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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks what is going on; what’s wrong. Hope says she has always wanted a life with him but she is sorry…..he says it is okay. She can tell him anything. She says she is pregnant. Quinn tells Wyatt that he and Hope have too much. She will come back to him. Do not give up. Wyatt tells Quinn that he doesn’t want to hear anything from her, not even see her. His whole future with Hope is in jeopardy because of her. Pam and Charlie fill Ivy, Rick and Caroline, Carter, Maya and Rick in on what Quinn did in Paris. Now they have all the proof they need. Pam shows them the video. Eric says Quinn is a lot more dangerous than they thought. The group tell Pam that there is no way Hope will stay with Wyatt now. Quinn tells Wyatt that Hope and Liam were together because of her and she could not let that stick. She wants him and Hope to grow old together. And because of what he did in Paris she thought they would. She thinks it will work out in the end. She is his mother and will always be in his life. She knows she has messed up but she can be a good person. He tells her this is not about her. She is the last person he wants to see right now. Hope is with Liam right now and she could come home any moment and move her things out. Quinn is baggage and he wants her out right now. Liam’s heart sinks and he is stunned and asks Hope if she is sure. She says she just took a test. She was not expecting this, but it changes everything. The baby is Wyatt’s. He says it is not fair just as they were getting back together. He says none of this is her fault. Donna tells Caroline not to be so modest. She had a lot to do with Ridge’s designs being accepted. Charlie says what Quinn did in Paris is out of their jurisdiction but he’s keeping his eyes on her. Liam says there has to be another way. Everybody on this planet seems to want to keep them apart. He is not going to lose her. That is not an option. He suggests they raise this child together. Hope wants to be with him as much as he does. Even if that is his brother’s child, he is not accepting it any other way. He will love this child because it is part of her. She says she can not do that. She can not have a baby by one man and have it raised by another. She wants to be with him but this is not the answer. Liam says she was deceived by Quinn and he will not let her sacrifice her life by staying with Wyatt when he was not her original choice. He will not have her obligated.

Quinn returns to her studio to find Ivy with the welders mask on and blow torch. Ivy calls her a sick and depraved woman. Quinn says her little tumble in the Seine didn’t stop Ivy….maybe five or six minutes before she hit on Liam. Ivy tells her she is only going to say this one time – do not ever touch her again. She doesn’t know who she feels sorrier for – Hope and Liam or Wyatt because she is his mother. Quinn dishes back not to feel sorry for Wyatt. He doesn’t need her pity. Ivy says she’s not so sure. Because of what Quinn has done Wyatt is going to lose Hope and his marriage, everything he cares about. Liam tells Hope they can still be a family. They just need to tell everyone the baby is his. Astonished, she says she can not do that. They will know it is not. She knows he would make an incredible father but this is a secret they would have to carry around for their entire lives. She can not do that to him or to Wyatt. It would destroy Liam’s family. He says he does not care about Wyatt or his family. He only cares about Hope. He’s said it before, he is not giving up on them. She says she wants to be with him too but this is not the answer. She doesn’t know what to do. Does he want her to walk away from her marriage. He asks does anyone else know. Has she seen a doctor? She says no, only the two of them know but they will soon enough. He chirps what if they don’t. If it is just the two of them that knows and she won’t let him raise this baby with her then they have to act quickly. She asks what is he talking about. He stammers there is one other thing they can do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Kristen reunited in her hotel room.  They talked about the things that have happened while he was gone.  EJ and Sami began to make love.  Theresa hoped that John wouldn’t regain his memory.  Daniel was concerned that John wasn’t awake by now.  Marlena and Brady were afraid that the experimental drug was used for nothing.  Kristen figured out that Chad was in Salem because of Will’s article.  Abby grilled Ben about the money he had.  Eric thought Theresa was upset about John waking up because John was going to break up her relationship with Brady.  Eric realized that Theresa didn’t want John to wake up.  Kristen drove it home how EJ turned on his family.  She wanted to make EJ pay for it.  Brady wanted to find Eric.  Daniel thought he was going after Kristen and wanted to go with him.  Brady lied and said he was going home.  Kristen warned Chad that he should keep his enemies close.  EJ told Sami he loved he and she wanted to stop making love.

Marlena thanked Eric for what he sacrificed for John.  Brady went to see Kristen.  She was happy to see him, but he wasn’t happy to see her.  Sami wanted to make love, but EJ wanted her to tell him that she loved him.  Marlena was afraid she was going to lose John.  Kristen said the drug needed time to work. Brady didn’t think it would and ripped into her because of that.  Daniel ran into Theresa at the Kiriakis mansion and they argued.  Daniel let her know that he knew she hit John.  Chad met with Abby at the club to talk to her.  Ben was upset at first, but Abby told him that she wanted to talk to Chad.  Chad apologized for everything.  Sami finally admitted that she loved EJ and they continued to make love.  Brady continued to rip into Kristen about the drug not working.  Daniel reminded Theresa about the way she acts whenever she hears something bad or good about John.  Daniel asked Theresa if she was the one who hit John.  John held Marlena’s hand.  Eric texted Brady and Daniel about John. John opened his eyes.  Daniel told Theresa that John might be waking up. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna thanks Robert for sending a team to help her at Crichton-Clark and tells him that Obrecht shot Victor. She tells him that she is feeling guilty about keeping their secret about Faison from Duke. Duke is having a drink with Lucy in their room at the Metro Court. Lucy says she is upset because of Bobbie Spencer. Anna rushes Lucy out the door, telling her to go to Scott right now and tell him to choose her or lose her forever. Bobbie stops by Scott’s room at the Metro Court to let him know that Carly is throwing a birthday party for Franco upstairs in the restaurant. Scott asks her why she lied to Franco about having dinner together the other night. Their conversation is interrupted when Lucy arrives and demands that they settle the situation. Anna and Duke have a romantic reunion. He tells her that he is thinking about asking for Coleman’s former job at the Floating Rib. Anna doesn’t think that job is good enough for him. He says he doesn’t want to work at the Haunted Star because that is where Faison was masquerading as him. Anna says she has something to tell Duke that she has been keeping from him. Lucy bursts in and says Scott chose Bobbie. Scott tells Bobbie that Lucy chose Kevin over him once already, but that he and Bobbie have trust between them.

Franco overhears Sonny telling Carly that they belong together, but he doesn’t say anything about it. Carly asks him if Nina is coming to the party. He says Nina is busy, but it is probably better because Nina knows all about Carly. When Michael and Kiki arrive, Franco takes Kiki aside and asks her if Carly slept with Sonny. She tells him that Carly swore it was a one-time thing and that it will never happen again. Franco says he has something he has been meaning to tell Michael. Scott and Bobbie arrive at the party. Carly makes a toast to Franco. Franco says he has a few words to say, too.

Shawn and some of Sonny’s lieutenants go to Ava’s penthouse to kidnap her. Ava begins to have severe cramps. Sam and Sonny talk about missing Jason on his birthday. Robin and Jason steal a car to drive to Port Charles. Jason has a high fever. She tells him that no one, including Sam, knows he is alive. She tells him that Danny is his son. Robin notices that someone is following them. She shakes the tail and tells Jason that they should go to Sonny’s place to be safe. Sam asks Sonny if he thinks it is possible that Luke was helping the Jeromes to bring down their organization. She tells him Spencer’s story. He tells her that Spencer was leaving him a lot of voicemail messages, but then when he saw Spencer and Luke together, Spencer dropped it. He says he doesn’t want to think that one of his oldest friends would do that, but that he will keep his eyes open and suggests that Sam do the same. Robin drops Jason off in front of Sonny’s house. She goes to Anna’s room at the Metro Court and knocks on the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the condo, Summer becomes upset with Austin because he won’t take off from his job at the Underground to join her on a trip to visit her mom. At the clinic in Georgia, Dr. Cutler asks the nurse where Phyllis is. They need to find her before her family finds out she is missing. On the road, Phyllis thumbs for a ride. At the Athletic Club, Avery and Michael have a business meeting and share a laugh but are interrupted by Lauren. At the GCPD, Paul reads a report as he walks into his office unaware that Christine is there waiting for him. Before they can spend any time together, Nikki interrupts and tells Christine that she needs a few words with Paul alone. Christine, annoyed by Nikki’s constant interference, tells them that she will give them all day. At Crimson Lights, Dylan congratulates Nick and Sharon on their engagement. Sharon thanks Dylan for helping Nick with his little surprise the night that he proposed. In Victor’s office, Mariah refuses to tell him Sharon’s secret until he gives her enough money to get out of Genoa City. Victor refuses to give her the money until she tells the secret. Avery takes the files from Michael and lets him know that he is through for the night. Michael says that he has plans for them tonight. Lauren has a meeting and then she will meet him at home. Michael looks at the bottle of pills in his pocket. Nikki questions Paul about the meeting that he had with Dylan the night of the party. Paul refuses to give her any information. Mariah tells Victor that Sharon talked in her sleep and said that the daughter that Nick thought was his wasn’t really his. Victor naturally assumes that Sharon is talking about Faith. Paul goes over some evidence with an officer and wants it all himself since he will handling the case. Avery joins Nick, Sharon, and Dylan and finds out that Nick and Sharon are engaged. Avery congratulates them, but Dylan wonders if she really means it. Summer wants to visit Phyllis tonight and thus calls the doctor to arrange a meeting. The nurse rushes in to tell Dr. Cutler that Phyllis’ daughter wants to visit. Dr. Cutler tries to persuade Summer not to come, but she insists that she is coming tonight.

Nick and Sharon discuss how things have changed during the last year. As Victor hands Mariah a wad of bills, Nikki sees the exchange of money. When Sharon asks Summer to be her bridesmaid, she accepts. A man stops and picks up Phyllis. Nikki asks Mariah what's going on between her and Victor but neither Mariah nor Victor will tell her anything. Summer asks Avery to go with her to visit Phyllis, but she refuses which upsets Summer even further. Lauren and Christine discuss Paul and Michael. Lauren lets Christine know about her and Michael’s plans for later. Michael overhears Paul and an officer talking about some evidence that they found concerning Dylan and Ian Ward. Michael remembers seeing the mud on Dylan’s shoes at Avery’s apartment. Michael questions Paul about the evidence. Austin assures Mariah that he did not tell her secret to Summer or Abby. Austin wants Mariah to sample the special drink he concocted but she refuses and manages to spill it down his shirt. Summer walks in and watches the chemistry between the two. She informs Austin that he will need a new shirt. Victor gives Nick and Sharon a bottle of champagne to supposedly celebrate their engagement. After taking a drink of the champagne, Victor feigns a headache and Nick goes to get him something to take. Victor puts Nick's glass in a plastic bag and also steals Faith’s airbrush out of her backpack. Nikki is at the Athletic Club sitting at a table with a glass of water with lemon plus a glass of vodka. Nikki starts to take a drink of the vodka but pushes it back. Paul walks up and notices her sitting at a table alone.

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