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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is stunned and speechless when Liam tells her that Quinn pushed Ivy. He knows it does not make sense but Quinn was controlling things and he refuses to give her that power. They can get back their life. They do not have to let her poison them anymore. They do not have to give up. He’s missed her so much. She says she misses him too and she does not regret anything even when things went wrong. He opines that Quinn can not keep them apart. She says she never gave up until she had to. Her life did not turn out the way she planned but she still has those memories. She says she knows he is trying to fix things but it’s not right to blame it all on Quinn. Hope reminds him that she is married to Wyatt now. Liam’s not showing up is not just on Quinn. He tells her to look into his eyes. He has proof. He tells her Ivy was sitting on the edge of the railing taking a picture. He debunks what Quinn said that she had a job interview in Paris. He shows her the scan of her passport and video of Quinn pushing Ivy in the river. Quinn put Ivy’s life in danger to keep them apart. Quinn shows up at Bill's and says they have a problem. He says there is no we, so leave him out of any of her problems. He pours her a stiff drink while she asks for his help in telling Hope. He says Hope ought to come to that conclusion on her own. She wants him to go to Liam and tell him this does not change anything. Bill tells Quinn that he told Liam he would stop meddling so he is going to keep that promise. She says Wyatt is her whole world. He says if she doesn’t want him to suffer then stop making his decisions for him. Hope makes Liam miserable and he’s moving on. All these kids are finally making progress. It doesn’t matter how Ivy fell. Liam did not show and Wyatt did and they all need to respect that.

Hope can not wrap her brain around this right now, but she admits it does change her life. Liam says she chose him already and Quinn knew she chose him. She says she knows all of that but at 3 o’clock he did not show and Wyatt was there. She wants to know if Wyatt knows. He says he does now. He keeps repeating that Hope chose him. She gets a fax from Wyatt wanting her to come home. Liam tells her Wyatt will understand that they were robbed once again. He hugs her. She says she has to go and talk to Wyatt. Liam drags out a box of memories; Bill walks in. He says he is irritated that Quinn interfered again. Liam guesses that Quinn came to him to get Liam not to interfere in the marriage. He says this changes things between him and Hope. She was shocked. But he is not going to let Quinn come between them ever again. Bill reminds them they are married. Quinn walks in on Wyatt and he tells her to turn around and go home. She has done enough damage. She says Hope had her chance with Liam and never could make it work. With Wyatt it was easy. Quinn admits that she went to Bill and asked for his support. He can talk to Liam and get him to back off. Wyatt says that does not matter. It’s up to Hope, not up to Bill or Liam. Why would she think he would want a woman because of Quinn’s manipulations. He asks her to leave, he needs to talk to his wife and she is on her way. Too late, Hope walks in. Quinn starts explaining. Hope tells her to close her mouth. She is just as sick as she always was. All she cared about was keeping Liam away from Hope in Paris. Everyone was wrong to think that they could believe she would grow a moral bone in her body. Now she has hurt a lot of people and worst of all, her own son is a victim. She hopes he hates her as much as Hope does now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to talk to Aiden about what happened between them.  Chad ran into Sami, Kate and EJ at the DiMera mansion.  Chad let them all know that he planned on staying in Salem.  JJ met with Paige outside and talked about the pictures on her phone.  JJ insisted that he was innocent.  Hope and Aiden continued to talk when Aiden that he wanted to take her out on a date.  Aiden wanted to take Hope somewhere out of town so no one would see her with him.  Hope hesitated at first, but finally agreed to go out with him.  

Paige questioned if JJ was innocent since he couldn’t remember what happened.  JJ believed that Jill set him up.  JJ wanted to know if Paige believed him and if she could forgive him.  Sami admitted that she was the one who sent Chad the magazine article about EJ and Abby’s affair.  Sami apologized for doing that to EJ.  EJ understood what she did.  Chad asked Kate if she wanted him to help her take the DiMeras down.  Kate didn’t understand why he wanted to help her get his family.  Chad wanted to make sure that Stefano never set foot in Salem again and that EJ paid for what he did with Abby.  Hope wrote a letter to Bo letting him know how much he let her down.  Paige finally believed JJ.  JJ wanted to make sure he found Jill.  Kate agreed to let Chad help her, but she wasn’t sure what he could do.  Sami told EJ that Chad would forgive him eventually.  EJ was afraid that Chad would say something to undo what progress he made with Sami.  EJ admitted that it would destroy him if the progress he made with her were ruined.  JJ was determined to find the person who had the pictures of him with Jill. He was convinced that person was involved in Jill’s plan.  Sami believed that Chad wouldn’t do anything to mess up their progress. EJ was so moved that he ended up kissing her.  They eventually had a longer kiss.  Hope had divorce papers ready for Bo.  She also took off her wedding ring.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam thinks about her kiss with Patrick. Patrick goes home and finds Elizabeth asleep on the couch. She says Emma wanted to go home so she brought her since Gram was at her place with the boys. She says she thinks Emma misses her mom. Elizabeth hopes Robin and Patrick can work things out. He doesn’t think that is going to happen. He reveals that he kissed Sam and she kissed him back, but that Sam thinks it is still too soon for her to move on from her breakup with Silas. Alexis tells Sam that she has a date with Ned and suggests that Sam follow her lead and make a move on Patrick. Sam tells Alexis that Patrick already made his move. Sam tells Alexis that she thinks it is too soon for her to move on with Patrick because she still loves Silas. She reveals that she felt weird because it is Jason’s birthday and it would have been their anniversary next week. Sam says she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Patrick. Alexis encourages Sam to give Patrick a chance.

Nikolas gets a call advising him that Anna went into Crichton-Clark and hasn’t come out. He and Britt discuss finding siblings that they hadn’t known existed. Nikolas says his bone marrow saved Lulu’s life, and he isn’t going to lose her now. Nikolas wonders if Victor is really behind it all. He tells Britt that his Uncle Victor was involved in some pretty bad stuff. Spencer overhears and wonders what they are talking about. Nikolas says Uncle Victor might not be the man they thought he was. Spencer says Uncle Luke turned out to be a bad man, too. He reminds Nikolas of Luke’s conversation that he overheard during Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party. Nikolas calls Patrick to discuss Luke. Patrick confirms that he and Sam are investigating Luke. Elizabeth tells herself that it was an accident when Luke hit Jake with his car. Nikolas tells Britt that if it is true about Luke, it will crush Lulu.

Robin’s card key won’t open the door. Jason opens a breaker box and tampers with the wires until the door opens. Helena Cassadine is standing on the other side. One of Helena’s men knocks Jason unconscious. Helena thanks Robin for bringing her back from the dead. Robin says Victor forced her to revive Helena and Stavros. Helena tells her that Stavros is dead. She has Lulu and Stavros’ embryo. She tells Robin that Anna, Dante, Lulu and Maxie are in the building, but that it's about to blow up. She says she is going to take Robin and Jason through the tunnels to safety. Robin refuses to go. Jason wakes up, picks up a gun, and shoots Helena’s two guards. He grabs Robin’s hand and they run. Helena concludes to herself that Jason and Robin will be very useful. She takes the embryo and heads to the tunnels. Nathan and Maxie find Dante and Lulu and tell them that the alarm that is going off is a destruct sequence. The building is going to blow and they have to get out of there. Obrecht tells Anna that Victor enabled a destruct sequence to blow up the building. She looks for Nathan. Nathan, Maxie, Dante, and Lulu find Anna and Obrecht. Nathan wonders where Victor is. Anna tells him that Victor is dead. Anna ushers the group to the exit, only to find it locked. Dante, Lulu, Nathan, Maxie, and Anna all open fire on the lock to open the door. As soon as they get out of the building, it blows up. They take cover behind a police car.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon has a troubling dream where Cassie tells her that she has to remember her secret and then disappears. Sharon awakens startled and tells Nick she wants to marry him right away. Victoria talks to Nick and admits that she has feelings for both Billy and Stitch. Chelsea returns home, sees Billy at the yacht club, and tells him she wants to try to have a romantic relationship with him. Victoria looks upset when she sees Billy and Chelsea kissing at the yacht club.

The evidence continues to mount against Dylan in Ian's disappearance when Dylan admits to Paul that he blacked out for two minutes at the racetrack where Ian's car was last seen. Devon and Hilary give in to their feelings and make love. Neil starts to learn how to walk with a cane for the blind, and Lily encourages him to be honest with Hilary and let her help him when he needs it. When Hilary arrives home, Neil tells her that he has decided to get a divorce, and she can't change his mind about it.

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