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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Hope that she can’t do that. She’s the baby’s grandmother; she has rights. Hope says she can do it. She does not want Quinn in her baby’s life. Perhaps the child will have Quinn’s eyes as she can not control that. What she can control is not having her in the baby’s life and having anything to do with it’s mental wellbeing. And that’s the way it has to be. Quinn sees that she is serious. Quinn says she sees Hope is still upset with her. Hope says no, it is more than being upset. Quinn says she knows she was a bad, bad girl and Hope needs to punish her but this is not the way to do it. Someday her child will thank her. Hope says no because she is not going to get that opportunity as Quinn will have nothing to do with her child. Bill repeats what Brooke told him. She is leaving today for the Milan office. He says not without him. She can go home and pack as they are not coming back until they are married. Aly giggles when she tells Oliver that Pam is excited about the dinner tonight and she thinks it has to do with Ivy…..and she is bringing Liam. Ivy thanks Liam for telling her that Hope is pregnant. All along she though Hope was just crazy. They laugh at going to the party tonight and she won’t hear of Liam not going and leaving her alone with Pam and her lemon bars. John is welcomed by Eric and then Aly who he says he has not seen since she was a little ankle biter. He makes mention of “the boyfriend”. Then he looks at the portrait of Stephanie. Eric says she is keeping them in line. John winks and says she always did. Ivy comes in and is surprised to see her dad in town. They sit around and reminisce. Charlie brings out the medieval turkey legs and Aly explains to John about their joisting. John says he used to love that too. Ivy sticks a lemon bar in his mouth before he can go on more about his three marriages and her mom. John tells Pam she should be sharing these. Eric says she does……every day. John says he meant with the world. He could set her up in a business. Think big, her face on the box of lemon bars. He says a face like hers could sell anything. She eats it up; Charlie not so much. He seems to approve of Liam as a good kid. Eric says with Aly and Ivy both there this house is like a home again.

Brooke re-emphasizes that she is going to Milan alone. She sees things differently; the way she should have a long time ago. She tells him that Hope is pregnant but not to tell anyone as she might not have told Wyatt yet. And yes she will stay in constant contact with Hope during this time. He tells her that he will also always be there for Will but just not as a couple with Katie. Brooke says sometimes they just need to stop and take a deep breath. She only has one shot in this life and this time she wants to get it right. Quinn tells Hope that obviously her hormones are out of whack. She’s not herself speaking to her this way. They are family now and Hope can not exclude her. Wyatt would never allow it. Hope says Wyatt has a wife and a baby now that take priority. They will come first. Quinn can not be shocked at that. And that is where Wyatt is right now. He went to see Quinn to tell her exactly what Hope is telling her. Quinn tells her that Hope joined her family so if anyone is going to be setting boundaries it will be Quinn. Saved by the bell…..the phone rings. It’s Wyatt. Quinn tells Hope that she will not leave until Hope apologizes for speaking to her that way. Hope tells Wyatt not to wait at the warehouse. His mother is at their house right now. She’s not taking it very well what Hope just told her and that Wyatt would agree, but she thinks she has it all under control. Quinn points her finger at Hope and says Wyatt will never cut her out of his life. That is all Hope and she is not going to let her get away with this. Brooke tells Bill that she wants him to take this time to figure out what is best for him. He says he is looking at it. He explains that he and Katie could never go back to what they were. Brooke is not stealing him from Katie. She is happy with Ridge. Brooke says she does not know that. They aren’t married yet. Agitated, Bill tells her Brooke is not in the way. They don’t have to fight their feelings anymore. He tells her that she is right. They have one shot in this life so please do not get away from him. She tells him that she is not giving up on anything. She is gaining….gaining insight and respect. That is what she wants Will to see, both parents loving and adoring each other the way they were before Aspen. Bill says there is no chance. She says there is always a chance. She has to go now. He grabs her and says she is not leaving him. He kisses her. She allows him to but then walks out. Liam tells Ivy that he is glad he came. They can’t all have fun parents. And that is why he is worried about Hope….because of Quinn. She turns on people and he can’t imagine what will happen if she turns on Hope. Quinn tells Hope that she has been the most important person in Wyatt’s life since day one. And that is the reason he will never cut her out of his life now with a baby on the way. Hope questions Quinn ever being in therapy and tells her not to be so shocked as it is probably just another lie like so many she has told. Quinn says she loves Hope and she is her daughter-in-law but when she talks like this to her, it makes her so angry. So do not try to cut her out of this baby’s life, “Missy” as that would be a mistake, a very big mistake!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Victor and Maggie that sheís divorcing Bo and that she met Aiden.  Aiden met Nicole at the town square and she wanted to know who heís dating.  Kate didnít think EJís relationship with Sami would last.  Kate let EJ know that she will make sure he goes to jail.  Anne told Theresa that John was waking up and that she should be worried.  John woke up with Marlena and Brady at his side.  John was shocked that he was in a coma so long.  Brady told John that he was drunk and hit him with a poker.  John told him that he didnít do it.  EJ didnít understand why Kate had so much animosity towards him.  Kate said itís because heís become his father.  Victor went to Caroline and called her out for the way she treated Hope when she found out that she was divorcing Bo.  Caroline didnít want to give up on Bo.  Victor didnít want to give up on him either, but he felt that Hope needed to move on with her life.  John didnít believe that Brady would hit him with a poker.  John asked Daniel what really happened the night he was hit.

EJ told Kate that heís not like Stefano.  Kate said heís getting like him.  Kate blackmailed EJ and said she would tell the board about the money he and EJ stole.  She gave EJ two weeks to leave.  Brady was determined to let John find out the truth.  Marlena and Theresa thought they should wait on that.  Theresa stormed into Danielís office and told him she was on to him.  Aiden and Hope were making plans to go out when Caroline called asking to see her.  John wondered if Marlena was by his side because of what happened to him. John had a flash about Eric and wanted to see him.  Theresa thought that Daniel suspected her of hitting John and wanted to spread lies about her.  Caroline apologized to Hope for the way she reacted to her wanting to get a divorce.  John asked Eric if he saw him the day of his accident.  They talked briefly about it.  Theresa threatened to go to social media if he told anyone about her hitting John.  Victor told EJ that Stefano cut him off and he wanted to watch the showdown happen.  Johnís memory came back and he remembered Theresa hi

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco spies on Carly. Carly calls Sonny a son of a bitch because his life is the reason Michael almost got killed. He tells her that it is her fault, because she knew what his life was about before she made him Michael’s father. Nina tells Franco that he has spied long enough and that he should stop. While Franco goes to lunch without his phone, Carly and Sonny have sex again in Michael's apartment. Franco retrieves his phone and hears Carly and Sonny discussing their tryst.

Patrick wonders why Sam keeps thinking about the John Doe in the hospital. She is intrigued by the way Danny went to the man and held his hand. Patrick says Danny might have felt sympathy because the man is in such bad shape. He tells her that the man’s brain scans show that he has had multiple brain surgeries before the accident. Sam recalls Jason’s surgeries. Patrick says Jason was the worst patient that he ever had. Patrick tells Sam that Robin sent back the divorce papers and he is just waiting for Alexis to file them. He assures her that despite the divorce, he intends to respect her boundaries. Elizabeth sits with John Doe because she promised him that she would be there when he wakes up. She and Monica talk about AJ and Jason. Just when Elizabeth is about to take a break, John Doe wakes up.

Dante tells Nathan that they suspect the head of the Jerome crime family is Lulu’s father. He says he isn’t going to Amsterdam to be there when Tracy meets with Luke. Nathan says Dante would be out of his jurisdiction and it would be a conflict of interest. He offers to go in Dante’s place. Dante wonders why Nathan wants to get out of town. Nathan tells Dante that he asked Maxie out and she said no. Dante tells Nathan not to give up. Maxie tells Lulu that she declined a date with Nathan. Lulu thinks Maxie should go out with Nathan if that is what she really wants to do. Nathan goes to the Metro Court alone, just in case Maxie decides to come. When he gets up to leave, she shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the bottom of the stairs, Faith yells for Sharon and Mariah to get up. Sharon and Mariah come rushing downstairs to see what is all the commotion. Faith tells her that she didn’t want them to miss the wedding. The alarm clock goes off and awakens Jack and Kelly. Phyllis is already up when her alarm clock goes off. At the Athletic Club dining room, Cane and Lily go over the final details for the reception. At the church, Summer helps Austin with his tie. They walk down the aisle as Austin and Summer remember their own wedding day. Summer calls Dr. Burnett to check on Phyllis, but she once again gets the run around about her condition. Victor comes in and wants to know where Phyllis is. Nick and Avery meet at the Coffeehouse and discuss Dylan’s arrest. Nick invites Avery to his wedding, but she is hesitant about accepting. Lauren and Michael join them. Avery lets Nick know that Joe paid her a visit. Nick wonders where all this was coming from. Nick starts to leave for the church and then remembers his tie. Avery volunteers to pick him up a tie while he goes on to the church. Victor asks Dr. Burnett again where Phyllis is. Dr. Burnett says they're searching for her. He didn’t know the effects that the drug he had been giving Phyllis would have on her. Phyllis tears up Nick’s wedding invitation. Sharon, Faith, and Mariah get ready for the wedding. Abby arrives for the wedding and meets Nick right off. Abby apologizes to Nick for his remarks to Sharon the night before.

Mariah shows up, but Abby states that she will not apologize to her. Nick warns Mariah not to ruin this day for Sharon. Mariah talks to Victor on the phone and tells him that if he doesn’t arrive soon then she will spill the beans about Sharon and her little secret. Victor orders Mariah to stay quiet until he gets there. Kevin comments on Mariah’s dress just as Lauren and Michael arrive. The necessary introductions are made amongst the group. Kevin tells Michael and Lauren that he is Mariah’s only friend. Courtney and Summer discuss Phyllis and Summer’s uneasiness concerning Phyllis. Phyllis gets ready for the wedding. Summer tells Courtney that she wants to see Phyllis for herself. When Nikki and Victoria arrive, she asks him where his tie is. They discuss Victor and his whereabouts. Abby comes in and wants to know where Victor is. Nikki, Victoria, Summer, and Faith all give their traditional wedding gifts to Sharon such as something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new.

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