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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline is designing but thinking back on her fantasy kiss by Ridge the night before. Rick comes in and thinks her design is fine but throws it up again that she could not have done this without Ridge and his little secret. Ridge too is trying to design but thinking about Caroline and her closeness. Katie comes in but Ridge can’t have lunch with her. She sees one of his sketches and thinks it is great and has potential. He says it is a start and Caroline has helped. She is sure his talent is coming back. They bicker about Rick wanting to be in control and perhaps Ridge needs to talk to Eric about this. Bill holds Will but barks at Justin and Alison about things not going right. Alison says he has been a big grouch ever since Brooke left. Justin tells him to please do not follow Brooke to Italy….give her some space. Ridge tells Caroline that he has put her in a bad position. The secret is out but they need to get to work. He guides her hand until she can not continue. She asks if they can take some time off. It’s really hot in here. He questions her if she is all right. She says no, she is feeling something she does not think she should be feeling. Rick shows Eric some designs from Ridge. They are two weeks behind and need much more designs. Eric continues to praise Ridge for his line. Rick finally says they are not Ridge’s, they are Caroline’s. Ridge has not designed anything since Abu Dubai. He says he feels for Ridge but that is the reason they are behind. Ridge has Marrone blood running through him. He thinks Ridge should go to Paris and work with Thorne, and Rick and Caroline can run FC. Eric says he needs to talk to Ridge first.

Katie stops in on Bill and they discuss Ridge. He wants to know if she is jealous of Caroline. Caroline tells Ridge he is the great Ridge Forrester so he’s probably had these flattering mentions before but it is new to her. She thinks about him guiding her hand all the time and she even dreams about him. They are taking over. He says that is good. It means they are designing something and that is good. She says but she needs more…..something physical. Eric and Rick come in and interrupt. Eric says he knows and he is sorry. He’s his father and he should have come to him. They hug. Katie says she is not jealous. And even if she were, Ridge would ever cross that line. They just speak the same language. She would like more time with her fiancé. Bill says he understands. In case she did not know, her fiancé is a renowned playboy and his niece is smoking hot. Rick tells Eric to ask Ridge how he is coming up with the designs. It is Caroline and maybe they should just let the line be hers. It’s time for a change so Eric needs to make a decision. Eric tells Ridge that he needed help but did not come to him. Rick is right. It’s time for a change. He tells them he is stepping down. He doesn’t know how the company will run but one of them will be CEO of FC.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman read the statements to John and Marlena asked him if it happened the way Theresa said.  John said it wasnít really right.  EJ got a call from his henchman about Clyde.  EJ wanted the henchman to get in touch with Clyde so he could see him.  John blamed himself for everything that happened the night of his accident.  John didnít want Brady blame himself for anything.  John gave Theresa a knowing look as he explained things to everyone.  EJ let Sami know that he talked to Will about everything.  Kristen was surprised that John didnít tell what Theresa did.  John continued to look at Theresa while he was talking.  Johnny told EJ about the kids making fun of him at camp for being a DiMera.  EJ assured Johnny that he should be proud.  John told Brady that he knew what happened wasnít his fault.

Theresa noticed the looks between Daniel and Kristen and called him out for it.  She wanted to know what he and Kristen were talking about in Johnís room.  Daniel didnít give Theresa any information.  Theresa reminded Daniel that John didnít remember anything.  EJ let Sami know that everything would be fine with Will.  Daniel wanted to talk to Brady about something private.  Kristen went back into Johnís room.  EJ went to the park and wanted to have it out with Clyde once and for all.  Kristen knew that John was lying about what happened to him.  She knew that John realized that Theresa hit him.  She reminded John that he let Theresa get away with what she did to him.  Sami went to the park to find EJ.  EJ and Clyde argued about Clyde not doing what EJ wanted.  EJ threatened to kill Clyde if he didnít do what he wanted. Clyde put down EJís family so EJ punched him.  There was a shot of Sami and then there was a gunshot fired.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While Sonny is punching the heavy bag at the gym, he imagines that he is punching Franco. Julian follows Alexis to General Hospital and tells her that they have to talk. She tells him that she is done with him and that she is seeing Ned now. Sonny tells Shawn that Jordan crossed a line by protecting Ava, but that he owes her one for protecting Michael. He reveals that Sam suspects that Luke Spencer is working with the Jeromes. Sonny tells Shawn that he thinks the only reason Carly is marrying Franco is to keep him quiet, but the only way to truly ensure his silence is to take him out. He says the only problem is that Carly can’t know that he had anything to do with Franco’s demise so they need to find someone else to pin it on.

Jordan assures Sabrina that she got Ava’s medication to her. Rosalie follows Morgan into the brownstone and sees Ava in pain. Ava takes one of the pills. She tells Rosalie to forget that she ever saw her. Morgan asks Rosalie not to tell anyone that she saw Ava, especially not Nina. When her cramps don’t subside, Ava takes another pill. Nina calls Rosalie and leaves a message begging her to call her back. She calls again and threatens reveal Rosalie’s secret. Nina tells Franco that Silas caught her running after him. She says she was worried that Franco was going to do something crazy. Franco says he decided that he should save something for his wedding day. Nina doesn’t think Franco would intentionally hurt anyone. He tells her to Google him. She sees the articles about his past as a serial killer. Silas calls Sam and tells her that she was right about Nina not needing the wheelchair. Sam wonders if Silas has ulterior motives. Silas is surprised to see Nina at the hospital when she had said she was going to visit her brother.

Anna and Duke go to the Metro Court for lunch. Jordan tells Anna that Morgan got Ava’s medication from her. Anna concludes that Morgan knows where Ava is. Duke takes Lucy home. To Anna’s dismay, Lucy shows up, invited by Duke. Franco sees video on his phone of Bobbie telling Carly that she feels guilty about lying to Franco about Sonny and Carly. Carly tells Bobbie that she had another slip with Sonny. Scott invites Franco to join him and Bobbie for lunch. Franco declines and tells Scott that he chose the wrong woman. Scott says Franco should try to get along with his future mother-in-law. Lucy starts a sarcastic conversation with Bobbie. Franco shows up to join Scott, Bobbie, and Carly for lunch.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick comes downstairs and looks at the pic of him and Sharon which is on the mantle. There is a knock on the door and it is Victoria, bearing gifts for Nick’s and Sharon’s wedding. Nick lets Victoria know that he is upset over Sharon, who is trying to find a way to get out of their wedding. Billy lets Chelsea know that Phyllis showed up at Nick’s and Sharon’s wedding. Billy asks Chelsea how she would react if Adam came walking through the door. At home, Jack finds Kelly coming downstairs with her suitcase. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily brings herself and Devon a piece of Sharon’s and Nick’s wedding. Lily begins to dive into Devon’s personal life which infuriates him to no end. Sharon visits Phyllis at the hospital to find out if she divulged a secret. Phyllis doesnít know what she is referring to. Sharon begs Phyllis to help Nick before he is hurt by this secret. Kelly tells Jack that Summer was there to get Phyllis some clothes. After talking for awhile about Phyllis, Jack tells Kelly not to leave like this. Billy asks Chelsea if she misses Adam. Chelsea lets Billy know that this all over with Adam and suggests that they watch a movie. Billy turns on the television and is shocked by what he sees. Chelsea comes back to see what Billy is surprised by. Devon and Lily discuss the possibility of Jack leaving Kelly for Phyllis since she is home.

Billy and Chelsea start to sway with the man’s instructions on ballroom dancing. Victoria asks Nick if he wants to go and check on Sharon and Phyllis at the hospital. Nick has his reservations but finally agrees to go, leaving Faith with Victoria. Faith comes downstairs to find Victoria there. Victoria and Faith have a chat about herself and Billy and if they will ever get back together. Both Victoria and Faith realize that Delia would want them to be happy as they make plans for Halloween. Devon orders Lily to mind her own business concerning his love life. Devon makes plans to go to New York to be with Hilary. Nick interrupts Sharon and Phyllis. Nick apologizes to Phyllis for disturbing her. Billy and Chelsea make love as do Jack and Kelly.

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