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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope repeats again to Quinn that she is protecting her child and she wants Quinn to have nothing to do with the baby. Quinn acts shocked and says the baby is blood kin and she would never harm it. Hope tells her that she does not trust her and neither does Wyatt. She opens the door and says she is only going to say it one more time. She is not welcome here. Quinn tells her like hell she isn’t. She says Hope can not keep her from her son or grandchild and so if she doesn’t change her tune quickly things will get ugly around here. She knows her son would never say those things. Hope says they need to curb this to another time. Quinn says no, they will settle it right now and she will not leave until Hope takes back every filthy, disgusting word she said. This is not a game and she can not shun her from her family. And Hope won’t want to know what will happen if she tries. Wyatt comes home and immediately wants to know what is going on. He asks Hope if she is okay and then his mom what is she doing. Quinn immediately goes into her mode of just coming over to congratulate Hope. Wyatt says he and Hope need some time alone. Hope tells Wyatt that she explained to his mother that she was uncomfortable around her and then Quinn threatened her. Quinn denies it and says Hope did not let her finish. They argue and poor Wyatt is caught in the middle. Quinn says what Hope said was very hurtful but out of respect she will back off. Hope tells Wyatt Quinn is lying again right now. Quinn tells Wyatt that he is the most important person to her and she was just begging Hope to not cut her out of their lives. Wyatt tells her that he will hear her out, but she has to understand that Hope is having his baby and she has to respect her. Wyatt shows her the door and says they will discuss it later.

John tells Eric that the fashion industry is exciting, but there is a whole other world out there. Eric has more money than Trump and he can travel anywhere he wants, they can go together. He could come down to Australia and do some catching up. Eric says he would like that. Liam tells Ivy that he has enjoyed being here and meeting her dad. He is the life of the party. Charlie brings out more lemon bars. John says they are the cat’s pajamas and he will take a dozen to go. He says he has to get his order in before she goes global. He flirts outrageously with Pam while Charlie glares at him. Pam tells Charlie not to be jealous. He says he can’t help it. John likes her “cupcakes” too much. Ivy and Liam discuss the situation of the mother-in-law from hell that Hope has now. But Ivy doesn’t think Quinn will really harm Hope as Wyatt would never forgive his mother. Oliver thinks it is cute that Aly is playing cute little matchmaker for Ivy and Liam. John calls Liam Prince William when he spies him on the terrace with his daughter. He asks Aly if he should hide his wallet. Weddings aren’t cheap. John whisks Liam away and pours him some fine Russian vodka. He tells him to sit down. He says that daughter of his is his pride and joy and he just wants to make sure she ends up with a good guy. Liam says he understands, one like good old dad. John says good lord no, he’s a bon vivant and Liam strikes him oddly as a genuine type fellow in this spray-tanned city. Quinn comes home and finds candles, wine and a single rose. It takes her a minute to figure it out but she tells Deacon she is not in the mood. She tells him that his sweet little daughter is trying to kick her out of the family. Wyatt laments to Hope that it seems he is always apologizing for his mother. She says she knows and it is really not his fault what his mother does. But she frightens her and does not know what to expect of her next. She knows Wyatt would never let his mother harm them but says his mother is unhinged and that is putting it nicely. She says Wyatt is wonderful putting up with Quinn’s behavior. But after what happened tonight she just can not be a part of their lives. She will not back down on this. Wyatt says he will speak to his mother again and tell her to give them some space. Deacon tells Quinn just to sit down and relax, chill out. She rants that she did all she did to get Hope and Wyatt together and she doesn’t get it. Deacon says her living her life for her son and unborn grandchild is a little obsessive. If she would just give Wyatt and Hope some space this will all work out. And in case she hasn’t noticed there is another guy who is trying to get her attention. If she would just look around and get out of the psycho-mommy mode and into the dating mode. She asks if this is a date and if having the right man around is the answer to all her problems. He says two wrongs might make a right. She says two wrongs can make a right if he will help her. He’s Hope’s father so perhaps he can get through to her. He wants to stay out of it. She reminds him there was a time he wasn’t freely allowed to see Hope so he knows how it is to be kept from his family. He finally says if she will not hurt Hope or the baby he will try, but no promises. He kisses her and says whatever this is must stay between the two of them. If Hope knew she would never speak to him again. She coos that it will be their little secret. He kisses her again. Ivy thinks her dad and Liam have been outside a long time. Aly convinces her to walk over behind a plant and listen. Ivy hears Liam tell John that it has been a real pleasure getting to know his daughter. He explains that he just got out of a very serious relationship but Hope ended up marrying his brother. John says she jilted him, that’s a tough break Romeo. Liam goes on and on about how Ivy has been there for him. She’s easy to be around and puts him at ease. He felt it when she gave him a little kiss in Paris. He realized them just how special she is. She’s kind and bright and funny and he wants to thank John for raising one of the finest women he has ever met. He looks around and John is snoring on the couch.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano let EJ know that he intends to destroy him.  Brady wanted to thank Kristen, but Marlena didnít think he should.  Kristen wanted to work with Daniel to take Theresa down.  John thought about everything that led up to his accident. John realized that Theresa was the one who hit him.  Brady thought it was the right thing to do to thank Kristen for helping John.  Marlena reminded Brady why Kristen helped John.  Daniel didnít want to railroad Theresa.  Maxine let Theresa know that John wanted to see her.  Sami met with Chad and wanted to talk to him about EJ.  Chad believed that he lost Abby because he took a bullet for EJ.  Daniel didnít want to work with Kristen.  Brady didnít want to be near Kristen, but he wanted to do the right thing.  John told Theresa that he remembered something about the attack.  He didnít let on that he remembered that Theresa hit him.

Sami thought that she understood Chadís feelings, but she was wrong.  Stefano knew that EJ gave Rafe evidence against him.  John never let on that he knew what she did to him.  EJ said he didnít have a choice when he went to Rafe. Stefano threw up in his face that he cheated on Sami.  Chad continued to tell Sami how he was upset with EJ.  Brady thanked Kristen for saving his fatherís life.  She wanted to know what John remembered.  John wanted Marlena to get Brady because he remembered what happened.  Stefano told EJ he was out of his life for good.  Marlena told John that Kristen was back in town and that Brady was with her.  Kristen tried to kiss Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas tells Monica that he and Sam broke up. She suggests that he put himself out there and recommends the online dating service that led her to a dinner date tonight. He tells her that he is already seeing his wife. Monica goes to the Metro Court to meet her date, Judge Walters. Just as Nathan gives up on Maxie showing up at the Metro Court, she arrives. Maxie is impressed by the way Nathan looks in a suit. He tells her that he grew up on the Upper East Side where fancy clothes were normal. He surprises her again when he has a conversation with the maître D in French to order a fancy wine. They chat to get to know each other. Judge Walters sees Maxie and Nathan having dinner together. He goes over to their table and suggests that they leave.

Franco’s nanny cam in Carly’s necklace reveals her and Sonny discussing that they slept together again in Michael’s apartment. Sonny insists to Carly that they belong together. Franco continues listening and smiles when Sonny discusses shooting AJ, happy that he now has proof. Then he sees Carly and Sonny having sex again. Franco wants to show them how crazy he can get. Sonny thinks he and Carly should openly be together. Carly says they can’t be together and that they can’t risk making an enemy of Franco. Franco runs out of his studio at the hospital. Nina chases him. Silas sees her running. Carly opens the door to leave Michael’s apartment. Franco is standing there.

Sam and Patrick arrive in Amsterdam. Their presence annoys Tracy. Tracy tells them that she will report to them no matter what she finds out. Sam’s room was accidentally not booked and there is no other room available. Sam asks Tracy if she can bunk with her. Tracy says no. Patrick tells Sam to take his room and he will go to another hotel. She says they can share the room. John Doe wakes up. Elizabeth tells him where he is and asks him his name. He says he doesn’t know. The doctor says his memory should return slowly. He remembers Elizabeth’s name and has a flash of her in their youth. He remembers another name. Jake.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone gathers at the church for Nick and Sharon’s wedding. At the Parks Motel, Phyllis is just getting ready to leave when a policeman appears at the door and tells her that she is under arrest for attempt to commit bodily harm. The wedding ceremony begins for Nick and Sharon. Victoria begins to have contractions. Abby takes Victoria to the hospital thus leaving Nikki at the church. Both Noah and Summer voice their opinion about how Sharon changed through the last year. Mariah watches and listens to them. Just about the time that the minister is ready for them to say their “I Do’s”, Sharon stops the ceremony by telling them that she has something to say. Everyone is shocked by Sharon’s sudden revelation. Back at the motel, Phyllis denies all accusations made against her and tells the officer that she will tell everyone concerned what the man tried to do to her in the truck. Phyllis has a sudden attack. The policeman asks her if she is all right, but Phyllis isn’t sure.

At the hospital, Dr. Silverton examines Victoria and lets her know that the baby is fine but it is not ready to be born yet. In the corridor, Abby calls Billy to drop what he is doing and come to the hospital to give Victoria moral support. Sharon reminds Nick that they need honesty in their marriage and she asks him for forgiveness for the things that she did in the past and the things she may do in the future. After they get through making their promises, Sharon and Nick finally say, “I do.” As the minister is about to pronounce them husband and wife, Phyllis opens up the doors and walks in. Everyone is astonished by her appearance. Jack stands up. Summer asks, “Mom?” Phyllis starts to walk down the aisle but collapses, much to everyone’s horror. Jack and Summer beg for Phyllis to wake up. Courtney calls for the paramedics. Jack begs Phyllis to open her eyes. Kelly watches them in horror. Lily checks to see how Kelly is doing but she's not sure. Sharon leaves the church. Nick catches up with her outside and asks her why she left. Phyllis opens her eyes. Abby calls Billy again to come to the hospital. Victoria sits on the exam table and talks to the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The wedding begins as Sharon walks down the aisle to Nick and she looks beautiful in her wedding dress.  The minister begins to speak as we see a montage of all the important moments in Nick and Sharon's relationship.  Noah and Summer speak about how much Nick and Sharon mean to them and then Summer reads a poem about unending love.  Phyllis is on her way out the motel door to the wedding when a policeman arrives at the door to tell her she is under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.  Phyllis explains to the officer that the man who gave her a ride tried to attack her, so she hit him with a flashlight to defend herself.  Phyllis starts to feel lightheaded and sits down on the bed. After hearing her story, the policeman decides not to arrest Phyllis. 

Nick and Sharon say their vows and promise to be honest and forgive each other of any mistakes made both in the past and in the future. The minister is about to pronounce them husband and wife when Phyllis opens the doors of the church and starts walking down the aisle. She collapses to the floor after Summer gives her a hug.  Everyone is shocked and calls 911 while Avery, Jack, and Summer sit beside Phyllis on the floor begging her to open her eyes.  Kelly is stunned as she sees Jack's deep love for Phyllis and how happy he is that she has come home.  Sharon is stunned and runs outside the church as Nick follows her.  When Phyllis finally opens her eyes, Jack tells her he is happy she is home.  Victoria slips out of the church during the ceremony because she is having contractions.  She's relived when the doctor tells her she is having Braxton-Hicks contractions, but she wants to keep her overnight for observation.  Abby calls Billy and tells him Victoria needs him because she may be in early labor. 

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