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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is probably the last person Liam expected to see. He thinks Wyatt came to gloat.. Wyatt says actually he came to apologize. He is apologizing for his mother. It's been easy in the past but he can’t do that anymore. He has a wife now to protect; a family. Liam says this is hard for him to hear about this family they are starting. Wyatt basically walked off with his life and now he has to sit here and watch him enjoy it. Wyatt says it is not that way. He and Hope want to start their life and he hopes she will be pregnant soon. Light bulb goes off for Liam. He asks Wyatt if he has spoken to Hope about this. Wyatt says she is not quite ready yet. But he is ready as soon as she comes around. Brooke and Hope bring food home to Wyatt’s for them to eat and catch up. Brooke assumes Hope will be moving out and is surprised when Hope tells her to wait. Plans have changed and she is not moving out. She is staying with Wyatt. Brooke is stunned and says there are other options. Hope says no…..she is pregnant. She says she took a pregnancy test so she would not freak out like she did last time. So she had to tell Liam first that she was not coming back to him. And she has not told Wyatt yet. Caroline asks Ridge if she can tell Rick as it is so hard for her to keep things from him, and especially this big secret. Ridge says no way. Caroline tells him even if he could draw again she could walk out that door with no regrets. He says she is going nowhere. She says okay, this is just temporary and he is still the great Ridge Forrester. She says she has to respect that he needs more time and that he needs her for now. Rick, Maya and Carter discuss Caroline helping Ridge. Katie walks in but Rick and Carter have a meeting and they leave. Maya and Katie make small talk until Maya implies that Caroline and Ridge are spending a lot of time together. He has hand selected her. Katie says she obviously has something to say so go ahead and say it. Maya does. She says she has seen them and what they do are a lot more than creating. Meanwhile Caroline and Ridge are huddled closely and she is trying to follow Ridge’s hands and design and she looks toward him for guidance.

Maya tells Katie that she has had personal experiences with Caroline and how she operates. She walked in on them and it looked like she was very much at home in Ridge’s arms. Wyatt tells Liam that if it is too soon to be brothers then perhaps they can just be friends. There is no going back only forward and he hopes Liam can do that. He wants Liam to be part of his family. It's happening as they speak. Brooke tells Hope that it is okay that she sit with this for now and think about it. It’s complicated, but never not a miracle. Hope says she wanted to be a mom all her life but she is not ready to make an announcement yet. It was supposed to be Liam’s. That’s the way she planned it and it would have been if it had not been for Quinn. But now she will stay with her husband and tell him and watch his face light up. He loves her and will make the best daddy ever. She is going to embrace the leap of faith that they took. She will love this child and be a really good mom and so grateful for her family. And Liam…….she is going to forget abut him somehow…..she has to.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Caroline that she planned on divorcing Bo.  Sami wanted to talk to Kate and she figured out that Sami got back together with EJ.  Theresa was about to put the needle in Johnís IV when he called her name.  Caroline tried to talk Hope out of divorcing Bo, but she understood that she had to leave him.  EJ ran into Abby and they had a friendly conversation.  John remembered meeting Theresa at her apartment.  John wanted to know why he was in the hospital.  Kate continued to tell Sami that she was wrong to get back together with EJ.

Caroline overheard Aiden talking to Hope about their date.  Abby got upset with EJ when he wanted her to be happy.  Later on, EJ surprised Sami with a romantic evening.  He had new wedding rings for them.  EJ asked Sami to marry him again.  Sami agreed to marry EJ again.  Caroline was upset that Hope wanted to leave Bo to go out with Aiden.  Chad talked to Stefano on the phone and they implied that they were working together.  Brady and Theresa to TCB and talked about John not remembering what happened.  Brady questioned why Theresa cared so much about what John remembered.  Caroline wanted to know if Hope had feelings for Aiden.  Hope wasnít sure.  She still wanted a divorce even if Aiden hadnít come along.  Caroline couldnít support Hopeís decision to date Aiden.  Stefano talked to Chad about EJ and Kate.  Stefano warned Chad that Kate isnít stupid.  Sami and EJ expressed their love for one another.  Theresa was hopeful that John didnít remember anything.  John had a dream about arguing with Brady.


GH Recap Written by Brenda

The four hostages return to Port Charles. Lulu and Dante tell Nikolas what his father, Stavros, was going to do to Lulu. Dante reveals that he killed Stavros. Nikolas says it is a relief. Lulu assures Nikolas that his relatives’ behavior was not his fault. Nikolas wants to tell Lulu about Luke, but he agrees to leave his news until tomorrow. Dante wants to go back to the way things were before Maxie’s wedding. Lulu isn’t sure she wants to rush into having another baby. At the police station, Nathan tells Britt that Victor Cassadine is his father, and that he is dead. He tells her that while they were being held captive, he told Maxie how he feels about her, but that Maxie didn’t tells him whether she returns his feelings. Maxie gives Felicia the knife that Peter Harrell had made with the jewels that he stole from her. She reveals that she killed Levi with it. She reveals that Nathan told her that he has feelings for her. She thinks she isn’t good enough for him. Nikolas goes to the police station and thanks Nathan for everything he did for Lulu and Dante. He says it appears that they have a lot to talk about now that they know they are cousins. Maxie tells Nathan that she is staying the night at her parents’ house and that he can stay in her apartment. He asks her out to dinner tomorrow.

Julian goes to Sonny’s office looking for Ava. Sonny says he doesn’t know anything about it. Sonny tells Shawn that they are going to let Julian believe they have Ava, so that he won’t look anywhere else. Ava goes to the brownstone and tells Morgan that Sonny tried to have her kidnapped. She tells him that Sonny’s plan is to take the baby when it is born and kill her. Morgan agrees to let her hide in the brownstone. She notices that he is reading a book about fatherhood. Morgan insists upon Ava sleeping in his room and him taking the couch. Alexis and Ned go out to dinner. Ned says he hopes Alexis is using him to get over Julian and not as a ploy to get Julian back. She insists that she and Julian are over. Julian shows up and asks Alexis what Sonny did with Ava. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about it. He asks her to talk to Sonny. He tells her that she is wasting her time dating Ned, because she is going to realize that there is no comparison. While Alexis is talking to Julian, Olivia sits with Ned. She pours herself a glass of his wine and asks him to go to a movie with her. Alexis returns and says Olivia is in her seat. Ned tells Olivia that he and Alexis are on a date. Olivia apologizes and goes to get a new bottle of wine and a new glass for Alexis.

Sabrina is surprised that Ava hasn’t been admitted to the hospital yet from the pills that she gave her. Sabrina sees Jordan and asks her if something else happened to Ava. Jordan wonders why Sabrina is so interested in Ava. She tells Sabrina that she is there because she is the one who hit the man with her car. Shawn calls Jordan and asks her where Ava is. She tells him that she doesn’t know, but that wherever Ava is, it is someplace where Shawn won’t find her. Ava’s pill bottle falls out of her purse. Sabrina asks Jordan why she has Ava’s medication. Jordan tells her that Ava asked her to hold onto the pills and that she will give them to her when she sees her. Sabrina says the sooner she does, the better. Jason is unrecognizable because of his injuries. Elizabeth asks him what his name is, but he still can’t talk because of snatching the ventilator out of his throat when he left Crichton-Clark. Jason is taken to the operating room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer is surprised to find Austin working a second job at the Athletic club as a lifeguard. Summer and Austin have their first argument when she buys him an expensive tie to wear to Nick and Sharon's wedding. Austin accepts the tie but makes it clear to Summer he doesn't want her to use her money to buy him expensive gifts. When Billy and Chelsea go out on their first date, Jill isn't happy to see them together at the Athletic Club. Dylan feels uncomfortable seeing Billy and Chelsea together at the coffeehouse but tells Chelsea he is glad that she and Billy are happy after having a rough year. Lauren tells Jill that she and Michael had a magical night together.

Stitch almost tells Victoria the truth about his father's death but his mother interrupts the conversation and later tells Stitch that Victoria loves him and he doesn't have to tell her the truth. Dylan thinks Nikki is having a flare up of her MS when he notices her slurring her speech. Nikki tells Dylan that she thinks her new medication isn't working and promises to go talk to her doctor. Victoria is upset because Billy and Stitch are moving on with their lives, and she starts to wonder if she did the right thing pushing them both away. Christine and Paul have a big argument because she thinks that he is hiding evidence from her in the Ian Ward case. When Paul questions him, Dylan tells him he didn't make a phone call asking about Ian's life insurance. Paul discovers that the jacket found at the quarry had Ian Ward's DNA on it. The keys that were found at the quarry where a match to Ian's car, but no body has been found yet at the river close to the quarry. Detective Harding tells Paul that it's time they change the search from that of a missing person and start looking for Ian Ward's killer.

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