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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam repeats what he said before. If he and Hope are the only ones that know she is pregnant, Wyatt doesn’t have to find out. There would be no more ties to him after all they have been through. He says there is one thing she has to understand. If she has Wyatt’s baby then it is the end of them. Hope says she wants to be with Liam but not like that. She’s not okay with this and always wondering what might have been. After a moment of thought he says he understands. She will have that baby with Wyatt and have that incredible bond. But she can still be married to him and they can raise the baby together. She says she is grateful that he wants to make this sacrifice but she doesn’t see them all raising this baby together. He says loving her, every part of her like he does, even raising another man’s baby is not a sacrifice. She says again that it is and she can not let him do that. Caroline shows up at Wyatt’s door and says she just heard everything about his mom in Paris. Wyatt tells her that Hope is probably with Liam now making some decisions. Quinn always thinks she is helping Wyatt but she causes more harm than good. She gives him a big old hug. She says things don’t have to change. He’s married to Hope. She says it might make for an awkward Thanksgiving but Hope is married to him ad she won’t take that lightly. He says yes but had it just been fate that kept Liam from Hope that would be one thing. But his mother is a whole different story at least according to Hope. He says marriage is a sacrament to him but he doesn’t want Hope to stay out of obligation. She says she is not playing favorites, but he and Hope will get through this.

Bill shows up at Brooke’s office and says he dropped everything when he got her text. She says this is not about them but their children. She admits she likes Wyatt and he’s been a great husband but….after all Hope and Liam have been through she was sort of hoping that would work out. Bill leans in and says this will shock her but he is sort of feeling that way too. He can still interfere in things but not about this. If Hope wants Liam then he wants that for her too. It will be her decision. Brooke says then they know who that will be. Liam has always been the man. Quinn tells Ivy that she doesn’t have to worry about Wyatt. He will not lose Hope over this. Hope loves Wyatt and they would have wound up with each other eventually. She just helped speed things along. Quinn debunks Ivy’s suggestion that she is jealous because Ivy now has her old job. Quinn says no, she just needed a damsel in distress and it had nothing to do with Ivy Forrester. She’s not obsessed, just a mother. And she actually did Ivy a favor. She gave her a shot at a guy she would have never had one with before. They both know she likes Liam. So Ivy got a little wet, big deal. Go put on a bikini, have a pool party and flaunt herself. She can’t do all the work for her. Ivy says yes she was interested in Liam. And Quinn made it seem like he was available which he wasn’t so bad for her for falling for that. Does it cause her pain – yes as she was falling for him. Right now he’s with Hope trying to patch things up. It’s what he wants. And now that he knows what Quinn did, she can’t imagine anything else getting in their way. Hope tells Liam she is not sure this can work…..the way she grew up wondering why her parents weren’t together, so confused why so many different men were in and out of her life with her mother. She told herself at a very early age she would never do that to her own child. She’s not sure he really knows what he is volunteering for. It’s too much. He says he is not pretending it will be easy but they don’t have a choice. It is the only way. Again Hope stands her ground and says she can not do this to her baby or to him. This is just how it has to be. Hope says she has no choice. She is raising this baby with Wyatt. She refuses to become her mother. She dated two brothers and fell for both of them. The choices she made, they stop now! She is going to raise the baby with Wyatt. She is staying with the father. She is not sacrificing her own happiness. She thinks she can be happy with Wyatt and the baby. Liam says it is not the life she wanted. She says maybe not but what she wants is for the baby is what she didn’t. He keeps saying that he can raise another man’s baby. They have been someone else’s puppet for so many years and Quinn doesn’t have to get her way this time. She doesn’t get to push people around. Hope says she knows but there is a higher force working here. So that is what she is going to do, raise her baby with her husband. She owes it to the baby to try. He asks if she is sure. They both have tears in their eyes. She says she will love him forever but after all they have had taken from then, they can not take away their memories. Slowly she walks out the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady got the call about John waking up while he was talking to Kristen. He rushed to the hospital.  Nicole talked to Roman to convince him to talk Eric into double-crossing Kristen.  Kristen called Stefano and thanked him for giving John the drug.  Theresa wanted Eve to help her when she found out that John woke up.  Kristen told Stefano about Theresa.  Kristen believed that John will confirm that Theresa hit him.  Roman reminded Nicole what he did to Eric.  Marlena wanted Daniel to explain why John slipped back into a coma.  JJ told Jennifer and Abby about getting drugged at the party.

JJ explained that he wasnít sure who drugged him.  Eve refused to help Theresa with John.  Theresa begged her to help.  Eve advised her to stop freaking out.  Eric called Kristen to meet him.  Eric let Kristen know that John was waking up. Kristen wanted to know if Eric was backing out of their agreement.  Nicole interrupted them and let her know he was backing out of the deal.  Paige asked Mary Beth if she had anything to do with the pictures she got on her phone.  Paige wanted to check Mary Bethís phone, but didnít see the pics.  Eve advised Theresa to find out what was going on with John.  Eric let Nicole know that his life wasnít her business. JJ and Paige met and she wasnít sure if she wanted him to pursue what happened.  Mary Beth told Eve that Paige accused her of helping the woman (Jill) set up JJ.  Kristen rubbed it in to Nicole that Eric blew her off.  Nicole wanted to talk to Kristen about Brady.  Nicole was convinced that Brady would never take Kristen back.  Mary Beth tipped Eve off that whoever had the pictures was in on setting up JJ. Brady sat by Johnís bed.  John called out to Brady.  Theresa panicked when she found out that John was awake.  Kristen saw her and thought they should celebrate.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At Franco’s birthday party, he proposes to Carly. She thinks about her recent conversations with Sonny, and then accepts Franco’s proposal. Michael wonders if Carly realizes what she is getting into. Bobbie asks Carly if she is sure she and Sonny are over. Kiki asks Franco what that was about, considering that he just learned that Carly and Sonny slept together. He reminds her that she said it was a one-time thing. He asks her to keep what she knows about Carly and Sonny to herself.

Jason goes to Sonny’s house, but before he can open the door, one of Helena’s men puts a gun to his back. As Sonny is walking Sam out, they notice the scalpel that Jason dropped and wonder where it came from. Shawn and Max go to kidnap Ava. She feigns severe abdominal cramps and pretends to pass out so that she can try to grab Max’s gun while his guard is down. She is unsuccessful. Max leaves to go back to Sonny’s house, leaving Shawn alone with Ava. Max assures Sonny that nothing can go wrong now that Shawn has Ava. Jordan arrives at Ava’s penthouse and pulls her gun on Shawn. Shawn lets Ava go. Jordan tells Ava to take her car to escape to safety. Shawn tells Jordan that Ava is a cold-blooded killer, not the vulnerable pregnant woman that Jordan would like to see her as.

Robin goes to Anna’s room. Helena answers the door. Robin demands to know what Helena did to Anna. Helena assures Robin that Anna and Duke left with Lucy Coe before she entered their room. Helena tells Robin that if she calls the police, she can say goodbye to Patrick and Emma. Helena shows Robin her tablet that reveals real-time video of the inside of Patrick’s house. Patrick is about to talk to Anna about his investigation with Sam into the car accident when Sam arrives at the door. Sam tells Patrick that Sonny confirmed seeing Spencer with Luke the day of the accident and that Spencer had been leaving him urgent messages for several days before that. She says that Sonny said he doesn’t trust Luke, but that he doesn’t think Luke was responsible for the accident. Anna discloses that Luke is a subject of a criminal investigation. She says Dante will get back to the investigation when he has recovered from his ordeal at Crichton-Clark. She reveals that the building exploded. Patrick tells Anna that Robin has been at Crichton-Clark all this time. Robin tells Helena that she may have trapped her, but Jason is still out there. Helena tells Robin that her associates already have Jason. Jason overpowers the man in the back of the car and jumps out. Ava sees a person appear in her headlights.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Sharon’s home while Nick gets Victor something for his headache, he takes a plastic bag out of his pocket and steals the wine glass that Nick drank out of. Also, he gets in Faith’s backpack and steals her hairbrush. Nick brings Victor back his aspirin and then wants to know what is going on. At the Underground, Noah tells Mariah her schedule for the week which she resents. Mariah asks Noah about Nick’s and Sharon’s engagement. A truck driver on the highway picks up Phyllis and asks her where she is headed. She doesn't reply. At the Athletic Club dining room, Paul joins Nikki at her table and starts to take a drink of her glass, but Nikki stops him. Paul smells it and asks if it's vodka. Victor refuses to let Nick know what he is up to by being there. Victor reminds Nick of the secret that Sharon has been keeping from him as well as everyone else. Mariah lets Noah know that she may be leaving this town before too long. Noah asks her where she is getting the money to leave town, but Mariah refuses to tell him about her deal with Victor. Mariah begins to lash out at Summer to Noah for her actions and how he let Austin have the night off in order to take Summer home. Noah defends Summer which unnerves Mariah. Paul reminds Nikki of the ramifications of her drinking again. To keep from telling him the truth, Nikki tells him that the drink was for Barbara and that she called and cancelled. Paul feels better about the drink and Nikkiís explanation. Paul looks around the room for Christine. Nikki gets up to leave so Christine will not see them together. In the foyer, Nikki calls Barbara and tells her that she needs to cancel that she isn’t feeling well. Christine asks Dylan why he's in Paul’s office with the file on Ian Ward lying on the desk. Dylan doesn’t like Christine’s accusations and accuses her of treating him like a “criminal.” Christine apologizes but tells Dylan not to let this happen again. Paul walks in and wants to know what's going on. Nick and Sharon think that Victor had a hidden agenda for bringing them a bottle of champagne in order to celebrate their engagement. Dr. Cutler tells everyone to find Phyllis and get her back in her room before her family finds out. Victor calls Dr. Cutler for an update on Phyllis, but he also lies. Victor asks Dr. Cutler for the name of a DNA clinic that he could trust with the results of a DNA test. Dr. Cutler gives him the address of one in Sweden. When the truck driver lays his hand on Phyllis’ leg, she picks up a rod and hits him with it. He moves his hand quickly.

Nikki visits Victor and tells him she is still upset with him for his interference in his children’s lives. Nikki also questions him about the money that he gave to Mariah. Victor lies to Nikki and tells her that Mariah needed money for bills. Nikki doesn’t exactly believe him. Christine warns Paul about Dylan being in his office so close to evidence concerning the case of Ian Ward. Christine warns Paul to set some limits for Dylan. Nick and Sharon arrive at the Underground. Noah accepts Nick's invitation to be his best man. Sharon asks Mariah to be her bridesmaid but Mariah, at first, refuses but then gives in and agrees. Victor lets Nikki know that he is going out of town. Phyllis is 235 miles away from Genoa City. Mariah asks Victor for more money.

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