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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Wyatt what more proof does he need. It was his mother in Paris and she pushed Ivy into the Seine. Quinn denies it but Wyatt stops her and tells her to tell the truth. Hope tells Brooke that it wasn’t that long ago that she and Liam were planning or talking about having children when they marry, but now she is married to Wyatt. And she loves Wyatt but she is too young and not thinking about having children right now. If Liam had showed up in Paris she would be married to him right now. What a coincidence that it was that exact time that Ivy fell in the water ad Liam rescued her. Maybe it is a sign that she is not supposed to be with Liam. Ivy interrupts Oliver and Aly and tells them she was right after all. She did not fall but was pushed by Quinn into the Seine. Wyatt has to drag it out of Quinn but she finally admits it was her, but it changes nothing. He is married to Hope now. Liam says see how much longer that lasts when Hope finds out the truth. He says he is not going to respect a marriage made out of deception. Quinn says Hope will not punish her husband for what she did. She says she thought she was doing everyone a favor. Liam starts to leave but Wyatt wants to tell Hope the truth. Liam says no, he doesn’t trust him not to put his spin on it. They better prepare themselves. Hope is coming back to him. Wyatt won’t let his mother touch him. Hope tells Brooke that she really does love Wyatt despite his crazy mother. She knows it hurt Liam when she married Wyatt so quickly, but if she got pregnant too so soon it would devastate him even more. She thinks she should wait a little longer.

Liam calls and asks Hope to meet him at his house. He needs to talk to her. Quinn continues her harangue that nothing has to change. Hope loves Wyatt and chose him so not to start to doubt that now. He asked how many times has he told her not to interfere. She said this was too important. She will go to Hope and explain. He raves at her that she has done enough damage and he does not want her near Hope. No one would want to have a child with him now with her crazy twisted gene. She is not grandmother material. Liam tells Hope that she is married but to the wrong guy. She doesn’t know where this is going. He explains how many times they tried to get married but were manipulated…and now it just keeps on happening. She is stunned when he tells her that Ivy was pushed….who more than anyone else would want him from getting to Hope - Quinn. But this moment will change things back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jill and her friend tried to make it look like JJ came on to her.  Jill had an idea that could break JJ and Paige up.  Chad and Abby had an awkward reunion.  Jill wanted to make it look like JJ took a selfie of them kissing.  Hope told Kayla about what happened with Aiden until Kayla had to leave.  Nicole wanted Aiden to help her sue Kristen for losing Eric.  Jill sent a text to Paige that made it seem as if she were with JJ.  She pretended the text was meant for Rory.  Jill and her friend managed to get away from JJ without being seen.  Aiden didnít think Nicole had a case.  Hope saw Nicole and Aiden talking to each other again.  Chad talked to Abby about the time they were apart.  Abby didnít want to talk about the past.  Chad thought she wanted to talk about sleeping with Chad.  Daniel was at Jenniferís house and saw JJ.  Daniel thought JJ was drunk.

Hope thought Nicole and Aiden were laughing at her again.  Aiden thought she was jealous.  She wanted to talk to explain things to him.  Abby tried to defend being with EJ, but Chad wouldnít hear it.  Jill told Eve about what she did to JJ.  Jill let Eve know that she had to push JJ in order to make the plan work.  Eve was appalled at first, but was glad that the plan worked.  Paige went to look for JJ to find out what happened.  JJ realized that he was drugged.  Daniel wanted to find out what was in his system.  Chad wondered how long Abby was with EJ.  Paige called JJ and told him about seeing the pictures of him with Jill.  JJ looked at his phone and saw how he was kissing Jill.  Ben showed up while Chad and Abby were arguing.  Hope admitted that she is attracted to Aiden.  JJ didnít remember kissing Jill.  Daniel told JJ that he tested positive for drugs.  Hope told Aiden about her love for Bo and how he left her.  She wasnít sure if she was attracted to him to get back at Bo.  JJ wanted to convince Paige that he was drugged.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht stops Anna from arresting Victor and shoots him. Anna doesn’t understand why Obrecht took the risk of shooting Victor in front on her. Obrecht says she couldn’t take the risk of Victor getting to Nathan. Victor isn’t dead. Obrecht tells him that she had to shoot him to protect the secret that Nathan isn’t his son, because the truth is far worse. Nathan and Maxie kiss. He gives her a crash course in handling a pistol before they leave the room. They decide to go from room to room to find Dante and Lulu.

Tracy goes to Michael’s apartment and asks him what he knows about the search for Lulu. He tells her that he doesn’t know any more than she does and suggests that she ask Luke. She doesn’t know where Luke is. Michael tells her that he will tell her as soon as he hears anything. Dante finds Lulu. Stavros threatens to slash Lulu’s throat if Dante doesn’t put down his gun. Dante complies. Using her elbow, Lulu gets away from Stavros. Dante and Stavros fight. Lulu and the doctor fight. Lulu gets the door open. WSB agents see her, but the door closes again. Stavros pulls a gun on Dante. Lulu jumps in front of Dante as a human shield. Stavros says he can use another surrogate and raise their child alone. As he shoots, Dante pulls Lulu to the floor and then goes after Stavros. Anna and her team hear the gunshot and storm the room. They find Stavros dead on the floor with Dante standing over him with a gun.

Patrick and Sam open fortune cookies that both say “Now is the time to try something new.” They make out until Sam stops. She says she thinks it is too soon. Jason escapes from his room. He picks up a pistol that he finds on the floor and goes from room to room. He goes into the room where Robin is chained to the wall. He shoots the chain. They hug. Nathan and Maxie go into the room that Jason vacated and see two unconscious men on the floor. Nathan wakes up the administrator, William, who tells him that a patient escaped. Nathan demands to know if it was Dante and where he is. William doesn’t know where Dante is. Nathan wants to know the name of the patient. An alarm goes off. Victor has remotely triggered a destruct sequence. The alarm goes off throughout the facility. He tells Obrecht that if he is going to die, she is going with him. He suggests that she run. William tells Nathan and Maxie that they have to get out of the building immediately. Anna instructs Dante and Lulu to stay put while they look for Nathan and Maxie. Robin thinks the alarm is because they have discovered that Jason escaped and says they need to get out of there. Robin slides the keycard at the same time that Anna is sliding hers on the other side of the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Lauren wants to talk to Michael about their problems in the bedroom, but he avoids her and goes to Avery with plans for new office space and new clientele. Avery is concerned about Michael and about Dylan, who tossed and turned all night. Dylan talks to Stitch about his PTSD, but there are things he can't remember. Victor questions Mariah's reasons for staying in Genoa City. Police find a suit with mud on it, mud that can only be found in one place in Genoa City. Avery finds a pair of muddy boots near her door.

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