Wednesday 10/8/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Rick that he can't fire him. Rick puffs up that he won't have to. Ridge will resign. Quality and integrity is what their clients have come to expect. Ridge says his designs will do that. Rick says yes but only due to his wife. Ridge has done nothing since his accident in Abu Dhabi. Caroline has been covering for him since he can not draw. Ridge admits she has been helpful. Ricks tells him the collection is late and he has put the company in jeopardy because he could not tell the truth. He says Ridge took credit for Caroline's designs and that makes him a fraud. Ridge laments that if Rick has a problem, then he can talk to Eric. And if Eric has a problem then he can talk to Ridge. Rick asks if he will then fix it. Ridge says yes if necessary. Rick presses Ridge more than once to pick up the pencil and make a few changes. He goads him that he is passing off Caroline's designs as his own and he wants to see the great genius at work. Donna visits Katie and hears that Will swallowed a coin and could have choked. Thank God, Bill had the good sense to get it dislodged. Donna asks Katie if they have set a wedding date. Katie seems disappointed but says not yet. Ridge has been focusing on his work and his recovery. Rick has really been on him at the office to get this collection in. Donna says if Rick has a problem then he should talk to his wife. Katie isn't sure what that means. Donna says she is at the office and she sees things and Ridge is spending an awful lot of time with Caroline. Katie says but it is all work. He's usually worked alone before but now he and Caroline are a team. He's mentoring her and giving her guidance and it is helping him too. Donna says that makes sense. Katie tells her that Caroline and Rick are happily married and she and Ridge are engaged and as soon as this collection is over they will be married too. Their feelings haven't changed. They have just had some delays. Donna says good; she just wants both of her sisters to be happy. She wants her to marry Ridge and move on with her life. Caroline barges in and asks Rick why is he attacking Ridge. Rick tells her all Ridge had to do was tell the truth and he won't. She's stunned when she hears that Rick tried to fire Ridge. She tells him that she loves him but on this he is over-reacting. Rick fires back that no he is not. He is President and he can't allow this to put FC in jeopardy. Caroline begs him to calm down. She's a better designer with Ridge's help and the collection is good. Rick argues that Ridge is not helping her. He is telling everyone they are his designs. Caroline says they are. They came from his mind; his ideas. She apologizes to Ridge. Rick is furious of why she is apologizing to him. She opines that she is getting hands-on instructions from a fashion visionary. He has shown her things that no other designer could ever describe or explain. Rick says Ridge is using her; he could not do it without her. She admits she could not do it without him; they are a team. She knew what she was being asked to do and she went along with it. Rick says the arrangement is over as of now and Ridge's tenure has ended. Rick says he could have been honest and told his dad even. He said he had the designs ready and they weren't. Then he said they were his and they weren't. Ridge tells them that he cares more about this collection than anyone. Rick calls him unprofessional and selfish. Caroline begs again for him to not do this. She tells Ridge he is not being selfish. He has been very generous with her. What they have done together is amazing. Ridge says yes but he should not have asked her to keep it a secret and lie to her husband. Rick gets a call from a vendor and says he must run. He will see Caroline at home and he tells Ridge he might want to get a jumpstart on that resignation. Caroline tells Ridge that she will talk to Rick later. He says Rick will not like that. Caroline says Rick sees things in black and white, who's on top and who gets credit. She says they have created something and she feels plugged into something bigger than both of them…..a creative energy that she has never felt before and she is not ready to give up on that.

Ridge goes home and Katie is surprised to see him early. He says he had to get out of the office. Rick knows and he even stuck a pencil in his face and demanded he draw. Katie says Rick has been questioning her too but she never thought Caroline would tell him. And now he wants Ridge to resign. But Caroline is going to talk to him and maybe there won't be a problem. And Rick has always wanted him gone so that is not news. He says but Caroline does not want him gone and she realizes how special their combined gift is.  Caroline comes home and it is a bit frosty. She says again that working with Ridge has been amazing and Rick humiliated him. He shoved a pencil in his face and that was not fair. She doesn't want this to be a big deal and asks him to come give his wife a kiss. He turns and leaves and says he has to clear his head. Ridge tells Katie to stop blaming Caroline. He did this. He told her not to tell Rick so this is not fair to blame her now. Ridge says he is not quitting and Rick will not go to his dad and tell him before the line is finished and on the runway. He doesn't know when he will be able to draw again but until then he is going to see this through. He thanks Katie for understanding. Caroline goes to bed alone. The door opens and she sits up expecting Rick. A man walks toward her. He sits on her bed, she runs her hand up his arm and he pulls her nightgown strap aside and Ridge kisses her. Suddenly Caroline is awakened when Rick comes in. He sits on her bed and apologizes that he got so worked up. He admits that he was a bit jealous she was spending so much time with Ridge and then to hear her talk about how he fulfills her and maybe he wants to be that person that fulfills her. With a frown on her face, they hug. She admits that she is sorry and did not mean to make him feel that way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Brady, Marlena, and Kristen that he remembered everything.  Chad wondered if Will changed his mind about writing the article.  Will reminded Chad about the way his family reacted when he wrote the other story.  EJ thanked Eric for what he did for his sister.  Marlena wanted to get a doctor for John.  He thought that was a good idea, but he wanted someone else there too.  Caroline wanted to hear Sami's explanation for taking EJ back.  Sami assured Caroline that she and EJ would work things out this time.  Caroline reminded Sami how she just told her that she wouldn't take EJ back.  Theresa let Daniel know that John didn't remember anything.  Daniel wasn't so sure.  Marlena interrupted them to let them know that John wanted them.  Will suspected that Chad wanted to use him to get to EJ.  Eric didn't want to talk to EJ about what he did for Kristen or anything else.  Eric would see Sami and the kids, but didn't see a reason to talk to EJ.  Sami explained to Caroline why she got back together with EJ.  Caroline eventually understood Sami's situation and they hugged.  Theresa didn't want to go in John's room at first.  Brady and Marlena had to practically drag her off to the room.

Sami told EJ that Will is writing about Chad.  Chad wanted Will to write that he would never take another bullet for EJ again.  Will told Chad that EJ is his brother and that he should forgive him.  Chad didn't want to do that.  Chad also advised Will to write the article if he wanted to protect people.  Theresa didn't understand why Kristen was in John's room.  John told Theresa that she asked Kristen to stay in his room.  John wanted a police office present.  Kristen was excited to see Theresa panicking.  EJ went to Will's place and told him to write the article about Chad.  Will was surprised that EJ wanted him to write the article.  John told Theresa that she left out details about what happened the night he was hit.  Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion and he and Sami had it out over EJ.  Sami wanted to warn Chad about the mistake he made telling Stefano about EJ.  Chad put her in her place by reminding her how she was after EJ once herself.  Sami almost slapped Chad when he told her that she wanted to get EJ too until she decided sleeping with him was a better option.  EJ didn't want Will and Sami to argue so he was okay with him doing the article with one exception.  Will saw that one coming.  EJ didn't want Will to write about Abby or Sami.  Will agreed to that.  He wanted to repair his relationship with Abby and Sami.  Roman arrived in John's room.  John wanted Roman to read Brady and Theresa's statements to him.  Chad blamed Sami for why he went to Stefano.  Chad reminded her that she went after EJ with a vengeance and that EJ did everything he could to win her back.  Sami warned Chad that he's out of his league.  Chad didn't seem worried at all.  Roman read the statements and read to John that Theresa said Brady hit him with the poker.  Marlena asked him if he remembered Brady hitting him with the poker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas admits that he has missed Britt and asks her to get back together and move back into Wyndemere. After Patrick and Sam wake up from sleeping in the same bed with nothing happening between them, they make love. The alarm jolts Sam out of the dream. Tracy stops by and jumps to conclusions when she sees Patrick come out of the shower wearing a towel. Tracy asks Sam and Patrick to give her some alone time with Luke before they confront him. Silas fires Rosalie because he knows that Nina can walk. Nina tells Rosalie that she still has a job destroying Kiki. Rosalie refuses. Nina fires her too. Rosalie tells Nina to remember that she knows all of her secrets. Silas calls Sam.

Sabrina asks Carlos if he is 100% certain that Ava caused the accident. He says he wouldn't have confessed to Ava's crime if he weren't sure. Besides, Ava admitted to it. Sabrina says that according to Patrick, Luke Spencer admitted to it too. Carlos thinks Luke only said that to scare Spencer. Sabrina asks him if it is possible that Ava used the same tactic on Carlos. Carlos admits that it is possible that Ava was lying. Sabrina tells him about the pills to induce labor that she gave Ava. Carlos tells Sabrina that even if Ava is guilty, her baby is innocent and it isn't right for Sabrina to hurt the baby. He tells her that she has to get those pills before Ava takes them. Jordan sends Ava a text message telling her that she is at the Metro Court with the pills. Shawn stops by Jordan's table to thank her for giving him the heads-up about the Jerome's hit on Michael. He wonders why she would risk Julian's wrath to save Sonny's son. She says Michael is an innocent. He tells her that the kids she peddles drugs to are also innocent. Shawn tells her that he isn't going to stop looking for Ava, but he has to stop seeing Jordan. Morgan tells Ava that Michael and Kiki went away for a while because someone tried to murder Michael. Ava doesn't know if Julian had anything to do with it. Ava begins to have severe cramps and sends Morgan to get the pills from Jordan. Sabrina calls Jordan, but she abruptly says she gave the medication to Ava and hangs up. Rosalie stops by the brownstone with coffee for Morgan. He tells her it isn't a good time. Ava screams. Rosalie goes into the house after Morgan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kelly sits alone at home and thinks about her time with Jack. At the hospital, Phyllis tells Jack that she wants to go home but he stalls her. Phyllis wants to know what is going on. At the Athletic Club, Lily cancels the band for the wedding reception. They are still stunned over Phyllis' sudden appearance at the wedding. At Crimson Lights, Joe sits alone at a table and talks on the phone. At the hospital, Avery talks on the phone and tells the person to whom she is conversing to tell the doctor that she is a lawyer. Mark and Courtney discuss Paul questioning Dylan himself. In the conference room, Dylan and Paul discuss Nikki getting involved in this. Dylan has his doubts. Avery is still on the phone when she sees Joe at Crimson Lights. She tells him about Phyllis waking up. Paul assures Dylan that he will not let him get convicted. Mark interrupts Paul to take over the questioning but Paul says he can handle this. At the hospital, Summer wishes that she could do more for her mother. Nick tells Sharon that this secret is tearing her apart and is ruining their life. Nick tells Sharon that he is going to visit Phyllis but Sharon is dead set against the idea. Phyllis tells Jack that she has something to tell him. Lily calls Kelly to check on her to see how she is doing. Although Kelly assures her that she is fine, Lily doesn't believe her. Phyllis tells Jack that she doesn't know what is real and what isn't. When Jack tells Phyllis that a lot has changed since last year, she asks what has happened.

Avery arrives at the police department and tells Paul and Dylan that Phyllis was at the church. Summer comes home and finds Kelly there. Kelly asks how Phyllis is. Sharon dreams that Phyllis appears at their wedding and tells Nick her secret. He drops the wedding band. Sharon screams. Sharon awakens with a start. Nick visits Phyllis at the hospital to discuss Sharon. Summer lets Kelly know that things have changed since Phyllis came home. Summer is upset to know that Kelly and Jack were redecorating the house. Cane introduces Joe Clark to Lily. Joe wants to buy the Athletic Club but Lily says that Devon owns the place and they only work for him. Nick asks Phyllis what she remembers about Sharon. He has something to ask her about Sharon. Sharon comes to visit Phyllis. Jack comes home and finds Kelly coming downstairs with her suitcase.

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