Tuesday 10/7/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie drops in on Ridge. He asks how things are at home. She replies fine. With Will it is as if nothing has ever happened. But she’d like Bill to put away all hazardous objects. Ridge says he is thankful that Bill did save Will’s life. They discuss Brooke and not sure how long she will be gone. The office has lost two trusted employees and a lot of money so they need someone over there with hands on. And yeah she probably had other reasons to want to get away and think. Maybe she will finally figure out that Bill Spencer is not the man for her. But he will be fine. He will find someone else’s life to ruin. He says he is waiting on Caroline as they have work to do. Caroline tells Rick that she and Ridge are turning out great designs. He says he likes the end results; the process not so much. She quips that you have to cross the road to get to the other side. He accuses her of spending all her time with Ridge. She says he is exaggerating and she is sorry that he feels neglected. This is an opportunity of a life time to have Ridge mentor her. Rick just needs to focus on the product as they are spectacular. Maya dogs Carter and tries to get him to say there is more between Caroline and Ridge. She says she is not obsessed, just concerned where Rick is concerned if Caroline is cheating on him. He tells her to keep her voice down so that people that could fire her will not hear her gossiping about Rick. Othello walks up and tells them that he is in town for a gig and just stopped by to see Rick. Othello asks Maya what is new. She blurts out Caroline and Ridge. She says she caught her in his arms and told Katie. Carter is appalled. Maya says Katie had a right to know. Katie is not grateful yet but she will be. There is something going on between the two of them even if they deny it and soon everyone will know. Carter assures her that he is friends with Ridge and there is no way he is using his star-struck sister-in-law’s talent for some questionable gain. Maya says add sexual attraction into the mix and all bets are off. Carter says they do great work and Maya still says it is odd and Rick thinks so too. She gets Carter to admit that he is friends with Caroline and she has confided in him in the past. But he says he is not double-crossing one of his friends to tell Maya anything. He’s not going to do her dirty work so if she continues down this path it will be alone. Othello can see that Carter is still hurting and reeling over losing Maya. But Maya can’t help who she loves. She says she keeps trying to go back and be friends with Carter but nothing seems to work. Othello tells her that she might be right on track. If what she suspects of Ridge and Caroline, then Rick will not stick around for that. Rick dumped Caroline once for Maya so who says it can’t happen again. Rick sees Katie come in and quips that he saw Ridge’s car outside so he has given her the old heave ho. Does she ever wonder what Caroline and Ridge are doing in there behind closed doors. Katie says she would say that they are working and the results speak for themselves. Rick says yes they are beautiful but something is off and he doesn’t like it. Something crucial is missing and he isn’t going to stop until he finds out what it is. Caroline is late meeting Ridge. She says Rick is suspicious. It’s a good thing she knows how to dance. But she gave Ridge her word so no one knows that he can’t draw temporarily. He says somehow he can with her. Caroline says she is here so use her. Ridge guides Caroline’s hand as he designs.

Rick walks in but gets a phone call so he barely has time to just see them huddled together closely. Ridge makes a remark that maybe he should knock first. Caroline says he looks sort of stern. Rick says he is okay or will be when she tells him what is going on between her and Ridge. He says she spends most of her day intimately with a guy that he does not particularly like and comes home and tells him almost nothing. It’s like she has closed him off and he has no access. She denies that. He says Ridge has always been independent and now suddenly he is mentoring her. He can’t understand that. He says their marriage is based on honesty and trust so he needs her to be more forthcoming right now. He says she can not have secrets with other men. She says he is right…..Ridge needs her…..really, really needs her. He can not draw. It happened when he fell out of the helicopter. Not only did he lose his memory but his talent as well and it is just now coming back with her help and working with her. He is more brilliant than ever when he is guiding her hand. Rick says whoa, he is using her. She says only in a good way. He says no not in a good way. She argues that it is. She is honored to be Ridge’s vessel, whatever he wants to call it. He is teaching her. Rick continues that this is unbelievable and he is using her and didn’t want anyone to know. Ridge should have never put her in this position. She says she knows he is angry. He says yes but not at her. She wants to know what he is going to do now. Maya tells Othello it is good to have someone on her side. She knows she is right. There is something more going on between Ridge and Caroline besides master class. And when Rick finally figures that out this girl will be right here waiting. Rick comes back and Ridge asks where Caroline is. Rick says she has left for now as he wanted to speak with Ridge alone. He makes some comments on the sketches and designs and tells Ridge to humor him and make a few adjustments. Ridge won’t play that game and says they are just fine. Rick continues to goad him to just take the pencil and make a few strokes. Finally Rick tells him that he knows his secret….that he has been lying to even their Dad. The great Ridge Forrester, designer extraordinaire can’t draw anymore. He lost his gift somewhere in the Persian Gulf and now he is using Caroline to hide his dirty little secret. But no more. As of today he no longer works here. He wants him to give his letter of resignation immediately.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John wasnít happy that Kristen was back.  He was really upset when Marlena told him that Kristen was with Brady.  John wanted to see them.  Will was upset that Sami was back with EJ.  Sami tried to explain why, but Will thought Sami was really desperate to be back with EJ.  EJ confronted Chad about Stefano yelling at him.  EJ realized that Chad was the one who told Stefano that he tipped off Rafe about the files.  JJ talked to Paige about Jackís past.  Paige kissed JJ and they became very passionate with each other.  Sami didnít like how Will was upset that she was with EJ again.  Chad and EJ ended up arguing about Stefano.  Chad asked EJ if Stefano would kill one of his sons, and EJ said he would do it. John wanted Marlena to get in touch with Brady to ask him if they would come to the hospital.

Sami tried to calm down and talk to Will about being back with EJ.  She even reminded Will how he lied about being Ariannaís father to prove her point.  Will left to check on Arianna and Sami saw the notes that Will had on his table.  Sami realized that Will was going to write another article and it would be about Chad.  EJ reminded Chad about what Stefano did to the family.  EJ let Chad know that Stefano hasnít changed.  EJ told Chad that he unleashed Stefano on him and his family.  Sami and Will ended up arguing about him writing about Chad.  Will wanted to write the article about Chad and threw Sami out before they said something they would regret.  EJ wanted Chad to call Stefano off of him.  Chad reminded EJ that he got the package that Sami sent about him and Abby.  Chad was still upset and refused to help EJ.  Chad wanted EJ to suffer. Brady and Kristen arrived at the hospital.  Kristen visited John in his room.  Brady asked Marlena why John wanted to speak to her.  Marlena told Brady how she let John know that he was with Kristen.  John and Kristen talked about how she helped to help him by giving Daniel and Kayla the drug.  EJ arrived home and found Sami.  EJ told Sami that Chad was the one who sent the information to Stefano about him turning over the evidence against him.  Sami was worried about him.  EJ didnít know what he would do.  Brady and Marlena went into the room with John and Kristen.  John said that he remembered everything.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John Doe tells Elizabeth that he remembers the name Jake. She asks him if it is his name. He doesn’t know. She tells him about her son, Jake. He tells her that since he doesn’t know what his name is, they might as well call him Jake. Patrick and Sam are forced to share a room in Amsterdam because only one is available. Alexis tells Julian that she is going to dinner with Ned to break things off. Sam calls Alexis and tells her that Tracy saw Julian and Luke together in the stables the night of Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party. Alexis slaps Julian, breaks up with him for lying to her again, and storms out. Ned sits with Monica, who is alone at the table that she is sharing with Judge Walters, who has gone to interrupt Nathan and Maxie’s dinner date. Judge Walters tells Maxie that she will never see her daughter again if she doesn’t stop seeing Nathan, because he lied to him during the custody hearing. Maxie wants to sic Diane on him. Nathan says he can’t be the reason that Maxie and her daughter can’t be reunited, so they can’t see each other anymore. Olivia overhears Ned telling Monica that he is dating Alexis. Olivia offers to go to see The Equalizer with Ned if Alexis doesn’t want to see it. Alexis meets Ned at the Metro Court and tells him that the thing she was going to tell him is not important anymore.

Silas sees Nina running after Franco. She says she didnít tell him because she was afraid that he would leave her and go back to Sam. He accepts her reason and asks her why she was chasing Franco. She says she and Franco argued about whether she should come clean with Silas. Silas is annoyed to learn that Franco knew she could walk. He says they are still good and that he is happy that she can walk, but he wishes she had told him earlier. He remembers his conversation with Sam when she suggested that Nina was on the roof eavesdropping on their conversation.

Franco shows up at Michael’s door to intercept Carly, knowing that she and Sonny slept together, but he pretends that he believes her story that she and Sonny simply ran into each other. Franco tells Sonny that since he and Carly are engaged, he thinks they should all try to live together peacefully. He says Sonny just has to apologize for kissing Carly. Sonny says he is sorry that Carly is marrying that degenerate. Carly tells Franco to forget about Sonny. He says she is right and that they should concentrate on planning the wedding she deserves. He promises that their wedding will be unforgettable.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jack, Summer, & Avery sit by Phyllis’ bedside and urge her to wake up. Outside the church, Nick urges Sharon to tell him why she left. Sharon tells him that what happened may not have been an hallucination. Nick assures Sharon that no matter what happens, it will not change his feelings toward her. Chelsea and Billy come back to the penthouse from having dinner, but she is still hungry. Billy suggests ordering a pizza. Chelsea is thrilled by the idea. Abby wrings the doorbell and lashes out at Billy for not answering his phone. Abby says that Victoria went into labor and he needs to get down there. Billy has his reservations. Nikki goes to the hospital to check on Victoria and to let her know that Nick and Sharon didnít marry after all but that Phyllis interrupted the ceremony. Kelly waits in the waiting room at the hospital room for Jack, Summer, and Avery to join her and Austin. The doctor tells the family the prognosis on Phyllis but cautions them not to ask her too many questions. Jack looks around at Kelly. Nick asks Sharon if she has been seeing Cassie again. Sharon thinks that all is ruined, but Nick assures her that nothing is ruined between them. At home, Noah and Mariah discuss how Phyllis miraculously awoke from her coma. Mariah tries to calm Faith’s concerns about Nick and Sharon not getting married today. Billy assures Abby that he is not leaving Chelsea. Abby becomes upset at Billy for his attitude and starts to leave. She offers Chelsea congratulations on Billy not going to the hospital to be with Victoria. Chelsea urges Billy to go to the hospital to check on Victoria and the baby. Nikki tells Victoria that Sharon left the church and Nick standing there. Summer begs Phyllis not to leave her again as she lays her head on Phyllis’ stomach. Phyllis awakens and runs her hand over Summer’s hair. Phyllis assures Summer that she will not leave her again. Victoria assures Abby that the baby is fine and so is she. Abby says that she told Billy about the labor and urged him to go down here, but he was with Chelsea. Victoria tells Abby that she knows about Chelsea and Billy.

Billy finds Jack at the hospital and learns that Phyllis has awakened. Summer tells Jack that Phyllis wants to see him. Jack joins Phyllis in her room. Nick and Sharon go home. Sharon tries to explain to Faith that she was surprised to see Phyllis. Nick tells Noah and Mariah about Phyllis going to the hospital. Nick explains to Noah that Sharon was afraid that Phyllis would spill the beans about her secret. Abby and Victoria are still discussing Chelsea and Billy when Billy arrives. Abby quickly leaves. Billy asks Victoria how she is. She assures him that she is fine and so is the baby. Billy asks the baby not to put his mama through this. Sharon thanks Mariah for helping out with Faith, but she warns Sharon that she will be here for Faith when Sharon’s secret comes out. Thrilled by the day's events, Abby joins Noah and Mariah at the Underground. Jack talks to Phyllis about his love for Summer. Phyllis tells him that she has something to tell him. Phyllis surprises Jack by telling him that she wants to go home.

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