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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Pam and Charlie to play the video again. Everything in Paris leads back to Quinn. Now he needs to get Hope to believe it. Ivy says she can now have Quinn arrested since she deliberately pushed her into the Seine. Hope tells Wyatt that of course she wants kids, it’s just the timing right now. He asks her to take that leap of faith again with him. They are discussing it when Quinn walks in and says it is an excellent idea. Saved by the text, Hope gets a text from her mother that she’d like to see Hope. Liam calls Hope and tells Charlie that he is going to try to meet her. Charlie says Quinn is pure evil. Where ever justice is there is Charlie Webber. Liam, go claim his life back. Ivy says this is a real game changer for Hope and Liam. And she realizes Quinn’s part in it but she can not excuse Hope’s part in turning around and marrying Wyatt so soon. Hope tells her mom that marriage with Wyatt is good but she’s hardly had time to catch her breath. One moment she was with Liam and the next she is married to Wyatt. Kids will come in time but just not just now. She says there is a little gene pool issue and she doesn’t mean Brooke or Deacon. Quinn has no regard for anything except what she wants. Brooke wonders if Quinn is just a convenient excuse. Hope has always had this thing in her mind of her and Liam having children so that can’t be easy to erase.

Liam shows up at Wyatt’s and lashes out at Quinn. He tells his woe is me story, and then says Ivy was pushed into the Seine. Wyatt thinks that is ridiculous but Liam continues. What person in this whole wide world would want Liam from Hope, so it was Liam the target, not Ivy. Quinn accuses him of whining again and tells him he lost Hope so just suck it up. Liam tells Wyatt all of this sounds like a denial from Quinn so he shows them a scan of her passport, her airline flight, same one he and Ivy were on. Wyatt turns to Quinn for some explanation. She calls Charlie a Bozo and says Frick and Frack could not solve this. She was in Paris for a job interview, end of story. She is done being interrogated by him. Liam shows them more of the video, mission accomplished. Wyatt asks his mother point blank if she did that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Daniel about Theresa hitting John.  Daniel thought about his conversations with Theresa and realized that Kristen was right.  Eve plotted to make sure that Jill ruined Paige and JJís relationship.  Chad pulled a gun out on EJ.  EJ wanted Chad to calm down.  EJ told him that being with Abby was a mistake.  Brady told Theresa that the drug should work on John in a day.  Kristen wanted to work with Daniel because she wanted to stop Theresa.  Chad didnít believe EJ and wanted to shoot him.  Theresa told Brady about Kristen.  Brady stormed off to find Kristen.  Kristen wanted to do something to go after Theresa, but Daniel didnít.  Daniel tried to throw her out when Jennifer showed up.

Chad told EJ that he would have Abby if it werenít for him.  Jennifer was chilly towards Kristen when she went inside the apartment.  Jennifer unloaded on Kristen when she tried to talk to her.  Jennifer made Kristen get out.  JJ and Paige were at the college party when Mary Beth had a sudden pain in her arm and needed to go to the hospital.  Kristen went back to her room and got a shock when Brady was waiting for her.  Jill lied to JJ about Rory putting his tongue down her throat.  JJ went after him to demand that he apologize to Jill and that gave Jillís friend a chance to give her a cell phone.  Chad shot at EJ, but the gun was empty.  Jill put a roofie in JJís drink.  Jennifer asked Daniel about Kristen being in his apartment.  Brady thought what Kristen did for John was amazing.  Kristen wanted to know if he wanted to thank her and he said no.  Daniel and Jennifer argued about him letting Kristen in his apartment.  Brady let Kristen know they didnít have a chance of being together.  Kristen knew they didnít, but she wondered why he showed up in her hotel room to tell her what she already knew.  Brady said that he wanted to talk about Theresa too.  Kristen explained what happened with Theresa.  Jill caught up with JJ and unbuttoned his shirt.  Brady warned Kristen that if she went after the people he cares about or he would kill her.  Theresa realized that she will have to kill John to keep from getting caught.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna goes into Crichton-Clark alone to look for the hostages. Several WSB agents sent by Robert Scorpio arrive as backup. Dr. Young gives Lulu a hormone injection. Stavros tells Dante that he is taking Lulu for the implantation procedure and then drags her out. She loses consciousness because of a sedative that the doctor gave her with the hormones. When Stavros is attempting to administer anesthesia, she bites his arm.

Sam and Patrick order Noodle Buddha. She tells him about her wedding to Jason that happened there. His fortune cookie says “You have a secret.” Hers says, “What was lost will soon be found.” They open new ones that both say “Now is the time to try something new.” Jason is restrained to his bed because he has been trying to escape. While looking for the hostages, Anna stops at Jason’s door but leaves when she hears Dante yelling. She finds and frees Dante. Dante goes to Jason’s door looking for Lulu and demands that the manager let him in. He hears Lulu screaming so he hits William with his pistol and runs toward Lulu’s voice. He bursts into the room where Stavros has Lulu. William regains consciousness and finds Jason gone.

Victor tells Nathan that he is his father. Obrecht confirms it. Nathan isn’t interested. He only wants to know where Maxie is. Victor doesn’t know but suggests that she might be with Mr. Harrell. Levi introduces Maxie to his father. The elder Peter Harrell is pleased that he will have the chance to kill her with a dagger made from Aztec jewels. Mr. Harrell tries to get to Maxie to stab her, but he gasps for breath and falls to the floor when Nathan shoots him in the back. With his dying breath, he asks Levi/Peter to avenge him. Levi charges Nathan. The two men grapple and eventually find themselves facing off with pistols drawn. Maxie picks up the dagger from the floor and stabs Levi/Peter in the back to save Nathan. Nathan kisses her. Nathan’s DNA results are delivered to Victor. Victor is not Nathan’s father. Victor pulls out his gun to shoot Obrecht for her betrayal, but Anna bursts in. Anna shoots Victor in the hand and arrests him. Obrecht picks up Victor’s gun and aims it at Anna.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Outside of Crimson Lights, Nick proposes to Sharon and she accepts. Sharon wants to tell the children, but Nick wants to wait until the next day. Nikki runs into Maureen at the Athletic Club. Maureen calls her Sherri but when Victor walks up, Maureen acts as though she made a mistake. At the Athletic Club, Christine, Paul, Avery, Dylan, Nikki, and Victor celebrate with Paul his receiving the Distinguished Citizens Award. Paul cuts the festivities short when he and Dylan go to the police station, so Paul can ask Dylan some questions about the night that Ian disappeared. Avery wants to accompany them, but Dylan tells her no. At the Underground, Noah is surprised to see Mariah back at work. Mariah lets him know that she doesn’t want to be part of the Newman family. At the hospital while awaiting the refill of a prescription, Abby tells Victoria that she doesn’t want to be her birth coach but to ask Billy or Ben instead.

At the Athletic Club bar, Maureen informs Nikki that she is Ben’s mother. Nikki is taken by surprise. At the police station, Paul questions Dylan about the blood found at the ranch. Dylan breaks down and tells Paul that he lost it the night that Ian was trying to drug Nikki. Mariah and Abby have a run in at the Underground with Mariah pouring ice water on Abby. Noah gives Mariah something to think about when it comes to the Newman family and not wanting to belong. Victor and Nikki find out that Nick and Sharon are engaged.

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