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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope that he made excuses for his mother all his life. But he met Hope and fell in love. He hates how his mother has affected everything but they can’t let it change their lives and what they mean to each other. Hope says his mother is not sorry. She’d do it again in a heartbeat. She just hates they were manipulated. He says he is not a Boy Scout like his brother, but he asks her not to let this affect their marriage. He and his mother are two different people. He can not control her. He needs to know that leap of faith they took still means everything to her. She doesn’t have to let all of this affect them. They were ready to get a bigger house and start a family and they still can. She says there is something she needs to go do. Quinn flops down on Liam’s couch and clearly has no intention of leaving. She says Wyatt saved his life and this is how he is repaying him by interfering in his marriage…..and then boo-hooing to all who would hear how they were robbed. But it will make no difference. Hope finally got the husband she always wanted….not one who issues ultimatums. Liam gives her kittens and Wyatt gave her a diamond the size of Texas. He tells her it is not cute or endearing. She has a neurotic obsession with her grown son’s love life. He will see her locked up if he has anything to say about it. Pam and Charlie corner Deacon and Brooke in the office and ask Donna to come in. They say they are about to blow Wyatt out of the water. Brooke wants to know what this has to do with Hope and her marriage. Pam says Hope never had a chance with a marriage with Liam because Quinn was in Paris pulling all her strings. They show everyone the video they have which proves that Quinn orchestrated it all. Pam sings Charlie’s praises for knowing the right people in the right places to get this evidence. Brooke tells Deacon that Hope is probably making her decision now of what she will do but this time it will be all her and not Quinn who decides it. Brooke tells him that she likes both Liam and Wyatt and she knows Hope is the only one for Wyatt, but one of them is going to lose.

Quinn comes back to Wyatt’s and says she knows that she is the last person he wants to see, but she’d like to try and fix this. He says she has done enough damage and he might not be Hope’s husband when this is all over. There might not be anything she can do at this point. Hope is not here. She probably is at Liam’s. She says maybe Hope just went for a drive to clear her head. Wyatt rants at her to stop this pretending it did not happen. Do not ever do anything for him again. He could lose Hope, the only women he’s ever loved. He is not giving up but don’t forget for a minute that this will affect all of them. Quinn says she should have thrown Liam in the river instead of Ivy. All those plans of Wyatt’s are not going to be destroyed because of Liam. Hope does show up at Liam’s. They look at each other for a minute then he reaches out and hugs her. He says he is glad she came back. He tells her Quinn was here puffing her chest like nothing has changed at all. He needs to know what happened with Wyatt. She says he wants her to look past all that happened because of Quinn. She tells Liam that he is the love of her life and she will never forget their times together. She loves him. She gives him a kiss and a big hug then pulls away. Liam asks what is going on. Tell him what is wrong. She has tears in her eyes and can not speak.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman talked to Kate about Sami.  He let Kate know that he supports Samiís decision.  Sami talked to EJ about the conversation with Roman.  She told him how hurt she was, but she wanted it all to be over.  Sami wanted and needed to forgive EJ.  Chad and Ben had an argument over Abby.  Chad reminded Ben that he worked for him.  Jordan demanded that Clyde tell her why Jeremiah was in Salem.  Jordan warned Clyde not to set up his business in Salem.  Will told Sonny about his next article.  Sonny advised Will not to write the article.  Ben was about to leave the club when he dropped the money Clyde gave him to give to Jordan.  Chad thought the money was why he wanted to leave.  EJ was grateful that Sami wanted to give him another chance.  Roman and Kate got into an argument while talking about Sami.  Sami assured EJ that Chad wouldnít get to her.  EJ said that he already spoke to Chad.  Sonny wanted to know why Chad didnít get in contact with him.  Ben demanded that Chad give him back his money or he was going to be on the floor. 

Rafe came up to Jordan and Clyde while they were talking about him starting up his business in Salem.  Rafe apologized for interrupting and Clyde walked away so they could talk.  Rafe questioned what was wrong with Jordan.  He reached to touch her and she slapped his hand to keep him from touching her.  Jordan wanted Rafe to stay away from her because she didnít think it was safe him to be around her.  Rafe demanded an explanation, but she didnít give him one.  Ben wanted his money back.  Sonny and Will came in and saw Ben and Chad going at it.  EJ planned lunch for him and Sami.  Clyde reminded Kate about their dinner.  Ben went after Chad and the others had to break it up.  Ben offered to leave, but Sonny believed him.  Chad gave Ben back his money.  Chad talked to Will about reading his article.  Chad left before Will could tell him about his next assignment.  Kate agreed to go out to dinner with Clyde after all.  Sami and EJ began to make love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At the Metro Court, Kiki tells Carly that she will keep her secret about having sex with Sonny as long as they stay away from each other. Sonny shows up to tell Carly that Dante found Lulu and all four hostages are coming home. Carly says he can leave now that he has delivered the message, but he wants to stay. Once Kiki leaves, Sonny tells Carly that he is snatching Ava today and is stashing her somewhere other than his house. He wants to take the conversation to his office, but she isn’t going to fall into that trap again. She says she is busy planning Franco’s birthday party. She reminds Sonny that it is also Jason’s birthday and begins to cry. He comforts her with a close hug. Sonny tells Carly that they belong together. Carly tells him that it always ends badly. She says she doesn’t want to change her friendship with Sonny or her relationship with Franco.

Nina tells Franco that Rosalie overheard Kiki telling Morgan that the last thing Franco needs to hear is that Carly and Franco slept together. Franco doesn’t believe it. Nina tells him to go talk to Kiki. He says he isn’t going to go question Kiki and be a victim of his own paranoia. He invites Nina to his birthday party. She says she can’t go because she has plans with Silas that involve babymaking. Rosalie stops by the brownstone. Michael is the only one there. She tells him that Morgan and Kiki are keeping a secret from him. Kiki goes home. Michael asks her about the secret. Kiki accuses Rosalie of eavesdropping. She says she was planning a surprise for their anniversary. Rosalie goes to Nina and tells her that Kiki just lied to Michael's face. She concludes that Michael isn’t stupid, and he will figure it out. Nina says she told Franco about Sonny and Carly, but that he didn’t want to believe it. Franco goes to the Metro Court and sees Carly and Sonny together.

Sabrina intends to repay Ava for taking Gabriel away by taking her baby. She has sabotaged Ava’s medication and given her something that will induce premature labor. Morgan goes to see Ava at her penthouse. He asks her what she saw Sonny do. She won’t tell him. He asks her if she was at Sonny’s house, so he could keep an eye on her. She confirms it and insists that there is no affection between Sonny and her. She asks Morgan if he thinks there is a chance for them. He says he doesnít think they can go back, but he can see going forward with the baby if he is the father. He asks her to consider having a paternity test. She says itís too risky at this stage of her pregnancy. She hopes the baby is his. With the help of one of Ava's bodyguards, Shawn, Max, and their men prepare to kidnap her. Once Morgan leaves, they put their plan into action.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Sharon’s home, she and Nick discuss the plans for their wedding. Nick lets Sharon know that he told the children. Sharon notices the speeding ticket that she received and asks Nick about it. Sharon and Nick are kissing when Mariah comes downstairs and interrupts them. Sharon lets Mariah know that this is her home but Mariah insists this will never be home. At the Athletic Club dining room, Abby and Jack are discussing the publicity for the new fragrance line. In his office at Newman, Victor calls Dr. Cutler for an update on Phyllis but Dr. Cutler says that when he knows anything he will let him know. Dr. Cutler also lets Victor know that there is something to report. At their condo, Summer comes downstairs and joins Austin on the sofa. Austin says that he is looking for a job and he cannot go on living like this. Summer tells him that she didn’t know that he was dissatisfied. In hugging Nick, Sharon has flashbacks of memory about the time she went into the Pathology lab and also about the lipstick falling down the stairs. Nick leaves, so Sharon and Mariah can talk. They argue over the things that Sharon said to her and also about Sharon not trying to find her. Sharon asks her for a second chance, but Mariah storms out of the room and goes upstairs. Victor interrupts Jack and Abby’s meeting at the Athletic Club. Victor asks Jack how he manages to go between Kelly and Phyllis. Jack lets him know that he manages just fine. Jack leaves Abby alone with Victor while he joins Kelly at the bar. Jack explains to Kelly about the remark that he made about Phyllis and the fragrance named after her.

Victor tries to get Abby to spy on Ashley and the new fragrance for him, but Abby refuses to be used by him. Nick visits Summer and Austin to let them know that he and Sharon are engaged. Summer is thrilled by the idea but, on the other hand, she is hurt that everyone is moving on with their lives while Phyllis lies in a hospital bed. Sharon is asleep on the sofa at home and dreams of her secret that she is keeping from Nick. Mariah listens to the secret. Summer is hurt when Austin doesn’t want her working at the Underground. Mariah finds out Sharon’s secret. Sharon wakes up and finds Mariah looking at her. Mariah visits Victor to let him know that she knows Sharon’s secret. Phyllis drags Jack’s picture off the table and looks at it. Dr. Cutler comes in to check on Phyllis and finds her gone. The camera shows Phyllis leaving the hospital.

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