doesn’t believe she did it for him, because if she cared anything about him, she wouldn’t have given him up at birth. She says she did it because she had to. He says he traded one crazy mother for another. He goes to the boxing gym where he runs into Maxie. Obrecht goes to Maxie’s apartment looking for Nathan. Madeline opens the door.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that John Doe’s name might be Jake and that things didn’t work out between Nikolas and her. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that love might be right around the corner. Elizabeth tells “Jake” that if he doesn’t remember who he is soon, they can have the police run his fingerprints. He doesn’t feel comfortable involving the police but agrees that it wouldn’t be fair for him to leave a possible family out there hanging. Dante goes to the hospital with a fingerprint kit. Epiphany has a date with Milo, but he won’t tell her where they are going. They go to the boxing gym, and he gives her a boxing lesson. She asks him if he brought her there because he wants her to lose weight. He tells her that he brought her there and to the Protein Shack on their last date because they are places that he likes, not for any reason to do with her. He tells her that she is beautiful, and he doesn’t want her to change a thing. She changes back into her date clothes and they go out for chicken.

Silas wonders why Nina is at General Hospital when she said she was going to see her brother. She says she is there to see him and suggests that they have sex there in the hospital. When she gets pushy about it, he tells her to knock it off. She accuses him of getting it elsewhere. He says he isn’t sleeping with anyone but that he can’t behave like the first-year resident he was 20 years ago and that it is inappropriate for the Chief of Oncology. When Nina leaves, Silas asks a nurse to contact Travis, the physical therapist who has been working with Nina. Patrick and Sam stake out the location where Tracy plans to meet with Luke. Sam tells Patrick that Silas’ news about Nina on one hand makes her feel vindicated, but on the other hand, it doesn’t matter anymore because Nina successfully ruined their relationship. Patrick wonders what Sam would do if Silas divorces Nina. She doesn’t know and she is too angry to care. Tracy shows up and tells them that she stopped and got a pastry at a coffee shop. They tell her that coffee shops in Amsterdam sell “space cakes,” made with cannabis. She hadn’t eaten it yet and says she won’t, now that she knows what’s in it. She goes to another table to wait for Luke. At the appointed time, everyone looks at the door as someone enters.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack wakes up and yells for Kelly but he just finds a note from her on a pillow. Avery visits Phyllis but is instantly alarmed when she doesnít answer for a moment. Phyllis says that she has too much to do to go back into a coma. At the GCPD, Paul shows Nikki, Dylan, and Christine the ad in the newspaper. Victor calls Nikki to check on her condition. Nick tries to persuade Sharon to go ahead and get married, but she refuses because Phyllis' return changed everything. Mariah listens to their conversation. Summer and Austin visit the Coffeehouse after going shopping for Phyllis. Jack calls Kelly and tells her that he loves her. Avery asks Phyllis why she didnít call any of them when she left the hospital in Georgia. Sharon suggests to Nick that they wait a while to be married. She grabs her purse and goes out. Mariah joins Nick in the living room. Nick and Mariah discuss his concern for Sharon and the fact that Phyllis may know her secret. Sharon visits Jack to see if Phyllis told him anything about her. Nikki tells Victor about Phyllis appearing at Nick and Sharon’s wedding. Avery tells Phyllis that she and Dylan found their way back to each other. Avery asks Phyllis if she can remember what happened to her that night.

Victor tells Dr. Jorgenson that he will be leaving Sweden. Dr. Jorgenson assures him that he will have the paternity tests within the hour. Nick advises Mariah to try to talk to Sharon. Phyllis tells Avery that Sharon was there to visit her. Phyllis tells Avery that she needs answers. Sharon tells Jack that Phyllis is keeping something from her. Christine has her doubts about Paul's plan. Dylan realizes that Christine isn’t worried about Nikki but that she thinks he may be guilty. Nick gets a call from Gordon and leaves the room. Mariah gets a call from Victor. When Mariah turns around, she sees Nick standing there. When he asks who she was talking to, Mariah lies. When Summer and Austin visit Phyllis, Summer introduces him as her “friend." Austin is hurt that Summer referred to him as just a friend. Sharon visits the cemetery to talk to Cassie and suddenly remembers seeing Phyllis there. Phyllis tells Jack that she remembers him asking her to marry him and the answer is “Yes.”

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