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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is pacing aimlessly around his office just remembering when Hope told him that she was pregnant. Bill comes in and sees the long face and asks what is wrong now. He hands Liam the coins and tells him to put them in his piggy bank, just get them out of his office. His little brother almost choked on one today. Thank goodness both Brooke and Katie were here but it was life changing. They almost lost the little boy they fought so hard to bring into this world. Katie doesn’t understand why Brooke would want to go to the Milan office; Thorne can take care of that. Brooke answers that Will needs another chance for his parents to be together. She witnessed that today. Katie reminds her that she and Bill have moved on. She is in love with Ridge and Bill is in love with Brooke. She’s not sure why Brooke is trying to play matchmaker. Brooke says she is not. She’s just made a decision that she is finally proud of and they all will have to accept it. She is not running away but just starting over. She is taking herself out of the equation and giving Katie and Bill a chance. She knows she still loves him and they have a child together. Please tell her that she will consider this. Will calls so Katie goes to him and Brooke lets herself out. She tells Eric later that she’s made a decision to take the position in Milan and give Katie another chance with Bill. Eric tells Ivy that Pam is cooking tonight so she needs to be there for dinner. She says she’s in and hopes he won’t mind if she invites Liam. She leaves to take some designs down to fitting and in walks John Forrester and surprises Eric. John is a jokester from the get go. When he sees the model he says he must have chosen the wrong career path. He asks how his Ivy is and tells Eric that Claire is keeping the home fires burning down under. She’s a saint. She is happy as a lark and puts up with his globetrotting. Wyatt asks Hope if she is as excited about this as he is. She says she is getting used to it. She gets a phone call so Wyatt uses that opportunity to call his mom. He asks if she is sitting down for some good news….if she’d like to be called grandma. She’s over the moon. She says it is the best phone call she has ever received in her life. She asks about Hope. She says she knows they have some fences to mend but Hope will get over it. So Wyatt needs to pamper her like the princess she is. He says he will.

Hope asks what is Mr. Father To Be smiling about. He says he just told his mother about the baby. Hope turns serious and says she does not want Quinn anywhere near their baby. She has hurt too many people. Hope says she is sorry but that is the way it has to be. Wyatt looks worried but says she is right for her and the little one. He will go talk to his mother. Pam joins Eric in his office and says it’s been a long time since seeing John. She introduces Charlie and John bungles his name irking Charlie that John is also flirting with Pam. She makes sure he will come to the dinner tonight. Liam joins Ivy for lunch and reminds him not to eat too much as they are having dinner too later. He divulges to her that Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s baby. So now she knows why Hope went back to Wyatt. Bad luck for Liam though. Brooke stops in to see Bill. He said he was just coming to see her. She says after what happened today it made her realize something very important. She is going to leave Los Angeles. There are some problems in Milan and they need her. He asks how long and she is evasive, just as long as they need her. He says great. They can just marry in Italy and honeymoon later. She informs him she is going alone. Quinn bursts into Hope’s house and practically bowls her over with hugs and gifts. Hope pulls herself away and says Wyatt is not there; actually he went over to see her. Quinn gushes that is okay; she will just make some special tea for Hope and they can sit and wait for Wyatt. Hope tries to tell her no but Quinn just keeps babbling….that she needs to start watching her diet and she’s ordered all these baby books online. She knows Hope is an independent woman but she’s been through this and experience does help. Hope blurts out that she is sorry but she doesn’t want Quinn in the baby’s life. She says she is going to raise Wyatt’s child with him but Quinn will not be part of it. Does she understand? She wants her out of their lives.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami let Eric know that she got back together with EJ.  She explained to Eric how she and EJ worked everything out.  Nicole talked to EJ about what Kristen did to Eric.  Nicole thought that he wasnít with Sami anymore until EJ corrected her.  Kate shocked Jordan by telling her that she went out with Clyde.  Kate let Jordan know that Rafe seemed jealous.  Nicole wasnít too surprised that EJ went back to Sami.  Nicole laughed at EJ when he told her that she wouldnít know the type of love he has with Sami.  Jennifer and Eve argued over JJ. Jennifer tried to convince Eve that JJís nothing like Jack.  Eve ran down how bad Jenniferís family is.  Eve kept telling Jennifer that she enjoyed what Jack did to her so she could play the victim.  Jennifer couldnít take Eveís comments anymore so she slapped her. Jennifer warned Eve to stay away from JJ.  Eve refused to do that.  Nicole didnít understand why EJ took Sami back after everything that happened.  Sami wanted to know if he could forgive her.

EJ wanted to bury the hatchet with Nicole.  Paige confronted Eve about the way she treated JJ.  Jennifer talked to JJ about her argument with Eve.  EJ and Nicole continued to argue with Eve about JJ.  JJ talked to Jennifer about being worried about losing Paige.  Jordan told Kate to go out with Clyde again because heís exactly who she deserves.  Eve told Paige that JJ is like Jack.  Eric forgave Sami for being with EJ.  EJ ran into Kate at the mansion and told her that she needed to pack her stuff and leave.  Kate refused to go.  She called Chad and wanted to tell Paige the truth, but he was scared.  Eve was determined to make Paige see the truth.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Nathan that she can’t stop thinking about him, but she can’t go out with him because she doesn’t want to jump into something so soon and she doesn’t know him well enough. He says he can tell her whatever she wants to know when they go out. He says that if she changes her mind, she can find him at the Metro Court restaurant that evening.

In the ICU, Danny runs up to John Doe and holds his hand. Elizabeth coaxes him away with a lollipop. She tells Sam that she also has a hard time leaving this patient’s side. Sam sits by John Doe and holds his hand. His vitals begin to rise. Elizabeth tells Sam that she thinks Patrick wants more to do with Sam than just working together. John Doe’s alarm goes off. The doctor says he will no longer sedate John Doe and let him wake up on his own. Patrick tells Sabrina that John Doe has had brain surgery before. Sabrina demands that Patrick share with her whatever leads he has into who caused the accident that led to Gabriel’s death. He names Luke Spencer. She says that is impossible. He observes that she shoots down all of his theories and asks her what theories she has. Sam arrives and Sabrina claims she doesn’t have a theory of her own. Lulu refuses to believe that her father gave the order for Rafe to drive Patrick’s car off the road or that he is working against Dante’s father. She refuses to go to Amsterdam. She’d rather stay home with Rocco. Dante says he won’t go either.

Sonny tells Michael that he is going to send him away because hit men who fail are always replaced. Carly agrees with Sonny. Michael refuses to go. Sonny says Michael can work for ELQ remotely from the island and that he can take Kiki with him. Michael agrees to go. Kiki tells Morgan about the hit man that tried to kill Michael. She says it is weird that Rosalie was there when it happened. She tells Morgan that it is killing her to keep so many secrets from Michael. Morgan pleads with her to continue to keep the secret about Sonny killing EJ. Michael unexpectedly arrives.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the Abbott family living room, Kelly searches frantically for Nick and Sharon’s wedding announcement. Jack walks in and wants to know what she is doing. Kelly asks Jack to accompany her to the wedding, but he doesn’t think that he can. In a hotel room somewhere in Genoa City, Phyllis looks at Nick’s wedding invitation. Avery asks Joe what he is doing here. At the GCPD, Paul ushers Nikki into the interrogation room to join Dylan. Paul lets Nikki know that Dylan has been arrested for the first degree murder of Ian Ward but it is just a “hoax”. Paul asks for Nikki’s help in luring Ian out of hiding. At the Underground, Summer is surprised to see Fenmore. She introduces him to Mariah and then to Austin. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lauren and Gloria meet for lunch and some girl talk. Michael gets a clean bill of health from his doctor. Lauren asks Gloria where Jeff is, but she seems upset by the question. Watching Summer and Fenmore together, Mariah asks Austin about their connection. Summer tells Fenmore all the latest gossip from Genoa City about Nick and Sharon getting remarried and also about her marriage to Austin. Summer also tells him about Jack and Kelly and that she thought Jack would never give up on Phyllis. Fenmore fills Summer in on his life in Arizona and that he has been dating some.

Phyllis daydreams about how her life would be with Jack. Jack explains to Kelly about his unceasing anger toward Nick. Kelly tells Jack that she found a picture of Phyllis in the cabinet and wonders if this is what triggered all these feelings. Jack says he found the picture of Phyllis on the mantle and had put it back into the cabinet. Michael arrives from the doctor and Lauren immediately wants to know what he said. Lauren and Gloria begin to argue over the fact that Michael had a doctorís appointment and didnít tell her. Joe and Avery have a long-awaited heart-to-heart talk, and he admits he wasnít the kind of husband that she deserved. Paul and Dylan let Nikki in on their plan to lure Ian out of hiding. Nikki agrees to do what she can to help. Paul instructs Nikki to let Victor know all about their plans. Paul releases a statement to the press about Dylanís arrest. At the Underground, Mariah tells Austin about Dylanís arrest in the murder of Ian Ward. Fenmore tells Summer that he has to go and meet his parents to say good-bye before he leaves town. He issues a warning to Austin not to hurt Summer. Phyllis remembers Jack putting the engagement ring back on her finger while she was comatose. Phyllis mumbles to herself that she remembers as she rocks back and forth on the bed. The doctor puts a rush on Michaelís lab tests when he finds something wrong.

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