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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam relives the moment when Hope tells him she is pregnant. Then he realizes that Bill is hollering at him from the front door. Bill says he just saw Brooke and she is pretty confident he and Hope are going to get back together. Hope arrives home. Wyatt seems surprised that she came home. She asks if he has been waiting. He says not all night. He hasn’t been texting, he hasn’t been calling her but he has worn a groove in the floor over there. She says she is sorry she left. She should not have done that. He says no, he understood. She was overwhelmed by what his mother did following Liam to Paris and pushing Ivy into the Seine, a whole new kind of crazy. She says she went to Liam’s. He says he figured that out but now she is here. He asks if it is very good news or is she here to get her stuff. At Forrester, Ivy asks Aly how does she think Hope will re-act. Aly says they all thought it was an accident but when Hope finds out Quinn pushed her, she will not go back to Wyatt. She knows she likes Liam and this is not what she wants to hear. But Hope and Liam have a history. Ivy says but Hope and Wyatt made a commitment. Aly says yes but under false pretenses so it doesn’t count. Ivy says it’s okay; she knew what she was getting into. Hope is a Logan so maybe it’s true what they say. They can have any man they want and then just never let go. Liam tells Bill that Hope left and she is not coming back. And it’s too late for her to come back. He says they have been married for a while now even though it is built on a lie but they have moved on. He agonizes that he really thought they could turn back the clock but he was wrong. Wyatt tells Hope before she says any more, he needs to tell her something. He locks the door. He says when she left his mother showed up. And he told her if Hope did not come back that he would blame Quinn. It was very upsetting to her but right in the middle she said something that actually made sense. He says what she did was disgusting and despicable but that doesn’t change how they felt when they said their vows and all the amazing days they have had since then. He says Hope did not marry him because Liam did not show up on time. That is not how she makes decisions. They are together for a reason and it has nothing to do with his mother or Liam. Whatever manipulations she and Liam had in the past, she chose a future now with him. She says he has to admit what his mom did was wrong. He says yes, of course but they aren’t wrong. He asks if he has ever made her unhappy and she says no; also no to not making her satisfied as a husband. He says he promises he never will either. She says he also has to promise that nothing like this will ever happen again. She realizes she put herself in this by dating two brothers and then accepting the diamond from Wyatt and then Liam’s ultimatum but it can not be like that any more. He says he doesn’t have to know what’s in their future. He just knows that he wants to share it with her. That is what a leap of faith is. Aly wants Ivy to call Liam and when she doesn’t then Aly calls him. She hears just enough to know that Hope is not there and she has returned to Wyatt and the marriage. Ivy says as bad as she feels for Liam she is glad that Hope is sticking to her commitment. Maybe knowing what Quinn did didn’t matter as much as they thought it would. Bill tells Liam that he is sorry. Liam says he doesn’t have to pretend this is so bad. Bill says if it hurts Liam then it hurts him too. And Wyatt can’t be happy with his mother’s behavior just like they rest of them he is disgusted by her. Liam chuckles when Bill says she will never mess with him again. Liam says that is because there is nothing left for her to do. Any chance he had with Hope was gone long before Charlie showed him that video.

Bill asks Liam what is next. Liam says focus on work, go rock climbing, skydiving whatever it is that keeps Bill’s mind off of Brooke. Bill quips drinking. Liam says no not that. He really thought what was fair and right would win out in the end. Now he isn’t sure what to believe. Bill gives him a big hug. Wyatt tells Hope that he loves her and he believes in them and wants kids and a family and a partnership as successful as Eric and Stephanie’s. That is everything; their life now. She says he knows that she has always been a planner. He says fine, make a list. They can slow down. Just get away from his mother and Liam, just the two of them on some adventure. She knows what his mother did and how Liam feels but he needs to know where she stands. Aly tells Ivy that Liam is heartbroken. She can hear it in his voice. Ivy needs to go be with him. Ivy says she will be there for him again if he needs her but she doesn’t want him to think that she wants something from him. Aly says Ivy is his friend so it wouldn’t be like that. Ivy says if Hope will let him go for good, then she will listen to him just like she did on their ride back from Paris. He’s such a wonderful guy. He deserves to be happy. And he will be once he has worked through this and realizes there is life after Hope. Wyatt says perhaps they should just not think about it….no more promises or vows. They will just figure it out and go for it. She says he is so confident and that is what life is going to be like with him, one surprise after another. He asks if that is such a bad thing. He asks if she is staying and she says yes. He grabs her and kisses her. She says she loves him. He’s her husband and she is committed to this marriage, their future, their family. This is where she needs to be. He says good, someday they will have a family all of their own. She agrees, yes they will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ confessed to Sami that he knew about what Kristen did to Eric.  Sami said she knew about it.  Kristen taunted Theresa about John waking up.  John woke up and recognized Brady and Marlena.  Daniel asked John if he remembered what happened to him.  EJ was thankful that Sami understood that he didnít say anything about Kristenís plan.  They made love again.  Theresa arrived at the hospital as Daniel talked to Brady about Johnís condition.  Brady wanted to ask John if he remembered what happened.  Daniel didnít think he should ask.

Hope met with Caroline at the pub to talk about Bo.  Will pitched his new article to Chad.  Chad wasnít sure if he wanted Will to write it.  Kristen talked to Stefano and he warned her not to get ahead of herself.  They also ended up talking about Susan.  Daniel advised Brady not to ask John anything that would upset him.  Marlena caught Theresa lurking around Johnís room and questioned her being there.  Marlena noticed that Theresa didnít look relieved that John woke up.  Will assured Chad that he would write a fair article.  Chad wanted to go after EJ if he agreed to do the article.  Hope told Caroline that she lost faith that Bo was coming home.  Kristen went to Danielís apartment because she wanted info about John. Daniel told her about John and wanted her help in return.  Theresa didnít think it was wise to talk to John about what happened to him.  Daniel wanted Kristen to leave Brady alone.  Theresa made it seem like John would lie about what happened to him to get someone else in trouble.  Daniel took Kristen that she would never get back with Brady no matter what happened.  Hope told Caroline that sheís filing for divorce.  Theresa snuck in Johnís room with a needle.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Sonny that Franco proposed to Carly and she said yes. Kiki tells Morgan that Franco knows Carly slept with Sonny, thanks to Rosalie, and that his reaction was to propose to Carly and that Carly accepted his proposal. She says Carly has no idea that Franco knows about her sleeping with Sonny. Morgan wants to tell Carly, fearing that Franco plans to retaliate. Morgan wants to tell Michael about Sonny and Carly sleeping together. Kiki doesn’t want Michael to get angry about her confiding in his brother instead of him. Michael walks in as they are shaking on their deal to remain silent. Kiki makes up a cover story and leaves with Michael. Franco tells Carly that he knows about Sonny and her because he saw them together earlier. She says they were just reminiscing about Jason. He asks her if she has anything else that she wants to tell him. She says she doesn’t. He suggests that they set the date for Halloween since it is the anniversary of their getting together.

Patrick tells Anna that Robin has been living and working at Creighton-Clark to revive Helena, Stavros, and Jason for Victor Cassadine. He tells her that Robin said Jason died. Anna says Stavros and Victor are dead, but she doesn’t know about Helena. Helena tells Robin that if she doesn’t cooperate, she will kill all of her loved ones. Her men arrive and tell her that Jason escaped. She shoots the driver and tells the other one to dispose of the body before the commissioner gets home. Patrick calls Robin on Skype, hoping that she is alive to answer. She answers from Helena’s car and claims that she left Creighton-Clark weeks ago and that she is now in Paris. Anna fills Robin in on Stavros and Victor’s deaths. She says Robin is safe now and that she can go home. Robin says she can’t because Port Charles is no longer her home. Anna and Patrick are dumbfounded. Helena tells Robin that they are going to Paris so that Robin can mail her divorce papers from there. She reveals to Robin that Jason won’t be joining them because he managed to escape by jumping out of a moving car. She supposes Jason isn’t doing well. Robin says Jason might be just fine and coming after Helena right now.

Shawn tells Sonny that Jordan showed up and ruined his kidnapping Ava. He promises that he will find Ava. Ava runs over Jason with Jordan’s car. Ava calls Jordan for help. Jordan arrives in Ava’s car and tells Ava to get out of there. Jordan calls 9-1-1 and says she hit the man in the street. Ava says she is not going to forget that Jordan saved her twice tonight. Ava goes to the brownstone and asks Morgan to help her. The paramedics get Jason and tell Jordan that he won’t make it if they don’t get him to the hospital within the next 10 minutes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon and Michael meet at the Coffeehouse and amongst the topics of conversation is Phyllis. In an out of way diner, Phyllis has stopped for something to eat when a Deputy Sheriff comes in and asks the waitress about Phyllis. The waitress looks over at the table and sees Phyllis gone. Phyllis is in the bathroom and looks toward the window. Nick visits Victoria in Victor’s office and asks where Victor went. Nick wonders what Victor is up to as he looks over to his desk. Victoria asks him if he wants to search Victorís desk. At the Abbott home, Kelly is uneasy because all of Phyllisí things are still there and she feels uncomfortable. Kelly feels as though Phyllis never left. When Kelly goes upstairs, Jack gets on the phone and calls someone for help. Victoria doesn’t want to come between Nick and Victor, so she will look the other way if he wants to search Victor’s desk, but Nick changes him mind and refuses. In the park, Billy is giving Chelsea pointers on a curve ball. At the Coffeehouse, Ben blasts Kevin for checking up on him and finding out about his ex-wife. Billy explains to Chelsea that he wants to be here close to the people that he lost in his life. Michael interrupts Kevin and Ben and wants to know what Ben meant by telling him that he lost his soul. Kevin refuses to tell him what they were talking about and instead asks him why Lauren is so unhappy with him.

Billy shows Chelsea how to hold a ball. He puts his arms around her in order to show how to throw the curveball. Ben checks on Victoria’s ankle. When the tension becomes too much between Victoria and Ben, she asks him how could he do it to her. Ben looks at her puzzled. At home, Billy and Chelsea discuss the curveball and how Chelsea knew how to throw it all along and was only using Billy in order to get his arms around her. In his room, Kevin puts clothes into a backpack and dons on a sweatshirt with a hood. Lauren and Kelly discuss the improvements to the house and how Lauren remembered going shopping with Phyllis for those items. Lauren realizes that it's time to move on and agrees to help Kelly redecorate. The waitress pours Phyllis more coffee as she looks at the newspaper and realizes how much she's lost. The waitress gives Phyllis her tips in order to help her to get home. Victoria lashes out at Ben for betraying her like Billy did. Nick and Sharon discuss him seeing her wedding gown and she asks what he thinks of it. Faith yells for her hairbrush and Sharon tells her where to look for it. Victor is in a car headed for Dr. Jorgenson’s office. He looks at the glass plus the hairbrush he stole from Sharon’s. When Dr. Jorgenson calls him, Victor tells him that he will be there soon.

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