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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is hysterical as Bill tries to hit on Will’s back and get him to cough up the coin that he swallowed. Brooke rushes in and Katie tells her to call 911 quickly. Bill continues to do his best Heimlich maneuver and finally the coin dislodges. Katie takes Will in her arms and both she and Bill are relieved. Brooke sees how they are bonding again as a family should. Ivy sits at her desk thinking about her kiss with Liam. Aly comes in and they discuss Liam with Aly saying right now he needs support and understanding. Neither can think what could have happened to make Hope go back to Wyatt. They are interrupted by Liam who asks Aly is she wants to talk about that piece for Eye On Fashion. Aly says yes but casts a look at Ivy and says she just realized this might not be the best time considering. He nervously chuckles and says reality is beginning to set in and he realizes he is not going to get Hope back. They don’t understand why she can’t break this hold from Wyatt. Liam says he thinks eventually they will all realize why. He thought it was their time but she made a commitment to Wyatt and now she has to honor that and there is nothing he can do. With Aly gone now he tells Ivy there is a lot more going on inside Hope than he was prepared for. There’s an attachment to Wyatt that is bigger than Liam. Those two are going to be linked to forever. Ivy still is not sure why Liam is so sure. Hope is home in a reflective mood. Wyatt comes in and says he rushed home as soon as he got her message. He wonders if anything is wrong. He asks if it is Bu because he can stay. He actually likes that cat now. He’s ecstatic when she tells him she is pregnant. He keeps asking if this is for real. She says yes she knew she was late but she took a test and it came up positive. They both are concerned that the other will be happy over this news. Hope says yes she is excited. He says this is the best news she could ever have told him and the greatest gift. There is no one he’d rather share this with but her. And this after just the other day he thought she was going back to Liam and he would have respected that decision. But that wasn’t Hope. She believes in their relationship and their marriage. This baby changes everything. It makes a deeper connection between the two of them forever. He kisses her and wipes a tear from her eye. Katie tells Brooke and especially Bill that the last few months haven’t been easy but today put it all in prospective. They need to remember what is important. They need to get along for their children. Brooke tells her they have come a long way. She’s very proud of her. Bill tells Katie that he is proud of her too. She says she has not always agreed with his choices but he has been an amazing father to Will and that is all that is important to her now. He says that means a lot to him. Being a great father is his greatest goal. It’s even better than being CEO, by a long shot.

Back at Katie’s Brooke tells her that she has done a lot of soul searching lately. She has talked to Eric and there is a high level opening in Milan and she thinks she is going to take it. Katie is shocked that she would move and wonders if Bill knows. Brooke says no; she has not told him yet. Brooke says she needs to get away and regroup. She’s done some things in her life, very selfish things she is not proud of. She is sorry she let Katie down. Katie says she is past all of that. Brooke says she stole her husband. That was wrong and she is going to try to make it up to her somehow. She comments there is still a lot of love between Katie and Bill. She saw it today in the office when they bonded again over Will. But there could be more. Brooke says she is leaving town so she is taking herself out of the equation. They are a family so she just wants her to consider that. When Ivy has to go meet Eric and leaves Liam alone in the office he calls Hope. He asks if she can talk now. She says briefly. She just told Wyatt about being pregnant. Liam says she knows that he can not stop loving her. Wyatt returns to the room so Hope tells Liam that she has to go. Wyatt tells Hope full steam ahead, no turning back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ noticed that Sami was upset.  He asked her to tell him what was wrong.  Sami told EJ that she had a run in with Kristen.  Chad and Kate talked about getting Stefano.  Paige told JJ that she overheard Kayla tell a patient that she was raped.  Paige wanted to tell Kayla what she heard, but JJ didnít want her to do that.  Sami told EJ that Kristen said he liked what she did to Eric.

JJ apologized for ordering Paige not to tell Kayla about hearing her conversation.  After her meeting with Chad, Kate met with Rafe.  Rafe wasnít happy that she went out with Clyde.  Kate thought his reaction was because of Jordan.  EJ ended up admitting to Sami that he said that he wanted Eric to be knocked off her pedestal.  EJ explained to Sami that Kristen was upset and wanted to get to Sami.  EJ begged Sami not to let Kristen get to him.  Rafe didnít understand why Kate thought Jordan was why he didnít like her going out with Clyde.  Rafe and Kate continued to talk about Clyde and Jordanís relationship.  EJ and Sami made up after their conversation.  Jordan saw Kate and Rafe talking to each other in he town square.  Rafe warned Kate to take it slow with Clyde.  Kate saw Jordan and told her that she went out with Clyde.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan asks Anna why Obrecht is still in custody. Anna can’t tell him. Maxie bulldozes her way into the brownstone against Morgan’s wishes and eat a muffin without permission. She says she came to say she is sorry and asks him if she should go on a date with Nathan. Morgan tells her that she has to listen to her heart and make her own decision. She goes to the station to give Nathan her answer.

Michael tells Kiki about the hit man. She says it only happened because Michael is Sonny’s son. She thinks about Morgan telling her that she must not tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. She gets annoyed when Michael reveals that Rosalie was there. Julian warns Ava that Sonny isn’t the only threat and that the boss isn’t happy with her. When Alexis goes into Julian’s living room, Sonny is sitting there. Sonny asks Julian about the hit man. Julian says he had nothing to do with it. Alexis challenges Sonny to go ahead and kill Julian. Sonny says he is going to find a donor match for Danny and then Julian won’t be able to hide behind him anymore. Sonny fires Alexis as his attorney. Alexis tells Julian that he’d better not be lying. Sonny tells Shawn that he is going to try to get information from Jordan. Jordan goes to see Anna and tells her that Ava was really driving the car that hit the John Doe. She says she encouraged Ava to leave the scene to hide from Sonny Corinthos because he intends to execute her. In order for her to find out who the Jerome crime boss is, she has to stay close to the siblings. She tells her that she found Shawn in the act of attempting to abduct Ava. Anna wants Jordan to testify. Jordan says no because she is in an intimate relationship with Shawn.

Sam and Patrick plan to find Luke in Amsterdam. Silas asks Sam if she and Patrick are a couple now. She tells him that the trip is strictly business. He gets annoyed when she won’t tell him who she suspects put Rafe up to running Patrick off the road. She tells him that she will tell him when she has something solid to say. Elizabeth goes to GH on her day off to check on the John Doe. Epiphany wishes Patrick still worked at General Hospital because he would be the perfect person to look at John Doe’s brain scans. Patrick agrees to look at the scans unofficially and sees scar tissue from previous brain surgery. He determines that there doesn’t appear to be any current brain damage but will know more when the patient wakes up. Sam goes to the ICU looking for Patrick. Danny runs over to John Doe and holds his hand.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael sits at a table in the Athletic Club dining room, suffering from the effects of his hangover from the night before. Lauren comes in to join him. Michael wants to go upstairs to a room, but Lauren insists that he go to his meeting. Lauren and Michael are both surprised when Fenmore shows up. At home, Sharon and Nick look at the picture of them on the computer of their previous arrest. Summer, Austin, and Noah arrive with presents for Faith’s birthday. Faith comes bounding downstairs and into Nick’s lap. In Sweden, Victor talks to Nikki on the phone and assures her that he will be back in time for Nick and Sharon’s wedding. At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Kevin discuss the party from the night before. Kevin asks Mariah when she wants him to pick her up, but she tells him that she will have to be there before the other guests in order to get dressed for the wedding. Mariah lets Kevin know that this is not a “date-date”. In the outside foyer of Crimson Lights, an unknown man talks to someone on the phone. At the police department, Avery begs Paul and Mark not to do this but Paul informs Avery that Christine is charging Dylan with first degree murder. The unknown man enters Crimson Lights as Kevin watches him. Avery tells Paul and Mark that they are making a mistake. Paul tells Mark to do what he has to do. Mark takes Dylan to an interrogation room. Faith tells Sharon that she wants Faith at her party. Sharon wants her real birthday party after the wedding. Austin picks up a paper off the floor on which Phyllis wrote Nickís name and shows it to Summer. Summer doesn’t recognize it as Phyllis’ handwriting. Victor assures Dr. Jorgenson that he wants the results of the paternity test immediately. Two officers enters Paul’s office and listen to him on the phone with someone saying that he had to arrest Dylan for Ian’s murder. Mark questions Dylan in Avery’s presence. Mark tells Avery and Dylan about Mr. Bardwell’s eyewitness testimony, but Avery doesn’t put much stock in it. An officer gives Mark a file with the test results. Mark tells Avery and Dylan that the mud on Dylan’s shoes matches the sand in the sand quarry.

Mariah arrives for Faith’s birthday. Paul stands outside the door and listens to Mark questioning Dylan. Avery assures Mark that this case will never go to trial. Fenmore insists that he did not get kicked out of school nor is he sick. He informs Michael and Lauren that this was just a school meeting. Fenmore shows them the article about Michael’s arrest on the internet. Nick and Sharon kiss and don’t pay any attention to the note with Phyllis’ handwriting. Mark joins Paul in his office and tells him that he almost got Dylan to confess. Dylan assures Avery that all will work out. Kevin joins Lauren at the Athletic Club dining room. They discuss how Michael is doing now. Kevin assures Lauren that he is at a good place right now, but she doesn’t believe him when she notices the wedding ring still on his finger. Lauren orders him to take if off but Kevin refuses. Nick wants to elope with Sharon but she refuses. Nick and Sharon dance around the room. Sharon shows Nick the note with his name on it and wonders who would have started it but not finish it. Nick doesn’t recognize the handwriting. Michael visits his doctor for a physical exam.

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