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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Deacon looking on, Bill holds Brooke’s face in his hands and says Ridge can draw again so there is no reason they can’t get on with their lives. Deacon speaks up and says he has known and loved her longer and he’d like that same consideration. Gently she tells Deacon that Bill is the man in her life now. Quietly he walks out with Bill making a snide remark that he could help with some bus money. He tells Brooke he gathers that he can take that as a yes. Will she marry him? She says she does not want to rush into anything. She will give him an answer soon. Wyatt drops by Quinn’s and says he came to tell her that Hope was home and that is where she is going to stay. Quinn is thrilled. He tells her this fixation with Hope has got to end so he wants her to stay away from their doorsteps. She says she does not dislike Hope and she has no fear from Quinn. She is not upset. If Hope needs her space that will be okay as long as Wyatt visits her every now and then. She will not let anyone keep her from seeing her son. Donna asks Eric is she can talk to him a bit Brooke. She is not crazy about Bill, no one is, but she wonders how long they can keep putting off getting back together. Katie brings Will to see Bill and he says he has heard the good news about the dressmaker designing again. She says she doesn’t hate him and in time she could teach Brooke how to make his favorite foods.

Eric has problems with the International office in Milan and tells Brooke, then asks what is her next plans. She says she had two proposals this morning and she is considering the next step by marrying Bill. Eric says she ought to just go do it. Bill is no one’s favorite and we don’t fall in love with people because of their good qualities, we just do. Ridge was the love of her life, her words, but every few years we wake up and ask who am I and how did I get here. She needs to do that with Bill. If Bill is who she wants though, she has him. Deacon goes back to Quinn’s loft and she tells him her son was just here. Things are good and Hope is staying. She wants to know what Brooke said. He tells her Brooke did not say yes yet but Bill asked her again to marry. She wonders why every man wants to marry Brooke and yet burn her at the stake. He says she is a witch and Brooke is not. She laments she thought Hope was gonna kick Wyatt to the curb so she made him his favorite dinner complete with rotisserie chicken and pumpkin pie. She was so sure he would come home to her. Deacon says he will eat her pie and the chicken too. She explains he can’t as she threw it away down the disposal so that is why it is broke and needs cleaning out. Maybe he can earn his keep. He offers his shoulder to cry on as he is lonely too. She says she is not into that kind of thing. She explains a little constructive criticism….. he needs to talk a little less. He puts his hand on hers. Eric tells Brooke that he is not appalled. They dress well, they pay their taxes, they use their turn signals when driving so they always do the right thing. But what most do not see is they are very unconventional people. Love matters to them, even lust. And they both have this little voice inside that says they aren’t going to live forever. And every time she denies herself that she will die a little inside. She says he knows her so well. He says she was one of those experiences that he could not deny himself. She knows what she wants. He asks if she is worried about what other people will think. She says she is afraid they will be right. When she thinks about loving Bill she thinks it will be a terrible mistake. And then there is one she can not even think about. He asks if it is Ridge….or Deacon. She says no, hasn’t he heard the talk. Then he guesses it might be him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan showed up in Salem to surprise EJ.  He wanted to know why she was there.  Susan had a premonition that EJ was in terrible danger.  Hope and Aiden went to Chicago for their date.  Aiden wanted to make sure that Hope was ready to date.  Eve went to JJ and told her she knew about the pics of him making out with another girl.  JJ denied doing anything wrong.  JJ told Eve that someone drugged him.  Susan explained to EJ that she had a bad feeling that something was wrong.  She wanted EJ to come home with her.  Eve wanted to see the pics and JJ finally gave her the phone.  JJ said he didnít remember what happened.  Eve was upset and warned him to stay away from her daughter and he said no.  Susan and Sami were reacquainted.  Susan wanted Sami to help her convince EJ to leave with her.  EJ said he wasnít leaving.

Hope explained to Aiden that she had to move on with her life.  A waiter ended up spilling spaghetti in Aidenís lap.  Kristen talked to Stefano and blamed him for making her nervous by bringing Susan up.  EJ told Susan again that he wasnít leaving town.  Susan decided to stay too.  Aiden got a call that said the show he and Hope were going to see was canceled.  Daniel told Eve that JJ was drugged.  Daniel came to JJís defense about the drugs and the pictures Paige was sent.  Eve wanted to talk to Daniel alone.  Susan warned EJ that he was in trouble.  She was interrupted when Marlena showed up.  EJ and Sami left Marlena and Susan to talk.  JJ eavesdropped on Eve and Danielís argument.  Sami thought Susan could be right about EJ getting hurt.  He assured her that heís not going to get hurt.  Susan wanted to see John and ran into Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco gives Carly a necklace with a talisman to ward off the evil eye. Franco apologizes to Nina for getting angry with her yesterday and tells her that she was right about Carly cheating on him with Sonny. He says he proposed to Carly and has devised a way to find out whether he can trust her before they get married. The necklace he gave Carly has a camera in it. Sonny stops by Carly’s house to ask her what she was thinking when she got engaged to Franco. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Sonny tells her that Shawn and Max went to snatch Ava, but she got away. Carly thinks it might be for the best if Ava gets out of town and never comes back because all of their problems will go away with her. Sonny thinks Ava will be back to cause trouble. Morgan grabs Kiki when she comes into the brownstone. Ava tells her that he did that because of her. Morgan says he is protecting Ava. Ava reveals that Sonny wants her dead. Kiki wants to call Michael. Ava tells her not to involve Michael. Kiki insists that Michael won’t say anything to Sonny. Ava says Michael is the reason that Sonny is after her because she saw Sonny kill Michael’s father.

Nina hears Shawn talking about Ava and asks him to verify that she heard him saying that Ava Jerome is missing. He tells her that he was talking about someone else. Julian tells Jordan that the man who was just at his penthouse was looking for Ava because she refused to kill Michael Corinthos. He supposes the man is on his way to Michael’s apartment to do the job himself. Jordan warns Shawn. Rosalie stops by Michael’s apartment and apologizes for telling him that Kiki and Morgan are keeping a secret from him. When she opens the door to leave, Gobi, the hit man, forces his way in and tells Michael that he has a bullet for him. Michael wants to know who Gobi works for. Shawn kicks the door in.

Olivia runs into Ned at the gym. They are both enrolled in the mixed martial arts class. Ned says he invited Alexis to join him, but he doubts that she will. Sam concludes to Alexis and Patrick that it’s possible that Luke and Julian are working together. Alexis goes to Julian’s place and asks him if he works for Luke. Dante concludes that Luke and Julian are working together to take down Sonny. At Dante’s request, Tracy leaves a message for Luke. Patrick and Sam stop by Dante and Lulu’s place to talk to them about Luke.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Abby assures Victoria that they will get through this birth unless she wants to get someone else. Victoria assures her that she doesn’t want anyone else. Abby offers if she wants to get Billy or Ben to be her coach but Victoria refuses. At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chelsea have ice cream with Johnny and Connor. Billy reaches over and kisses Chelsea but their attention soon turns to Connor, who has bitten Johnny. Nick asks Sharon if she has a problem with Summer carrying Phyllis’ purse at the wedding, but Sharon assures him that she doesn’t, but she just doesn’t know what is bothering her about it. Phyllis arrives at Jack’s and looks around, but she cannot get in until she remembers where he keeps the key. Phyllis walks into the house and says to herself, “I’m home.” At Jabot, Jack sets some ground rules for Ashley. Ashley asks Summer if she could have a few moments alone with Jack. Jack tells Ashley that she will have to deliver on the new fragrance. Ashley assures him that she will. Ashley reminds Jack how he wronged her in the past. Victoria is at the hospital when Billy and Chelsea bring Johnny in. Victoria immediately wants to know what happened. Billy explains that Connor bit him. Victoria takes Johnny and tells him that she will not let anyone hurt him. After looking around, Phyllis goes upstairs. Kelly comes home while Phyllis is upstairs. At the Athletic Club dining room, Ashley and Abby meet to discuss the latest town gossip and to discuss Jabot business. Abby tells Ashley that Billy is with Chelsea now. Ben interrupts them and sits down beside Ashley. At the hospital, Chelsea watches Billy with Victoria. At the Underground, Austin and Mariah unload the boxes of liquor that just arrived. Mariah mentions that they should steal a bottle of the liquor and celebrate. Austin refuses to go along with her plan. Kevin watches them. Kelly calls Sharon to let her know that the wedding invitations came in, and she wants to come over to discuss the reception. After Kelly leaves, Phyllis walks to the top of the stairs and looks around. Phyllis calls out for Jack but he's not there.

Billy takes Johnny to see the doctor while Victoria and Chelsea have a chat. Victoria tells Chelsea that she saw them together in the park. Billy comes back with Johnny and wants to know what's going on between them. Sharon and Nick discuss the reception with Kelly. Sharon asks Kelly when she and Jack will be getting married. Jack and Summer discuss how she wants him to give Austin a job at Jabot. Jack and Summer discuss Phyllis and how she is “unstoppable.” Phyllis looks around the house and realizes how things have changed. Phyllis looks at the pics on the mantle and doesn’t see one of her. She opens the cabinet and sees a pic of herself that is hidden away. Kevin questions Mariah about her flirting with Austin and reminds her that Austin is a married man. Mariah reminds him that Tyler was hers first too when Abby took him from her. Chelsea lets Billy know that Victoria saw them together in the park. Billy and Chelsea kiss. Victoria comes back from cleaning up Johnny. Chelsea soon makes her exit with Connor. Billy tells Victoria that they need to get some things straight about Chelsea. Billy reminds Victoria that she wanted a divorce and he gave it to her, but Chelsea is in his life now. Ashley, Abby, and Ben discuss the new fragrance. Abby calls Ben a “murderer” again. Ben lashes out at her and tells her not to do that again. Ashley defends Ben to Abby. Sharon tries to get Nick to tell her where he is taking her on their honeymoon, but he refuses. Sharon tries to use her new bathing suit to get him to tell her where he is taking her. Phyllis puts her pic back on the mantle. Summer visits Austin at the Underground and lets him know that Jack is granting him an interview concerning a job. Jack comes home and sees Phyllis’ pic on the mantle. Someone abducts Nick outside of Sharon’s door.

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