Tuesday 9/30/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/30/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says there is one person that she can’t get out of her mind. It’s obvious to Eric that it is Eric. She laughs and says that is sweet but no, it is her sister. Can she really do this to Katie. She wants to know that Katie is happy and protected. Somewhere along the way she lost that. She allowed herself to be with Bill although that too started off with just going along with what Katie wanted. She says it does not turn out good when she follows her heart. He tells her Katie is with Ridge so Brooke needs to lead her life. If she wants to be with Bill, then be with him. She says she realizes there is more to life than just following her heart. She is not interested in trying to figure out the next man she will be with, but the person that she wants to be. Eric gets a phone call but says Milan can wait. He says he has been with her a long time and he has seen her mature and grow, just like Stephanie wanted. She says she never felt worthy but she wants to be. No more mistakes like she used to make. Ridge’s accident gave her time to stop and think. She has always wanted to be the center of attention no matter who it hurt. She does not want to be that person anymore. Take herself out of the equation and let Katie decide who she wants to be with, Ridge or Bill. She wants to change who she was 20 years ago, even ten years ago, even 6 months ago. She wants to start over as Brooke Logan.

Quinn tells Deacon to cheer up. Two bad asses like them don’t need to be in a relationship. She hopes Bill and Brooke have a long mind numbing marriage of regrets. They will be miserable to be tied down to each other every day. Deacon says she is actually cheering him up. She tells him not to call her nice. She has plans for him. Her disposal is clogged. That was not chitchat so get to work. All she really wants is her son to be happy. Hope will get over this and Quinn needs the time to prove herself to Hope and Wyatt and everybody. Things haven’t turned out so bad. He brings up Ricardo again. She says again she did not kill him. He says if he is going to take care of her plumbing every now and then, he needs full disclosure. She would like to keep the past in the past. He says she needs more than her son to keep her happy and busy. She is way too obsessed with her kid. He kisses her passionately. Quinn pulls away and Deacon asks if she is going to stab him. She says no but asks if he is drunk. It’s been a long time since a man kissed her that way while completely sober. He says he does not want to be on the receiving end of all her obsession so tell him why he should not run away as fast as he can. He has fixed her disposal and asks if she has anything more that needs plumbing. She says she will keep the fridge stocked for him and he can always fix her plumbing. But for the record she is not a fan of being touched. The kiss though was not bad; she liked it. He says he has made a lot of dangerous decisions in his life and something tells him he is about to make another one. They kiss again. While Katie is talking to Bill, Will puts a coin in his mouth and starts to choke. Katie yells that he can’t breathe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan and Kirsten were shocked to see each other at the DiMera mansion.  Paige was surprised that Kayla was raped.  JJ got caught eavesdropping on Eve and Daniel.  EJ assured Sami that nothing would happen to him.  Susan blamed Kristen for why EJ was in danger.  Eve told JJ about what he did to Paige.  Daniel threw her out of his apartment.  EJ informed Sami that Stefano wouldnít be a problem for them.  Kristen called Stefano to keep Susan from talking to her.  Eve told JJ that heís not welcomed in her home anymore.  Stefano wanted Susan to get out of his house.  Susan was determined to make the DiMeras pay. Susan walked out of the mansion.

Susan went to visit John at the hospital.  Kristen was mocking Susan when Sami arrived at the mansion.  Sami thought that she was Susan and was shocked to find out that she was Kristen.  Eve ran into Jennifer and they had a run in about the pics of JJ.  Susan went down memory lane with John.  She talked to him about their wedding day.  Sami wanted to know what Kristen did to Susan.  They ended up arguing over Susan, Eric, and Brady.  Kristen told Sami that EJ would pay for turning on the family.  Kristen wanted to tell Sami about the things EJ said about her.  Eve and Jennifer continued to argue over JJ and Paige.  Kristen told Sami that EJ knew what she did to Eric.  Sami let her know that EJ told her about it.  Kristen told her that EJ laughed when she told him about it.  Kristen said that EJ said that he would be glad to see Eric fall off of his high horse.  Susan left a picture of hers and Johnís wedding day on his table.  EJ called Stefano to talk about the new business ventures that heís doing.  Stefano couldnít understand why EJ reunited with Sami.  Stefano warned EJ that he was up for the challenge of stopping them from being together.  Sami was mad at Kristen when she gloated over EJís reaction to her plan.  Sami threw her out of the mansion.  Page met up with JJ and told him about how she overheard Kayla talking about being raped.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Lulu that she and Patrick think Luke may have caused Patrick’s accident. She tells her that Spencer heard Luke plotting with someone, possibly Julian, against Sonny and then threatened to hurt Emma when Spencer confronted him. They reveal that Rafe ran Patrick off the road the same night as the threat. Lulu reveals that they know it was Julian that Luke was talking to that night. Dante reveals that Anna is investigating Luke on a different matter. He tells them that an undercover cop said Julian’s boss’ voice sounded like Luke on the phone. Luke texts Tracy that he wants to meet her in Amsterdam. Alexis asks Julian if he is working for Luke Spencer. Julian swears on Sam’s life that he isn’t working for Luke. Alexis isn’t sure she believes him. He asks her if she can deny that she wants to be with him. She kisses him. They begin to tear each other’s clothes off, but he stops and says he isn’t going to sleep with her and have her walk out the door the way she did the last time. She says she won’t leave. They pick up where they left off.

Franco tells Nina that he is going to watch Carly with a camera in her necklace. Nina asks what Franco will do if he discovers that Carly is still cheating with Sonny. He says he has some information that would ruin Carly and Sonny’s lives. Nina takes Franco’s phone from him and tells him that he is acting a little crazy, and he needs to stop before he goes off the deep end.

Ava tells Morgan and Kiki that she saw Sonny kill AJ and coerced Carlos Rivera to confess. Kiki thinks Ava is really the one who shot AJ and she is blaming Sonny for her crime. Morgan believes Ava because he remembers Sonny saying that Ava knew about something terrible that he did and that she was holding it over his head. Ava reveals that Carly knows, too, because AJ told her on his deathbed. Kiki thinks Michael has the right to know who killed his father. Morgan tells her that it would kill Michael if he knew that Sonny killed AJ and Carly helped him keep it secret. Michael asks Kobe, the hit man, to tell him who wants him dead before he kills him. Shawn kicks in the door and shoots. When he misses Kobe, the hit man grabs Michael and uses him as a shield. Rosalie creates a diversion so Michael can try to take the gun away from Kobe. In the struggle, Michael kills Kobe. Shawn calls Sonny to Michael’s place. Sonny has the body disposed of. Sonny tells Rosalie that she has to understand that nothing happened and that Michael didn’t kill anyone. Rosalie says she understands and leaves with Shawn. Carly yells at Sonny. She says he promised her that nothing like this would ever happen to their sons.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Someone kidnaps Nick from outside of Sharon’s. Sharon comes downstairs and yells for Nick but he's gone. Summer, Victoria, Nikki, and Abby arrive to take Sharon to her bachelorette party. In the car, Nick is taken by the men to his bachelor party. The women arrive at their destination for the bachelorette party, but it soon begins to thunder. At the bachelor party, Noah wants Nick to tell everyone how he and Sharon met. When it continues to thunder, Sharon thinks of another place to celebrate. The women find themselves in a bar across town which unnerves Nikki. Victoria is taken aback when she sees Ben there with Ashley. Mariah also notices Tyler at the bar. Sharon is surprised when she is approached for a dance by a male stripper. When Richie offers Summer a drink, Nikki takes it from the bartender and stops Summer from drinking it. Nikki takes the drink to outside the men’s bathroom and drinks it herself. At home, Phyllis looks at the picture of Sharon, Nick, and Faith.

Sharon entices Nick to dance with her. Mariah gets Tyler to dance with her just to get back at Abby. Ashley convinces Ben to join in the party. At Sharon’s home, Phyllis sees the traffic citation that Sharon received dated July 22, 2013. Phyllis claps her hand over her mouth. At the party, a man asks Michael if he isn’t Michael Baldwin and when Michael tells him that he is, the man hits Michael, and he falls to the ground. This results in the whole bar getting into a brawl. All present are arrested. In jail, everyone makes up and wishes Sharon and Nick happiness. Courtney tells everyone that Richie will not drop the charges. In a few moments, the officer comes back and tells everyone that Billy paid their fine and they are free to go. Everyone goes to their own home. Nick and Sharon go home, but she will not let him stay for the night. When Sharon opens the door, the paper that Phyllis scribbled on falls to the floor.

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