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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Katie that is the last thing she wanted to do was upset Katie. She probably should have kept this to herself, just forget she mentioned it. She is not saying Caroline is out to get Ridge, but they were holding each other closely when they were working. She knows how Caroline works and the last thing she wanted to do was upset Katie. Deacon drops by on Brooke and she tells him that Hope is pregnant. He thinks Hope will be an awesome mother and even more they will be awesome grandparents. The timing may not be great but he is thinking back on another pregnancy everyone thought would be tragic. He will never regret his feelings for Brooke though or what they shared together. He didn’t expect a yes from her right out of the box but he hopes as long as there is the slightest chance she will accept his proposal, he wants that. Justin tells Bill that he’s heard from very reliable sources that Ridge has found his muse in Caroline and is designing again. Bill is thrilled. He wants Ridge to design his little heart away. This will change everything for Bill and Brooke and they can get on with their life. The dressmaker is designing again and all is right with the world. He calls his pilot to make sure the jet is ready to go.

Ridge continues to guide Caroline’s hands and make their sketches. Katie walks in and sees the closeness. She asks if she is interrupting. She is happy for both of them, but asks him to explain his process. Ridge explains that he can not draw on his own. Caroline says she gets a rush when it comes together in one incredible design, it works. Katie asks how long does he think this collaboration will last……people are talking. He wonders if she is jealous. He says he and Caroline are a team and he needs her help. He’s in trouble and he needs to get these designs out. She should not be listening to gossip. Bill drops by to see Brooke and tries to get Deacon thrown out. Deacon says unlike him he was invited. Brooke says he is not going anywhere. Bill says okay. He hates having to say this in front of this idiot but it’s too important so he will. He tells Brooke that Ridge is designing again so there is nothing to keep them apart any longer. He gives her a big hug. Ridge has got his drawing back and he wants her back right now. Get on the jet and get married. He knows he over-reacted in the past but he has learned. He says he is now bearing his soul in front of this convict but they have to get their life back and he wants to hear from her now that she will marry him and be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas didnít understand why Sami reunited with EJ.  Kate was not happy that Chad told Stefano they were working together.  Kate wondered if Chad was on her side or Stefanoís side.  EJ met with Clyde in the park.  Clyde had money for EJ to prove that he could work for him.  Clyde wanted to expand the business, but EJ didnít want to do that.  Sami and Lucas argued about her reuniting with EJ.  Kate didnít want Chad to play games with her.  Chad said he wasnít playing games and wanted to make Stefano pay.  Chad let Kate know that he was supposed to go after her as well as Sami.  Chad said that they could let Stefano think he was on Stefanoís side.  Chad promised to stay by Kateís side.  Lucas continued to rip into Sami about being with EJ again.  Lucas informed Sami that she was on her own the next time she breaks up with EJ.  Sami tried to justify what she did and wanted Lucasí blessing.  He said he couldnít give it to her.  EJ warned Clyde not to make deliveries where his family is or he wouldnít work with him. 

EJ went home and heard Sami talking to the kids about her new ring.  They were all happy to see each other.  Lucas saw Abby at Willís place and tried to get her to make up with Will.  Will ended up showing up at the apartment.  Chad and Jordan ran into each other and decided to get some tea.  While they were talking, Rafe saw them together.  Will talked to Abby about the article heís writing on Chad and assured her that he wouldnít let Chad throw her under the bus.  Abby didnít seem to care about his article and left the apartment.  Rafe walked up to Chad and Jordan and welcomed him back home.  Rafe wanted to talk to Jordan about Chad.  He warned her that Chad is a DiMera and that she should be careful when sheís talking to him.  Jordan didnít want to judge Chad and didnít need Rafeís advice.  Chad talked to Stefano about their plan.  After he got off the phone with Stefano, Chad said Stefano wouldnít see him coming.  Clyde talked to EJís henchman and wanted him to talk to EJ about expanding their business.  Susan showed up at the DiMera mansion to surprise EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At the hospital, Jordan checks on the man who was run over. Shawn tells Jordan that he knows she didn’t hit the man; Ava did. She admits it and tells him that she has no idea where Jordan went after that. One of the boss’ thugs gets into Ava and Julian’s penthouse to take out Ava. Julian tells him that Ava isn’t there. The thug, named Kobe, tells Julian that he will have to make good on Ava’s job to either get the goods on Sonny or kill Michael. Julian says he is in charge in Port Charles and that he isn’t going to do anybody’s dirty work. Kobe says he will do it himself. Jordan shows up. Kobe recognizes her as the person who took out Mickey Diamond and tells her that the boss isn't happy about that. She tells him that if the boss has a problem with it, he can tell her to her face. Jordan tells Julian about the accident. They disclose that neither of them knows where Ava went. Julian tells Jordan about the hits on Ava and Michael. Michael asks Kiki if she and Morgan are hiding something from him. Morgan tells Ava to stay at the brownstone, because it is the last place that Sonny would expect her to be. When the door opens, he grabs Kiki. Ava reveals herself and tells Kiki that Morgan did that because of her. Someone knocks on Michael’s door.

Patrick tells Alexis that Robin is sending the divorce papers back. She suggests that he start dating. Patrick and Sam tell Alexis about their suspicions about Luke. Alexis discloses that she saw Luke with Julian in the stables on the night of Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party. Tracy stops by Dante and Lulu’s house to see that Lulu is ok. She asks if Lulu has talked to her father. Lulu says she hasn’t, but that he plans to give him a piece of her mind for cheating on Tracy. Tracy admits that Luke didn’t cheat and that it was just a story to get her back into ELQ, so that she could take over from within. Tracy doesn’t know where Luke is and that she hasn’t seen him since her honeymoon. Dante reveals that Luke is under investigation for possibly taking Ric Lansing’s place as the head of the Jerome crime family because an undercover heard the boss’ voice which sounded like Luke. Dante says he has been trying to clear Luke. Tracy reveals that Luke disappeared at Wyndemere the night of Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party and that she found him in the stables with Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the park, Nick and Noah throw a few balls around as they have a heart to heart talk. Noah asks Nick if he is nervous about his upcoming marriage to Sharon. Nick, at first, denies being nervous but then he confesses that it is Sharon. At home, Sharon, Summer, and Faith await Mariah's arrival, so they can try on their bridesmaids dresses. In Sweden, Victor calls Dr. Cutler about the DNA clinic that he is visiting and inquires about Phyllis. Dr. Cutler lies to Victor and tells him that there is no change in Phyllis’ condition. A truck driver has picked up Phyllis and they are headed back toward Genoa City. At the Athletic Club dining room, Neil tries to persuade Hilary to take Jack’s place at a convention in New York. Hilary refuses to leave Neil alone. Devon stands by and listens to their conversation. In his office at the police department, Paul and Christine discuss the case how the case against Dylan will compromise Paul in doing his job since his own son is involved. In the park, Avery tells Mariah that it's time for an annulment in her marriage to Ian Ward. Mariah says that she needs to do what she needs to do. Victor meets with Dr. Jorgenson about the DNA testing and he wants to find out if Faith is really Nick’s daughter. The truck driver asks Phyllis what happened to her and where she's headed. Hilary tells Neil that she has some things to do. Neil tells Devon to go after Hilary and make her understand that the trip to New York would be good for her. Nick confides to Noah that he feels that he is pushing Sharon too hard and too fast to get married again. Sharon gives Mariah a present which Mariah calls it a “bribe” and refuses to accept it. Summer is surprised by Mariahís actions. Sharon tells Mariah that she will put it away in case she changes her mind.

Dylan leaves Avery a note, opens up the door, and sees Paul standing there. Paul asks him where he's going. Dylan lets him know that he has some personal business. Dylan also tells Paul that he left Avery a note. Paul says this is now an investigation in the murder of Ian Ward. Dylan asks Paul if he is here to arrest him. Avery overhears Christine on the phone discussing the Ian Ward case. Dylan tells Paul to look into his eyes and he will see that he is no murderer. Dylan urges Paul to let him help find Ian’s killer. Hilary changes her mind about going to New York. Neil calls Jack to thank him for letting Hilary go to New York. Victor puts a rush on the DNA test to get the results. Phyllis makes it home to Genoa City.

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