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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn says she hears Hope loud and clear. So what can she do to help. She asks Hope if she needs an apology. Wyatt tells his mom he wants to talk to Hope alone. Quinn tells him that Hope barely knows he’s in the room and that is not a good sign. Hope says an apology would mean nothing. She opines that Quinn never means anything she says. She accuses Quinn of not ever being in therapy at all. And she even charges Wyatt for being so gullible to believe his mom after all these years. Wyatt says again there is a part of this conversation that does not concern Quinn so she needs to leave. Quinn goes on if Liam was detained, would Hope still be married to Wyatt and blaming the weather or whatever. Hope says no, she married Wyatt because she loved him. Quinn said she just turned on a dime and did not even wait on a phone call from Liam, she walked off with Wyatt and married him. It did not matter why Liam was late….by chance it could have been an accident, the weather, tuberculosis or the flu. Hope did not want to know at that moment. It was enough that he did not show. Hope says Quinn needs to go. Quinn says Hope needed an excuse, like one of Liam not showing up. Liam lashes out at Bill that it seems like the same old same old to him. Wyatt will be just fine so he's worried about Liam. Liam says this is not the first time that Hope has been tricked into cutting him out. Bill says Liam is in denial. This time Hope is married. That is a legal fact that Hope can not ignore even if Liam can. Liam says she can always undo the marriage, but, Bill just doesn't think she will. Bill says yes he has had trouble having faith in that girl. Liam says it is not Hope he has no faith in, he has no faith in Liam. Bill opines that people see him and Wyatt as more alike as they are charming/obnoxious and no one ever thinks Liam is obnoxious so that is a good thing. Liam admits that he does not want to be Bill nor Wyatt but he just knows that Bill's money will always be on Wyatt. Bill says okay, now he sees what this is all about - who does Daddy love more. Liam says he is not losing sleep over this, so he doesn't have to see his will. But Bill thinks Wyatt will always win out in the end for the same reason that Bill always wins in the end. Bill says if Hope has a tiny bit of sense, and that is the part he will always question, there is no way she will stay with Wyatt this time. He says Quinn is evil through and through and has been since the day she was born. So if it seems that Bill favors Wyatt, then ask himself why. It's because he was raised by that she-devil. All he knows is what she taught. Liam has his act together but Wyatt needs his attention. And Liam's mother.....Bill says he loved her. And it's understandable with his reflex. Liam has been down this road of happily ever after so many times and had the rug pulled from under him. But this time it's gonna be different. Hope is solid and Liam can count on her. He has one piece of advice for Liam. Winners can afford to be generous, so be generous.

Quinn says she will go but she reminds Hope that she married her son and she had nothing to do with that at all. She did it because she wanted to. Hope says she does not have to justify her actions to Quinn. Quinn says no, she wanted to marry the brother of her fiancé and didn't give Liam the slightest chance of being late. But now she finds out Quinn's hand was in it and she has to be outraged. She is in a pickle. She got caught doing the right thing for the wrong reason. No that won't do, not for the Hope forever-changing Hope future. Hope says she feels so sorry for Wyatt how he must have grown up. She will never let Wyatt near her again. Quinn says that life is long so you never know what is gonna happen. And as for Wyatt, he did all right and she has accepted her lot in life. She says she was born to be the screen for other people to project their images on. When they are alone, Wyatt says he will see Quinn maybe only at Christmas. But Hope has to know he can not keep Quinn away from the door. She is silent. He says she will talk to Quinn but not talk to him. Hope says she will talk to him, she is just trying to drink all of this in. He asks her where do they stand. Quinn walks into Liam's house and throws him the keys and says she forgot to return them. He says he is hiding his kitchen knives. She finds that offensive to someone who has fought her way back from mental illness through therapy. He says no worse than being chased around with a sword by a nut case who probably never went to therapy in the first place. And by the way the statue of limitations has not run out on attempted murder and he has eye witnesses. She laughs then extradite her for the Paris thing. She is sure the food is better over there in their jails. She tells him that she just came from Hope's and she is going to take responsibility for her actions. He tells her that she can not matchmake him with Ivy. And he is sorry but so is the marriage that she crossed the Atlantic to manage. Wyatt asks Hope if she is still his wife. She is amazed that he can still call her mother or that her kids would call her Grandma. Wyatt says he will forbid her from seeing them. He even says he will have her committed. He can call tomorrow. She's not sure that is enough. He asks if she can do him a favor. Just turn back the clock one day, same time but just one day. Nothing has changed except they have a little more information now.....his mother is a little more unstable than they thought. Quinn was not there when Hope told him she loved him or when he proposed to her. Or when they said their vows and took the leap of faith. That was all about them, so do not make this about her. It's about them for better or worse. This is the life she wanted yesterday and they still can have.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman was upset when he saw Sami and EJ kissing.  Roman wondered if she was desperate.  Chad saved Jordan from the guy who grabbed her.  ZoŽ wanted Will to write a story about Chad. Will didnít want to write a story about his friend. He also wondered how he was going to write it when Chad was thousands of miles away. Jordan told Chad about her past.  ZoŽ told will that Chad was back in Salem. ZoŽ tried to convince Will that it was a good idea for him to write the article since he knows Chad.  She wanted to give Will some time to think about it before he made a decision.  Roman advised Sami not to be with EJ again.

Clyde wanted to take Kate out to lunch, but she tried to get out of it.  Clyde thought she was after Rafe.  Kate denied being after Rafe.  Sami reminded Roman how the family thought she overreacted to what happened.  Roman thought she did the right thing.  Roman still pled his case until Sami reminded him about what Marlena did to him.  EJ and Chad ran into each other in the park.  Roman couldnít believe that Sami was still mad about that after all of these years.  Sami mentioned how what they went through was the same thing except EJ loves her and Marlena loved John.  Sami asked Roman if he would have taken Marlena back if she said she loved him and not John.  Roman admitted that he would have taken Marlena back.  EJ apologized for hurting him and wanted Chad to end the war between them.  EJ warned Chad not to ruin things for him with Sami.  Chad wondered how far EJ would go to get Sami back in his life.  EJ warned Chad that he didnít want to find out.  Roman met up with Kate and talked to her about Sami.  Jordan saw Clyde and wanted to know why Jeremiah was in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina goes to Ava’s penthouse and apologizes for suggesting that Ava was having a miscarriage. She gives Ava a bottle of pills and says she left so fast last night that the doctor didn’t have a chance to give them to her. Outside the room, Sabrina looks at the real pills that she should have given Ava. Shawn tells Sonny that Ava had a scare with her baby last night. Sonny wants Shawn to snatch Ava so he can put her somewhere that he can watch her. Olivia tells Sonny that Dante and Lulu are coming home. Sonny calls Michael and Morgan and tells them. He is pleased that Morgan was civil to him. He hopes they can become close again because Morgan is going to need help if he is the father of Ava’s baby.

Silas tells Kiki that Nina has been spending time with Franco instead of going to physical therapy. He badmouths Franco and then apologizes because Franco is Kiki’s friend. She reveals that she has been keeping a secret from Franco. He tells her that if it is none of her business then she should stay out of it. She says she already told her ex instead of her boyfriend. He wonders if Morgan is becoming more than a friend. She insists that they are just friends and says Morgan is interested in Nina’s nurse. Silas says he doesn’t trust Rosalie. Michael tells Morgan that Rosalie was annoyed that he invited her to dinner but was AWOL with Kiki and that she wondered if something was going on between them. Nina asks Rosalie if she had sex with Michael yet so she can destroy Kiki. Rosalie says, of course not, they just met. She says she did her best to plant seeds of doubt about Kiki and Morgan. She says she found out that Kiki and Morgan are keeping a secret from Michael about Franco’s girlfriend sleeping with her ex. Nina gets angry about it.

Carly wakes up Franco with a kiss and a breakfast tray for his birthday. He says he isn’t sure it’s his birthday now that he knows he isn’t Jason’s twin. She says he should celebrate this day anyway. When he blows out the candle on his muffin, his wish is that he had never accused Carly of sleeping with Sonny. Carly says Franco is the only man for her. She thinks about Sonny while having sex with Franco. Carly says she is setting up a party for him at the Metro Court and asks him who he wants to invite. When he says Kiki, she says it isn’t a good idea because she is with Michael. Franco tells her to invite Michael too. She says she will. She suggests that they invite Nina. Carly sees Kiki at the Metro Court and tells her about Franco’s birthday dinner. She reminds her that she doesn’t want her to ruin Franco’s life by telling him about her and Sonny. Kiki says she won’t say anything as long as Carly stays away from Sonny. Sonny walks in. Franco finds Nina in his studio. He tells her that he will never doubt Carly again. Nina says she has something to tell him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Jack gives Kelly a single rose and a kiss. Jack asks if she's see her mom yet. Kelly admits she's been avoiding her. Stitch visits Maureen to see how long she is staying in town. Maureen says she'd like to stay until after the baby is born. At the rooftop pool, Victoria finds Billy and Chelsea kissing. Victoria makes the remark, "Look who is back in town." At the Newman ranch, Nick tries to get Sharon to agree to a quickie wedding at City Hall, but she insists on a big wedding with everyone present. Nikki arrives just as Sharon is leaving. She offers her congratulations to Sharon. Nikki asks Nick about his engagement to Sharon. Neil tells Hilary that he wants a divorce and they both know the reason why. Neil thinks that Hilary deserves better than he can give her. He wants to set her free, so she can find someone who can see. Neil insists to Hilary that she leave him. Jack offers Kelly help with her mother. He reminds Kelly of how she bounces back after all the things that have gone wrong in her life and it makes him wonder if she would do that to him. Kelly lets Jack know that Maureen sided with Stitch after he murdered their father. Sharon interrupts Jack and Kelly to tell them about her and Nick’s engagement and to ask Kelly’s help in planning the wedding reception. Maureen and Stitch discuss her staying in town for a while. Stitch is starting to leave and when he opens the door, Jack is standing there. At the rooftop pool, Stitch interrupts Victoria, Billy, and Chelsea.

Nikki and Nick discuss how Sharon has changed. Nikki eyes the bottle on the table. When Nick asks how Nikki is, she lashes out at him and tells him to get off her back. Abby also arrives for a meeting with Stitch and lets Billy know that Stitch is the new chemist at Jabot. Victoria lets Abby, Stitch, Billy, and Chelsea know that Nick and Sharon are engaged. Noah brings Faith home from school. Faith immediately hugs Nikki. When Nick invites Faith and Noah to dinner, Noah says he has plans, but Nick won’t take no for an answer. Both Noah and Faith pressure Nick into telling them what this is all about. Sharon and Kelly discuss the menu for the wedding reception. Jack has a heart to heart talk with Maureen about Kelly and what is bothering her about her visit. Nikki starts to visit Maureen when she sees Jack leaving. Nikki asks Maureen how long she is staying in town. Abby and Stitch discuss business at Jabot as Victoria watches them. Billy and Chelsea try to figure out where this is leading between them. After Billy leaves, Victoria lashes out at Chelsea. Abby intervenes between Victoria and Chelsea. Victoria accuses Abby of flirting with Stitch. Abby denies the accusation. Jack tries to get Neil to see reason where Hilary is concerned and his marriage.

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